Terminator Franchise Rights Up For Grabs

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terminator22 Terminator Franchise Rights Up For Grabs

Somebody over at The Halcyon Co. should’ve been listening when Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor told us that the future isn’t certain in Terminator 2. Just a few months ago, a sequel to Terminator Salvation was all but guaranteed; then came the lawsuits between Halcyon (owner of the Terminator franchise rights) and Pacificor, the hedge-fund that sponsored Halcyon’s purchase of the Terminator rights.

Now, it seems that The Halcyon Co. (headed by Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek) is so far in the red – between Terminator Salvation‘s underwhelming returns at the box office, the venture capital needed to buy the franchise rights and alleged manipulations by Pacificor to ensure Halcyon’s financial ruin – that the company is reportedly looking to sell off the Terminator rights to make a buck.

If you want to read details of The Halcyon Co.’s financial quagmire, go here. If you want to know about the convoluted history of the Terminator franchise rights, go here.

When word of this Halcyon/Pacificor legal battle emerged back in August, we here at Screen Rant wondered what kind of effect the legal fallout would have on Terminator 5, which Salvation director McG was already prepping. Now that this new report has surfaced, it seems that Sarah Connor’s prophetic words of “No Fate” are coming to pass; until the rights to the Terminator franchise are secure in SOMEBODY’s hands, whatever time-traveling, future-warring plans there may have been should be considered wiped clean off the slate.

terminator 5 Terminator Franchise Rights Up For Grabs

I for one am indifferent about all this: after I heard McG’s plans for Terminator 5 (hint: abandoning the future war storyline and returning to the present), I was like “I could live happily without that film EVER being made.” So, if the franchise rights DO get pushed out into the open market, I just pray that whoever snags them has a better plan in mind than Halcyon and McG did. I was NOT a fan of Terminator Salvation and was fearful that the franchise was well on the way to having whatever past greatness it had strangled out of it.

What do you think of these latest developments in the war over the Terminator franchise? Do you see an opportunity here, or should this franchise put set back on the shelf until (inevitably, if current trends are any indication) it’s time for a remake/reboot of Cameron’s vision?

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  1. I thought the main words of the scenario were No Fate, but what we make… the future’s not set …..

  2. Thanks SIN187UM!

    You are right!

  3. This news is God´s way of saying: No Terminator 5 with McG on board.

    Fact is that it’s become clear that a decent sequel to T2 was indeed (James Cameron wouldn’t know what a possible T3 should be about and said he’d never make another T movie) too difficult.

  4. I really don’t think it’s necessary for a reboot per se, but they need to wipe 4 off the books. Moving forward to the war storyline is going to be key to keeping this franchise moving forward. I was really hoping that 4 would be something along the lines of skynet gearing up and building out it’s terminators and the human resistance gathering together and trying to make a stand for survival. I think there is a solid market for a post-apocalyptic sci-fi war movie.

    After T3, I was really hoping there would be a terminator series that focused on the build up of the human resistance and the evolution of skynet. I think they are missing out on something big if they do not exploit this. SCC really missed the mark IMO.

  5. HA HA HA

  6. We need to start a petition for demand that Cameron takes back this franchise and does it justice. Someone needs to buy it and hand all control over to Cameron and let him finish off the series with an intense and epic future war.

    I can dream can’t I?

  7. Kofi

    I agree with you about the direction McG was heading – I didn’t like it at all. Stay in the future for the next movie or movies and do it right. It should visually be like the scenes from the beginning of Terminator 1 and 2 IMO.

  8. Like you I’m indifferent. Basically, I just don’t care anymore.

    I actually like most of Salvation but thought it needed much more…and a lot less.

    I respect McG for giving it his all even though it wasn’t enough for most.

  9. In one single image the pic at the top of the page manages to encapsulate everything I wanted to see from T3 & 4 and that blatantly wasn’t delivered. Where’s that from, Kofi?

  10. Big D, that’s the cover art from the Terminator Redemption video game. Pretty good game actually.

    Sept 30, I think we can safely declare, “MCG YOUR FIRED!!!”
    Don’t let the time machine hit you on your way out.!!!

    A reboot or remake wouldn’t work for Terminator unless it happens after all the fans of the original are dead.

  11. Cheers 790 – I’d have paid money to see THAT movie!

  12. @SIN

    I believe the whole thing in Terminator 2 is :The future’s not set, there’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

    The quote from The Terminator was actually different, lol. Cameron changed it for T2 to make it sound better. :-P

  13. no reboot, if whoever buys the rights wants to save the franchise so they could make some money war is the way to go.

  14. So has anyone heard rumors about how much they expect the franchise to sell for? What if Nolan and Bale formed a company to purchase it? Would you invest? What about Nolan, Cameron, Bale, as producers? From what I’ve read Halcyon is still attempting to control the property by selling the franchise with provisions. True not true?

    MGM has first right of refusal to dist. for T-5, so those rights can’t be capitalized on. However with MGM’s recent problems and the way these companies are interlinked, you need a playbook to follow it all, that too might be for sale soon, or not…

  15. @old man

    No to Nolan and Bale. Bale was horribly miscast for Connor and Nolon’s style wouldn’t really fit with Terminator in my opinion. The only person who can make me excited for another Terminator movie now is if James Cameron himself purchased the rights and decided to direct a movie that will be a continuation from T2, ignoring T3 and T4…

  16. @ Ken J:
    What on Earth would style have anything to do with being the backer/owner of a franchise?

    By the way Jonathan Nolan wrote changes to the script for T-4!!

    You know you haven’t taken any hint from my replys with regards to your other comments on mine, so I’ll say it plainly. Others might be interested in your Opinions, I’m not! In the future don’t address me, even when you do know what your talking about…

    I’m happy to extend you the same courtesy.

  17. @the old man
    Why would Bale & Nolan form a company to acquire the rights to Terminator? If they were interested in producing then they’d surely either invest in a lesser known product and develop that through their involvement or just develop their own franchise from scratch.

    Not sure what you are alluding to with the Jonathon Nolan reference tbh, if his involvemnt with the T4 script would in any way influence a business decision to spend multi-millions on a dying franchise then it would surely be negative. I won’t even comment on whether or not his involvement (presumably writing more Connor at Bale’s request) spoiled the film or not (but it did ;) ).

    Purely from an objective viewpoint; if you don’t want people to comment on your opinions then why post them on a public blog? Ken J’s post wasn’t hostile or abusive so I don’t get the antagonsim you have toward him regarding this topic.

    If everyone agreed about everything then the world would be a very small, drab, opinionless cage.

  18. Old Man, I believe the rights for Terminator were sold for 60 mil. to the producers of the last film.

    The legal status of ownership now wants double that amount.
    So to buy the rights to make the next Terminator film, your looking at $120,million.

    The franchise is gone,,, I don’t see it coming back for along time,,, Cameron taking over, I seriously doubt that will ever happen.
    Bale will more then likely move on as well,,,

  19. Salvation was my most forgettable movie of 2009. Lame storyline. I hope the selling of the rights will put someone else in the creative chair. McG’s vision of the T-Universe is not on par with Cameron’s.

  20. @The Big Dentist

    There’s a larger pic here:

  21. I say reboot T4; continue the franchise from T3. While I agree that T3 was inferior to its predecessors, the story still fit into the Terminator universe. Give us a war that will knock our socks off.

    And old man, Ken J just gave his opinion; he wasn’t demeaning or beligerent in any way.

  22. Thanks for that, paulie412. It’s a great image!

  23. np TBD

  24. @ jordi, 790, John “Kahless” Taylor

    Thank you for your feedback.

  25. @jordi:

    Well regarding one of the Nolan’s being involved in the Terminator franchise, It seemed curious to me. Was Jonathan doing this as just a favor or a payday? McG has commented that Jon’s help was invaluable. That makes me wonder if they, the Nolan’s, have any interest in attempting a resurrection of the franchise? I’ve had the same feelings as 790, about the franchise being “gone.” However I also think someone with more money than film sense will pick it up. The temptation is too great, look what has happened to the “Alien” and “Predator” franchises. Wait.. don’t look, it’s too ugly. :)

    I would rather see someone who has at least had their hands on the ball and shot a hoop so to speak, get it, than someone who has never done either before. Whether Jon’s input made any difference on what money or quality “Salvation” had is speculation on my part, It’s interesting he got involved.

  26. Old Man, Nolan was brought in by Bale who was asked by the producers to write additional dialog for Connor. (Not MCG’s idea)
    At the time Connor’s role in Salvation was small and with Bale on board they (in mid stream) changed the entire script.

    We all saw how that worked out. The entire production was mishandled and really never had a solid direction.

  27. Thanks for the insight 790. I guess that we’ll have to wait and see who, if anyone wants this… UM… franchise.

  28. @old man

    LMAO. First of all, as far as I know you don’t pay… *checks bank account* yah, you don’t pay my paychecks, so I don’t have to follow any of your orders or “friendly suggestions.” LMAO.

    Secondly, I dont’ know what communi$t state you want to live in, but I live in a country with free speech, so I can express my opinion all I want. Trust me, I don’t do it for you, I know once you have an opinion, no dissenting opinion will change it, so I’m expressing it because I am expressing it just like you were expressing your opinion. Sorry, freedom is such a burden I know… :-D

    Thirdly, a Nolan was involved in the script of Terminator: Salvation? Wow, and we see what a masterpiece that was… LOL, I’m sure you thought you were proving a point with that one, and well, you did! Thanks! :-P

    So… @ THE OLD MAN from KEN J

    No to Nolan and Bale, Bale was horribly miscast as Connor and Nolan and Bale are not the new golden children of cinema that can magically make anything they touch golden despite what some people think.

  29. Look you want to be belligerent on your time KenJ more power to ya, but not on my time, that means directing conversation “@ me” as if your free speech means I have to acknowledge you, GOOD Luck buddy, I’m not acknowledging you anymore. That’s what I’m talking about. This is about you trying to get my attention by directing your comments at Me specifically. NOT abridging your right to free speech. All your doing is trying to stir up trouble! LEAVE ME ALONE!