‘Terminator 5′: Alan Taylor Says Nolan’s Batman Reboot Would Be His Inspiration

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terminator 5 paramount start date Terminator 5: Alan Taylor Says Nolans Batman Reboot Would Be His Inspiration

Veteran television director, Alan Taylor, will be making his feature film debut next month with Thor: The Dark World. After Thor 2, Taylor might be directing another incredibly popular franchise. It was announced last month that he may be directing the reboot to the Terminator franchise (a.k.a. Terminator 5). Recently, Taylor explained that it was the successful reboot of the caped crusader that inspired Terminator 5.

Although Taylor has been rumored to direct the next Terminator film, there hasn’t been an official press release yet. That hasn’t stopped people from asking Taylor about the project and what inspired him to jump on board.

In a recent interview with SlashFilm, Taylor talked about his respect for the first two films and what happened to the sequels that followed.

We all love the first two and I actually went back and watched them again and my respect level only went up. I think there is another famous franchise that had a wonderful beginning and then turned a little bananas….Tim Burton’s first Batman is just glorious and by the time it got around to nipples on costumes and all that stuff it sort of lost its way.

I think it is safe to say that no one appreciates Bat-nipples, but Taylor has a great point about those two particular franchises. James Cameron’s Terminator films are loved by many, and they are responsible for turning Arnold Schwarzenegger into an action star. The sequels that followed were not up to par with the first two, and the newest addition had a great cast, but it wasn’t a particularly strong entry. The Terminator franchise lost its way after the second film, and Batman franchise didn’t return to greatness until Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Taylor credits Nolan with creating a template for directors looking to reboot a franchise:

And for [Christopher] Nolan to come in an say ‘I respect this material so much I’m going to take it up to *here,* that’s a great inspiration.’ I think any version, whoever is directing Terminator, would be very respectful and serve the first two and probably feel a bit more freedom by the end.

For Taylor to acknowledge Nolan’s respect for the franchise and not just how he made a dark and gritty version of the character is why he’s a good choice to helm the new Terminator trilogy. Fans of the franchise don’t want to see the same films that Cameron made; they want to see a director respect the films that came before and push the franchise in a new direction.

Terminator 5 Director Alan Taylor Terminator 5: Alan Taylor Says Nolans Batman Reboot Would Be His Inspiration

Furthermore, speaking with Film School Rejects, the director laid out an explanation for what he thinks worked – and didn’t work in the prior installments:

The funny thing is, those [first] two films could not be more different than each other. The first one was more of a low-budget horror movie, while the second one was more an amazingly well-produced, glossy thriller with a sci-fi concept. They were both so successful, so there’s certain things you learn from them. If you’re going to try and enter the franchise, you better try to come in at that level. Also, it’s a challenging thing, because what they have in mind is a reboot but not an entirely different way of thinking.

As mentioned, Taylor’s involvement in the Terminator reboot hasn’t been made official (yet), but it seems likely that he is the frontrunner, he even claims that “for publicity, I think I’m doing everybody a favor to leave it as a rumor.” Paramount has already revealed that the newest installment in the Terminator series will hit theaters in the very crowded summer of 2015, so if they want to make that deadline they would have to decide on a director very soon. Paramount could be waiting to see how successful Thor: The Dark World is before confirming Taylor but if his work on Game of Thrones is any indication, we’re excited at the prospect of Taylor directing Terminator 5.


Terminator 5 will open in theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: SlashFilm and Film School Rejects

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  1. Just don’t use The Dark Knight Rises as an inspiration…

    • Why? It was a great movie.

      • +1

      • No it wasn’t. The first two were.

        • Yes, it was…as were the first and second.

        • It was a great ending to an amazing trilogy.

        • You and Jeff have everyone’s permission to die.

          • Said by the foolish teenager that you probably are…

            • Just pullin your leg…

              • That’s alright, but an intent to joke isn’t always obvious on the internet, so it’s best to just agree or disagree, without suggesting that people die if they hold a different point of view… :)

      • +1
        Badass movie!

    • It was good, but not great. There are so many villains that Nolan could have used without giving us another failed Bane. I mean, why not use Hush or Deathstroke, or Riddler, or something!? You had to take the power away from one of Bats’ strongest villains and tried to make us buy the idea of him having similar power to Liam Neeson’s Deadman? Come on, Nolan. Nolan’s Bane was great, but it was a failed portrayal of the comic book Bane. Not to mention the borrowed aspects of the No Man’s Land story arc. And most of the movie was in Daylight. It just wasn’t as Batman-y as the first two films.

  2. I’ll give this a Netflix watch for sure.

    • Well, good luck with it in five to ten years or so…

  3. I think they need to retire the John/Sara Connor angle and go for something different in The Terminator universe.

  4. Nice, I’m glad they’re using Nolan’s Batman as inspiration, whether it’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises. Haven’t been a fan of any Terminator films lately.

  5. Please, let this – Alan Taylor T5 in the spirit of Batman Begins – happen!

    I enjoyed T3 (lighter though it was) and T4, but certainly they were missing the transcendent quality of the Cameron films.

    There are lots of franchises that have a similar parallel. Star Wars and Jurassic Park are in a directly similar position of the coming years hopefully bringing returns to classic form. X-Men is another franchise that started very strong, took a nosedive of sorts, but has improved a lot recently.

  6. I was hoping to see more of post-Judgment Day with the war etc. as that would be a different direction if handled properly & made to look as Kyle & Sarah’s dream sequences. Not more time travel films with new models that won’t measure up to the T-1000 if TX couldn’t in people eyes.

    Can’t help be skeptical about the next film, reboot or not.

    • @Wally

      Yes, I was very much hoping to see an all-out war with the machines. Something more like the Terminator Salvation arcade game, less like the movie, and definitely not T3. Honestly, you really can’t beat the T1000 in terms of a deadly villain… I think they should do a partial reboot, meaning start from where T2 left off, show how the process gets started, like how Arnold’s T-800 describes in the car ride, not that stupid virus thing from T3 that makes no sense. Then the sequel will be all-out war with the machines like we saw in the flashbacks, and the final movie would be the conclusion to it all, and that’s when the T1000 is introduced into the battlefield… Remember that they said the T1000 was just a prototype when it was sent back to kill John Conner in T2. So you really shouldn’t see it until the very end. And I think if they end it at Skynet sending only 2 Terminators back in time, they could confirm this ignores T3 without simply just saying that… And they can seal the deal with a 5-movie box set after it is all said and done…

      • @ Ken J

        Whats up? Id be all for a partial reboot as you said. Meaning what the T-800 mentioned during the car ride in T2. I just hope we don’t get two or 3 films & not see where it got to the point of the first T-800 & Kyle Reese being sent back to 1984 from the war which id VERY much like to see. I want to see the ground HK’S be built maybe, the HK’s lookin as they did in Cameron’s films, the laser weapons & time displacement equipment be developed, the resistance move around at night more than day. All that stuff we know from the first two films.

        I didn’t mind SKYNET being a virus in T3 because otherwise I thought of SKYNET as the super-computer from Superman 3 or something. And for the first time in Salvation through Marcus’s eyes we see SKYNET finally in the franchise as it mentions time again it’s best machines failed to complete their mission.

        I would like to see a sequel like you said though happen the way you described it on the battlefield with the conclusion to it all in the third. I remember reading that T-1000 was a prototype aswell as it’s mentioned in the film. Not to mention seeing it’s creation on film would be awesome this time since they wanted to cut screen time & budget costs. Aslong as it’s not a total reboot. The idea of a T-800 sent to kill Sarah Connor’s parents is what worries me.

  7. Reboots are lazy and lack any creativity. I am so angry at this, the greedy studio executives are not even gonna finish the series before they butcher it with a reboot.
    I have a rule that says, i will not pay money to watch a rebooted movie, either in the cinema, on dvd or download, i will only pay to watch something that’s original.

    I urge all people who read this to boycott this reboot, and show these studio execs that they can’t just treat the movie going public like idiots who will watch the same rubbish over and over again.

    They need to Finish the series before they should consider a reboot.

    • Yeah I was gonna say…have they even completed the original story? Not really. I know the latest movies have dipped in quality, but at least have a resolved conclusion before starting a reboot.

      • I also would prefer the established story to be finished. I suppose that they will recast any recurring characters in any case, though, which is a bit of a pity. I liked the cast of Salvation.

      • Didn’t T2 finish the story? All the evidence of the machines was destroyed in that movie (I think. I haven’t seen it for a while) so the war with the machines should have been averted. If I remember correctly T3 basically said “Screw it. We’re making a sequel if makes no bloody sense.” but I always viewed T2 as the official/cannon ending.

    • What is there to finish? We already know how it ends, John Connor wins the war, they’ve been saying it since the first film. They’ve showed all they need to with that storyline IMO, John growing up, Judgement Day, John rising to leader status in the future. I mean, what else is there? Where else can they take this character?

  8. I like this guys style. Looking forward to see what he does with T5. Its a shame he wont be returning to GOT anytime soon but bring on Thor 2 in the meantime.

  9. I consider john and Sarah Connor the terminator franchise.

  10. Dark Knight Trilogy = OVERRATED.

    Plus you look so gay in that picture Taylor!

    • Yeah your right, he does look pretty happy, why wouldnt he be.

  11. Nolan Nolan Nolan blah blah blah blah…

    Ok, let me take this in a different direction, a more RELEVENT and IMPORTANT one. This guy recognizes that only the first 2 Terminator films were good. He also recognizes the great differences between the first two. He also seems to be “doing his homework” by watching them over. This gives me faith that he would at least try to make a decent Terminator film. It doesn’t really matter what his opinion is on Batman… But yes, those comments are more likely to get the fanboys’ and Nolanites’ attention.

  12. sick of reboots. How many more origin story rehashes do you guys want?

  13. more proof that Nolan’s Batman’s are the most influential films of the decade. Weather you dislike it or not is subjective, but how it affected cinema is an absolute one sided debate.

  14. Taylor doesn’t earn any fanboy points from me by throwing Mostow and McG under the bus. Anyone can sit there and say “Terminator Salvation sure sucked, huh. No way would I make a movie like that.” McG was saying a lot of the same stuff before Salvation was released: claiming that he was going to get the franchise “back on track” and his movie was going to have the character depth of an independent film drama and all sorts of other nonsense that he was never able to deliver on.

    • @Thracian

      Except you kind of got an idea that he wouldn’t be able to deliver based on his previous work. Plus, his name is freakin’ McG…

  15. Personally, I thought Sarah Conner Chronicles was a better direction to take the franchise. It completely ignored T3 and started where T2 left off and had the same feeling of the first two movies. It would’ve been interesting to see where the show would’ve gone. Of couse, knowing FOX, they love cancelling the good shows and put a lot of unnecessary trash.

    • @Bionic

      They are a business, it’s all about the ratings to them and nothing else…

      • I understand that it is a business, but it still sucks that they cancelled the series without giving it some kind of conclusion.

        • I mean really in a world where we have teen mom 3, all the jersey shore crap, and how many seasons of American idol and survivor yet we get firefly and Sarah Connor canceled. It’s really ridiculous.

          • @Dlo33

            Well, blame the people watching that crap. These stupid “reality shows” cost next to nothing to produce, but every dummy in the world watches them. While shows like Firefly and SCC costs money to make and people don’t watch them…

  16. I was hoping Terminator Salvation would have been great because Christian Bale seemed dead on for John Connor. But then it went nuts with a terminator every 5 minutes. To me a cool story would now be for John Connor to be off-screen and new crew living in the middle of the War of the Machines.

  17. The film can not be paired with Terminator Salvation and this comedy Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

  18. The film must have climate Terminator(1984) and momentum Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).
    For both films Ill back from time to time :) they got climate like Aliens Films.

  19. terminator 5 needs to be dark and evil.lets get old arnold to fight young arnold.

  20. I like Taylor’s plans… go for it!

  21. SOOOO, Does that mean a strong fresh start that ends with crap? Oh. are hardcore fans of the director who will allow him to do no wrong?

  22. I only have one question, Where is Scott Cagle, AkA scooter, diamond jim?