Discuss Terminator Salvation (Heavy Spoilers)

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terminator salvation spoilers Discuss Terminator Salvation (Heavy Spoilers)

One of our most popular new features here at Screen Rant has been the movie spoiler discussion post, where people can feel free to talk about all aspects of a film without having to worry about spoiling it for others. You can check out our Terminator Salvation review but if you want to talk about the movie after having seen it I suggest you do so right here.

So discuss Terminator Salvation below to your heart’s content!

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  1. Oh, can’t believe I forgot to comment on this. The one thing that Terminator Salvation scored BIG on is all of the A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) pr0n. Seriously, I think this was the best showing of the A-10 in any movie to date. Everytime they were on screen I was giddy like a teenaged girl watching Twilight. They had the correct sound effect for the GAU-8 30mm cannon, they had them kicking major robot arse, man they were cool. I think Terminator Salvation will be the reigning A-10 movie champion for some time to come. It was kind of weird that it seemed like the A-10 was the only aircraft the resistance had, but hey, I’m not complaining. I don’t think there is any aircraft better equiped to take on Skynet than the A-10. I mean, all of the Terminator vehicles like the HK’s are basically just roving or flying tanks right? Then what better than the world reknown tank killer to turn them into scrap metal??

  2. I finally saw it, and it was decent. It wasn’t great, but decent. I just read an article where McG talks about the ending that had to be changed because it was “leaked” on-line. What we knew already was that it was rumored that John Connor dies and then Marcus offers his body, which is then overlaid with John Connor’s features. Many people then speculated that the leader of the Resistance would then be a Terminator. The way it was scripted and shot was Marcus (as John) shoots and kills Kate Connor and Kyle Reese, thereby resetting everything. THE END! Talk about a major Up-Yours to fans and also to Executives (who no doubt would like to do sequels). It would definitely be a ballsy move, but honestly, I don’t see how it could have worked.

  3. I read that too, and that ending would have made even less sense. First of all, John Connor had a lot of rank in the resistance, Marcus is a new-comer. If John dies, why the heck would they simply hand over all of Connor’s influence to Marcus? Shouldn’t the next highest ranking person take over as the leader when Connor dies?? Makes no sense…

    The new ending is kind of cheesy, but I like it better.

  4. i recon that they should kill connor in the next one so that his wife and the twins can lead the resistance just like arnold said in t3, i personally recon dats a good way of setting the 2 more terminators coming out.
    in in australia so i hvent seen it yet, except for the cameo part which was so cool!!!!

    i think that the more recent movies are coming out as screw ups and are being “rushed” all because the movie big guys wanna make money. michael bay bent the story of transformers a bit but did an awesome job to bad i cant say the same for t4

    well thats my alleged 2 cents hehehehe

  5. Following T3′s continuity = FAIL

  6. one thing that maybe would have made a big difference was knowing about marcus wright and being a terminator. if we didn’t know that going into the movie i may have felt differently about it. why give away all that info in the trailers?????????????????????

  7. I can’t see McG coming back to the franchise. I think they go in another direction but Bale is a whole different story. who knows what will happen with him and the next movie.

  8. Cat, Vic has a story in the Terminator section that talks about how the film is up for new ownership post T4.

    It was out only a few weeks ago on SR,, you should check that out.

  9. wat i meant was in t3 arnold says dat he kills john and his wife reprograms that one to come to the past, so if they bout dat to the screen just like they tried with the reese thing in the new one it could improve yuh ? i recon they should bring back the old producers/writters and pay them mega bucks to make the next 2 stupid studios

  10. @jwalka

    Nope, that would be really dumb. As McCoy would say: “She’s a doctor, not an engineer!” Don’t see how she would know to reprogram a T800. Sounds more like something John Connor would do, oh wait, it is what he did in the first two movies… They made him seem like a “hacker” in T2 for a reason you know…

  11. @ ken J in the terminator game (cant remember which one) but it shows players how her and her squad “trap” a terminator and “fix” him to the good side, and he protects her against all these other terminators, even if she couldnt “hack” a terminator one of the “engineers” could right ?
    i still recon it would be a good idea cause all i hear is
    “christian bale was this and christian bale was that”

  12. Loved it! Gonna see it again.
    Loved the Arnold circa ’84 look.
    I forgot how much I missed all that baby fat.

    “Wash day…nothing clean!”

  13. Are you JessSayin that? ;-)

  14. Okay, so I saw the last showing last night with a couple of friends and I was impressed!

    I don’t type opinions and reviews often but here it goes:

    I love the story line and how it fits the time line of era, which of course, the future. Even right when the movie starts off after when Marcus goes to the strap chair, the movie places you in an apocalyptic, hecktic, and intense warzone. I felt like I was there and so much was going on. Explosions in the background, a mushroom cloud that looked wicked and real loud thunderous wooshes every time a jet or a terminator jet was flying by. The scene was just an impressive disastrous war-like master piece with a long one camera shot– very impressive. Very nice and creative camera scenes like when John Connor was trying to fly away in the Helicopter to crashing. Beautiful I must say and had me anxious to what was next.

    The harvestor at the gas station was ungodly and just cool. Just the drop dead look of the little girls face(Star?) was so pale and white lost into a deep state trance. Then…–Suddenly, two massive mech-hands one after another clasp and grab the oracle type lady(the leader of the group@gas station) and another resistance gunman, lol. I could just imagine that happening in real life because it looked very real. Trying to flee away from that Harvestor was a sticky situation for Marcus, Kyls and Star and the rest. First, the party members of the gas station desperately trying to flee away in a truck did not get very far :-) in which Marcus and Kyle learned right away. Oh, what to do? Plan A: Back a fuel truck at the Harvestors leg, disembark the fuel load and shoot it with a shotgun several times>Fail. Plan B: Little girl aka light bulb, pulls out a handy flare. SUCESS!!! In quick conclusion pertaining to the character of the little girl, she made the movie a bit more pleasing and interesting. Which in turns explains the uses of good character association. Suprisely, the little girl had some important roles and more adrenaline to the movie because she had to be carried around and protected to when being shot at. Not only that, she never says ONE word! Just when you thought she would say something, she didn’t. I loved it.

    The sound effects were awesome with a lot of cyborg and mechanical feel to it. I particularly like the sound effects made when the huge Terminator Mech was shooting “hyper laser shots”, if I may call it. A gatlion gun on the shoulder too is not a force to be reckon with :-). In serious curiosity, I wonder where in skynet or another location where they manufacture them bad boys :-).

    Quick thought: If their were a whole bunch of T-1000′s in this movie, John Connor and the rest of the Resistance would have a helluva hard time :)

    Other thoughts: The Guns Roses song was not retro and brought good nostalgic sense to the movie in the mortorcycle overiding scene. In my opinion, the song was very great to the fans. That reminds me of the scene when John Connor gets in the 1st confrontation with Arnold T-800. It was weird and sort of funny around that scene when he was tracking the GPS location of Kyle Reese given by Marcus. The movie kept showing him pampering at the door like, “Let me out, let me out!” to no avail. What was REALLY funny is when it just seemed like he was just tracking Arnold t-800 series the WHOLE time, lol. Slowly… –Descending upon him in the red lighted room with smoke when he was taking the opportunity to squint and peek in a cell or hallway(?), LOL. I was like, uh-oh, then BOOM. The door comes flying with John Connor himself. I saw 1/4 Arnolds black silhouetted appearance right after when the door comes flying out. I told myself, “That has to be him!” I was thinking. It was real fast like .5 seconds, hehe.

    Funny part: When the prisoners of Skynet were being led, my friend pointed out something funny about one of the guard Terminators wearing two crossed head bands over the forehead, lol. I mean, come on. One day did the Terminator just decide to wake up from bed and put two Rambo like head bands on it’s head? I thought THAT was funny :-). I guess it made them look more rugged, unconventional in war and urban.

    The ending was okay. I didn’t feel heavily moved in a sense. But for the course of the movie, it was good enough to me.

    I’m going to end this here. If you haven’t watched the movie, you’ll be satisfied. At least, I was. Thanks for reading my review.

    -Jimmy from Washington

  15. Well I saw the movie but I didnt think it was great! I would say allright nothing more. Bale was forgetable but worthington was realy great.

    Its strange that John Connor didnt have any dogs at there HQ like his mother told him to have always around him! We saw in the movie that he was going over here tapes! He should have known better to have dogs!

  16. A heart transplant in the middle of the desert during a war? Are you kidding???? Donor compatibility??? Rejection drugs???
    The stupidest movie ending ever. Let John Conner die. He contributed nothing to the movie anyway. Marcus was the best thing in this silly movie.

  17. Even with compatibility, anti-rejection medication, and all of that, a transplanted heart is temporary. They only last something like 20 years or something and you’ll need a new one. Not to mention, I think you’re encouraged not to over exert yourself if you’re on a transplanted heart. Something the leader of the resistance against the machines will find hard to follow…