New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

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terminator salvation New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos

We have a hot off the presses brand new Terminator Salvation trailer – and a batch of cool new posters and images that were released yesterday. I thought I’d just roll everything into one handy location for you.

It seems that excitement is building for this fourth Terminator movie and that people are starting to believe that McG is going to put out a worthy addition to the franchise.

We have three new posters that fit together to form one larger one, much like was done for The Spirit. Hopefully, that is ALL this film will have in common with that bloody train wreck of a movie. ๐Ÿ˜›

Also there are a few new stills from the film, including a couple of new Terminator shots, one of them looking like the early rubber-skinned models. The new images give us some glimpses of important characters weโ€™ve not seen before including Kyle Reese and Kate Connor played by Anton Yelchin and Bryce Dallas Howard, respectively.

Finally, we have the brand new trailer for you.

terminator salvation 3 posters New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
New Terminator Salvation posters

terminator poster New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
New poster for Terminator Salvation

terminator salvation yahoo2 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
A scene from Terminator Salvation

John and Kate Connor

terminator salvation yahoo3 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
One of the Terminators from the film

terminator salvation yahoo4 New Terminator Salvation Trailer, Posters & Photos
An early rubber-skinned Terminator

You can see larger versions and more new images over at Yahoo! Movies.

I love what Iโ€™m seeing so far from these character images. Theyโ€™ve paid much attention to the little gritty details of each characterโ€™s outfit and they actually appear as believable ragtag freedom fighters of the future. The Terminator units on the other hand, look highly detailed and very scary – I hope they are portrayed that way in the film (I’m hoping for that R-rating).

And here is the new Terminator Salvation trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Well, that’s probably one of the greatest trailers I’ve ever seen – This movie keeps increasing on my most anticipated list. What do you think?

Terminator Salvation opens on May 22, 2009.

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  1. Ken J,

    It had the same effect on me :)

  2. To Ken J

    Hey man i dont blame you one bit, i lost all hope in the Terminator franchise after watching Terminator 3 the disaster. After watching the trailer for Salvation my hope have been risen quiet abit, but i cant help to remain causous. McG hasnt proven to be a Great film Director yet!! I dont see why they shud make another Terminator movie if your not guna improve upon T2, and i must say thats almost impossible, but you never know!!!!!

  3. “improve” and T2 in the same sentence? BLASPHEMOUS!!!


  4. I’m going to see Watchmen on opening weekend and I feel kinda weird about saying this but this trailer is a decent part of the reason I want to see it right away lol, Like what Bruce Simmons said, just imagine it on the big screen. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. An out-of-control trailer. Can’t wait.

  6. I am interested in seeing the audience react to it. I’m not one of those guys that let the “experience” decide a movie for me, but it definitely can ADD to it. So if I’m already excited about something, audience reaction could hype that up, but there were many times the audience reacted positively to something that I disagreed with. But I wonder about the muttering after that trailer… Should be a lot of excited terminator fans.

  7. I live in the UK and our audience dont react to nothing doubt the’d even react to arnold coming back on screen,think theres only me that makes a reaction lol!!!

  8. I think I’m with most of us here saying that T1 and T2 were cinema magic, T3 not so much. At first when I heard that they were doing this movie I was skeptical but after seeing the trailer I’m on board. I like that they have finally taken the story onto the other side of skylab taking over and the war starts.

  9. Man SK47, I’m reading some of the earlier posts on here and I can’t believe you don’t see how ridiculous the T800’s assertion that Judgment Day is “inevitable” is. You realize that in his version of the future, there is only ONE Judgment Day right? He won’t know that it was “delayed” or that there was supposed to be one earlier by someone named Miles Dyson. The moment Dyson was killed and his work was destroyed, that timeline is GONE. For a machine to say something so abstract that it is “inevitable” is completely retarded. 100% retarded, there’s no way around it.

    And that car chase scene lasted like 20 minutes. It was a time filler. The fact is, the chase didn’t change or advance the plot of the movie at all. They could have excluded it and nothing in the plot would have changed. And to top it all off, the whole concept of the cars driving themselves don’t make any sense at all. Power steering and cruise control doesn’t mean the car can drive and steer themselves…

    And what kind of paper machet were those buildings made out of that a truck can drive a boom right through it without slowing down or flipping the truck over, or at least break the boom…

    I can go on and on, but maybe you would prefer that I don’t, lol.

    Dean is correct, technically it was OVER at the end of T2. But the idiots behind T3 had to find a way to bring it back so they can get some quick bucks. Ok, so they might not be idiots since they made money, but whatever. If only James Cameron had used the original ending where they show the future with an old Sarah Connor making a voice recording, all the mess that was T3 could have been avoided. But then again, if this movie rocks, then we wouldn’t have seen this either. So let’s wait and see if Cameron’s decision to change the ending of T2 is a good or bad thing…

    And Rob, I agree with you about T3’s villain 100%. The T1000 is FAR superior to the T-10 (X is roman numeral for 10, since we all know skynet uses numbers to name the models not letters. I doubt skynet bought into gimmicky letters, what next, the T-X-13-Type R??). The ONLY reason why they defeated the T-1000 was because of pure dumb luck that they crashed in a metal refinery. Think about it, the T-10 in T3 was actually damaged by being slammed into a tree. Even the T-800 couldn’t be damaged that way, and the T-1000 definitely couldn’t be damaged that way. The T-10 can be destroyed by that explosion, the T-1000 would have walked away from it.

    Basically, there’s nothing the T-10 could survive that the T-1000 can’t, but the T-1000 can survive many things the T-10 can’t. So using your deductive reasoning skill, you realize that the T-1000 is, IN FACT, superior to T3’s T-10.

    And sorry SK47, the acting in T3 did suck. Nick Stahl made John Connor look like he had no balls. I mean, seriously, Kate saved John’s life more times than Arnold did in T2… It looked like all John Connor knew how to do in that movie was fall down screaming like a little girl. No wonder Sarah Connor died in that storyline, she realized what kind of little wimp her son turned out to be, so she died of disappointment…

  10. Well, considering the fact that McChicken doesn’t exactly have a great reputation as a director, it might have been a bit too “holier than thou” attitude if he would have completely ignored T3. That is kind of an insult to those who made T3. But in my opinion, it was bad enough to justify even a beginner production team to openly insult them. But maybe I’m just an a-hole…

  11. Sorry im just finding it so hard to come to terms with the whole existance of T3 and the fact that the next one will be a follow up to such a piece of crap, T1 and T2 were masterpieces you just cant sit the 3rd next to them and not be embarrassed. They shud forget T3 ALLTOGETHER!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. McG – Charlies Angels 1 & 2
    James Cameron – Terminator 1 & 2, Abyss, Aliens, Titanic, True Lies and the upcoming Avatar which will be one giant leap for film making .

  13. Yah, I can’t wait for Avatar.

    Aliens is probably my 2nd favorite movie of all time, and that just happened to be directed by James Cameron as well. True Lies is also top 10, probably top 5, and that’s also Cameron… I doubt it’s a coincidence, I just love his work.

  14. That nuclear blast from the end of this trailer is from T3.

    I just watched T3 again this weekend and it was terrible.

    I think the ‘X’ in TX is not a 10, I think they just called it that to make that model/prototype sound newer and scarier. Everything about the character was awful, even down to the blue-lighted exoskeleton

    There was nothing redeeming in this movie for me – every scene was trying to re-do cool scenes from T2 but none of them make sense and everyone acts in a nonsensical way. It’s like Pirates 2 compared to the first Pirates of the Caribbean

  15. Ive watched T3 countless times and i still cant understand were the computer virus comes from in the movie and how the machines so called take over, as the T1 chip was destroyed in T2 along with every shred of evidence of Miles Dysons work, as he was the one who causes judgement day to happen in the first place. He worked on the CPU from the origanal terminator an learned so much from it to create the computer that thinks for itself, all that was destroyed in T2. So in T3 were does the computer virus come from someone would of had to follow all dysons work! no Dyson no judgement day no Terminators period!! And all that ‘judgement day is inevertable’ b******* in T3 and the virus just comes out of thin air, come on guys PLEASE!!!! It just doesnt make abit of sense. The director and writers of T3 has no idea of how to make a good terminator film instead they made another just for the sake of it and it ruined what could of been an amazin trilogy. I just want a good explanation how judgement day happens coz T3 doesnt give any answers, I just hope Terminator Salvation will fill in all the missing answers for everyone who needs to know!!!

  16. Rob, I was just trying to be a smartass and point out how it doesn’t make sense for Skynet to all of a sudden stop classifying their Terminator models by number and instead use letters. The ONLY, and I stress, ONLY reason why it was called the TX was because they thought it sounded “cooler.” So it was just a gimmick, just like making the terminator a female, all gimmicks. You all know I HATE GIMMICKS.

    I love when T3 lovers try to justify it, “oh, it’s TX for Experimental!” Um, since skynet is a machine and not a human, they would have called it a T-E if that was the case, not X, we are the only ones that would call Ex… X… and not to mention, the T1000 was an experimental model too. In the deleted scenes you will see where the T1000 starts to malfunction. Yet, did skynet name it the TX?? NO, it STILL was given a number designation. Because think about it, EVERY new model would, in theory, have an experimental or prototype model first, so how can they ALL be called TX??? Numbers make sense, they are the only way to make sense. James Cameron set the chain of events very practical, very gradual, and made the logic from a reality based logic.

    The original timeline for Skynet taking over from James Cameron was that it was designed to fly commercial airliners automatically, but the military bought it and had it developed to fly military aircraft, so no soldiers are put in harm’s way and it eliminates human error. According to Cameron’s timeline, the skynet system operates smoothly for quite a while, their military aircraft fly with perfect records, and skynet keeps growing and learning. It’s not until skynet learns so much that it finally becomes self-aware, then the humans tried to kill it, tried to shut it down, and that’s when skynet fought back.

    See, that’s so much more logical and realistic than some mysterious virus spreading that instead of just distributing new definitions for Kaspersky anti-virus, or mcaffee, norton, or whatever you use, they release an aritificial intelligence called “skynet” to “clean” everyone’s computer… And right off the bat, skynet is evil and decides to take over the world the second it goes online… … … um… are you going to say it or should I?

    Ok, I’ll say it, THAT’S FREAKIN RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean seriously, I can’t fathom how anyone can watch this retarded chain of events and actually not break out in laughter, then tears when they realize it wasn’t a joke… Seriously…

    Listening to Arnold dish out the chain of events of Skynet from T2, it was chilling because you can actually imagine that it could be happening right now. It seems every 5 years, another component of our military vehicles and equipment is automated by some crazy computer system that performs the same thing with pinpoint precision 1000 times faster. While he’s talking I am imagining F117’s or other military aircraft flying and dropping munitions without a pilot to be found. And then skynet doesn’t actually nuke the world, they actually nuke Russia, another very realistic and clever thing to be done, and the reasoning is perfect too, skynet knew Russia will retaliate, spiraling the world into nuclear war. So in essence, skynet only needed to launch one nuclear weapon then sit back and let us destroy ourselves. Brilliant.

    T3 explanation… not so brilliant… not so smart even… heck, downright retarded…

  17. @ Ken

    ahhh… I see what you’re saying now :)

  18. Didn’t you see the motorbike scene? Awsome scenes man!