‘Terminator 5′ Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick-Off Standalone Trilogy

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terminator 5 release date new trilogy Terminator 5 Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick Off Standalone Trilogy

Once Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that Terminator 5 (not the official title) is slated to begin filming by January 2014, it seemed inevitable that a Summer 2015 release date announcement would follow. Sure enough, Paramount has finalized a deal to co-finance and distribute the long-rumored project, setting in on course to arrive during what is shaping up to be the most tentpole franchise sequel-happy season on record (but more on that later…).

Perhaps more interesting, however, is a (not so insignificant) tidbit from the official press release provided by Skydance Productions, the current Terminator rights owner Annapurna Pictures and Paramount Pictures.

To be exact, we mean the one which reveals that the fifth Terminator movie will be “the first in a stand-alone trilogy.” The press release also refers to new film as “a rebooted ‘TERMINATOR’ movie,” and confirms that the script is going to be written by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry). Finally, Annapurna head Megan Ellison (Zero Dark Thirty) will be a producer on the film, alongside her brother David and Dana Goldberg and Paul Schwake (Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z) as the executive producers.

arnold schwarzenegger terminator 5 Terminator 5 Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick Off Standalone Trilogy

So, what does this all mean for Terminator 5? Well, there have been a whole lot of questions and rumors about what we can expect from the fifth Terminator movie, be it further disruption of the series’ continuity (What continuity?) through the time-travel plot device – or what explanation (if any) will be provided for a 66-year old Schwarzenegger reprising “AS the Terminator” – and even the latest casting rumors, which suggest that Dwayne Johnson could play a new robotic menace (in a story that introduces several additional new characters).

The announcement of a new standalone Terminator movie trilogy does lend more credibility to certain aspects of the recent Johnson rumors (re: bringing new characters into the mix); though it doesn’t, per se, mean the wrestler-turned actor himself is now more likely to join Schwarzenegger in the film. Then again, in Hollywood nowadays it seems as though the rule of thumb is: when in doubt, bring “The Rock” aboard (not a bad approach, mind you).

That said: if you were holding out hopes that Terminator 5 would directly continue the post-apocalyptic storyline from Terminator Salvation, well… consider this update the official death toll, as far as that possible scenario is concerned. Basically, to answer the question that was previously raised: all bets are off, as far as the fifth Terminator installment is concerned right now.

terminator 5 paramount start date Terminator 5 Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick Off Standalone Trilogy

Lastly, as mentioned before, Terminator 5 will reach theaters on June 26th, 2015. That is a week after Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game movie hits theaters, and a week before Roland Emmerich releases his long-delayed Independence Day sequel.

In addition, The Avengers 2 will begin the 2015 Summer Movie Season in May, followed sometime thereafter by Jurassic Park IV AND Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in July (a week after Independence Day 2 hits the scene). Oh, and did we mention that Star Wars: Episode VII is also making its way into theaters during that time frame?

How about it – will Terminator 5 be successful enough to justify making two more sequels (before Cameron reclaims the franchise rights)? Or will the film wind up becoming a casualty in a summer movie season – one in which Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ prophecy of an implosion in the film industry comes (at the least, partially) true?

… Or, rather, will the final outcome fall somewhere in between those extremes? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


Terminator 5 opens in U.S. theaters on June 26th, 2015.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. Don’t want Dwayne Johnson in this franchise. Let him do his thing with Fast and Furious and Hercules. I’m not such a big fan.

    Will be interesting to see how they work Arnold into this trilogy. If they bring in a new Terminator along the way, I would prefer someone who is, to date, little known in the bodybuilding field.

    • With today’s technology, I suppose they could still use Arnold, and “clean” him up a bit with CGI. The guy was Mr. Universe multiple times, however, so if he wants to get back in decent shape, I have no doubt that he could. It’s got to be tough in his mid 60′s, though.

      • He’ll prob. take HGH like Stallone.

      • A tough workout could kill him – literally. He had pretty tough heart surgery. He can only workout at a beginners level. He’s above that so would never gain muscle – or lose weight to get to a Terminator size, since cardio is also limited.

    • I agree. He can’t pull it off. Get that big guy from Fast and Furious 6. He would be awesome as the Terminator.

      • No, he wouldn’t.

      • I’d rather they have Scott Adkins if we are talking about an unknown. Just bring in The Rock or Vin Diesel though, I say.

  2. another movie to add to the already bloated 2015… I have a feeling a lot of movies may underperform with so many coming out. How many people are going to wanna spend money on this Terminator film if Star Wars comes out a bit after? and The Avengers 2 before it?

    • It will likely still make money, but probaby no more than a third, worlwide, of the other two films you mentioned. Still, a decent take.

      • That’s the thing though. Away from the internet not all people want full on sci-fi Star Wars style. Many prefer action with suggested sci-fi – ala The Terminator. The world caters for many styles

    • Exactly Avengers 2 and Star Wars EP VII are going to kick butt!!

      • Not to mention man of steel 2 (most likely), bond film, mockingjay part 2, maybe avatar 2 and probably some more im missing

        • MoS 2 isn’t coming out next year. B v. S comes out in 2016.

  3. The film industry has got to be entering the $$$ trillions in value by now, it isn’t going anywhere. EVER.

  4. I just hope they get Bale back as John Connor. I thought he gave a great performance in Salvation and was perfectly casted as Connor, they just didn’t give his character any decent writing in that film.

    Now, if this IS a 100 percent reboot that doesn’t use any cast or characters from the other movies, then in the words of Schwarzenegger, “SCREEEEEEWWWWWWW YOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!”

    • It can’t be 100 percent reboot if Arnold is in it…

      • Star Trek with Leonard nimoy?

    • They’ll get Bale back as long as no one is looking at the lighting during a scene ;)

    • “WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

      My only memory of Salvation.

      • My favorite part of his freakout is when he goes “YOUR A REALLY GREAT GUY! A REALLY GREAT GUY! BUT COME ON MAN THATS AMEATUR!!

    • Hee-hee…Schwartzenwhanger can’t memorize more than two words at a time. Have you ever seen him give any big speeches in a scene without stopping to draw more than a few breathes? Still, I am sure I will watch this flick when available on Netflix.

      • How a Terminator should be, no?

  5. I hate when morons complain about continuity with time travel movies, especially when they explain the whole thing within the movie (see The Termintaor: Kyle Reese – one possible future).

    Each time a movie happens/ or tv series, it creates an alternate timeline, (see Doc Brown’s Blackboard diagram) and essentially an alternative universe.

    Smart writers can write around it, or even use elements of the previous movies to tie in with this and actually fix continuity issues like they’re trying to do with the new x-men, but if they simply spend 5 minutes at the beginning of the movie showing another terminator go back in time, they could change any or all plot points from the previous movies and wipe the slate clean for the next movie. It’s a cheap and stupid way to do it, but they still could.

    Send another terminator that goes back and kills both arnie and T-1000, or goes back and kill feminator in 3.

    I can’t wait for another arnie terminator run, I actually think t3 was an alright movie, but the biggest thing missing from it was the brad fidel’esque overture. Watch that bike/truck/van chase again and overlap the truck/dirt bike music from 2 and it’s 100 times better. The audio in t3 was absolutely awful and despite the cheese in the start, it was a better TERMINATOR movie than salvation.

    I put salvation in the same group of movies as Quantum of Solace. A good action movie, but not a Bond movie in the classic sense. They think by removing key elements they remove nostalgic baggage and don’t understand that’s what makes it a franchise. Hollywood just keeps trying to make movies off the backs of name brand franchises but doesn’t treat them with the respect they deserve.

  6. Star Wars EP VII is going to TERMINATE all other movies in the summer of 2015!!!!! Gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!

    • Its possible but ill predict avengers 2

    • That’s actually going to be one of the most interesting box office battles ever. I’m not sure which movie is going to prevail. I think a lot of it depends on the “buzz” for Episode VII when more details are known about it. Also, the reaction to the first trailer will be a sign too.

    • And for those of us that don’t like Star Wars?

  7. No way jose! Someone explain to me which boneheads decided to send this movie to its death going up
    against avengers 2,id4,star wars and jurassic park! These are big mama franchises, all of these movies made over 225 million domestically except jurassic park 3.

    • ID4 is a “big mama franchise”? lol

      Terminator is easily on par with JP, also.

      The only threat to this film’s box office is releasing within the general timeframe of A2 and SW7…

    • You’re putting Independence Day above The Terminator? .. Terminator all the way for me. I despise Will Smith

  8. Wow, summer 2015 is very crowded. I’d be surprised if some of these release dates aren’t changed. As for the new trilogy, I’m looking forward to it.

  9. If they’re looking for the next Terminator, I’d pass on Dwayne Johnson and go for Dave Bautista from “The man with the Iron Fists”.

    • nah, he’ll be more like a cheap Sarah Connor Chronicles Terminator

  10. I think this movie should get pushed back to a fall release

    • That’s certainly a possibility.

    • Why? Just go watch it. You’ll hardly require a new mortgage to do so.

  11. So in other words, Christian Bale said no.

    • +1

    • Good. And this is coming from a Bale head

  12. Although I’m still sad, going into this direction makes perfect sense, as I do feel like the original Terminator film series was steadily going downhill. And part of the wonder that was inherent in the first movies were these robotic menaces travelling to OUR present time from the past, and that was becoming a distant memory. Terminator movies did not feel as ‘awesome’ as they used to.

    I guess in a way, we can see this as being sort of the ‘Prometheus’ of this particular franchise. Aliens did the same thing, they’re just doing it in a different way.

  13. How to reboot a project: Get JJ Abrams or Chris Nolan to direct. Sign The Rock in a starring role. You know you want to do it.

    • No and no. Just no.

      Might as well add some of the kids from Twilight, too…

      • That kid is in better shape than you will EVER be. A better actor too.

  14. Also, 2015 is going to be insane. Don’t forget about the F4 reboot as well.

    • maybe MOS2 or JL, depending on WB does next…

      • F*** JL, and Avengers for that matter. Some of us have grown up and don’t have shelves full of toys

  15. well, I won’t be watching that one. Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars 7, Avengers 2, and fricken pirates 5 all look appealing except for this so called “reboot”.

    • For now, I’m excited about the F4 reboot simply because of Josh Trank (Chronicle was awesome!) and the Michael B. Jordan rumors have me very intrigued, and I’m a fan of him from The Wire. I’m sure my feelings for that will change in some way with the coming casting announcements and eventual trailers. But for now, I’m excited

      But I’m much more excited for Star Wars and Avengers. And I’ll prob check out Assasins Creed too. But Pirates 5? No thank you.

    • but you’re not a film freak?

    • Don’t then. Are people on the internet EVER happy? They certainly don’t consider the opinions of others (which, by the way, I do)

  16. I want this franchise to finally be over. I don’t want Terminator 4,5, and 6. If this is truly the start of a new continuity or whatever it is, then I hope the apocalypse Skynet storyline is concluded by the third movie.

    • You don’t want to see it? Don’t. I’m yet to see Avengers.. it still exists. Rather than go out of your way to ruin a movies chances of being made, how about just not watching it? I’m not too fussed about Star Wars yet this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it. Call me a troll if you must, it doesn’t make it true outside of your mind though.

      • You completely misunderstood me or I didn’t explain well. This is supposed to be a reboot meaning that it could potentially ignore the continuity of the first four Terminator films (I’m guessing). I never said I didn’t want to see this reboot; I’m saying that if this reboot spawns two more sequels, I want the Skynet storyline to conclude by the third movie.

        • Sorry bud. Been reading a lot of negative comments on this today and I guess I took it out on you. [Predator handshake]

        • I want a huge company involved somewhere. Cyberdine starting like Apple and taking over the world

          • I don’t think Cyberdine is APPLE, I think it’s GOOGLE. It’s so sneaky you don’t even KNOW it’s Cyberdine.

  17. So, Star Wars Episode VII, possibly Justice League or Man Of Steel 2, Avengers 2, Avatar 2, Pirates 5, Bond 24, Mission Impossible 5, Jurassic Park 4, Assassin’s Creed, Fantastic Four, Hunger Games somethingsomething, Ant-Man, Finding Nemo sequel, Independence Day 2, Kung Fu Panda 3

    *frantically searches under cushion for money*
    Better start saving now lol. 2015 is going to be an expensive year for movie fans!!

    • i am watching all of them mutiple time i am not a fan star wars and i am watching it twice,avengers 2 i cant wait see that one.

    • I fail to see the appeal of this tsunami of sequels… F… Hollywood petty mindset and lazy work ethic. I ll go for avengers 2 because it’s a perfectly relevant sequel – sw 7 and bond 24 because they’re classics. Everything else can go s… Itself – most of those sequels are completely unwarranted and Hollywood needs to lose really big to get them thinking. T5? Wtf??? It s only getting worse. T1 and T2 is all about a time loop once it’s been resolved there is nothing more to say. And Arnold looks like s… I mean what are people thinking???!

    • Ant Man? Ant Man? Ant Man? I’m 27 years old bud.

  18. Just follow the old formula, the Rock is the bad terminator in the 1st, is good in the 2nd and capitulates in the 3rd.

    • Not the Rock. The guy has nowhere near the bulk or charisma that Arnold did back in the day. If they are going to do what you suggest, they should seek out someone from the bodybuilding industry and turn that person into a star.

    • I’d rather have the Rock come back in a post credits scene after the first

  19. 2015 is becoming g the year of super movies with this new Terminator I guess it makes sense to intorduce new characters as long as they make it new and fresh it can probably work any idea who’s in talks for the directors chair with this one, I hear Justin Lin may be coming back for it doesnt sound that bad heard good things about fast and furious 6 may e he’d be good for it. If you are feeling down about this movie just say to yourself what I say to myself, “after salvation and T3 it’s really hard to make it worse.” lol

    • Why would you feel down about a movie? Do you even go outside? Don’t watch it. Easy. Just keep quiet (please) and don’t ruin it for those of us that do. The internet has had movies cancelled in the past. The internet forced a story line to be removed from the new Spider Man movie. And now the Internet may ruin the chances of this movie ever being made – since filming won’t start til next year. Just STOP. Stop the tantrum and watch something else. Go re-organize your bagged Blu-Rays or something. Do anything you like – just stop freakin complaining, it’s all people on the Internet ever do.

  20. I really don’t understand Disney’s thinking in having two of their franchises compete at the B.O. in the same year. This is Avengers and Star Wars! Two billion dollar movies of the same company, being released within a month or two of each other, while battling other billion dollar movies within that time for B.O. returns? That’s a bad idea. They should have moved Star Wars to 2016.

    • and pirates 5 is disney owned they will make their money back while we all complaining we all will go see the movies

    • People will watch both. Movies aren’t that expensive.

    • Not a bad idea.

  21. Terminator continuity: oxymoron. “Hasta la vista, timelines”

    • The events of each film alter the timeline and create a new one.

  22. I stand by the first two movies and have deleted everything else from my mind, BUT……..

    If they are seriously thinking of a standalone trilogy then they should do what Prometheus did in terms of look and technology compared to the first alien movie to make it more relevant, so instead of creating a big macho hulking terminator that sticks out like a sore thumb, we may get something a little more streamlined that blends in,

    so in all honesty if they are going to move forward with this piece of crap then they should just cast Jim Parsons as the Terminator!

    Sheldon is definitely the Mac Book of Mayhem and would be a far more superior killing machine than any 80′s meat head! If Skynet Is supposed to be a super computer it would figure out that humans aren’t going to be fooled so easily which also makes me think that casting a child as a terminator would also be more interesting

    Anyway Terminator finished nicely at T2 for me so all this is just meh!

    • Who played the new Terminator in Salvation?

    • But, we want a proper Terminator. You’ll be suggesting that they come with an Apple docking system next. (Jokes, we’re good)

      You are Terminated, Bazinga I’m not really a Terminator…. I’m Robocop

  23. Why does everything have to be a trilogy? I remember when T4 came out and they said that was the start of a new “future set” trilogy, as it bombed this didn’t happen.

    They should focus on making the absolute best movie they possibly can, hire the best people and put everything on the screen that makes that particular film the best it can be – if it succeeds, then consider a sequel.

    Starting with the intention of sequels immediately prohibits what will end up in the 1st movie, because they hold back some of the showstopping moments for the follow-up.

    A case in point was Bryan Singer promising so much more action and development in the sequel to Superman Returns, but as the action was relatively sparse in that film and was so caught up in developing stories for future instalments the film makers lost the sight of making a draw dropping adventure that deserved a sequel.

    The audience wants the best here and now, not have to wait for a sequel or the close of a trilogy for the greatest moments. If the 1st film in a series delivers on it’s promise (both financially and critically), then it deserves a sequel – don’t expect the audience to automatically turn up for a sequel if the film it follows wasn’t up to scratch.

    • +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 !!!!!!!!

    • Maybe it’s scripted to end on a cliffhanger.

  24. i hope they bring back the robot that can melt and look like other people from T2 maybe the rock coud play that type of terminator and arnie could play a original metal terminator , and they could team up to defeat skynet , vin diesel could play the villain a new terminator that can fly and do other crazy things

    • Fly? Any particular reason? Maybe instead of looking for Sarah Connor they could look for Sam Whitwicky too?

  25. Oy vey. FFS. Why even bother calling it The Terminator anymore.

    • *Deep breaths* *Calm* *Relax* — STOP complaining. The world isn’t over. It’s an original story based on one of the greatest movies of all time. Rob Zombie Halloween? The Mist remake? Batman Begins? … or is it still cool around the internet to bash Bale for no reason? I’ve said this before – if you don’t want to see a movie – don’t. You have no right bashing it for those that do.

  26. Unless they restore the Freddy Krueger aspects, I do not see why this franchise is allowed to continue. “Terminator I” was an apocalyptic, science-fiction, and horror film. “Terminator II” was an apocalypse and science-fiction film. All the movies that followed were parodies. “Sarah Conner Chronicles” is what “Days of our Lives” would look like with a time travel element.

    Regardless about who they hire, the franchise has lost its: (1) “Terminator II” Sarah Connor optimistic ending, (2) threatening elements, and (3) all around sense of purpose.

    “Terminator” no longer works as a franchise.

    • The movies that followed are irrelevant. Exactly. Hit the nail on the head. So, why is it, do you think that they are not following them? I though people on the internet were supposed to be smart?

  27. We just don’t need any terminator films. Both 3 and 4 were a massive waste of cinemagoers money and this fifth installment will be the same also.

    • I agree. As a result of those two movies, the franchise has been turned into a noneffective and hollow experience. “Terminator V” will become a meaningless and overly expensive cgi film, which will contain very thin story hooks.

    • Give them a chance. Hate the film, not the idea of the film.

    • Can I borrow your time machine? Maybe they could use it for the movie.. they’ll look after it, honest

  28. Everyone’s crying now, and when the movie comes out everyone will say “ZOMG! BEST MOVIE EVER! WHOEVER DOUBTED THIS IS SO STUPID! LOL”

    • People on the internet cry. They cry for something to be made then cry even more after it’s made.

      • But is anyone really crying for another Terminator film?

        If there’s anything to cry about , it’s the lack of original, fresh blockbusters being made. The line up for 2015 alone underlines this.

        • But…. that is one Summer. Movies are made all the time. Maybe you should watch them?

  29. They could work Arnold back in as an employee of Cyberdyne. After Skynet becomes self aware it builds terminators based on people it knows. This way you could also work in Robert Patrick or Kristanna Loken. Just a thought.

    • nah, fresh reboot. Arnold and nobody else,not even Miles Dyson.