‘Terminator 5′ Update: Pre-Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 17th, 2012 at 9:27 am,

Terminator 5 moving forward without Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 5 Update: Pre Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Given the public hoopla surrounding his recent divorce and revealed infidelity, it wasn’t a real shock when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to delay his return to acting. Although he had become associated with projects like Cry Macho and The Last Stand by that time, it was the seemingly Schwarzenegger-centric Terminator 5 that looked to be all but indefinitely delayed due to the aging action star/former governor’s retreat from the limelight.

However, that is apparently not the case. Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Films managed to secure the screen rights for two more Terminator movies – and the company is reportedly moving ahead with the fifth installment in the sci-fi franchise, in spite of Schwarzenegger’s departure.

What’s Playing says that although Schwarzenegger is said to be up for “a fairly substantial role” in Termiantor 5, the film would actually be anchored by a younger male lead. Combine that with word that the project continues the trend set by previous Terminator pictures (and the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show) by involving “the original timeline being torn, again” – and it becomes all the more clear as to how the fifth installment can move forward without Schwarzenegger.

Director Justin Lin remains attached to Terminator 5, which he previously admitted could conceivably feature his Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel in a pivotal role. However, current rumors peg Lin’s other Fast Five leading man (Paul Walker) as being floated as a possibility to headline the Terminator franchise for the time being.

Walker as the anchor for Terminator 5 doesn’t exactly sound all that appealing – and whether he’d be an improvement on Sam Worthington in Terminator: Salvation (or just more of the same) is up for debate. However, his potential involvement should be considered strictly RUMOR at this point, and nothing more.

fast five paul walker 1 Terminator 5 Update: Pre Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Could Walker star in 'Terminator 5'?

While Lin has admitted before that little is set in stone with respect to Terminator 5 right now, he also dismissed rumors concerning an original Terminator cast reunion in the film. The project in its current form is actually said to feature the return of several original Terminator characters, including the likes of Kyle Reese – and, it would seem, possibly even a younger Sarah Connor. If that is the case, then comparisons to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot seem all the more appropriate.

The big question concerning Terminator 5 is whether or not the time-travel angle is really the proper way to go again. A number of Terminator fans have already expressed their desire to see the post-Judgement Day storyline set in motion in Salvation continued on and expanded upon in the franchise’s next installment; additionally, the overly-convoluted nature of the Terminator timeline doesn’t seem to lend itself to a “complete reboot” to the same degree that Star Trek did.

Even with Terminator 5 inching ever closer to actually becoming a sure thing, there are still multiple directions that Lin (or whoever ends up ultimately sitting in the director’s chair) could go with it. The film could continue to cover the future war between humanity and Skynet; feature another attempt by the machines to wipe out the young John Connor and his loved ones; or it could essentially amount to a reboot starring Paul Walker. Take all that as you will.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Terminator 5 as more information is released.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. I actually enjoyed Salvation, which surprised me, as I absolutely hated the 3rd movie, and wish it had never been made. If they decide to do anything but continue Salvation’s storyline, I won’t watch it. Without Christian Bale, I probably won’t either, as I’m seriously burned out by switching the same character’s actor which has happened so often in Hollywood in the past 10 years.

  2. Okay, no to Paul Walker… I can’t imagine what role Vin Diesel would play; I love him as an actor, but playing a Terminator would not be right for him, and he’s a one-man show, anyway, so working with a team is right out. Finally, he could most assuredly NOT play John Connor in ANY capacity; John is tall and lanky, lithe for his height, and Vin is none of those things, the guy is huge, but out not up.

    As for having the show set in modern-day London with Skynet having been able to send through other types of bots, that’s just completely story-busting, right there, and humanity wouldn’t have a chance; why send an army to do what a single bot can do WITHOUT further changing the time-line OR going after John Connor. And, if Skynet’s sophisticated enough to figure out the materials-through-time problem, they could figure out how to read the time-line, find out whom they could kill to make certain events happen that John Connor would, eventually, die at someone else’s hands, and then Skynet would win?

    The time-travel angle HAS been played out, and it’s time to resolve the war; Sarah and John and John’s Lieutenants survived Judgment Day, so it’s time to move along, no? Also, the future from Salvation is not good enough, it’s not hard enough…

    With that said and in mind, the future from the first and second Terminator movies needs to be envisioned, again, and the war finished over the next two films. I have various ideas for this, but they’re not yet well developed, nor even on paper.

  3. You can’t make a terminator movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the star of the franchise. He made terminator what it is today. I guarantee you, the 5th film will lose fans, popularity, and money. You will destroy the franchise without Arnold Schwarzenegger .

    • I agree. Movies tend to be like parents where children create an intimate relationship and look at others like strangers. Lol.

      As much as I think Arnie is a scumbag in real life, as an actor in this movie franchise, taking him out would lead to filming another pathetic remake or sequel. Bomb. I seriously do not like these newer faces and personalities. All the male actors look effeminate and like they all come from the same salon. They all come from the same acting template. I have to yawn at these people. Even the top ones are carbon copies of past actors. No originality or sincerity in acting today. Remember the greats from the 80s and past? They were all uniquely different in their personalities in real life. This carried over into a finely tuned craft.

      Now even the real personalities of these new actors aren’t real at all. They all act as if they have to put on a fake mask for the sake of rep. Quality maintream movie making if dead. It has fallen into the hands of stockholders and post-fx software geeks.

      • @ JoeM

        Though Arnold’s personal mistakes dissapoint me, still i don’t let it stop me from enjoying his movies. Past & future films he’s made. We all know he’s behaved badly before, during, & after great films like T2. He was dumb to think it could be hidden which im surprised aslong as it was about his kid with that woman.

        Anyways, i have to agree great actors are hard to find. It’s why Directors like James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, etc. cast multiple of same actors they’ve had in their films. It’s like casting superhero roles, sometimes it’s better to cast a unknown.

  4. Arnold is the star of the franchise but if the franchise moves forward post-judgement day as Terminator Salvation did than i would only want Arnold involved as in human role. I just think it’s a bad idea to have back as a cyborg at his age. I find him playing a human role more interesting anyways, not just him but would be great if they brought back Robert Patrick & Kristana Loken in small roles perhaps for SKYNET to capture them & scan their bodies or somthing for their Terminator counterparts in the previous films. I just hope they don’t go with time-travel again.Imo that would be pointless in the long run. I whether see things continue.

    • Arnold can’t play a human roll. In the Terminator universe the model of terminator that has his likeness was base off a human who is dead long before Judgement Day.

      • Justin I thought the T800 model 101 template was Dieter Von Rossbach from the T2 novels. He was an ex CIA agent. In a certain timeline he survived up until at least 2029 maybe even later. He was there when Kyle got sent back. Though that’s only one possible Terminator timeline.

  5. Paul walker sux. he’s about as interesting as paint drying to watch…wooden and stale. Vin is not big enough. T4 was a step in the right direction just look at the success of the Transformers films. I really think if they cant get James C to do it then they need to go back to his fundamentals of the 1st Terminator. A cyborg that blends in with its surroundings not stands out like dogs nuts (7ft leather-clad roid junkie aka arnie)

    • @ Wes

      I can’t see Paul Walker within a Terminator film. Same as Vin Diesel, can’t stand his voice especially if he were to be a cyborg. I agree T4 was a step in the right direction & hope T5 continues on from there for the better. Id like to see the war escalate more post-judgement day.

  6. In my opinion T5 is gonna suck if Arnold isn’t the terminator, the guy is known for one thing, and that’s for being the kick-ass unstoppable force that is the terminator.

    • @ Andrew

      As much as id want Arnold back as the terminator, i don’t. Reason is cyborgs don’t age like real actors who play them. Even in T3, there some scenes of Arnold imo that i thought he looked like he’s aged since T2. And few people i know in person liked T4 more than T3 despite no Arnold in it, even me i have to admit. Not alot, just a tad better than T3 was imo. But imo aswell others, i don’t see why Arnold can’t still be involved in Terminator 5 in as a human character which could be just as interesting. This just my opinion.

      • Apparently the powers that be need to listen to the many voices calling for a continuation of Salvation. Try to get Christian Bale on board AND Arnold Braunschweigher, and get the kid back that played Reece, and throw in Emma Stone or somebody to pull in more kids. If you rewatch Salvation, it is a damned good, top-notch movie, I don’t care what it grossed. Build on that! Other wise, “you want me to Fu@&in trash your lights!?!?!?!?”

  7. This is simple..Terminator Salvation was a disgrace and should’ve been directed by its original father..James Cameron. Real easy fix, bring back Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, Furlong, Kyle Reese and you make Walker the villain, and have a special appearance by Patrick. That’s your cast. As for a name…Terminator…Rise And Fall Of Judgement Day

    • @ Jon

      Everyone i know & seen on here thought Terminator Salvation was better than T3 was despite no Arnold. I read James Cameron talkin about how he liked the film more than he thought he would. One of the things he said about the film it need was more Depth into it.

      I can’t see Arnold being taken serious as a cyborg with his age & all now, which is why he refused to cameo in Terminator Salvation because he didn’t wanna cheat the fans. If he was to be in a follow up to Salvation as human character who survived Judgement Day aswell, id accept that. Hamilton, samething. I doubt she’ll be the roughed up woman as seen in T2 so fans can only be disappointed even she wanted to come back. Im surprised she did voice-over for Terminator Salvation. Furlong? Lol his career is pretty much nothin now because what personal descision he made in his life. I can see Robert Patrick & Kristanna Loken playin human characters before SKYNET uses their identities for their Terminator counter-parts.

    • Yeh, brilliant, a bunch of 50-something actors in an action flick, with a has-been and a guy who can’t act at all. And the title….OMG, get James Cameron on the phone. lol

  8. They just need to continue with the salvation story line, with the post judgement day war. i dont think that its really conceivable to have arnold play a human role because in salvation they were already producing the T-800′s that looked like arnold. Since Skynet already has the t-800 in arnolds likeness there would be no reason to have a human character played by arnold. Since he is 60+ years old i think the best way to do it would have him as a cyborg and use the same facial technology from salvation to put his younger looking face on another actors body and have arnold voice the character. The definitely shouldnt do anymore time travel until the end of the 6th film when reese and the T-800 are sent back to 1984 thus circling back to the beginning of the first movie, and maybe showing something that would insinuate that the humans won the war

  9. ok since i was a kid and had to sit in the front row of t2 opening day ive always thought i new how this would all end. its simple weather its t5 or t6 or t13 the way i saw the ending would be all the death all the war all of the bombs and pain and blood shed would have never have somehow been prevented and never happened and only kyle reese would have known what could have been. as he spends a normal life in present day raising his son john conner in a normal life. and all of the terminator movies essentially never happened and he (kyle reese) is the only piece of proof that any war would have happened. basically for a lack of a better term all of the wars turn out to be different reality on a different time line. for exsample say one morning you cant find your keys and although it makes you late for work and it pisses you off had you have found your keys you would have died in a car wreck on your way to work. so to some it up all the movies never happened and kyle reese gets to live out his father hood years with jon and he hides what he knows as his passed and child hood to himself

  10. first of all…Arnold is the terminator and the franchise…Christian Bale was good but i would like to see Edward Furlong again, continuing from Salvation would be good but think about it(how much future do you wanna see, then all of them would be the same), let James Cameron do the last two and even include both TX and the T-1000 in both human and terminator forms…and in T6 show Kyle(Michael Biehn)going through the time displacement and on to 1984.

    • @ Jamal

      I agree Arnold owns being known as The Terminator. But like everyone else, time caught up on him. Arnold playing a human character within the franchise would be interesting. I mean afterall, where does SKYNET scan human likeness of all the Terminator models from anyways? We’re the caught by the machines? Fought within the Resistance? Scientists kept by SKYNET for new ways to terminate the Resistance? I can see both Arnold & Kristanna Loken somehow fight alongside the Resistance before being caught by SKYNET aswell maybe Robert Patrick be a scientist. It would be awesome imo to see all 3 actors in the same film.

      Is Edward Furlong still makin movies? I can’t think of the last movie he was in. Christain Bale i thought was good aslong as he keeps out his Batman voice. Id like to see James Cameron atleast be producer of T5 & T6 with the films takin place after Salvation. Please no time-travel till the end of T6.

      As others agreed, please no Paul Walker & Vin Diesel. This isn’t Fast & Furious.

      • i agree….but think about it…..when they scanned Arnold to be the terminator, they showed us that in Terminator 3, he was old in T3 and he didnt look the same like he did in T1(as he was young looking)….so if they would scan him now then he would look older, but John would recognize him other than somebody else.

        • @ Jamal

          In the beginning of T3 i thought Arnold looked pretty good for his age as he did in T2. But when it got to the scenes of SKYNET,imo Arnold looked as if he has aged. Maybe it’s just me. If they do have Arnold as a cyborg, they’d have to do a heck of job with make-up or CGI. In T4 i thought Arnold’s CGI face was good for the shots. I see where you getting at. I just thought would be nice to see how the machines would scan the human faces for the 3 models we’ve seen in the models but guess it would be little complicated. Only one young enough maybe would be Kristana Loken. I think she was in her early 20′s when T3 was filmed.

          Imo id hate to see them ignore T3 & T4 just so they can time-travel. Superman Returns proved doin that doesn’t mean that idea will be any better.

          • true….i just hope they stick with the story and get everything right for the finale….because we need this franchise to end.

  11. why are we talking about Paul Walker and Vin Diesel…..this is Terminator, not Fast and Furious…..Justin Lin need to do his movies and leave others alone….

  12. The Terminator Salvation script was pretty bad. But it wasn’t so bad that they couldn’t just pick up where it left off. Get James Cameron to direct, get a good script this time and bring Christian Bale back to continue the war.

  13. Arnold is a must they need to intruduce him coming back in time again people frefure seeing robots fight in a modern day than in a futre having it in a modern day lets the audience connect with the movie that was the main problemo with salvation.

    have arnold come back in time to 1997 posing as a human weapons expert have arnold be reveld to be a terminator infltrator sent back to help make the t-1 terminator more advanced so the terminators in the futre will be more advansed. Arnold needs to be the villian he needs to have more death counts that in terminator 1 linda hamilton needs to return.

  14. Ok I have much to say so if you read most of the replies im about to post,thank you..Ok here goes..Despite it s plotholes and Mc G’s inability to direct a scene of emotional exchange between actors.He no doubt is a Terminator freak like all of us.. His vision is for most part accurate to timeline of Cameron , yet still keeps t3 in mind.T3 changed things up and was a parody of Terminator despite strongish final 13 mins.Darn branching sorry..It was back to a serious tone in Salvation that made it connect with me, as only T1 did..Sorry but comic relief T2 hurt it.. It s still seminal, but T1 is and always is best of series..Im not sayin it was better, it was nt but it Had all the stuff that Micheal Biehn spoke and dreamed of in his Flawless performance.. Reese held film together more than Arnie, and Cameron’s heart and genuine ability to present a vision and writing to make a low budget film feel so epic.T4 had T 600′s only begining it s development of Plasma weapons.What worked and what wouldn t.. 600 s and flying HK s were great because they did not stray from Jim s designs.. Honestly were creepy with their dingy out in field to long look.. Hence the plan to Grow flesh blah blah..My beef is only on Skynet Knowin Kyle an huntin him.. actually have him captured b4 he volunteers to go back for his older son..They do not Terminate him.. they use him as bait to lure Connor in to try and kill future John..???It was stupid,but not as horrible as “talk to the Haend..” or That Yellow Bastard as John.. Despite everythin it did wrong, it was a good start to a new trilogy..Next i must express thoughts on next two films and Justin Lin Dumbin down A true intelligent saga even more than all subsequent films.. yes all 3 subsequent ones.. thank you and help Tech Comm smash that Defence grid..

  15. What could they possibly do better by makin sequels having to go back to past as if Judgment Day in T3 didn’t happen? Im worried it would be like Superman Returns if they take that approach. I think Arnold is the only willing to come back to the franchise, IF the script is good to him. I wouldn’t expect Linda Hamiltion, Edward Furlong coming back. We’d be lucky to get Robert Patrick or Kristanna Loken. James Cameron’s involvement would be a long shot. If Justin Lin comes back to direct & has someone like Paul Walker or Vin Diesel in mind for the next installment, i’ll just pass & consider the franchise dead perhaps.

  16. they should just keep to the original material with schwarzenegger linda hamilton and time travel and make it more cleaver than t3 with lots of violance like the original?

    • i agree….

  17. Am still a fan and am waiting 4 t5 def it will blow da mynd

  18. Why can’t Hollywood bring themselves to make this next installment a rated R horror movie where the machines bring down the resistance to a degree, and actually start to win for the most part. A sort of empire strikes back effect. Start off with John Conner and his soldiers infiltrating a Skynet facility, momentarily hacking into the system’s files allowing them to erase all traces of his and Kyle’s identifications before being caught. Let Skynet start up the concentration camps, and have John Conner and Kyle Reese become temporary captive POW’s. All of the surviving pow’s are in a state of loss and low morale. They’ve basically given up. Now John must trully prove that life is still worth fighting for, and try to rally up the other prisoners to fight for their lives, rush the sentry guarding T-100′s and 600′s. A sort of empire strikes back effect. There are so many earlier models of terminators that have yet to have been seen in any of the other installments including the series. Namely T-200 – 500′s. Why wouldn’t skynet allow these earlier less efficient models to continue their tasks.

  19. i think they should do it set in the future.. like the actual war that reese describes in terminator 1? they seem to be getting away from the whole original idea? i mean t1 and 2 terminators were scary and it was more a tragedy story. t3 and 4 just seemed too goofy..expecially the female terminator screaming at the end(why would a robot scream remember they dont have emotions)??

  20. I am really surprised by all the “The terminator franchise cannot go on without Arnold”. Why? Last time I checked he is old as hell and looks nothing like he did in T3 or earlier films. At some point it is a matter of dimishing returns. A 60+ year old actor cannot possibly be a convincing terminator anymore. Look at his wrinkled face, seriously? Besides, why would you have him pop up again. It is not like skynet just kept making the same t-800 over and over again. Arnold was an 80s icon, but guess what, it ain’t even teh 2-th century anymore, so lets move on from him. I want more of Bale, period. Geriatric terminator, that is just sad people and less than appealing.

  21. If its not broke dont change it should have been the alma mater of terminator franchise.

    i personaly hated salvation and disliked 3 but not do to arnold, i didnt like nick stahl as connor, he lacked the charisma of eddie furlong and terminator 3 was a downer ending with no purpose with its villan less cool than robert patrick in t2.
    terminator 3 & 4 failed because they lacked the humanity of the first
    two films and most importantly brad fidels terrific score.

    filmmakers need to learn one word for a franchise. continuity, continuity, continuity. a great sequel feels like an extra two hours of a movie.

    terminator salvation sucked largely because bale and worthington lacked the charisma of arnold so the dynamic of the film changed, terminator 1 & 2 are constant chance flicks and worthington spends 80% of the film either searching for kyle reese or being chased. i personaly dont care for bale in anything other than as a rich snide villan (american psycho),
    bale needs a charisma transplant along with haydeson chriesten and daniel craig, arnold needs to teach them one liners. terminator salvation and terminator 3 in my opinion lacked the heart and humanity of the first two movies and arent much more than noisy micheal bay lets make a buck flicks.

    what an utter mess, especialy from rebootfanboys that dont understand film style or continuity. salvation should have felt like the future flashbacks from 1 & 2 wich it didnt.

    enough age bashing, most action stars are 40+, unless you want taylor lautner from twilight as john connor helming, american action movies for new generations are a joke, i dont care if they tron 2 young cgi arnold, a terminator movie without arnold is like a rocky movie without stallone or a die hard without willis. people go to see action flicks to root for the main star and watch them beat the odds, it makes people feel like if these people can go through bad times, so can they.

    sequels would not need rebooting as long as they keep the original music themes, keep the style and pace of the original and add new territory while keeping familiar faces and themes. otherwise you might as well
    make a new series entirely. It sucks to see favorite franchises of mine like star trek, star wars and terminator to be angry stale pale immatations of thier former selves.

    generaly i dont think terminator is worth saving if they cant bring back brad fidels score as changing music generaly derails film continuity even if arnold is brought back.

    continuity, continuity, continuity my friends. learn it it will save us from having to watch reboots and sucky sequels.

  22. sorry thats searching for kyle reese or searching for john connor, not being chased.

  23. Continue the story!! I want to see when John Conner sends the terminator (Arnold) back in time and skynet sends the T1000 back in time!! Digitize Arnold’s body and face (just like in Salvation) I dont care!

  24. to be honest i didn’t like terminator 4 and the ending of terminator 3. if the fifth will be better than the fourth and the third i will be happy.

  25. the skin on the terminators is suppost to be real who said their not suppost to age..i want to see terminator fighting in our time not futre war to be honnest t.salvation sucked..maybe have skynet finally think thant the t-800 model is the most effective protector/killer so they just send the last one back but its skin has changed with age maybe have it be the original template or something to explane the age thing.

  26. Salvation was def a step in the right direction, however, McG??? his music videos sucked and charlies angels suck. Obviously Cameron was the one who put this franchise on the map. He had final cut and has an eye for talent. Casting Arnold was perfect. Hamilton was a great fit too. I enjoyed Bale as Conor in Salvation, but WTF??? Vin Diesel…. Paul Walker…. Justin Lin? I mean you might as well cast Michelle Rodriguez as Sarah Conor. Seriously. Im pretty sure the loyal fans will spit on that. Get someone who knows what they re doing. How about Chris Nolan? Ever think of that? Next best thing to Cameron. Keep Arnold. Maybe Bale. Dont cast idiots who cant act. I would love to see T5 take place chronologically after Salvation. That would make sense. Elaborate on the resistance and its development. Elaborate on the production of T-1000 and how the time displacement is developed. New technology. Big guns. Great special effects. After all, that is why we all got into the Terminator franchise anyway.

    Just an idea, but Terminatrix would be awesome. Tie terminator into a plot similar to the matrix? Skynet succeeds in manipulating the human race. Not a happy ending, but a very entertaining one.

    • i totally agree, this will just be another Fast & Furious…..James Cameron needs to continue the series, he’s done it right twice…and have Arnold in it too….

  27. Terminator 5

    Since marcus wright a human hybrid take control off him self but never like who he became to be.

    Now that skynet cyberdyne system network get smater, I would like to see bisley mutants with heart and brain transplat being created into terminator hybrids and with the system chip intervain taking control of every thing perminently distroying the earth.

    I think human will go to mars no hope on earth.

  28. Terminator 5

    I Agree but T-2 and 3 was not real seeing a terminator changing shape and human body, some alloy stuff it sucks.

    T-salvation is real with marcus right i think they should continue the story and end it for terminator 6.

    I would like to see bisley mutants with heart and brain transplant being created into terminator hybrids and with the system chip intervain taking control of every thing perminently distroying the earth.

    I think human will go to mars no hope on earth.

  29. I loved the direction T.S.C.C. went. I’m sick of seeing the same old revolving door and time travel. I for sure don’t want any past characters other than JC. No, I want to see more of the machines and how they are evolving. More Skynet interaction, the back story on T1000 and etc. I want to see a scene where John Connor starts to open his mind and heart to one. (Summer Glau as a female terminator) How about a scene where JC is fighting a Terminator and while he jockeys to stay alive, he desperately starts to reason with it, asking it how it feels about being controlled by Skynet? I want to see a full machine choose, and not some half cyborg. (Sam Worthington) MG did a great job on the future look of Terminator, but the Hydrobot? LOL Please no!

    No, there needs to be a focus on the man/machine relationship. How we can coexist and need each other. Now that would be interesting. It is not old cast members that will bring people to the box office. It’s the growth and character relationships. Think about how attached we are to our tech toys. They need to bring MG to assist with action scenes and writers/directors of T.S.C.C. to continue the story direction. The next Terminator will flop if the director can’t connect with the audience. What made T2 good? The relationship between JC and Terminator. The man and machine relationship has always been the draw to robot movies. Why can’t the directors see it? Please someone?