‘Terminator 5′ Update: Pre-Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 17th, 2012 at 9:27 am,

Terminator 5 moving forward without Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 5 Update: Pre Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Given the public hoopla surrounding his recent divorce and revealed infidelity, it wasn’t a real shock when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to delay his return to acting. Although he had become associated with projects like Cry Macho and The Last Stand by that time, it was the seemingly Schwarzenegger-centric Terminator 5 that looked to be all but indefinitely delayed due to the aging action star/former governor’s retreat from the limelight.

However, that is apparently not the case. Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Films managed to secure the screen rights for two more Terminator movies – and the company is reportedly moving ahead with the fifth installment in the sci-fi franchise, in spite of Schwarzenegger’s departure.

What’s Playing says that although Schwarzenegger is said to be up for “a fairly substantial role” in Termiantor 5, the film would actually be anchored by a younger male lead. Combine that with word that the project continues the trend set by previous Terminator pictures (and the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show) by involving “the original timeline being torn, again” – and it becomes all the more clear as to how the fifth installment can move forward without Schwarzenegger.

Director Justin Lin remains attached to Terminator 5, which he previously admitted could conceivably feature his Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel in a pivotal role. However, current rumors peg Lin’s other Fast Five leading man (Paul Walker) as being floated as a possibility to headline the Terminator franchise for the time being.

Walker as the anchor for Terminator 5 doesn’t exactly sound all that appealing – and whether he’d be an improvement on Sam Worthington in Terminator: Salvation (or just more of the same) is up for debate. However, his potential involvement should be considered strictly RUMOR at this point, and nothing more.

fast five paul walker 1 Terminator 5 Update: Pre Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Could Walker star in 'Terminator 5'?

While Lin has admitted before that little is set in stone with respect to Terminator 5 right now, he also dismissed rumors concerning an original Terminator cast reunion in the film. The project in its current form is actually said to feature the return of several original Terminator characters, including the likes of Kyle Reese – and, it would seem, possibly even a younger Sarah Connor. If that is the case, then comparisons to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot seem all the more appropriate.

The big question concerning Terminator 5 is whether or not the time-travel angle is really the proper way to go again. A number of Terminator fans have already expressed their desire to see the post-Judgement Day storyline set in motion in Salvation continued on and expanded upon in the franchise’s next installment; additionally, the overly-convoluted nature of the Terminator timeline doesn’t seem to lend itself to a “complete reboot” to the same degree that Star Trek did.

Even with Terminator 5 inching ever closer to actually becoming a sure thing, there are still multiple directions that Lin (or whoever ends up ultimately sitting in the director’s chair) could go with it. The film could continue to cover the future war between humanity and Skynet; feature another attempt by the machines to wipe out the young John Connor and his loved ones; or it could essentially amount to a reboot starring Paul Walker. Take all that as you will.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Terminator 5 as more information is released.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. I hope that they stay in the future and for continuity sake bring back Bale even if its just for a small cameo. Im sick of having a different JC in every movie. I for one enjoyed Salvation. Thought it was a solid movie. I want to see more of the future. (Laser guns!)

    • Bale would not do a cameo in any movie, he is too big of a star (apparently) he would not do it unless he was paid one big chunk o’ change

  2. They should def stick with the future timeline. More time travel stories would just be more of the same stuff. we dont need to see terminator 1,2, and 3 over and over again.

    • I agree with both of you!! T1 threw 3 was basically the same story. We need the story of the future war John connor leading the resistance and the story of kyle reese.

  3. I have no interest in any more Terminator movies, I stopped watching after T2, Can’t think of anything good to say about T3 other than the female Terminatix, but that’s it. Salvation looked like garbage, but not because of Christian Bale. Sam Worthington can’t act. PERIOD. Hated him in Clash of the Titans, and that Movie about GIANT SURFS, Ava tard( I misspelled it on Purpose)

    • T.S. was the best of the T movies visually and story wise. I like how john wasnt the leader immediately as many nai’ve people thought he would be, and also that he wasnt the main main character. Worthington wasnt that great at acting in the movie, but hey, it was his one of his first major films. Not to mention the character he was playing was one of the more complicated being an emotionally scarred man that hates himself and is anti-social. That task would be difficult for even the best of actors. Also ppl always hate on the CGI arnold but i think that it was visually almost perfect. Another thing i liked was that it wasnt like most action movies where everytime something mechanical crashes, it automatically blows up. I really hope they stick with the salvation storyline, and build on the advancement of the skynet tech with the avanced weapons and time travel devices. Beacuse God knows that in 2018 men couldnt create laser weapons and timemachines, let alone making them in a post apocolyptic world. Only the machines could make them and Connor would have to steal and infitrate them

      • @ Jay19

        Im glad you & i see eye to eye on the film and what to look forward for in future installments. I too thought it was better for John to not be leader right away in the film as i wanted to see survivors & resistance follow his lead. I liked the idea of Marcus & thought Sam Worthington was great, in a weird way i found it similiar to T2 because of Marcus being a Terminator & knowing the value of human life & finding out being used to exterminate it. Since he was death row inmate, helping others despite knowing he wasn’t human was like a second chance to him to redeem himself of his past. I thought the CGI Arnold was pretty good because i remember people in the theater saying ” Oh Yeah!” because they made him look as he did for the first film. If they had Arnold coming out the sameway,at his age in the film i bet people still wouldn’t be pleased. Arnold said himself, if he appeared in the film at his age as a terminator, he would feel like he’d be cheating the fans. I too hope to see Skynet & machines develope the laser weapons & time displacement eqimpment in future installments. Aswell as those HK-tanks w/ the HK’s that fly around as seen in flashback scenes in the first two films.

  4. I still don’t get why the machines didn’t kill Reese when they captured him in Salvation. If the machines do send a Terminator back to kill Sarah before John Connor is born in the next movie, it makes even less since. Just stay in the future and give us the battle we’ve been waiting for since we saw the T-800 army in T2.

    • That was my biggest issue with the TS story. That never made a lick of sense given the prior movies and the Terminator time travel rules (as opposed to the Back to the Future time travel rules) :)

      • Im guessing that its because skynet is still young. The whole timetravel concept has yet to develop for mankind with the exception of john and his crew. And guessing that skynet just barely put kyle reese at the top of their kill list in T.S. then that means that skynet may just have discovered timetravel and Kyle Reese’s connection to John Connor. Not killing him immediately would make sense because skynet isnt that desperate yet. over the years skynet becomes desperate and is willing to do anything to kill connor and takes every opportunity to kill him whereas this younger skynet hasnt reached that point yet…just food for thought

        • so true your the smartest comment ive read

    • @ Kahless

      Skynet already knew how to wipe Gen. Ashdown & other resistance leaders, but getting knew Connor will have to be handled differently, that’s why Marcus was unaware he was being used as Skynet’s pawn to gain Connor’s trust & help him come into enemy territory on his own. Reese was being kept as bait long enough for Connor to get there. Once Marcus contacted Connor on where Reese was being held, Skynet fed Marcus the wrong info that was sent to Connor. That beeping tracking device lead Connor to the T-800 of-course, not Reese.

    • you can ask similar questions about all of the Terminator films. There’s always the classic playing with your pray instead of just breaking its neck as soon as the opportunity presents itself. That’s how action films work.

    • Where did you hear this. yeah I heard he wrote 2 scripts for T5 and T6

  5. Arnold returns as The Terminator in a larger role where Paul Walker can either play John Connor or his right hand man warrior friend because Walker can kick a terminator’s ass.

    For Vin Diesel, I think he can play the leader of a group of terminators if they contuine where Termiantor Salvation left off.

    In my opnion, I think they should ingore Termiantor 3 and Terminator Salvation like they didn’t happen if the fans think that those sequels were that too bad.

    The idea for a reboot is stupid because it is “let’s remake E.T”, they can’t remake a instant classic.

    • Your not a true Terminator fan!!! SALVATION GAVE US A TASTE OF WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE THE FUTURE WAR!!! You made me laugh outloud about paul walker hahahaha

  6. wow does this sound very scary to anyone else. Paul Walker, Vin Disel, really, are they kidding? Jeez. Oh yeah and to bring Linda Hamilton back is crazy, does anyone watch Chuck , she is a little past her Prime, if they are going to use someone use Lena Headey from the Sarah Conner Chronicles and Game of Thrones

  7. I love how my reaction to the Paul Walker anchor was the immediate next sentence in this story. Post Judgement Day is my hope with Christian Bale in a more deserving storyline.

    • agreed mojo

  8. I don’t understand why people don’t like Paul Walker. He’s a perfectly likeable guy and a decent actor. Besides, this wouldn’t be an award winning movie, so it’s not like there needs to be “top notch” actors playing the roles (if that’s what people are thinking). Besides, if Arnold was to be in it, that kind of voids any chances of anything but an action flick.

    • Your right paul walker is a terrible actor and he is not deserving to be in any terminator movie. not even a foot soldier who dies.

  9. Ugggggggggggg

    Unless Hulk Hogan is the new Terminator and William Shatner stars as a further into the future Kirk-esque John Conner

    I don’t give a sh^t

  10. Paul walker? I’m sorry but where are you getting that from? He will not star in this movie. Period. Seriously Paul walker sucks.

    • Awesome.

  11. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel? No. Just, no.

  12. Set the movie in the future war described in T1. The original future before all the time travel f’ed it up. The way it was described in T1 and T2 didnt look anything like what was shown in TS.

  13. The Terminator franchise has reached the epic irony in that’s its become a parody of its namesake.

    I really have to blame Cameron for allowing the franchise to be sold for a dollar to Hamilton’s lawers yada yada. What a fricken dairy industry this classic has become.

    This article is right out of a quantum realty for me. Somewhere in the 4th dimension.

  14. WTF where is Bale? Walker is a terrible actor, my ball sack has more charisma.
    I for one really enjoyed salvation and I don’t really get why it got such a hammering. I thought it paid homage to T1 & T2. I mean come on, lets not forget how cheesy those movies are (although brilliant). According to the story in T1, Kyle Reese actually falls in love with that horrid 80′s Polaroid of Sarah Connor before he even meets her, if you can forgive that you can forgive a lot of things in salvation.
    Get a better director and keep Bale. In fact, get the Nolans to write the story. Throw Michael Cain in there somewhere too.

    • Peter couldn’t agree more!!! I liked Salvation. Bale as Connor was awesome!!

      • @ Save Terminator!!!!

        Im glad im not the only one who liked Terminator Salvation & Bale as Connor.

  15. I hope Bale reprises his role as John Connor as i myself tired of different people playin John Connor in each film. I prefer Bale over Paul Walker & im not overjoyed about Vin Diesel being involved. Bring back Robert Patrick as human role or Kristana Loken. And keep the film post-judgement day to focus on the war. Let’s see laser weapons, HK-TANKS be developed & built. And in the 6th film if they get that far, during the movie, see the time displacement equimpment get developed & maybe used which we all see how things lead to the events in T1 that took place in 1984.

    • That would work really well too, normally I find fans on this site don’t grasp sequel stories but I would so love to see the future terminator films take on a story like that. The only trouble is making more interesting terminators, the T1000 was so cool but the TX was very unimaginative.

      • @ Timothy dead

        I disagree. T-1000 was great yes, but along w/ Stan winston i too thought the TX Terminator was good aswell as a new model for all it what capable of doing.

  16. Justin Lynn is a awful director and he shouldn’t direct this movie or any terminator story or comic book. All his movies were a joke story and terrible acting. Please meagan ellison do not hire this guy to direct this movie. The fans want a future war and war scenes and john connor leading his men to the time displacement machine. …We want a future war!!! Arnold as a bad guy again and Christian Bale back as John Connor. If Justin Lynn and his terrible excuse of a terminator story and his always usual casting for actors make this movie it will be the end of the Terminator franchise as we know it!!! Hey Justin Lynn T3 and Terminator Salvation did happen! I bought the shirts movies game posters you name it i bought it. So to say that it didn’t exsist makes us fans mad and slaps us in the face!! Paul Walker is a joke!!!! If thios movie gets made I am no longwer a terminator fan and the terminator ended with Salvation for me!!

    • You mean Lin?

      • yes i mean Lin. He is important enough to have his name spelled right.

  17. How can anyone let Justin Lin direct this and make casting decisions. Dude’s a hack. Fast and the Furious 5 was god awful. Terminator Salvation will be better than Terminator 5 if Lin directs that’s a fact.

    • Well said At least it had a story and isen’t nothing but explosions like Lyn’s movies.

  18. Please not another REMAKE…I mean REBOOT!Just stick with the story and pick it up where it was left off….

  19. Please not another REMAKE…I mean REBOOT! Just stick with the story and pick it up where it was left off….

    • 1st & 2nd movie already tells the story both story’s are great. the 3rd was a not as good. 4th movie was better. just like cashone says we dont need another remake.

  20. I’m one of those that wonders at the Paul Walker hate? From a look standpoint playing John Connor he looks more like those chosen to play the character in the other movies, Edward Furlong, Michael Edwards, and Nick Stahl than Bale did in Salvation. Matter of fact why wouldn’t Stahl and Claire Danes be the better choices to reprise their roles as John and Kate Connor. Moving the story forward into the war of the machines makes the best sense to me too. I’d probably ignore allot of what happened in Salvation and try to link the continuation from the end of “T3″ instead.

    • because Paul Walker is a terrible actor…

    • Screw that idea! Continue on after Salvation. Ignoring one movie in thefranchise will only fracture it even more. Salvation was a damn good movie.

      • @ AO1JMM

        Lol. I agree with your comment heartly. You have a valid point. They intended to ignore Superman 3&4 with Superman Returns & continuing the franchise from that film but it didn’t meet expectations so that proved that idea for the Terminator franchise could backfire. If people know what im sayin. And it goes that way & that kind of film fails, ill be here to say (I Told You So) which i don’t wanna do. If they were wise, they’d get better writers, director & take down a few notes from flashbacks from the first two films & continue from Terminator Salvation.

        • wally west/i agree with you

  21. Terminator 4 was the best, hands down flick that I had always wanted to see since I was a kid. I always loved the future scenes of war from the first two movies and felt that was the true meat and potatoes of what Terminator was really about. The message being an apocalyptic warning of the consequences of letting our technology get out of control. “The Killer Robots” and “A.I” doomsday scenario wrapped up in a World War III bundle.

    THEY NEED TO CONTINUE THE WAR and include scenes simliar to the “truck getaway”. HK Tanks, Aerial HK’s and human subways. A few of those mixed in with what we seen in T4 would be a nice reminder. Takes some notes from the Terminator Tv series which had some cool things like a seperate AI that wanted to work with Connoer and skynet toying with humans instead of total annihilation.

    Nonetheless’ I will probably heavily enjoy the movie and T6 since McM(?) did such a great job with T4.

    • @ Lord Baylum

      The Terminator will always be my #1 favorite outta all of them. I too loved the flashback sequences of the future war in Cameron’s film & been hoping if that franchise went far enough, it would get to that point to see all those things. T4 was a good start imo, could of been better but still good. As Cameron said it could of used more depth, if i remember him sayin but im glad that i read the part where Cameron enjoyed the film more than he thought he would, especially Sam Worthington’s performance as i did aswell. Christian Bale was good as John Connor & i hope he returns aslong he doesnt use his Batman voice anymore I agree they need to keep T5 & T6 post-judgement day & no time-traveling till the last moment that Skyent decided to send a T-800 back to 1984 & we how John reacts when Reese volunteers to follow to protect Sarah. I loved to see the next installments be darker to the point where the resistance stay down during the day & move mostly at night, Skney developes the laser weapons for the machines to use & resistance later acquires it aswell, maybe see the HK Tanks be built & being used on the ground. And in T6 have part of plot be about Skynet developing the Time Displacement Equipment to be used to send back all the Terminators that were sent back, or prevent them? Whatever they do at the conclusion.

      • Yeah, I will be upset if they screw with the storyline and have Skynet show up in 2011. Matter of fact the very end of T6 needs to show Resse going through the time displacement portal before Conner takes down the A.I in Chyenne Wyoming and then the back up system AI comes on-line in a Satelitte. If you kno anything about Terminator lore, that was at the end of “Dawn of Fate”. They definitly need to stick with the main lore for now maybe come up with some diffrent stuff if they do a reboot about a decade after T6 comes out would be cool.

        They breifly cover the HK tank in the movie at the VLA ( Satelitte dishes ) in the beginning and theres a variation of the HK tank at the North Sentry Gun Where Conner crosses the Golden Gate. There may be one in the Feild also when Connoer test the EMP generator and shot down that Air HK, but Im not sure. They definitly need more close-ups of the HK tanks though and I wanted to see more of that weapon, It seems scarier to me than the flying HK’s.

        In the Trailer there was a Tank that crushed some skulls like in T1 and there was a scene (must have been deleted) in the service tunnel beneath the Very large Array (VLA) that had some sort of water machine that popped up outta the water, (the service tunnel was flooded to their chest.) and had dual Arm mounted mini-guns. That was in the trailer but I didnt see it in the movie.

        I’ll be glad they make T5 and T6 regardless how other ppl piss on it. Thas the one thing I notice about Critics is they never like anything, but how are we gonna keep something going if they dont keep making sequels and saga’s

        • @ Lord Baylum

          Imo, id hate to see a reboot of this franchise. The machines in the beginning firing at the resistanse i thought resembled the HK tanks but weren’t as big & didn’t roll. They looked like that machine that ID Marcus at the northgate Skynet central. I remembered rolling wheels crushing skulls in one of the trailers aswell. I liked both HK’s & HK tanks as one takes to the air as the other seems like heavy metal that patrols the ground that would take good amount of explosives to blow up as seen in a flashback in the first film. The deleted scene you’re refering to as the machine that pops outta the water in the tunnel can be seen in the Director’s Cut version of the film which imo was little bit better. I agree about them makin T5 & T6 regardless how other people & critics reacted to T4, especially when Arnold wasn’t in it. I mean, really imo i see no need for Arnold unless he’s playin a human character because you gotta admit his age is… little old to being a cyborg as seen in the earlier film. Aslong i enjoy the films, thats all i care about. I liked T4 but i hope T5 & T6 will be better & darker as what we seen in those flashbacks in Cameron’s films, and make them R-rated wouldn’t hurt.

  22. Please no reboot. Show the future war!! Christian Bale was a good John Conner. Show the continuing war and end it with Kyle being sent back in time in the 6th film. We’re done with time travel! Show the future war please! If you want to know why time travel doesn’t work any more refer to T3. T4 was good but it did need a better script. We need lots of terminators. Show the T600 series, they still had rubber masks, tell me thats not scary.


  24. They need to stick with post judgement day war. I want to see how they will end the war. If they do it different from terminator salvation. I will not go to see it and I know a lot of people that I talkes to about

  25. They need to stick with post judgement day war. I want to see how they will end the war. If they do it different from terminator salvation. I will not go to see it and I know a lot of people that I talked to about it will not go and see it.

  26. I reallllllly hope they will continue with post judgement day! I enjoyed seeing the 4th one mostly because of the time and seeing John older.

  27. I just read how that Fast & Furious director would like to bring back Sarah Connor & pretty much make the 5th film kinda a reboot by using time-traveling again etc. Lol, im not gonna waste money if they go that route cause they might aswell reboot the whole darn franchise. They’d have better luck probly that way.