Terminator’s Fate to be Decided by February

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terminator22 Terminators Fate to be Decided by February

The Halcyon Co., current owners of the rights to the Terminator franchise and the production company behind Terminator Salvation, issued a statement saying they expect to successfully auction off the franchise rights by February 1, 2010.

Check out the statement from Halcyon that Variety managed to snag:

“Over the past few weeks, Halcyon and its professionals have engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with numerous serious potential buyers, including several major movie studios… In addition, a number of attractive refinancing alternatives have also been presented. In order to maximize the value of a transaction for all of the company’s creditors and stakeholders, we are fully analyzing all these options.”

Huh.  Sounds like something a person with a college degree would say to his knuckle-cracking bookies.

Anyway, we here at Screen Rant have written quite a bit about this hot little topic, including an explanation of the legal woes that brought Halcyon to this point, the battle over the rights to the next film, and even the $10K bid Dollhouse creator Josh Whedon put on the table to acquire the Terminator rights after Halycon announced they were for sale.

Variety points out that the rights to franchise include everything from the movies to the TV shows (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) to lunchboxes, t-shirts and everything else that came along with Schwarzenegger’s greatest performance. It could be a hot commodity for whomever ponies up the money to snag the rights.

Arnold Empire Pic 570x363 Terminators Fate to be Decided by February“I promise you – I’ll be back.”

Our own Kofi Outlaw dug up the fact that Halcyon purchased the rights for $25MM yet expects to be able to sell them off for around $60MM.  Not a bad turnaround after unveiling Terminator Salvation, which was met with mixed reviews and underperformed at the box office…

Unless Linda Hamilton walks into the right boardroom reloading a shotgun one-handed, the immediate future of the Terminator is sealed.  Let’s assume a major studio ends up buying the rights (not one of the private parties currently eying the property.  Which studio do you think would do the most good handling this beloved sci-fi franchise?

Source: Variety

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  1. @790

    I was the one who said Bale’s acting was pathetic.

  2. Sorry if someone already posted this but I was wondering if someone could explain something to me. How did skynet know Kyle Reese was Connors father? Why was he at the top of that wanted list if they didn’t know Kyle was the father?

  3. How Skynet would be aware of other timelines other than its own is beyond me…

  4. If Skynet is aware of all these things then it should be aware of the level of stupidity of McG and the T3 and T4 writers and wipe them out too!

  5. Lol, Ken J and M-Cat, it obvious Skynet has seen the first 3 films. :-)

    I’m thinking Netflix,,

  6. @James

    T2:3D is a theme park attraction… Not exactly going for any awards there, they had to find a way to mix live performance with what’s happening on screen, with constant action and comic relief to keep the audience engaged, and to have as much “stuff flying into your face” gimmicks as they can squeeze into the 20 minutes it lasts or however long it is…

  7. @790

    That’s it, we need to destroy Netflix, it’s the only way to save the future of mankind… lol

  8. @ Ken J

    Well yes you are right on that it is a theme park attraction. But it was made by James Cameron himself and he through out all his rules dealing with time travel I.E. Arnold and young Jonh Connor go to the future on the back of his motorcycle and appear with all their clothes and the motorcycle….I cant be for certain but if i remember right James Cameron even stated that T2:3D was supposed to be the official end to the terminator story.

  9. Um, so you think it would be better for a theme park ride that they travel there naked?? And according to Terminator rules, you can only travel back from the future, not back forward to the future since the time displacement device doesn’t exist in the past. So technically the whole T2:3D ride shouldn’t have happened in the first place… OBVIOULSY a lot of slack was given to the writing for that attraction. Are you going to criticize their former Back to the Future ride for having open-top delorions that seats 8 and has no drivers?

  10. @ Ken J

    obviously being a attraction that will have small children present wont have nudity but you can stick to the rule of nothing medal.

  11. What about the whole going forward in time thing? I mean, how do they decide what’s ok to change and what’s not ok to change?

  12. Technically isnt the T1000 not supposed to beable to go through the time displacement since he is liquid metal?

  13. @James M

    I assume that his ability to mimmick is more than just appearance, he can probably mimmick the properties of living tissue that the time displacement device requires.

  14. The only way the next Terminator movie could possibly be a huge success in my eyes is if James Cameron returned to direct it. Not saying Salvation was bad it was definately better than Rise of the Machines. We can always hope and pray LOL, after all the Alien Prequel is being directed by Ridley Scot.

  15. Ken J’s correct the T-1000 replicates itself at the quantum level,,,
    (Seriously this is based on the novel version, written by Cameron/Wisher)
    Its able to duplicate human flesh, its a T-1000 for christ sake!!!

  16. @790

    Whoa buddy calm down, we were having a discussion about the rules of the Terminator franchise and I braught up the T1000. Not everyone has read the Novel version of T2 and I have read plenty of Terminator novels. Dont take it so seriously.

  17. I’m just yanking your chain JM…

    Hang around here awhile you’ll see how things go down,,, 😉
    After awhile you’ll be able to tell when I’m sober and when I’m way past 5 beers,,,

    (I’m sober now)

  18. Only hot female Terminators go through naked!


  19. @790

    I like that rule… lol.

  20. Yeah 790 but only Bender makes the Big Score…

  21. I think this franchise should just be left alone, it soils the memories of the first two amazing films, I liked the tv show at times but it spent too much time in soap opera land, it had a good cast and some amazingly cool effects for tv. In fact they were better than T-Sal at times.

    I prefer T1 to Judgement Day, anyone else?

  22. I give T1 credit as a straight up action movie, but I find T2 to be more engaging all around. And while Arnold made a really menacing villain, when you see the T1000 jump a bike to a helicopter in flight, smash the window, then “pour” himself in through the hole… you kind of realize that you’re witnessing the ULTIMATE villain EVER created… the first time I watched it I think I spent the entire movie going “WTF, HOW ARE THEY GOING TO KILL THAT THING???” up until the end when they end up in a metal refinery plant, lol. Linda Hamilton was simply amazing in T2 as well. She was alright in T1, but was simply the damsel in distress most of the time so not too interesting. And Arnold, like in the first one, is the ultimate bad ass robot. I loved the scene in the hospital when he steps out of the elevator, James Cameron makes GOOD use of slow motion here (not the overused BS from John Woo) because the sight of Arnold in all his bad-ass glory step out of that elevator with shotgun in hand, turn to face Sarah, you can sense how scared she must have been given the events of T1. And of course, Hamilton freaks out in such a believable and realistic way, man I can’t praise her acting enough in that movie. “He’ll kill us all!!!” And Arnold just calmly walks up to them and takes them all out in the matter of 15 seconds without killing them. Freakin classic.

    And I don’t know about you, but I found the scene where Sarah Connor finally breaks down and becomes “human” again to be quite emotional. The scene where she is going to kill Miles Dyson, for a few minutes, she was actually the “terminator” but then when she had to press the trigger up close, she couldn’t do it. You can sense the conflict within her (again, Hamilton’s acting, superb). “You’ve come to stop me? I love you John” Great scene, a lot of great scenes in that movie. Of course the tearing off the skin of the arm scene that immediately followed was freakin amazing.

    And come on, who didn’t at least get a bit choked up the first time you saw the Terminator being lowered into the molten metal??? lol. If you didn’t, you have no heart!! lol. 😀

  23. Oh, and the scene at the end where Sarah extends her hand to the Terminator to shake his hand, to me, that was like such a momentous event to me, since she was in fear of them for so many years, that fear even grew into hatred, and now that handshake was like her respecting the machine that she’s hated for so long. I know it took a lot from Sarah Connor to do that, and it really was a statement to all that the Terminator has done for them. That whole scene was just done so well. John throws the chip in, Sarah says “it’s over” and Arnold says “No” Sarah turns to him, and he tells her “there is one more chip” points to his own head “and it must be destroyed also.” I LOOOOVE the look on Sarah’s face as a reaction to that, she had this look of shock, and almost awe that the Terminator is offering to have himself destroyed, and I think that’s when she realizes how committed he was in trying to prevent Judgment Day from happening. Then of course, one of my favorite lines from T2: “I know now why you cry. But it is something I can never do.” FREAKIN WOW…

    And that handshake was timed perfectly with the music too, every little detail in that movie was so planned out and perfectly executed by James Cameron. I can’t believe people would even wonder why I feel that way about him. The music actually got to a dramatic cresendo when she has her hand extended and he goes to shake it because it really was a momentous event. Cameron is a freakin movie making genius and I think T2 was where he shined the most. Most people would say Titanic just because that was a drama, a lot of people have a hard time giving action or sci fi movies any serious nods, but that movie was such a masterpiece I don’t think I can name all of the great things about it in less than 10 pages…