New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

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terminator salvation New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

We have a hot off the presses brand new Terminator Salvation trailer – and a batch of cool new posters and images that were released yesterday. I thought I’d just roll everything into one handy location for you.

It seems that excitement is building for this fourth Terminator movie and that people are starting to believe that McG is going to put out a worthy addition to the franchise.

We have three new posters that fit together to form one larger one, much like was done for The Spirit. Hopefully, that is ALL this film will have in common with that bloody train wreck of a movie. icon razz New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

Also there are a few new stills from the film, including a couple of new Terminator shots, one of them looking like the early rubber-skinned models. The new images give us some glimpses of important characters we’ve not seen before including Kyle Reese and Kate Connor played by Anton Yelchin and Bryce Dallas Howard, respectively.

Finally, we have the brand new trailer for you.

terminator salvation 3 posters New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
New Terminator Salvation posters

terminator poster New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
New poster for Terminator Salvation

terminator salvation yahoo2 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
A scene from Terminator Salvation

John and Kate Connor

terminator salvation yahoo3 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
One of the Terminators from the film

terminator salvation yahoo4 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
An early rubber-skinned Terminator

You can see larger versions and more new images over at Yahoo! Movies.

I love what I’m seeing so far from these character images. They’ve paid much attention to the little gritty details of each character’s outfit and they actually appear as believable ragtag freedom fighters of the future. The Terminator units on the other hand, look highly detailed and very scary – I hope they are portrayed that way in the film (I’m hoping for that R-rating).

And here is the new Terminator Salvation trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Well, that’s probably one of the greatest trailers I’ve ever seen – This movie keeps increasing on my most anticipated list. What do you think?

Terminator Salvation opens on May 22, 2009.

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  1. This movie covers just the beginning of the resistance. It’s a planned trilogy so perhaps the third movie of this trio will resemble (at least slightly more closely) what we saw in the future scenes of the first two Terminators.

    Remember, Reese is just a kid here.

    That’s what I’m thinking anyways. This wouldn’t look to great with blue lasers everywhere and giant robots that my friends and I could make at home (not as big and without lasers of course ;)

  2. To Dean

    Correct, I understand that as well, which is why I only take in what the films are giving us and not think about the tangibles. Which is also why the use of Time-Travel in stories are great but also can be too complicated and bring about discussion from people that goes to the extreme.

    Still, T3 RULES!
    “Desire is irrelevant, I am a Machine!”

  3. To SK47

    mmmm i thought T3 Was a descent action movie but had bad story and awful acting including arnolds performance didnt act like he did in T1 and T2.

  4. For those curious about the Song in this trailer…

    It’s called “The Day the World Went Away” by Nine Inch Nails.

    One of their songs was featured in that awesome trailer for Serenity if anyone remembers that too.

  5. To Dean,
    I wouldn’t say the acting was terrible, Stahl and Danes are two excellant actors out there, but I agree that they put in too many “comedic” moments for Arnolds T800 model, even though they were little but it was like a Michael Bay-type of comedy. Maybe Warner Bros. wanted it that way, who knows?
    Decent action, come on dude, I suggest watching this in on a 1080p LCD screen. I just did and, WOW! That whole crane chase and the spx look amazing! Overkill!

  6. okay man, i agree the action was good and the chase was awsum but cannot be compared to T2 in anyway u remember the end of it i nearly cryed watchin the T800 being lowerd into the lava lol. Nick stahl and Claire danes didn not suit their parts, edward furlong was so much better. i do have a 1080 40″ TV watch transformers and The Dark Knight now thats awsum. hehe

  7. I thought T3 was very poor as the third installment to the franchise. Worst villain ever in my opinion. The franchise would be better off had that not been made since the TV show and the new movies are completely ignoring it.

    If all there is to cheer about are some action scenes (that have all been done before)…

  8. yo rob keys

    hey i completly agree man T3 was terrible and only reliied on its action set pieces, to me what makes a great movie is story characters and the director james cameron was born to make the terminator movies.

  9. yeah, Transformers on 1080 is pretty sic. And yeah, I cryed too! Me being a kid at that time watching that, that was the most heart wrenching thing ever!!!!

    And to Rob, to me there is more to cheer about in T3 than just the action scenes. I really liked the ideas put in the third instalment, like how Arnold’s T800 model (considered obsolete in the future timeline) was brought for one final mission to kill Connor.
    They capture that model and re-program the model, by Kate Brewster, to be sent back, still keeping its previous mission objectives of killing Connor and to stop the TX from killing all of John’s Lts and Sgts, etc.

  10. But the t3 story line was almost exactly the same as t2 but made a whole lot worse, i didnt feel for the character like i did in T2 or T1 i didnt care bout the characters in T3 like when the T850 got crushed i just didnt feel like i did at the end of T2 coz their characters are so plain and boring.

  11. Sweeeet trailer!!! I am definitely looking forward to this movie now! Bale seems to have the golden touch on any project he comes into lately.

  12. McG, your director rating has gone from totally disgusting to acceptable. If the movie is as good as the trailer, you will get elevated to Cameron-esque. :-)

  13. Guys be careful dont speak too soon this guy aint no James Cameron.

  14. I attribute the problem you have with a connection to the characters because of pacing of the film! T3′s pacing moves rapidly while T2′s took it’s time for us to connect with them. But, we already know that John survives right. T3, the original mission directive for the TX is to smoke out John’s lieutenants. When she tastes John’s blood, notice her face? Shock! Then the primary focus is to kill Connor and that turns into this huge thing. When Arnold says “We will meet again”, for me it was like saying latez to a work colleauge at the end of the day. You know you’ll see them tomorrow. So the way I see T3 is purely as the bridging of these characters when Skynet launches the assault.

    Dude, this T3 thing has gone on far enough. Yes I agree that compared to T1 & T2, T3 is the weakest installment but that does not mean it should be left in the dust. All I have to say are two things–
    1) Give T3 some slack
    2) Real men don’t cry! Only at the end of Terminator 2: Judgement Day!

  15. Haha okay man i respect that you have respect for that particular film, but my mind cant be changed so we’ll end it at that, i see your a big terminator fan then?

  16. Dean, when you cry a river at the end of seeing Arnold put into the lava (even to this day), and put up gunnshat when Arnold goes postal on the LAPD station in T1, you know ur a Terminator fan!

    “desire is irrelevant, i am a machine!” WHUT!

  17. Ha ha yeah totally!! i hope they add the theme music from T2 the bit were he pulls the iron bar from his chest, it has it throughout the film but i dont wot the themes called,just loved that music from the movie.

  18. I liked the musical cue when Sarah was shooting at the T1000 with her shotgun! It was short but great for the moment!

  19. the main problem i had w/ t3 besides all of the above mentioned, is that the movie just contradicts the theme of the first two films: the future is not set,there is no fate but what you make for yourself, but t3 then states that judgement day is innevitable(misspelled) contradicting the first two

  20. Thats why i had a big problem with T3 it changed the vital points of T2, which got me very confused with the storyline and felt less interested in the movie.

  21. It could mean that in T1 & T2, the humans had hoped that they were in charge of fate. Fate does not determine us. Then in T3, Skynet, and Arnold just flat out states that no, you cannot make your own fate. Fate is determined.

    But anyways, not to knock on Elfman but why couldn’t they use the original guy for the score? Anyone remember his name?

  22. Speak soon guys. “I’ll be back”

  23. another problem that i just thought of w/ t3 was that the villiant, the tx, didnt seem as menacing as the t1000 or the the first terminator was.

  24. HOLY S**T!!!!!! If this movie is as epic as the Trailers make it look, then I have a new favorite movie. Christian Bale, hot head or not, is absolutely amazing.

  25. Bravo Mister McG! Looks like he’s moving from top 10 unfavoriteable director’s list to the top 10 best action directors.

  26. Applaudes McG and his team! It looks like a masterpiece on it’s trailers. I mean, it can’t be as good as the first two ones in reality, or can it?

    Amazing trailer. They seem to have given it such amazing tone from my view as a hardcore fan of the first to movies

  27. Why are John and Kate looking at Scorponok’s tail from Transformers, crossover? ;) But seriously, I’ll probably watch this and ROTF on the same day, I can’t wait!

  28. OK, a few of you know I’m kind of an ass when it comes to anything Terminator, very critical of T3, and very skeptical of this one (but always intended to watch it simply because it’s Terminator) but this trailer…


    Am I actually EXCITED over another Terminator movie???

    Either that or they got someone who is like a genius at trailer making, but I was like “omg, holy crap” through the entire thing.

    This better be good…

  29. No kidding. Imagine sitting through that trailer in an auditorium sized movie screen. wowza!!!!