‘Terminator’ Reboot Gets Official Title ‘Terminator Genisys’

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terminator genisys logo Terminator Reboot Gets Official Title Terminator Genisys

The Terminator franchise turns 30 this year, in October to be exact; it won’t be until 2015, however, that the sci-fi property gets (partially) rebooted on the big screen. Filming has now wrapped on the next Terminator movie, though, which up to now has generally been referred to (by us) by its rumored title, Terminator: Genesis. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is again playing a T-800 machine in this new film (albeit, one whose biological exterior has aged and now resembles that of a 67-year old man), has now confirmed that the official title is actually… Terminator: Genisys.

So, why the alternate spelling of the subtitle? Well, it could be that “Genisys” refers to the name of a new high-tech manufacturing corporation (a la Cyberdyne Systems in the previous films). Dayo Okeniyi (The Spectacular Now) is costarring in the new Terminator film as Danny Dyson, son of Miles (portrayed by Joe Morton in T2: Judgement Day) - a programmer and Steve Jobs type genius, according to previous reports. Could “Genisys” be the new company that he’s founded – one that gives rise to Judgement Day in the rebooted Terminator continuity?

“Genisys” could also refer to an alternate version of Skynet, which shall be introduced in this new movie. It’s heavily rumored that the Terminator: Genisys script – by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) – pulls some Back to the Future inspired time-travel trickery, so that events in the film’s past setting play out in a different fashion than they did in the original Terminator. This could give rise to re-imagined versions of both the present and future in the Terminator universe – one where there’s a Skynet-like AI entity known as “Genisys”, or maybe a Judgement Day-esque event referred to as “Genisys”.

… Or maybe Paramount just decided that Terminator: Genisys was a cooler title for a sci-fi movie than Terminator: Genesis. Your guess is as good as ours, for the time being.

terminator reboot genesis images Terminator Reboot Gets Official Title Terminator Genisys

Whatever the reason for the spelling change from Genesis to Genisys, Arnold didn’t spill the beans with his FB announcement concerning the end of production on the next Terminator installment. You can read his comment below, followed by an image of Arnie on set (with the official Termiantor: Genisys logo on the back of his chair).

Hasta la vista, baby. I want to thank the cast and crew of @TerminatorGenisys for a fantastic shoot. It was challenging, it was fun, and it was rewarding. From our director to the producers, from the camera team to catering, from visual effects to hair and makeup – we couldn’t have done it without you. I can’t wait to see our finished project and I know we’ll remind the fans why they fell in love with the Terminator. On July 1, 2015, I’ll be back.


terminator genisys arnold schwarzenegger 1024x1018 Terminator Reboot Gets Official Title Terminator Genisys

James Cameron’s original Terminator movie was born out of Cold War era paranoia about the potential nuclear apocalypse, but there are plenty of ways the concept could be “updated” to resonate in the post-Internet age. It’ll ultimately depend on which approach, exactly, both the Genisys screenwriters and director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) have elected to use, when it comes to re-imaginig both the Terminator universe and its citizens – including, familiar names like John Connor (now brought to life as an adult by Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star Jason Clarke).

Genisys costars Jai Courtney (John’s father, Kyle Reese) and J.K. Simmons, who reportedly plays a detective who has spent decades investigating odd events that keep on happening around Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), have both indicated that the film’s script is smarter than they anticipated it would be. Fingers cross, Genisys will manage to surpass most people’s expectations (and them some), when the final movie result is shown to the general public.

Terminator: Genisys opens in U.S. theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  1. Because poor literacy is KEWL.

    • They want the title to have street cred……

    • Genisys sounds like a stripper’s name.

      Gentleman, get ready to give up your money, your clothes, your boots, the keys to your car. Coming to the stage next: GENISYS!

      *Cue Youuuuuuu Couuuuuld Beeeee Mah-ee-ine!

  2. Any of these theories could turn out to be correct, but I just assumed it was a portmanteau of Genesis and System – as in the genesis of the system (being whatever version of Cyberdyne/Skynet comes into being in this film).

    As this is rumoured to be a clever merging of T1/T2 in a Back To The Future Part II way, while very possibly ignoring T3/T4, this has the potential to be my favourite film ever. T2 holds that position at the moment, and has since I first saw it, and BTTF2 is very definitely in my top 10 of all time, and very possibly my top 5…I just LOVED the way they revisted key moments in the previous film from different perspectives; I don’t know why, but that sort of thing – when done properly, of course – is my favourite narrative device.

    But that’s the key thing – doing it properly. This film has the potential to be either truly fantastic, or a massive steamer – I’m really hoping for the former, but preparing myself for the latter. If this hits it out of the park like I’m really praying it will, then D.C. can keep their totally underwhelming parody of what their shared film universe could be, thank you very much – I’m sticking with with the Terminators.

    • *apologies for duplicating ‘with’

    • Although I’m dubious it will be great, I have hope for it, and I too loved BTTF2 for the reasons you mention. I was trying to think where else that sort of re-edit of history has been done, other than historical fiction like Forrest Gump. Star Trek had several attempts at it, and while none were great successes, they had some chillingly effective hybrids of old footage and new. The DS9 crew went back to the old Tribbles episode, while voyager spliced footage from ST6 into a Flashback ep with a rebuilt excelsior bridge and rehired crew/Sulu actors. Then in Enterprise’s penultimate story, the arrival of vulcans as depicted in First Contact is skewed when Cochrane’s pulls out a shotgun and starts blasting. For all theses cool moments, I’m not sure a great story has been told this way. For all the brilliance of BTTF2 at its best, there is a bunch of goofiness that keeps it out of the classics category in my mind.

      Oh yeah, Watchmen started with some awesome and largely convincing historical edits, like the Comedian on the grassy knoll and the lesbian version of the sailor’s kiss. Maybe that’s the best I’ve seen it done.

  3. Definitely looking forward to this more than I did either T3 or TS.
    Although I wish Cameron were behind anything Terminator related, the whole return
    to the original sort of vibe has be going.

    • I believe Cameron was used as a creative consultant during this films early production to help understand some of his original idea’s for Arnold’s character and how further installments would concern his role.
      Don’t quote me, its not like he will be credited but I’m confident they were in touch just by virtue of some alleged information from J.C himself that plagued the internet a little while back.

      I’m not a fan of everything from Cameron, but if he had some sort of tangible influence on this movie, it gives some delusional hope that we might finally get a reasonable continuation of the series.

  4. I thought the title was a typo, first time i read it..

  5. Thinking this could be as painful as watch as Terminator 3…. And the ‘time travel’ thing, is that a direct lift from Star Trek? I really hope they go back to the roots of the Terminator and don’t make a trashy cheese fest like T3 & T:S….

  6. Yet another reason to dump this movie. They couldn’t just call it Terminator like the Robocop reboot?

    Maybe someone resurrect this thing and Conan in another 5 years when Ahnud has moved on. He is like Shatner to Star Trek.

  7. I like that title. Maybe Genesys is the time travel technology.

  8. Oooh man…
    Why would any sane man reboot the flawless timeline in T1 – T2 – T3
    And now no more Skynet…

    Why won’t you just make a new franchise title instead of ruining the good plot that Terminator series already had ?