Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Continues The Mythos

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terminator sarah connor chronicles Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Continues The Mythos

My quick take on the second season premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is that it looks like it hasn’t missed a beat from season one’s storyline. It also adds some interesting new facets to the story that should give our pursued protagonists quite the challenge and new goals to keep them busy.

It is probably going to be on par, and if done right, better than season one, now that the show has it’s feet under it.

Season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TTSCC) picks up exactly where the season 1 finale ended and continues the momentum of the story. Last season, the closing episode was hard hitting and action packed. This season opener is a bit less action packed, but some definitive tension, new story lines and some interesting character interactions take place. Let me explain, but be warned, DVR SPOILERS lay ahead if you are planning on watching at a later time.

The jeep has exploded, Cameron (Summer Glau) is rebooting. Two men attack the house and put John and Sarah Connor (Thomas Dekker and Lena Headey) down hard, looking for the hard drive that John’s been hiding. They find it but then Cameron gets back in the house and takes one of them out downstairs and by the time she gets upstairs, Sarah and John have dispatched the 2nd man.

Cameron’s programming has been damaged in the explosion and now she’s setting about to terminate John Connor… Here we go again! The Connors escape and go on the run from her and most of the episode is dealing with this persistent, slow, methodical chase that terminators are known for!

Remember the cop massacre at the hotel? Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt) exhibits some non-terminator like behavior and leaves FBI Agent James Ellison (Richard T. Jones) alive after taking everyone else out.

Ellison let’s it be believed that the body of the human who Cromartie took the identity of is the gunman. He wants the pursuit to end here, because he knows what he’s dealing with.

Charley (Dean Winters), Sarah’s ex-fiancé is trying to locate the duo and encounters Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green), John’s uncle and together they try to go find John and Sarah.

Cameron relentlessly pursues the duo through the city, until they pin her between two trucks and pull her brain chip, deactivating her. Cameron tries to dissuade John from deactivating her, pleading that she’s fixed, that she loves him. The plan is to burn her and her chip.

We have a new playa folks! Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson) is the CEO of ZeiraCorp. ZeiraCorp is a cutting edge, high-tech company. She ends up buying Andy Goode’s Turk computer and starts to reorganize ZeiraCorp staff afterwards into a new work team called Babylon. One particular employee, a Mr. Tuck, isn’t very happy about the reorganization. There’s something about her that irks me.

My irksome feelings are validated… but that’s for later.

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  2. Wow, you know the song at the beginning was even sung by Shirley? Way to whore out your new ‘actress’. She’s never had an acting gig in her life and it shows terribly. When she delivered that “Babylon– it’s from The Bible” line I actually blurted out “Well no sh*t Shirley!”

    All I’ve read about the season 2 premiere is that it was “fantastic” and probably “the best episode ever,” but uh, I thought it was some of the worst televised scripting I’d ever voluntarily watched.

    Four and a half minutes of slow-motion to start an episode? Sarah Conner lost all driving abilities? Where did that minivan even come from? I loved the no-subs during the church scene– and like you said, when they all showed up in the garage, what the hell?

    How did Cameron even check the WRONG truck? Don’t those things have infra-red? She even pulled a Vorhees and showed up on the opposite end of the tunnel in a flash.

    Sad, too, ’cause I’d just made peace with not seeing Linda Hamilton anymore after season one; however, this episode has turned me away from tuning to this show ever again.



    I know what you’re saying Reverend, but I’m giving it a chance.

    To be honest, this really is the networks chance to make this show better than what it was / is. A chance to invest in the show. If they sit on their laurels and not do anything to improve upon what they have, then it’s their own fault.

    As I’ve always said,
    “Life is Change, Growth is Optional!”
    So too is a network show!

    Thanks for coming by and checking out the write up.

  4. Nice coverage Bruce, while the show burns up an hour “real good”, the storyline, and editing are thrown together in a bad way…
    The shows a Terminator train wreck, and you can’t look away… :-)

    One scene that continues to really piss me off is the one where Sarah’s screams at John, “JOHN, ARE YOU OK !!”. That line is in allmost every episode.
    The answer to that questions in last nights episode allmost gets them both killed in a car wreck…
    (Alot of the scripted dialog comes right out of every chase scene from the films.)

    I liked how Sarah drives right into a empty warehouse with a truck and pins Cameron in one swoop. (That was comical.)
    Also, Lmao afterwards when everyone seems to meet up at the same wherehouse? Of course the wharehouse is totally deserted.

    The T-1000 scene was dumb,,, why would she kill him anyway?, stupid, like that’s gonna help speed things up… Just a lame scene to show the T-1000 kill sombody. Wow neato. Saw that same scene in T2.

    The show is heading down the same ol path the films and books did.
    “Let’s see the birth of Skynet, and hope our heros can stop it, while John struggles to have a social life,,,” lol

    One thing I loved about T3, it closed that door forever!!!

  5. 790: Thanks.

    Hey, I think you nailed it on the head for a new title.

    They can title the show:

    Terminator: John, Are You OK?

  6. Also what’s the deal with the religious overtones. Are they gonna rip-off BSG next???

    Of course Johns the saviour, his initials are JC.

  7. Haha,, Bruce, but you really have to sell it…


    Hey,were you really surprised when Connor put the chip back into her head,,,? Come on really ???? Lol

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I envisioned him plugging it into a stand alone computer somewhere, kind like he did last season, tinkering with it or the AI on board and then being convinced it’s all OK… and doing the stupid thing.

    I never envisioned skipping all those steps and going straight to stupid.

  9. I’m sorry but I don’t get every ones big complaint about them meeting at the place. They had a car accident near by it had to be close for John to run in to the place. So I think it’s pretty obvious that Dereck found the accident scene and I don’t know looked around?

    I thought the episode was pretty good overall but I don’t think it was on par with last seasons episodes. I really like the huge emotional twist about what happened with the two men in the room. It seems as though John saw some things that could really mess some one up.

  10. Lol, Bruce, this show is chock o full of stupid.

    Lol, Daniel,,, he better suck it up, the end of the worlds coming,,,

    Pointing out all the mistakes in this show would take me all day,,, 8-)
    Like I said its mindless Terminator fun.

  11. Daniel, I think the big thing is the gaps between logic. No where did we see them even hint at getting remotely close to hooking up. It makes me think some scenes were cut in favor of other scenes and yet, the editors forgot to connect the dots and let us see them.

    For me, it was a bit distracting to wonder how they did get together while trying to watch the scene.

    As one person once told me, no matter how good of a flick you have, if you have a crappy editor, your platform is doomed. I think that was part of what we saw.

  12. Yeah it was kinda funny because they ended the scene with Cameron dead, and when the show came back from the commercial they were all there talking about it, its like 20min had been cut out. 8-)

  13. I disagree I thought it was hinted at fairly well while showing them drive around in the ambulance. It showed them pass by one accident from Sara and John. The found out what direction they had run in. It was clear that they were tracking them down.

  14. Must be a funny deleated scene where an Ambulance shows up to a hit and run crash, asks the victims “what happened to the other ppl” ,and then leaves the scene to go find them. 8-)

    Maybe that editor is saving the show from being a total comedy.

  15. I actually liked the episode. I got hooked on the show last season after thinking I would probaly hate it. Can’t wait to see what happens between Cameron and John. Is she becoming capable of having human emotions?

  16. dw,,,
    In the T2 Special Edition dvd,,,
    There’s a scene that shows John remove the CPU from the skull of Uncle Bob,,,
    Bob (Terminator), tells Sarah and John that T-800′s are sent out with their processor switched to “read” only…
    In computer lingo, that means “do what your told”.

    (In a deleted scene)
    John took out the CPU and switched it to “write”,,,
    computer lingo that means, learn, adapt new knowledge, and add it to your database.

    I think Connor (from the future) allready switched Cameron’s chip to write, before he sent her back…
    Just my guess,,,

  17. You know, as dumb as it was, I do have to point out a few things. At the end they did mention to her something along the lines of: “You better get out of here, you really left a path of destruction in the city” indicating that they found them following the destruction they left behind. Of course this would suggest that others, like the police, should have converged there as well…

    And at the end when the T-1000 (T-W in the T3 universe) kills Mr. Tuck, it sort of half way makes sense. Mr. Tuck seemed like the one person who opposed its actions, so getting rid of him could ensure that he would not jeopardize its plan. And it’s not like it can’t just mimic him if he is needed from there on out. And the morphing scene was simply put there to pay homage to T2, same thing for when Cameron tells Sarah to “call to John.” She should have said “I know this hurts.”

    But yah, it’s a tv show, you can’t expect too much, I expect it to be pretty crappy, but it’s not as crappy as some other shows I’ll have to admit. And since I don’t consider it canon with T1 or T2 (same way I feel about T3 not being canon), it’s just another action-oriented show on tv that happens to pay homage to the Terminator movies a lot for some reason. So it’s alright…

    And to be honest, the show does a few things better than T3 did and it has a much smaller budget, AND it’s a Fox tv show, so that’s already getting way more than you’ve bargained for…

  18. The dialog is pretty much all torn from T1 and T2,,,
    If hear “come with me if you want to live”, one more time, I’m gonna choke on my vomit and prob die.

    Ken, what’s done better than T3?
    Don’t tell me its the canon, story, dialog, vfx, or editing. Cause again I might choke on my own vomit…

  19. I don’t know, considering how I just said that it WASN’T canon (“And since I don’t consider it canon with T1 or T2″) I suppose that can’t be it.

    Well, for one thing, John Connor isn’t a COMPLETE pansy in this one. He has his pansy moments, but for the most part he doesn’t cower and scream with his tail between his legs in every scene like he did in T3.

    And another thing, Summer Glau doesn’t pout her lips everywhere like that idiot Loken did in T3 which was just sooooo annoying…

    There are a couple of other things, not a lot, it’s a pretty “meh” show, but this is comparing a crappy tv show to a medium budget movie on the silver screen… So it’s pretty sad if a comparison can be made AT ALL…

  20. Ahh,,, Ken J,,, aaahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Anyway,,, how long before we see a TX in this show?

  21. Wow, I must be a mindless idiot. Did we watch the same show? I think it is a piece of art and have watched it several times now.

    I loved the opening sequence and song. I was touched by the robot love scene. And I was intrigued by the robots religious talk. Robots talking religion is all new to me.

    I think Summer Glau has been doing an amazing job playing an emotionally enhanced terminator. Its a fine line to walk on and I think she’s doing great. Obviously after John’s bonding with T2, he worked to make a more personal protector and companion to send back.

    Lack of Continuity!? Do you have to go there? Either you accept it or you don’t. The list is endless. The biggest is that John could never have been born. In order for John to be born he has to send his father back in time, which wouldn’t be possible the first time around because he wasn’t born. Technically the first time Reece may have been sent back by someone else, but the odds of him hooking up with Sarah Connor and having sex with her in that hotel at that specific time to fertilizer her egg with just the right sperm is certainly a stretch. And the time machines inability to send mechanical devices and weapons? How do terminators get sent back? Oh they are surrounded by meat. Just wrap a laser gun with a steak and if the tissue has to be living then just shove it up a cows ass. (Yeah ok, I never saw any cows in the post judgment day world, and I don’t recommend shoving foreign objects into livestock, but you get my point.) What am I arguing here!? The whole series is based on time travel. Completely unbelievable. So just move on and enjoy the story or watch something else.

    Why did John put the chip back in? Because Cameron is his friend and because he needs her strength and abilities to stay alive. Why did John give Cameron the gun? For starters it probably wasn’t loaded. If it was, then John’s spidey sense told him it was okay and by giving her the gun he could clear Cameron’s image in front of everyone involved. Lastly, like the great Morpheus said, “Everything happened the way it had to happen because we are still alive.”

    Anyways, deep down the truth of all this is that I am such a geek that I Love robot porn. It all started at a very young age with the t.v. show small wonder with V.I.C.I.. I had such a crush on her. Next was Chun Li from Street Fighter, technically not a robot but a video game is close enough. After that was the fembots from Austin Powers. Then there was that hot animated chick Aki Ross from Final Fantasy: The ghosts within who made it into maxims hot 100. Next was Chodes sexbot “Six” from Tripping the Rift, what a hot number she was. And lastly we have our dear Cameron professing her forbidden love to John Connor while crushed between two cars. I’m sorry but I think that’s hot. I guess I am a freak. So be it. I can’t wait till judgment day, so I can order my own Cameron from Skynet’s catalogue. How much do you think one runs for?

    Look we are all disappointed they couldn’t get Linda Hamilton. Its a shame I agree, but what can you do but look over it. Once again John Connor is a wuss just like the second movie. But let me tell you something. Young Anakin was a wuss, Young Luke Skywalker was a wuss and yes even young Arnold Schwarzenegger was a wuss. Why do you think he worked out so much? He just got his ass kicked a few too many times. So kids are wusses, just a fact of life. Well except for Spartan kids. Green does a great job playing Reese, Cameron does her part and Ellison plays out his character well for what they give him.
    I like the show. I’ve been waiting all summer for it come back on and I wasn’t disappointed. But apparently I’m a mindless perverted idiot with no taste. Fortunate for me I’m the target audience for Mindless Crap Entertainment Incorporated of America.

  22. LOL 790, I know you liked T3, don’t let my comments rub you the wrong way, it’s my opinion.

    I’ll love for the T-X to show up and for some reason, the T-X’s mission goes against the T-1000′s mission, so they end up fighting and the T-1000 completely owns the T-X since it has no solid parts to get destroyed.

    I will save that episode and play it back over and over as proof of how superior the T-1000 is over the T-X, lol.

    Well, unless there so happens to be a big pool of molten metal, then the T-X might have a shot.

  23. Were good Ken J,,,

    Btw, the T-1000 is no match, for a fully functional TX unit,,,

    If you get a chance freeze frame all the on-board weapon selections the TX went thru after the collision with the Semi.
    Quite a variety,,,
    You can see that its fully capable to Terminate a T-1000.

  24. LOL, what would it “destroy?” I saw the retarded weapons, what, a flame thrower? It wasn’t even very directed, it’s like one of those cheap movie propane props, not a high temperature flame thrower at all. The flame dissipated within 5 feet. Won’t have an effect on the alloy T-1000 is made of. Projectile weapons? LOL, the T-1000 laughs at that. What else was there? Was there one that shot out electricity or something? What will that do? :-D

  25. Here’s some of the on board weapons the TX carried.
    Besides the Flame Thrower,,,

    EMP Generator.
    Hk-54334 (Modified).
    KLD-Magnum Repeater. IAD-Chem Tech.
    Laser X-Ray-Burst gun.
    Nano-Disrupter (222).
    P31-Caustic Shells x231.
    Tracking E-Blaster.
    Twin Barrel Gun.
    XFLRG 44mm.
    M41A Pulse Rifle.
    Finite Rapid Cluster Gun.
    HDE Predator (333b).
    CGYS Needler.
    783-Chain Repeater.
    ADMOR BioBlaster.
    223 Automatic Stopper.,,,
    and a
    Bio-Rail 32SR-9 (Modified).

    I’m sure one of those weapons would take out a T-1000.

  26. Um, is any of that supposed to mean anything? No, I’m not trying to be smart, I’m seriously wondering, they all sound like a bunch of made up sci-fi stuff to me…

    Funny she never used any of those things in the movie beyond that one scene. Weird if the T-X is so capable of destroying the T-W how come it wasn’t even able to take on the T-V.M and two humans? If only she used any of that sci-fi mumbo jumbo huh? :-D

  27. Mumbo jumbo,,, (how dare ya). ;-)
    I guess you have a small screen,
    (No pun intended)

    All you have to do is pause the film (T3) 2 times during the HUD scene to read all that mumbo jumbo…

    Do the research !!!
    Before you claim to be a fan,,, lol

  28. But… I’m NOT a fan of T3… Thought that was clear…

    So basically, it IS all made up sci-fi mumbo jumbo. If none of it is used, and none of it is explained, then none of it is of any consequence.

    If in T2 all they show is a list of possible things the T-1000 (T-W) can do and never show him doing it, does it really matter?

  29. Heehee,,,
    Well the fact that the TX came after the T-1000 would insure it had a way to disable it with one or more of those weapons.
    Keep in mind the TX would be able to shift inbetween those weapons at optimal performance. 8-)