‘Terminator: Genesis’ Plot Rumors: More Original Characters Returning?

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terminator 5 official title Terminator: Genesis Plot Rumors: More Original Characters Returning?

[WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Terminator: Genesis.]


We’re on the edge of the summer blockbuster season (which seems to start earlier and earlier every year), and as the big releases of 2014 start rolling into theaters, as always we look ahead to what 2015 has in store. One of biggest question marks of that tent-pole-packed year is the quasi-reboot known unofficially as Terminator: Genesis.

After a long development period, the main cast has come together in just the last few months, with Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke set to play a young Sarah Connor, Die Hard 5′s Jai Courtney cast as Kyle Reese, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star Jason Clarke circling the role of John Connor. The film is set to begin production in the first quarter of 2014, with director Alan Tayor (Thor 2) at the helm.

We know the rough outline of the plot by now: the script by Laeta Kalogridis (Bionic Woman) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) is said to feature Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprising his iconic role as young Sarah’s protector, and it shifts the timeline further into the past. Thanks to the time travel mechanics of the franchise’s premise, almost anything is possible… but all we have to go on are rumors.

Now, a potential SPOILER-HEAVY report from Moviehole gives us a slew of possible plot details about Terminator: Genesis. So if you’d rather not know, go back now.

Terminator SPOILERS Kyle Reese Sarah Connor Terminator: Genesis Plot Rumors: More Original Characters Returning?

None of this information comes from an official source, and comes from a source described as “really reputable,” but as always, take all of this with several grains of salt.

According to the source, Terminator: Genesis will swing back and forth between 1984 (setting of The Terminator), 1991 (Terminator 2: Judgement Day), and “other important and influential time periods in the life of the Connor family.” Events of the new film will start with the first film:

The ‘Terminator’ from the future will arrive on earth, attack some punks (keen to see who they get to play ‘Bill Paxton’), and then slaughter his way through a bunch of Sarah Connors’ – until he finds the correct target.

Kyle Reese supposedly follows the Terminator back in time (again), but Reese and Sarah will apparently be joined by other characters from James Cameron’s original entry:

And all the characters that appeared in the Cameron original, like Detective Hal Vukovich (played by Lance Henriksen in the original), Lieutenant Ed Traxler (played by Paul Winfield way back when), Sarah’s roomie Ginger (Bess Motta in the ’84 film) and, yep, even Pugsley the Iguana, return. So, yep, we’ll likely get to see Schwarzenegger back in the leather jacket and cool sunglasses he wore in the original.

We’re warned that this time around, events will not play out exactly as they in the first Terminator film. Beyond running over the events of the original, however, key moments in the first sequel will be included as well, such as young John Connor being hunted by the liquid-metal T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick), and the T-1000 murdering John’s foster parents.

terminator 5 release date new trilogy Terminator: Genesis Plot Rumors: More Original Characters Returning?

From there, we’ll be going back even further in time, to events before the first film, “such as scenes with young Sarah and her parents.” And that’s it for details which had not been previously reported. We had already surmised that this could be the case, given a report from last year which stated Schwarzenegger’s return saw him “as a Terminator robot in a time-spanning story that sees him tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up.” 

The notion of jumping around the key moments from the first two films sounds like a way to justify spinning the fifth film into a possibly trilogy, to be followed by a TV series. From the sound of these plot details – which again may amount to mere speculation – this film could end up balancing aspects of a prequel and a reboot in fairly novel way.

The “reputable” source for this information stressed to think of Terminator 5 less in the style of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek re-launch and more along the lines of Back to the Future Part 2, revisiting original moments and either watching them or preventing them – or even changing certain things to ensure the possibility for a fresh reboot.

Expect more plot details to emerge, either confirming or denying any of this, as the film’s production begins.


The Terminator reboot is slated for a July 1st, 2015 release.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. Was Michal Biehn not Bill Paxon …..

    • you really need to learn how to read… Bill Paxton played one of the three “punks” at the beginning of the movie… you should probably read things to the fullest before you go posting stupid comments like that

      • omg relax… someone made a mistake… do you blow up like that in person? read what you wrote as though you were saying it to someone’s face.

    • the punks at the beginning of the first terminator was played by bill paxton

  2. Let’s pray that none of this actually is the plot as it sounds horrendous

  3. Dear God, it sounds worst that I thought. Back and forward in time, mixing the terminator and terminator 2 movies, WHAT A MESS. Since they announced for the first time that the new terminator movie will come out, I vas so excited. But now that I saw the entire cast on the website IMDB and I read the “reputaded spoilers” on this website, my hope is dead. This movie, I can garante you all… it’s gonna suck.

    • I can garante you can’t spell and that makes your point pretty useless.

    • I agree, it does sound worst that you thought. I was thinking man if this chick keeps thinking we won’t ever have a good movie. Please leave the thinking to others and we will get a good movie in return.

  4. We need to see a movie about the futuristic terninator wars. Not rehashing (or reworking) the original storylines.
    Let us see how the warrior John Conner led the resistance to victory and end it with Reese following a terminator through the time portal before it’s destroyed…a definitive conclusion.

    • This is a true story! The plot arc needs to be completed! We have yet to see exactly how John Connor finds the way to defeat the machines…show us the war Saving Private Ryan style. Raw, gritty, and in a finite way.

  5. That sounds so original. I can’t wait……..,zzzzzzzzzz

  6. These guys are deft blind or what we don’t want more time travels I’m sick and tired of that I want to see the war between humans and skynet in the FUTURE the way just kyle Reese told Sarah Connor how the war was in his time

    • I wanted to type something that was funny and witty but I really have no idea what you are talking about. I mean:
      neatly skillful and quick in one’s movements.
      demonstrating skill and cleverness.

      1. unable to see; sightless.
      2. lacking perception, awareness, or discernment.

      Then you state that we don’t want more time travels but in the same sentence you want to see stuff in the future!?!?

      oh btw, did you happen to catch the last Terminator flick?

      More to the point, wtf are you talking about or trying to communicate?

  7. The original film incorporated a paradox. John Connor sends his future father back in time, where he impregnates his mother. But that’s the chicken and the egg question. Events from the future cannot influence the past to create them in the first place. But this is the plot hole we are forced to overlook, even though it would have made more sense if John Connor’s rather was someone from 1984. It should have also been explained that the time machine had a 25 year limit, because logically, it would have made much more sense for the terminator to have gone much father into the past to kill Sarah Connor’s great grandfather in a defenseless era. With Terminator Genesis, Skynet is sending a terminator (that looks like a 66 year old man?) back to kill an even younger Sarah. But this is assuming that when she eventually has sex with Kyle Reese, the exact same sperm and the exact same egg are going to be involved in creating the savior of mankind. The odds of that happening are trillions to one, as this is the butterfly effect on a cellular level. One of the problems with Salvation, was the shark-like terminators, as it was established in Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles that terminators are all too heavy to swim. And the movies appear to ignore the wonderful expansion of the mythology created by the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which sensibly decided that T3 was such an awful film that they time jumped over it, basically uncreating it. At the time T3 was made, Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for governor and didn’t want his image tarnished by playing a bad terminator again, which might have made for a decent film. It just left everyone with a bad taste. Conversely, TTSCC has a fantastic ending, which John is tricked into traveling into the future, so that his entire history of being humanity’s savior is erased. “I’m john Connor,” he tells the Derek Reese in the future. “Who’s John Connor?” comes the reply. Salvation was an okay film., sort of Avatar vs. Batman (and all of the recent leads, Bale, Worthington, Headey and Blunt), being Brits doing Midwestern accents. Personally, I thought that the flash forwards in the Sarah Connor Chronicles were far better done than in Salvation, which focused too much on the mechanics and CGI, though I was impressed by the CGI Arnold terminator that earned Schwarzenegger absolutely nada. I would have like to seen Summer Glau again or even Thomas Dekker. As for Brian Austin Green, he’s got Megan Fox so he probably doesn’t want to change things, regardless of the fate of the world.

  8. I’ll definitely go see it. I’ve been a terminator fan ever since I can remember. The movie doesn’t sound that bad. I would love to see all of the original characters from the first 2 movies

  9. 1895 British year in London
    Old sherlock clothes for terminators t-100
    T-900 weres a Watson look alike clothes

  10. I robot and source code pot together (terminator)

  11. The American western 1865-1900 cowboy
    Steal steal a cowboy clothes one takes it form anther cowboy?

  12. What a mess of story! this could give moviegoers a hell of a headache…unless they include Austin Powers to say……

    Wait a tick. Basil, if I travel back to blah blah blah and traveled back to blah blah blah…
    [goes cross-eyed]. Oh, no, I’ve gone cross-eyed!!

    Basil: I suggest you don’t worry about those things and just enjoy yourself.
    [to the camera]. That goes for you all, too.

  13. C:>cd Term5_Script
    C:\Term5_Script>erase *.*

  14. What was wrong with the last film? I guess I am in the minority, but I liked the last film. It wasn’t the greates film ever, but it was ok at least. I had hoped for a movie totally in the future that took place after the last film. I guess we will never see that now. In it’s place it looks like we are going to get an abortion. I guess, like Stallone, Schwarzenegger can’t resist living in the past. Ugh.

  15. Come on , no Trailer? i guess you guys should have posted a trailer
    let me help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxFXj5hNwkQ

  16. Why is that the majority of roles reserved for Asians are as villains? Speed Racer and Air Bender characters had pronounced Asian facial characteristics but the roles went to whites.
    Hollywood rants about racism. Maybe they need to look at the industry first.

  17. I actually really enjoyed Terminator 3. It (almost) fixed all of the glaring time paradoxes of the first 2 films by positing that the future is written and can’t be changed. Like umm yes, it makes no freakin sense that John would send his own father back in time to basically create him, or that he sends a second terminator back in time who ends up preventing the apocalyse from ever happening. Yes those were awesome movies, but even Back to the Future had a more logical representation of time travel mechanics.