New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

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terminator salvation New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

We have a hot off the presses brand new Terminator Salvation trailer – and a batch of cool new posters and images that were released yesterday. I thought I’d just roll everything into one handy location for you.

It seems that excitement is building for this fourth Terminator movie and that people are starting to believe that McG is going to put out a worthy addition to the franchise.

We have three new posters that fit together to form one larger one, much like was done for The Spirit. Hopefully, that is ALL this film will have in common with that bloody train wreck of a movie. icon razz New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

Also there are a few new stills from the film, including a couple of new Terminator shots, one of them looking like the early rubber-skinned models. The new images give us some glimpses of important characters we’ve not seen before including Kyle Reese and Kate Connor played by Anton Yelchin and Bryce Dallas Howard, respectively.

Finally, we have the brand new trailer for you.

terminator salvation 3 posters New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
New Terminator Salvation posters

terminator poster New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
New poster for Terminator Salvation

terminator salvation yahoo2 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
A scene from Terminator Salvation

John and Kate Connor

terminator salvation yahoo3 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
One of the Terminators from the film

terminator salvation yahoo4 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
An early rubber-skinned Terminator

You can see larger versions and more new images over at Yahoo! Movies.

I love what I’m seeing so far from these character images. They’ve paid much attention to the little gritty details of each character’s outfit and they actually appear as believable ragtag freedom fighters of the future. The Terminator units on the other hand, look highly detailed and very scary – I hope they are portrayed that way in the film (I’m hoping for that R-rating).

And here is the new Terminator Salvation trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Well, that’s probably one of the greatest trailers I’ve ever seen – This movie keeps increasing on my most anticipated list. What do you think?

Terminator Salvation opens on May 22, 2009.

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  1. Now that was a pure adrenaline rush. Just can’t wait.

    Hope that was not all the good stuff

  2. Ok, this movie was probably like 5th on my most anticipated for this year, but I think it just made a serious push for number 1. I cannot wait for May 21st, come on T4!

  3. My bad, didn’t mean to call it T4, but so many people I know call it that and I have to correct them that it get’s stuck in my head.

  4. looks awesome :)

  5. Cannot wait for this film. The posters kick ass and that trailer is seriously the greatest trailer I’ve ever seen.
    Bale and Sam Worthington are gonna be amazing in this film. I just hope the visual effects are completely realistic, and we better see Arnold!!!

  6. ok im biased because i am a HUGE terminator fan, but i am also a big batman fan and that was the most exciting trailor since the dark knight…im seeing this movie at midnight the night before it comes out

  7. wowwww…. i CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  8. Im a massive terminator fan and i must say the trailer is looking very promising im just worried about the director MCG i only know him for the charlies angels movies n totally hated them they were just nonsense. james cameron was born to make terminator movies he did an amazing job with the first 2 films, then somthing bad happened, T3 Just totally ruined it for me. to me you shudnt bother making another sequal if it isnt going to match T1 and T2. PLEASE DONT SCREW THIS UP!!!

  9. Wow that was an awesome trailer, but I’m sorry no trailer will ever top the third Dark Knight Trailer that was released. It is and will be forever the absolute best trailer ever produced.

  10. wow second most anticipated film next to transformers 2

  11. I’ve walked across that bridge that gets blown up at the end of the trailer. I live 10 mineuts away from it and had no idea that they were using it to shoot the terminator movie. Another reason to watch it.

  12. a self awear self aware T-800 ?
    sound freak’in sweet.

  13. I really wish they didn’t cut off the song playing throughout the entire thing with 15 seconds to go and used the terminator theme thing. Sorta downplays some of the epicness I think.
    What is the name of that song by the way?

  14. amazing how the human race is struggling to survive against deadly machines… and yet her hair is still perfectly styled and shinny…. unreal.

  15. I was ambivilant to this movie until I saw the trailer and two of the digitally unedited scenes at WonderCon.

    The scenes were so good, it didn’t matter that they weren’t the polished finish product.

    After the panel, I am very jazzed to see this movie now.

  16. He’s right.

    That’s gotta be the best trailer I’ve seen in the last five minutes at least!

    This looks so badass! I can’t wait!!

    (Being a rider myself I LOVE the moto-terminators)

  17. this is the terminator movie i’ve always wanted to see

  18. that was so cool
    i just hope that terminator dosent crush star trek!!!
    i am kind of worried becose i love both of the franchises:-)
    but i tihnk i like star trek more;)

    and what i always found special about the t-movies, was that superfuturistic robot in our world, that mix was always kind of cool:) i dont know the new movie seems like termiator meets mad max, meets waterlworld:)

  19. let me guess the self aware terminator is the bridge between the machines and people… i think it will be a good movie but story looks like it will be predictable. whenever machines conquer humans their is always a “hybrid” that both sides need to survive

  20. Trailer did nothing for me. It doesn’t feel like a ‘Terminator’ film to me… has more the vibe of any other sci-fi action movie.

  21. go look at T1 and T2 future scenes and you will notice that they look so different now i duno whether salvation is made before the big bombings or not, but also i gotta add that after seeing the first terminator film kyle reece says the resistance only comes out at night, salvation seems be mostly at daytime?? am confused

  22. Cybordine systems was blown up and the last chip was destroyed in Terminator 2 so the war wudnt happen that was supposed to be the end, then they came up wiv the sillyiest story for T3 which i tryed to ignore. Now what i wana know is is T3 guna be ignored for this film or is it a follow up??? is sarah conner dead like in t3, coz in T1 shes supposed to live as kyle reece says.

  23. Looking better and better. I think when this comes out McG is going to be able to give everyone who doubted him the biggest finger ever, and he’ll finally shake his Charlie’s Angels label. :-P


  24. @Dean,
    Yes Cyberdine was destroyed but remeber what Arnold’s T800 says, Judgement Day is inevitable. Sarah, John and the other T800 model just prolonged it.
    So, yeah, the story is a bit iffy, so is the whole thing about Time Travel when you take into the possibilities of their actions in T1 & T2, but the fact that this war cannot be stopped in the past and has to be stopped in the future timeline is the big idea we have to take into account.

  25. To SK47

    Yeah i understand were your coming from but the T800 only says that judgement day is inevitable in T3, after destroying all the evidence of Cyberdines plans for the chip in T2. it was dyson who makes the chip n he dies in T2 so the war cudnt of happend. am so confused.