New ‘Terminator’ TV Series to Tie-In with Movie Reboot Trilogy

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Terminator 5 TV Series New Terminator TV Series to Tie In with Movie Reboot Trilogy

The Terminator franchise has seen a lot of momentum in recent months – as the series will go back to the drawing board for an all new trilogy. Terminator: Salvation proved to be a profitable, but overall underwhelming, attempt to expand the narrative beyond time-traveling trips back to the young John Connor (as well as mother Sarah Connor) and deliver new future-set plot possibilities. Despite decent worldwide box office totals ($370 million), Paramount Pictures decided there was a better way to capitalize on franchise popularity than to continue the Christian Bale-starring future plot. Instead, the studio has hired Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor to helm the first entry in a mapped-out series reboot from writers Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry).

The reboot is expected to revisit a pivotal moment in the original 1985 Terminator but take the on-going story in a very different direction. Now, we’re getting word that Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures have begun development on a new Terminator TV series – one that will directly tie-into the movie reboot story.

The report comes from THR who claim that X:Men: First ClassThor, and Fringe writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller have been hired to develop the ongoing series story as well as executive produce. According to the article, the new Terminator series and movie reboot will be designed to stand on their own, but much like Marvel’s multi-medium Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tie-in, will also provide opportunities for crossover as they “intersect with each other in some surprising and dramatic ways.” Time will tell what “surprising and dramatic ways” actually translate into when the Terminator TV series hits the air – since one of the major criticisms of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show has been the mostly superficial connections to the larger shared cinematic universe. While the Marvel TV series has started to find its footing and deliver compelling adventure and drama, the writers continue to struggle with impactful crossover connectivity.

terminator 2015 release date New Terminator TV Series to Tie In with Movie Reboot Trilogy

That said, the Terminator universe might be a little easier to manage – given that it primarily focuses on the ongoing battle between two parties, the humans and SkyNet on Earth. Instead of superpowers, alternate realms, and aliens, the biggest challenge for a Terminator cross-medium story will be ensuring that the time-travel rules and events are consistent between both the TV show and movies. Viewers who regularly tuned-in for the last Terminator TV series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles (starring Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, and Summer Glau) will remember a number of head-scratching time travel conundrums that undermined the larger movie canon as well as TV show story arcs. It’s an understandable hurdle, since on-going time travel stories are not easy to pull-off – even fan-favorite series Doctor Who (often championed as one of the best time travel stories on film) struggles from time to time in ensuring that overarching rules have not been undermined. As a result, Stentz and Miller will definitely have to work extra hard to stay one step ahead of observant fans that will, without question, be looking for holes in the plot and sci-fi logic.

As for what viewers can expect from the series itself, Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures have yet to release any concrete info regarding which characters the TV element will focus on as well as how it might connect to the movie reboot trilogy. Taylor’s film reboot is reported to focus, once again, on Sarah Connor – as a future-set John Connor (possibly played by Tom Hardy) sends the titular Terminator back in time to protect his twenty-something mother from SkyNet’s malevolent cyborg assassins. Yet, with increasingly high profile actresses Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Brie Larson (Short Term 12) on the shortlist for the movie role of young Sarah Connor, it’s hard to imagine that the TV series will also focus on that iconic character – especially after she was a primary focus in the last TV effort. A major role for Schwarzenegger, who will be featured heavily in the new film reboot, is even less likely.

terminator 5 cast john sarah connor New Terminator TV Series to Tie In with Movie Reboot Trilogy

Yet, maybe a side story that doesn’t revolve around the same crew of characters we’ve seen again and again (portrayed by different actors and actresses for almost three decades), could be a smart way to explore fresh story lines set in the intriguing Terminator universe. After all, John Connor may be the poster child for fighting the machines but he can’t be the only future-hero that’s worth following? The Terminator story and world is rich with opportunity, allowing for copious room to expand and explore stories outside of the core movie plot line – meaning that if Stentz and Miller succeed, audiences could be treated to the best of both worlds: new blockbuster Terminator action with Schwarzenegger as well as interesting side stories that explore elements of SkyNet never seen before.


Terminator 5/Terminator (2015) will open in theaters on July 1st, 2015. The new Terminator TV series does not have a release date yet.

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Source: THR

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  1. Wait, they are rebooting the series? I dont get it? WHy? The story can continue – im in the minority but i actually liked the christian bale movie a lot.

    • I dont get it either i thought they were continuing the series with terminator 5 not remaking it

      • I guess I’ll be adding my voice to the minority who is going to be actually disappointed with the studio’s decision to not continue with the current trilogy.

        • I’ll add my voice as well. Apparently, the shelf-life of films in Hollywood is getting shorter and shorter, and the inclination is to simply reboot movies for the new teens out there rather than expand on the original stories.

        • Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I myself did not think that Salvation was all to bad I actually liked it especially since it was finally in the future w/ a grown John Conner. I felt that a continuation would have been suffice going deeper into the future w/ John and the war against skynet. I don’t see why the rebbot needs to happen…

          • I agree No to reboots!!!

            they screw up all past work.

            and bring back the TSCC timeline.

    • Why you ask? Because they have the rights to it, they are stuck on tried and true cash cows and they CAN. That’s all the reason Hollywood needs now a days. Why come up with something original that may be more difficult to pull off (see Almost Human for a good example of how it’s done) when you have a venerable brand to leech from?

      Very sad.

    • I actually enjoyed the Bale movie a great deal, and I loved the Sarah Connor Chronicles, understanding that Fox made yet one more in a long line of mistakes by canceling, yet again, a series that was engaging and required intellect to watch. A reboot of the series is something I would certainly look forward to in addition, and in-between, the movies, but only as long as Fox doesn’t get their grubby paws on it, so they can simply cancel yet another great show.

  2. This is almost as ridiculous as the movie reboot itself, both 2009s and 2015s.

  3. I’ll probably see this movie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if its underwhelming as well.

  4. i hope its a series where they are in the future and john and kyle is trying to get kyle back in the past. but maybe that far too similar to the original terminators. but i want the series to be in the future

    • It would never be in the future. Future shows always fail, ignominiously, and period.

  5. This is disappointing. I liked Salvation and I wish they would continue that story instead of doing a reboot.

  6. “TV project is said to follow a critical moment from the first “Terminator” film — where the film’s story goes one way, the upcoming television show will take that same moment in a completely different direction.”

    Going by this description that I read, I’d guess that the pilot episode of the show will follow the events of the first movie only with a big twist at the end that Sarah Connor dies and Kyle Reese lives. This will create an alternate timeline and the series will follow Kyle Reese as his tries to prevent Judgment Day in a world where the savior John Connor never existed.

    As far as the new movie trilogy goes, I think it’ll be best to just make it clear to the audience that alternate timelines exist in this universe. This will acknowledge that all previous Terminator movies and shows are canon in this new movie trilogy but at the same time it will allow them to start fresh.

    • I like that premise. Nice Job

  7. In order to make a successful ‘Terminator’ movie, the writers need to make the story into a science-fiction horror.

  8. I want tom hardy to be a terminator like arnie and they are brothers and kick ass !! Wooooo , and id like the villain to have crazy powers like apocalips from men

  9. To be honest I didn’t see any head-scratching time travel conundrums at all in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. They jumped forward from 1999 to 2007, creating a new timeline separate from T3. That’s it. The show was way better than I thought it would be; a worthy successor to T2, and was just beginning to head in a very intriguing direction – particularly with regard to Shirley Manson’s character – when it was prematurely cancelled. I’d much rather see a third season of that than some kind of low-risk poor relation spinoff series. Which is what this proposed show could end up being, especially if it finds itself locked into the continuity of a new film.

    • I have to agree with you here. T:TSCC is one of my favorite shows of all time. It was incredibly smart, sexy, innovative and entertaining. It was just hitting its stride when it was cancelled.

      The show was proof positive that a gender bias exists with both filmmakers and audiences. If it had just been called: “Terminator: The Series,” it might still be on the air.

      • A scene that sums it up for me is the one with Sarah Connor’s voiceover: “They cannot appreciate beauty. They cannot create art. If they ever learn these things, they won’t have to destroy us. They’ll be us.” Cameron, having been told that dance is an expression of the human soul, dancing beautifully against a sunlit window, watched through a half-open door by Derek Reese. Impossible to know if she’s simply replicating a series of precise ballet movements or actually wanting to experience a sensation of humanity. The look of complete wordless conflict on Reese’s face. Magnificently written, shot and acted.

        • Yes. You are correct. The Sarah Connor Chronicles captured the human condition.

          The writers took full advantage of serial nature of the TV series and entertained the audience with the drama of seeing the robot Cameron evolve while Sarah drifted into emotional tatters after repeated PTSD evoking events.

          They sewed together the story of forbidden love, “John I am a machine, I cannot be happy” with human prejudice using the “M” word (Metal) right in front of Cameron. Cameron who constantly serves John’s interests but only get orders and statements of mistrust from Sarah, never a thank-you.

          They wrote up the pre- apocalypse human resistance as terrorists, with safe houses, false identities and secret cashes of weapons, ammo and plastic explosives. Their penchant for keeping a low profile meant a very low tolerance for security leaks. While Sarah was thinking what to do, Cameron used her Glock 9′s to solve the problem.

          Sarah was all about blowing up pre-SkyNet companies and leaving them in ashes, but questioned herself if she was doing enough. Should she not also kill the scientists? She never crossed that line, but for John’s uncle who had so much trouble with the “metal” it was not even a question.

          This was rich drama, and I doubt a movie formula that packs so much empty action scenes could deliver the same entertainment.

          • I love TSCC, Annapurna studios should stop throwing monkey wrenches into its revival! just resume TSCC production, and give us a TSCC movie while your at it. the same actors should reprise their roles!

            they can even start of a few years after season 3, Jon can be 20, I don’t care, just bring back TSCC.

            Fox cancelled it, but Annapurna is keeping it down.

      • The Sarah Connor chronicles was on FOX, one of the reasons it got cancelled….same way with Tru Calling. The president of the company wanted as many realityish shows that they had limited slots for other shows. It was either they keep this show that was way over budget for any tv series or run Dollhouse another year which had higher ratings in its first season than did TSCC in its second season. A lot of people grew bored of TSCC season 2 because they drew it out for just about the entire year. People didnt want to wait for them to reveal the arch. Remember there isnt much down time in the movies and i think people expected there to be as much action in the series. By the time people realized how good the show was using that formula it was too late.
        Also it’s rumored that the guy over this series wasn’t paying for the show to be run on FOX like he was supposed to.

  10. Kill me now.

  11. Well, good for you! – Christian Bale sound bite.

    • seriously, good for them. Make more. We’ll watch. But we’ll rant too…Christian Bale style.

  12. Yep, I’ll give this a watch.

  13. More time travel?? And reboot?

    Why not just continue the story from Terminator 2 and ignore Terminator 3 and 4? Do a partial reboot??

  14. I’m not sure if my opinion lies in the minority of majority, but I personally wish they would completely reboot the franchise having no connection to the previous films. I’m totally open to continuing these franchises; there’s no reason they need to die once the first telling of it is over. Almost like comics: tell a story that’s it’s own thing, then tell another story that’s it’s own thing, and so on. Let’s get some different takes and different visions on these properties.

    I’ll be the first to say I’m a huge fan of the originals (T1 & T2 the most for obvious reasons) and I personally can’t even imagine the franchise without Arnold, but the idea of brining him back all these years later is just weird. Either he’s a super old looking T800 or presumably an old man that they modeled the T800 after (yes, I know about that one scene in T3); and that’s just starting to sound a lot like a bad case of Indiana Jones 4.

    But, I’m not the one in the writer’s room. So if they can make it work… then AWESOME!

  15. If you wanna blame someone for the reboot, blame Megan Ellison and her brother since they won the rights to the movie in 2012 and they came up with the idea of rebooting the franchise, since they only hold the rights till 2018, after that, it will be reverted back to James Cameron, if they don’t bring a movie by that time.

    • I will admit that that’s the one thing that actually intrigues me. Annapurna has put out some really amazing films. Maybe they actually do know what they’re doing haha.

      • The Sarah Connor Chronicles was an amazing show! Finish it first at least. It can’t end with such a cliffhanger. Please!
        I want TSCC! Not a new show!

        • I miss Jameron!

      • Not always, they won’t allow TSCC’s revival, we just want TSCC and its original cast back! why is that so much to ask?!

    • I hope Cameron gets those rights again.

  16. The only thing that would be better than this is if the just continued TSCC. With Stentz and Miller writing this, I’m sure it will be awesome.

  17. Fans want to see this story end. The machines need to kill Sarah or John needs to end Cyberdyne. Let’s do that.

    • Yes, this should definitely happen before they consider rebooting the franchise! All of the current fans should get an end to the existing story.

  18. I personally think the ‘Terminator’ ship has already sailed. Unless the writers make the terminators threatening, I do not see how the franchise can continue. ‘Terminator I & II’ make a perfect duology. When you watch the last scene in T2, you walk away with a sense of fulfillment and hope. Some of the lure of the franchise was due to the anticipated arrival of Armageddon (end of the millennium). Regardless about who you were in society, believer or non-believer, you were directly influenced by the ‘end of days’ mentality. Virtually every doomsday movie in the 1980s and 1990s was influenced by the events found in the book of Revelation. Are we going to survive? Will we make it into the next millennium? Will the world come to en end? Majority of society does not think that way anymore.

    • Sadly, it does seem only a matter of time before someone initiates a nuclear war, and we all blow each other up. Of course, for any individual, today could be their last, so we should always be living soberly and with this in mind.

  19. Is it absolutely confirmed that schwarzenegger will play a machine? I loved his work in the first 2 but he has really gotten up there in age. I’d like to see him explored as someone else. Other than that I’m pretty excited about the new movie. Not sure about the show I have a pretty high bar for TV shows these days.

  20. Awww no TSCC for the fanboys. It’s not like I didn’t tell you that back in 2009 LOL

    • You really know how to bring a guy down…

  21. What not have one called ‘Skynet’? That would cover all the ‘evil’ that was needed…

  22. I want Terminater TV show to come out in 2016 and have Terminater TV show action figure toys.

    • I want TSCC back, with the same cast.

  23. Ok well let me first start off by saying that im probably the number one fan of terminator of all time. I know almsot everything about it . I have over a 100 comics and all the movie’s including tscc. Most of the novels. Well ive been waiting for a sequel for salvation and not doing it im sad as hell. The movie had so much potential for a stand-alone trilogy. N yet the things I love most gets canceled. Now that they are bringing back Arnold wich is so retarded. I think this is gonna flop. I love the terminator Franchise and I want to see more. Im currently writing my own novel. Cuz I love terminator. Well I hope the new series would be like falling skies where it could be in the future and show the resistance and skynet fighting it out. That would be amazing. Well I doubt ill get my wish. Well see ina year or two. I hope for the best as jai Courtney is my love Kyle reese and jason clarke is my hero john Connor which bale should reprise his role. But only in salvation . Cuz he was amazing. Well I hope this turns out good. And as always. ill be back

  24. I actually liked the first series, why not continue where they left off. I hate when they cancel shows and don’t at least give them a heads up to try and finish the series, then it’s just a hole and disappointing.

  25. Nooo!

    I’D rather just have TSCC back!!!


    • I Agree!!!

      We Want TSCC!

      Vive la Résistance.

  26. Why not give us what we want? please bring back tscc. Or atleast recast the same actors!

  27. This is extremely frustrating news. Why aren’t they bringing in Josh Friedman and Warner Bros. to continue The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Warner Bros. actually reached out to Annapurna in order to do just that, but they refused. Why? Is this damn reboot so important that they’ll just ignore the greatest venture that ever had the Terminator name on it?

    The only encouraging thing is that they hired Zack and Ashley, but without Warner Bros. they cannot use the Sarah Connor Chronicles characters. Without Josh Friedman, they can no longer have a leader to direct them through the planned story. I understand they are moving away from The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but that’s just the major problem, THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT.

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles was the absolute greatest possible direction Terminator could have gone with each character being a major icon:
    Summer Glau as Cameron Phillips (and Allison Young),
    Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese,
    Garret Dillahunt as John Henry (and Cameron Phillips, Cromartie, George Laszlo, and Beast Wizard)
    Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver,
    Richard T. Jones as James Ellison,
    Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Savannah Weaver,
    Stephanie Jacobsen as Jesse Flores,
    Leven Rambin as Riley Dawson,
    Lena Headey as Sarah Connor,
    and Thomas Dekker as John Connor.

    That cast needs to be brought back to headline Season 3 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles along with Josh Friedman showrunning with Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller part of the writing team (along with as many of the other TSCC writers they can get back).

    No other direction it should go but back on the track it was on.

    This reboot is a horrible idea.

    Hiring Zack and Ashley to work on this is like bringing your beloved back from the dead, only to reprogram your friends to rape her violently via camera while you watch the television helplessly.

    Those two need to pull a ‘Tony Stark’ and develop the series as a secret tie-in to TSCC so they can continue it. This could be their ‘Iron Man’ they build while inside Skynet (I mean Skydance) to break out.

    • I agree

  28. We already have a Terminator show, thank you very much. Bring back The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    • Bring Back TSCC!!!

  29. The “Terminator” movies are okay action movies. They’re nothing special, but they’re the kind of thing I do like to watch on occasion. I might watch them if they happened to be on TV (which is how I originally saw them), but that’s about as far as my interest goes. If a new Terminator movie gets released I may watch it…eventually. Maybe in a few years, there’s no rush. I certainly won’t see it in the theater and won’t watch a TV show that’s designed to mimic it anytime soon.

    “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” on the other hand, is one of the absolute best shows that I have ever seen! It’s in my top five all time favorites alongside “Dark Angel,” “True Blood,” “Vampire Diaries,” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” I own the DVDs of both seasons and have watched every episode more than 20 times. I have large portions of them memorized since I have seen them so often. I learned of the “Sarah Connor Chronicles’” existence while I was looking for shows similar to my absolute favorite show “Dark Angel,” which unfortunately also got cancelled after only two years. The common themes throughout all of these is that they have reasonably competent/strong female characters who aren’t fully (or at all) human, portray the non-human characters in a positive light, have shades of moral ambiguity (there isn’t a clearly good or evil side so it is possible to relate to characters from more than one faction), and a good mixture/ratio of drama and action.

    I am not interested in a mere action movie. There are plenty of those around and they’re generally pretty boring on their own. I want a quality story that is interesting the first time around and has great replay value, since I will be potentially watching it over again many, many times. “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” meets these criteria. Based on what it said in this article, it seems likely that this new Terminator show likely will not. Please continue the “Sarah Connor Chronicles!”