‘Terminator 5′ Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick-Off Standalone Trilogy

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terminator 5 release date new trilogy Terminator 5 Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick Off Standalone Trilogy

Once Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that Terminator 5 (not the official title) is slated to begin filming by January 2014, it seemed inevitable that a Summer 2015 release date announcement would follow. Sure enough, Paramount has finalized a deal to co-finance and distribute the long-rumored project, setting in on course to arrive during what is shaping up to be the most tentpole franchise sequel-happy season on record (but more on that later…).

Perhaps more interesting, however, is a (not so insignificant) tidbit from the official press release provided by Skydance Productions, the current Terminator rights owner Annapurna Pictures and Paramount Pictures.

To be exact, we mean the one which reveals that the fifth Terminator movie will be “the first in a stand-alone trilogy.” The press release also refers to new film as “a rebooted ‘TERMINATOR’ movie,” and confirms that the script is going to be written by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry). Finally, Annapurna head Megan Ellison (Zero Dark Thirty) will be a producer on the film, alongside her brother David and Dana Goldberg and Paul Schwake (Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z) as the executive producers.

arnold schwarzenegger terminator 5 Terminator 5 Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick Off Standalone Trilogy

So, what does this all mean for Terminator 5? Well, there have been a whole lot of questions and rumors about what we can expect from the fifth Terminator movie, be it further disruption of the series’ continuity (What continuity?) through the time-travel plot device – or what explanation (if any) will be provided for a 66-year old Schwarzenegger reprising “AS the Terminator” – and even the latest casting rumors, which suggest that Dwayne Johnson could play a new robotic menace (in a story that introduces several additional new characters).

The announcement of a new standalone Terminator movie trilogy does lend more credibility to certain aspects of the recent Johnson rumors (re: bringing new characters into the mix); though it doesn’t, per se, mean the wrestler-turned actor himself is now more likely to join Schwarzenegger in the film. Then again, in Hollywood nowadays it seems as though the rule of thumb is: when in doubt, bring “The Rock” aboard (not a bad approach, mind you).

That said: if you were holding out hopes that Terminator 5 would directly continue the post-apocalyptic storyline from Terminator Salvation, well… consider this update the official death toll, as far as that possible scenario is concerned. Basically, to answer the question that was previously raised: all bets are off, as far as the fifth Terminator installment is concerned right now.

terminator 5 paramount start date Terminator 5 Gets a Summer 2015 Release Date; Will Kick Off Standalone Trilogy

Lastly, as mentioned before, Terminator 5 will reach theaters on June 26th, 2015. That is a week after Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game movie hits theaters, and a week before Roland Emmerich releases his long-delayed Independence Day sequel.

In addition, The Avengers 2 will begin the 2015 Summer Movie Season in May, followed sometime thereafter by Jurassic Park IV AND Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in July (a week after Independence Day 2 hits the scene). Oh, and did we mention that Star Wars: Episode VII is also making its way into theaters during that time frame?

How about it – will Terminator 5 be successful enough to justify making two more sequels (before Cameron reclaims the franchise rights)? Or will the film wind up becoming a casualty in a summer movie season – one in which Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ prophecy of an implosion in the film industry comes (at the least, partially) true?

… Or, rather, will the final outcome fall somewhere in between those extremes? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


Terminator 5 opens in U.S. theaters on June 26th, 2015.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. I would like to say, that if they’re going to have a sequel to the “maybe” final installment to the terminator franchise. I would suggest that they have a title for the movie that goes by; The Terminator: Redemption. It should cast a vision that the resistance must redeem themselves from a catastrophic humanity extinction by literally finding the source of Sky Net and destroying it for ever. They have to keep the story in the future and send Kyle Reese back to 1984 where it all began, and they have to show the first Terminator and the Second Terminator going through the time-machine. If they don’t stick to the story-line and change it, the movie will go into the dumps, for sure. I’m a great fan of the Terminator Saga, as much as the Star Wars Saga, but you have to be a good story-teller and tell the story the way it suppose to be. And again, either they reassign Mario Cassar to produce the film and Have James Cameron do it. Or find someone who did either the Hunger Games or Harry Potter. I thought that McG was going to do it and rumored that he was going to screw up the whole story. Don’t anyone know that the story-line is the key to a great movie? To me, I would rather want to watch a movie that has great storytelling in it from front to back with action, and you still can have romance in a time of war too. Since John Connor is in his 40’s has a wife and kids, someone has to tell the story right. And also, they have to show that the flesh of the T800 can age. If they’re going to have the Rock in the film, make him as the resistance members and Arnold as the T800, they should show the young and old version to tell the story that so many years have gone by that the body ages and they either head back and recreate the human flesh brand new, that will sell the movie and definitely make a big hit, everyone including me wants to see the rock fight the T800 or the T1000. You don’t necessary have to make the Rock as one of the machines.

    • i agree but not dwayne johnson ,, how about Bill Goldberg or some younger big bad ass bastard.

  2. You heard it here first. The best way to use Arnold would be to have him be a HUMAN in the future, fighting with John. They could CGI the younger Arnold terminators, but the terminators were designed off a human, which would be the older Arnold. Think about it.

  3. Bring Arnold back as the aged human “template”. Throw in he was an unwilling contributor now fighting back, so they explain the age and he can still be tough. Dwayne or Vin would make good “muscle”.

    Drop Jurassic Park. Bring on new Serenity. Drop Pirates and the Ape movies, do a Godzilla with Mothrah or a Pacific Rim with better acting.

  4. For one i want new terminator beast or hydro nano bots with wire’s molding binding elements of material iron object weapon to the machine body any were that can also melt or infuse sinking in rebuilding back body structure as healing factor in iron resources>

  5. I find that the first trilogy is not finished yet, there is still one part out where there finally come out in 1984.
    The terminators is already among us, steel knie hip google glass ect.

  6. To be honest I would like to see One New Muscle guy face ,Not Dwayne Johnson again please .Would reall like to see Sam Worthington Back in the T5

  7. Use Arnold Schwarzenegger because the terminator is I quote “Living tissue over cybernetic organism” therefore he could age on the outside. Its just arnie has to bulk up again

  8. Avengers and Dinosaurs and Pirates and Terminators, Oh My!!!
    Looks like we’re in for a widescreen, 3-D smorgasbord next summer – can’t wait…!

  9. awsome new movie wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppp yeah and also robots in it to get in the chopper.

  10. I think in the new terminator movie Arnie would look good in similar style as he was in the 2nd episode, like a good guy protecting humans from the future, similar plot like the second episode but with different stories, and details in the new movie and make it like a beginning of something, I don’t know much about the rights of the terminator movie but I think James Cameron did a very good job in the 2nd episode. I mean when they make the new movie they should think of the next episodes so that the people in cinemas can recall of some stories when they will watch the episodes after the 5th episode and they will enjoy it better because they can relate it to the previous one and later they will cant wait to watch the next episode. I don’t know much about the art of the movies but I think in that way the viewers will enjoy it and I think the actors and actresses will enjoy it so that they cant wait to be in the part of the next episode. By recalling I meant like previous phrases, actions etc. but I think it is a good idea to make a basic solid story from the beginning then there should be different areas to make it changeable. I am sure there are very good guys behind the scripts. Anyway I cant wait to see the new terminator episode.

  11. That is going to be awesome arnies back.

  12. T5 will be AWESOME and will ROCK the box office off it’s ROCKER!!!!
    Thankyou to the producers and directors for bringing the old cast back together again!!!
    Linda Hamiltons ALWAYS been my idol since I first saw T2 on my 13TH birthday
    At the cinemas!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT to see T5!!!! Couldn’t come fast enough!!!!

  13. i still wish t5 had the t2 cast instead.. but..hooked any way. go terminator 5.

  14. Am I right in saying that T5 basically does the same thing as X-men DOFP? i.e. guy goes back in time AFTER T1 and creates a new timeline?