‘Terminator 5′ Sarah Connor Actress Shortlist; Director Wants Tom Hardy for John Connor

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Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor Terminator 5 Sarah Connor Actress Shortlist; Director Wants Tom Hardy for John Connor

Director Alan Taylor’s Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World opened this weekend, and is on track to make between $74 and $85 million, which not only launches the Game of Thrones helmer toward the top of the A-list but also cranks up the interest in Taylor’s next project, Terminator 5. While the plot details are still murky at best, a host of potential names have been floated for the project, joining the quasi-confirmed Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will return to his role as the T-800.

An older rumor from a few years ago (when Fast and Furious 6 helmer Justin Lin was attached to direct) suggested that the fifth Terminator movie would feature an older Sarah Connor alongside a grown John Connor, set in the present day. The franchise’s central plot device – time-travel in its various forms – would supposedly be utilized to partially reboot the series, potentially nullifying the events of Terminator: Rise of the Machines and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

As for the possible cast, we very recently reported that Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Brie Larson (21 Jump Street) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) were being considered for the role of Sarah Connor, and now THR confirms that director Alan Taylor will be testing the actresses as early as next week. THR also adds that Schwarzenegger’s return will see him “as a Terminator robot in a time-spanning story that sees him tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up.” 

Terminator Reboot Sarah Connor Shortlist Terminator 5 Sarah Connor Actress Shortlist; Director Wants Tom Hardy for John Connor

As for the future savior of humanity – John Connor – Boyd Holbrook (Hatfields & McCoys) and Garret Hedlund (TRON: Legacy) were said to be in contention, but according to THR, the role they were supposedly circling was that of John’s father Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn in James Cameron’s original film and by Anton Yelchin as a younger Reese in Terminator: Salvation). The talk of Holbrook’s involvement was apparently false, but Hedlund is still in the running.

Additional info on the Kyle Reese casting comes from CBM from a tweet by Variety’s Justin Kroll which claims that Taylor Kitsch (John Carter) and Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: Days of Future Past) are being tested for the role as well.

That leaves the question of just who will be playing John Connor. The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy is reportedly at the top of Alan Taylor’s wish-list, but “at this stage not even a meeting has taken place.”

With these young actresses in the running for Sarah Connors, it’s a fairly good bet that T5 really will be set sometime in the character’s past, with the “Arnold-model” terminator showing up to protect her. This would certainly fit the pattern of the sentient, hellbent-on-destroying-humanity A.I. known as Skynet and it’s various attempts to eradicate the threat of the Connors in the years prior to Judgment Day.

If this is the case, then where does a Tom Hardy-aged John Connor fit into all this? It’s sounding more and more like T5 is taking a cue from X-Men: Days of Future Past and taking this opportunity to reset the series in certain ways.

Tom Hardy Wanted for John Connor in Terminator Reboot Terminator 5 Sarah Connor Actress Shortlist; Director Wants Tom Hardy for John Connor

There doesn’t seem to be a frontrunner for the role of Sarah Connor at the moment, who was portrayed by the now-iconic Linda Hamilton in the first two films and by Emilia Clarke’s Games of Thrones co-star Lena Headey in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. While Clarke has proven to be a tough and deceptive figure as the last Targaryen, both Larson and Robbie are seemingly left-field choices and perhaps better suited to play a pre-badass Sarah Connor. It will be hard to erase the memory of Michael Biehn as Reese in the first Terminator film, but Hedlund has the charisma (if not the range).

As for John Connor, Hardy is already traversing a post-apocalyptic universe in director George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, so he’ll at least be comfortable with the terrain (though perhaps he won’t want to). So many actors have played John Connor – most recently Hardy’s Dark Knight Rises co-star Christian Bale – that Hardy seems as good a fit as anyone.

With the screen testing apparently rolling full steam ahead, expect more news on the other key roles to surface soon.


Terminator 5 is scheduled to hit theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: THR & CBM

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  1. Tom Hardy would be an excellent pick IMO.

    • Agreed.

    • Agreed!

    • Yup

    • Agreed. He is one of the best actors working today.

  2. Sarah connor is legendary character and anyone who should dare to play it ,should take full responsibility to giving that character full due and respect ,at the end of the day there is “NO FATE” if film runs or not ,name of sarah conor will live forever

  3. I could definitely see Ton Hardy as John Connor.

  4. I’m hoping Emilia Clarke gets the role, she could do it…

  5. Let’s give Christian Bale another shot at it.

  6. Considering how early this Sarah Connor is supposed to be intercepted by SkyNet, and how young Linda Hamilton’s version was in T1, perhaps Chloe Moretz would be appropriate, or someone in her age category.

  7. I thought Christian Bale would be an excellent choice but he clearly hated doing the movie and ruined the role by shouting his way through it! I’d prefer a cast of relative unknowns like the original but that’s just me, I love the rock but I don’t want to see him in this, I don’t feel he brings the gravitas the role needs, it would jut he the rock playing sinister!

    If they are going to go ahead with this movie then they really need to change up the whole concept and not just repeat what has been seen before, the terminator should be someone who blends in, like the T1000, not a big hulking meat head of a man, I think Jim Sheridan would be awesome, he’s pretty android as it is!

    Why not focus on Miles Dysons family? They would clearly have been disturbed by the crap that went down in T2, I don’t know I just don’t want to see another remake/reboot that just homages the original and doesn’t change up the story! Total Recall was the worst example of this!

    • He shouted through the movie? I’ve honestly never noticed.

      • There was one minor incident, in which he shouted at a crew member who interupted him during filming, which is what Noisewater is probably referring to. It’s absolutely amazing how some things get so blown out of proportion.

        • I wasn’t referring to that, I was referring to his acting in the movie, but that incident is a clear indicator that he wasn’t happy filming and it shows in his performance

      • Yeah man, he was really aggressive, like proper fuming that he was being directed by a guy called McQ!

        John Connor is supposed to have a bit of charisma in spite of the ‘chosen one’ burden, Bale displayed none of this!

    • For a second I thought you said Jim Parsons and I LAUGHED and LAUGHED!!

      • Haha that’s who I meant! Stupid iphone

  8. I might consider the Game Of Thrones star. I wouldn’t try to copy Linda Hamilton’s Sarah. That’s been done & not everyone was impressed with the actress on that show which ya’ll know im talking about.

    Not sure about Tom Hardy. Bale didn’t nail John Connor for me neither. So I hope there will be other choices that weren’t in a Batman film.

  9. Kinda wish they would let it drop. We don’t need another terminator movie. Give us something fresh & interesting. I think if they do this it will be too homage & not enough spontaneous fun like the first to were. I’ll go see it no doubt. It’s a terminator movie with Arnie for crying out loud. I just wish they would looking back & stretch forward for a change.

  10. You are mistaken. Hedlund has all the charisma of a brick wall. Sebastian Stan for Reese.

  11. I was hoping they’d continue showing the war, not go back in time.

    • Agree with you,the last terminator film was quite good and bale did an ok job aswell.They should of just carried on with that story line..

    • I also agree with you, but Hollywood seems to prefer reboots to sequels these days. Those of us old enough to enjoy the original, however, are oftentimes less likely to see the reboot, so it seems they are disenfranchising part of the audience. still, there are more young people these days to make up for the loss.

  12. I am basing this just on the hot body alone, so I give a nod to the Game of Thrones star.

    • Yeah, that’s how Michael Bay casts his female actors and that always works out greeeaaaatt.

  13. Tom Hardy as John Connor…. let me sleep on it.

  14. A young Sarah Connor needs to be played by a person with some character and specific characteristics. I dont want to see some sugar cute hollywood blonde with baby cheeks playing that role.

    Tom Hardy is pretty much spot on for John Connor though.

  15. Well old Sarah Connor is more like Kick-ass kinda woman that could be played by dunno Michelle Rodriguez? Not sure she could fit in with this one though. Young one could look more of an innocent looking so the choices look nice. Also Tom Hard is great on John.

  16. Tom Hardy I suppose is a good choice but I hope the bad luck and delays of Mad Max Fury Road don’t wear off onto this movie.

  17. i enjoyed the films and the television series. curious to see where they take t5 i think tom hardy is an exceptional actor with a talent for acting i could see him in the role as john Conner

  18. Cillian Murphy as john Connor
    And Julianne Moore as Sarah Connor

  19. Well old John Connor is more like Kick-ass kinda boy that could be played by Edward Furlong? Not sure she could fit in with this one though. Young one could look more of an innocent looking so the choices look nice. Also Cillian Muphy is great on John.connor

  20. Should Director: Doug Liman
    Terminator reboot

  21. James McAvoy as Reese Kyle

  22. James McAvoy as Reese Kyle ?

  23. Wilson Bethel as Kyle Reese

  24. Emily Clarke is a ridiculous option..most of these girls are. It was the same with Kirsten Dunst playing Mary Jane. Mary Jane was a w o m a n. Kirsten looked like a thirteen year old girl barely starting puberty.

    People want what they expect from canon content.

    The clear choice here is Lena Headey, she fits the profile in every way and she played the television Sarah, which was great.

    But then again their story is stupid. Fans want a TSCC movie, that’s it …just continue the story where they cancelled it and let us have our consolation.

    Bring back the cast of TSCC, give us a fan film like Serenity and then close the Terminator films for another decade or so until it’s time for a reboot(and even then, why mess with it).