Annapurna Films Wins ‘Terminator’ Rights

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Megan Ellison secures rights to Terminator 5 and Terminator 6 Annapurna Films Wins Terminator Rights

Terminator 5 has been steadily moving closer to becoming a reality ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger officially got back into the acting game. The former politician (and action movie icon) is currently set to appear in a fifth Terminator pic, should it happen – with Fast and the Furious franchise helmer Justin Lin attached to call the shots on the project.

Rumors about other original Terminator cast members also being attached to a fifth installment in the blockbuster sci-fi series began circling a couple of weeks ago. However, Lin quickly dismissed said speculation, insisting that he and Schwarzenegger were the only people officially working on the film.

Megan Ellison (daughter and heiress to Oracle founder Larry Ellison) and her Annapurna Films production body have now reportedly beaten out the likes of Lionsgate in an auction for the screen rights to both Terminator 5 and Terminator 6. Deadline has pointed out that since Ellison made the bid without a studio yet attached to distribute a fifth Terminator pic, it could feasibly become “the hottest title in the [Cannes] sales market.”

Ellison began her production career off with a bang by providing financing for last year’s True Grit; she has been highly active since then, moving on to secure deals to work behind the scenes on P.T. Anderson’s next film (formerly known as The Master) and Katherine Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden project. So her grabbing the rights to a fifth Terminator flick only increases the likelihood of the film being made sooner rather than later.

terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Annapurna Films Wins Terminator Rights

Where exactly Terminator 5 will go (with regards to plot) is an unsettled matter for the time being. Lin previously suggested that although he likely won’t be going the reboot route with the film, “[The 'Terminator' franchise] does have that capability, finding fresh ways of going back without destroying other [movies], because you can tell your own stories” – a reference to the series’ heavy use of time-travel as a plot device to “reset” its narrative continuity, so to speak.

In its report, Deadline also mentioned that “the expectation is the Skynet storyline will be wrapped up in [the next two 'Terminator' movies].” Whether that means there are plans to essentially round out the new, post-Judgement Day trilogy that Terminator: Salvation was meant to kick off – or that Lin and Schwarzenegger are planning a Terminator 5 set in an alternate present where Skynet has not yet become self-aware – is up in the air right now.

While we’ve largely been a member of the anti-Terminator 5 camp up to this point, the project is not completely without potential. The Skynet storyline (in its current state) has not yet been resolved in a satisfying fashion, so the idea that a fifth (and, possibly, sixth) Terminator movie could offer some additional closure on the matter sounds a bit more promising.

Expect to hear more about the progress of Terminator 5 in the near future.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I don’t want a Terminator-grandpa.
    It only gets worse since Terminator 3 (connor was a miscast in part 2,3 & 4, arnold was so ridiculous in part 3, particularly when he punshes the car during his “inner conflict”,huaaa that was so freakin frightening)
    RIP Terminator-franchise.

    • Furlong was cast well as Connor in T2 IMO.

      • He was the best connor, but the weakest actor in terminator 2 IMO.
        Ther was a flashback, i believe it was in the second one, where you can see connor after the robocalypse, loking at the battlefield with binoculars, that guy looked real badass, i dont know if he is a good actor since he was just standing there, but when you have his look in mind and see the interpretations in the following parts, it is so disappointing.

        • Was it a flashback or a flashforward, this timetraveling thinks are so confusing ;)

        • You know, Jon Hamm’s name floats around a lot for Superman but I think he would make a great John Connor leading the troops against a legion of T-800′s. That’s the Terminator film I want to see.

          • Yeah, he is ok for connor, add a few scars then he fits the part. I don’t know much about his acting talents though.

          • Button

          • Kahless-
            I like the idea of a battle-hardened, and older, John Conner of the future, and Hamm could probably deliver that.

            Although I like Bale as an actor, I wasn’t too keen on his character in TS.

      • I agree.

    • That is pretty much bold statement. Especially the scene when he punChes the car is one great mind scenario of artificial intelligence example. The scene was supposed to be understood more deeply, and I don’t see anything scary there, thus it is made for people born in 80′s as most faithful viewers-my generation ;). It was perfect example of how thought and sense might be “born” outside human mind.
      SO, the new movie scenario should ONLY be given to a great novelist and smart human. Any other case and Arnold should not accept the role and the future of this movie is brought to real end. Cameron is the only person according to me.

  2. Why am I not excited that they won out over Lionsgate who has a better history of creating exciting action movies?

  3. I am game for this. Just because Arnold is in it doesnt mean he will be a T800. Its been mentioned but he could play the part of the human used as the model for the classic Terminator we all know and love. I doubt we will see him as a good or bad terminator. If we do it will be in the same way we saw him in TS, in CGI (which wasnt bad IMO).

  4. When they announced that Helena Bonham Carter was playing the main villain in Terminator: Salvation, I was expecting her to be the Skynet equivalent of the Borg Queen from Star Trek. I was so disappointed in the end when I saw the film and it was a wasted opportunity to have a really iconic and memorable villain in the franchise. They should have had a confrontation between her, Christian Bale and Sam Worthington towards the end like with Picard, Data and the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact’s climax.

  5. Former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to do more dramas rather than just doing huge action blockbusters because he pigeonholed himself as an actor who just did action movies. He is an underrated actor. So, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

    • I disagree. Instead, as he represents only great role for terminator, the movie shall have the one great scenario, filled with action but also with drama. One great story brings back this movie at the top.

  6. So the daughter of the largest database company in the world takes over? I can see the plot: A new Terminator (with the Apple logo) is sent back in time to 1975 to prevent a new operating system from being created. But before he can accomplish his mission, another Terminator shows up with the Intel logo and both battle for supremacy until a third Terminator shows up and infects them. Now, all 3 Terminators have the same logo…Oracle. :-)

    • Lol :D

    • Don’t forget the Facebook Terminator – the Zuckerbot. It just locates its target by mining its vast database of daily posts and embarrassing photos and then sells their contact info to the highest bidder.

      • Very funny! Lol…

  7. Dagnabit Sandy! Now I can’t get that Terminator music out of my head! :-P

    • Thats not the worst thing, is it?

      • Sure isn’t. I just purchased that ringtone for my phone.

  8. continue the TS trilogy with bale. bale is an awsome actor he just didnt have much to do give him more and better director. a good actor needs a good director and mcgay just aint that!

  9. It would be realy epic, when a whole army of T-800′s is coming from the future in our time and whe must get rid of them.
    In the beginning there is only a vanguard of maybe 10, the killings become more and more frequent. Later are coming more and more, starting a massaker, all people are freaked out (they all look like old arnold, thats frightening enough alone, even without theyre killing attitude).
    Connor in the future is wondering where the terminators are, norobby to fight anymore, than he is shocked to the bone and realises whats going on, because all timtraveling mashines they discover are showing the same date, the time of T2-present maybe. The only good T-800 guarding young connor, don’t know what to do now. Than the future connor comes with his army and maybe some other reprogrammed T-Models (add what you wish T-800, T-1000, Ford whatever) and ally with the army and police of our time, and then let the battle begin.

  10. Kill bloody Connor.
    Always needs someone to save his puny ass. Saviour of humanity… totally.

    • Yeah, that would be funny. Connor gets killed and nothing happens, and they realise they where protecting the false connor all the time, a confusion of names.
      Which is very obvious, this present day wimp can’t become the badass connor of the future.
      But maybe it was a diversionary tactic all along, to protect the real Connor, who can take care of himself anyway.

  11. Outside of turning a World War II documentary into a man versus machine movie, I do not see how they can continue with this franchise.

  12. Well here’s a great chance for all Terminator fans to be heard on how and where they want the story to go either backward or forward. Think long and hard about your decision. Arnold can’t make these movies forever so how do you spend him? Many powerful commenter’s here have been outspoken about how they think the franchise is dead or worthless. How about being constructive toward the subject and apply your talents and powers of reason to build a bridge to finish it out however which way it should go. Current science understanding allows you to finish this story in the past present or the future. It doesn’t have to continue forever it can be permanently laid to rest until such time as a reboot is desired. Hopefully that won’t happen until Arnold is long retired or gone from the scene…

  13. Lets stop focusing on skynet or the terminators & explain how the hell the time machine come into picture. The time machine is the biggest element for terminator franchise – always has been.
    Without time machine they wont be john connor & even that T-800 were they got it’s hand as 1st inspiration.
    So when they come up wth those stupid t-900,700, bike or whatever f**kup models, it just felt so pointless. Howbout improvise the time machine by allowing them travel wth clothes & weapons – in T3 they alrdy allow to transfer T-X model which is a freaking weapon herself. Don’t tell me she allows just because she was naked – that’s a very mischievous time machine…who’s the f**king inventor – Skynet – who invented Skynet – US Government.

    • You must be psychic deacon you took the thoughts right out of my head. Since T-2 that has been a sticking point for me. How can you have a metal machine, even a liquid one, that is a cyborg when it has no flesh outside its body? So silently what the script of T-2 is saying is that Skynet had found the solution to the organic barrier. So why not clothes? Clothing is made of an organic material anyway. Is it because it isn’t alive that it can’t go back? That makes no sense. The time machine is one element that could definitely use fleshing out, no pun intended. More than that is the problem of the overall story moving to a conclusion. You have a story that basically says WW III is occurring but how do you realistically portray that in the time and budget constraints of about less than five hours and 300M between two movies?

  14. Christian Bale probably won’t even be willing to return…He is a great actor, there is no question about that, and as far as his work on Terminator Salvation, I thought he did a fine job, and in the hands of the right director, I think Terminator could still be epic once more.

  15. I actually was kind of disappointed when I first heard the news that the trilogy might be cancelled.
    I always thought it would work towards to moment when John sent the T800 he captured back into the past

  16. Please no Semi-reboot. Have the 5th & 6th films take place after Terminator Salvation, post judgment-day. We still havn’t seen the laser weapons be developed yet, the big rolling machines seen in T1 & T2 flashbacks, the time-displacement eqimpment development should be saved for the 6th film. Imo Christian Bale played a good John Connor.

  17. Okay Bale was limited on his role as connor we all agree that there wasen’t enough action with him. His acting was great!! you could hear the stress and worry in his voice when he said his lines. Christian Bale has been the best John Connor we have saw so far. He is a amazing actor that can act and has the talent to do the action as well. Look at the unrated version where bale is adlibing its awesome!! and by the way SERENA the villian is actually a hybrid terminator. some footage was leaked on youtube. they cut 45 minutes of story and cut her part out. John Connor should be played by Christian Bale hands down and make the next 2 movies in the future with John Connor leading the resistance destroying skynet and sending kyle reese back in time!!

  18. And don’t make Justin Lynn the director that no talent hack wants to act like T3 and T Salvation didn’t exsist. well i bought both movies and merchandise and enjoyed t salvation so to me justin lynn they did exsist and you have not done enough movies to be given one of the greatest franchises in movie history.

    • @ generaljohnconnor

      Im glad you & i are on the same page. Even though T3 & Terminator Salvation couldn’t live up to the greatness of Cameron’s first two films, imo i thought they were still good. I prefered the special edition of T2 & director’s cut of Terminator Salvation. I agree & will be ticked off pretty much if T3 & T4 are ignored cause really it won’t matter other for Justin Lin to possibly give another crappy time-traveling chase them-up semi-sequel. Id want to see the franchise move forward in post judgement day war or just leave the franchise alone now before fans get disappointed more. I liked Christian Bale as Connor aswell & i hope people say they didn’t like him in the film because of his behind the screen rant cause im sure he aint the only actor who does that. If he was to lose his temper with someone while filming one of the Batman films & was caught even TDK set, i bet people wouldn’t care as much. I too read about that Serena wanna gonna be a terminator, loved how Connor mentioned about Sarah Connor in the film & told how she was locked up cause her warnings made people think she was insane. I hope the films aren’t ignored since i have all four films. I couldn’t bring myself to like Terminator:TSCC.

  19. What would be awesome if he just sent kyle through the time machine which is in NORAD which we heard thats where skynet central is being kept. and just win john connor is about to die he sents off the nuke and says your TERMINATED!!!! and the resistance wins!!!

  20. Thank you Wally West!! Justin Lynn doesn’t have the talent or the experience to direct a future war terminator movie thats why he wants togo to the present. I’m sorry go back to the present is the stupidest idea i have ever heard!!!!!! There needs to be 2 more films with John Connor leading the resistance against the machines to victory. They need a big name director like Ridley Scott or someone like that is used to a great story and great action. Terminator is about story and action. justin Lynn can’t do both. he thinks good actors are Paul Walker and Vinn Disel hahahahaha!!! I give Mcg credit he tried and he gave us some of the future war we have always wanted to see i respect that. But he let the hollwood suits do to much. They cut 45 minutes off terminator salvation!!! They cut scenes where Serena explained how she was in cyberdyne building before it blew up and how she knew about John Connor and about Kyle Reese. We were never told that. Also it shows even Serena as a terminator and Marcus being held up on that machine while she was typing on the computer. Also it was going to show 6 other hybrids as well. But I really enjoyed the last act of terminator salvation showing T1 Arnold which was my favorite trying to take Down John Connor. The last part they took out to was the resistane fighter takimg out t600s when they came to connor’s aide and Marcus when he is leaving holding up connor fights another T800 Arnold. My wish is No justin lynn directing any terminator movie and Arnold coming back as a bad guy first and then they reprogram him to go to the past. Also does anyone remember the james franco terminator we could see that to!!!

  21. Go to youtube and type Terminator Salvation to see the Serena Terminator!!!

  22. Whoever wrights terminator 5 and 6, I hope they take the time, and watch the first for films.. films 1 and 2 (what to do). Films 3 and 4 (what not to do) if arnold schwarzenegger & christian bale don’t kill the budget, it can be 1 kick ass film!