‘Terminator 5′ Update: Pre-Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 17th, 2012 at 9:27 am,

Terminator 5 moving forward without Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 5 Update: Pre Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Given the public hoopla surrounding his recent divorce and revealed infidelity, it wasn’t a real shock when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to delay his return to acting. Although he had become associated with projects like Cry Macho and The Last Stand by that time, it was the seemingly Schwarzenegger-centric Terminator 5 that looked to be all but indefinitely delayed due to the aging action star/former governor’s retreat from the limelight.

However, that is apparently not the case. Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Films managed to secure the screen rights for two more Terminator movies – and the company is reportedly moving ahead with the fifth installment in the sci-fi franchise, in spite of Schwarzenegger’s departure.

What’s Playing says that although Schwarzenegger is said to be up for “a fairly substantial role” in Termiantor 5, the film would actually be anchored by a younger male lead. Combine that with word that the project continues the trend set by previous Terminator pictures (and the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show) by involving “the original timeline being torn, again” – and it becomes all the more clear as to how the fifth installment can move forward without Schwarzenegger.

Director Justin Lin remains attached to Terminator 5, which he previously admitted could conceivably feature his Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel in a pivotal role. However, current rumors peg Lin’s other Fast Five leading man (Paul Walker) as being floated as a possibility to headline the Terminator franchise for the time being.

Walker as the anchor for Terminator 5 doesn’t exactly sound all that appealing – and whether he’d be an improvement on Sam Worthington in Terminator: Salvation (or just more of the same) is up for debate. However, his potential involvement should be considered strictly RUMOR at this point, and nothing more.

fast five paul walker 1 Terminator 5 Update: Pre Production, New Plot & Casting Rumors

Could Walker star in 'Terminator 5'?

While Lin has admitted before that little is set in stone with respect to Terminator 5 right now, he also dismissed rumors concerning an original Terminator cast reunion in the film. The project in its current form is actually said to feature the return of several original Terminator characters, including the likes of Kyle Reese – and, it would seem, possibly even a younger Sarah Connor. If that is the case, then comparisons to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot seem all the more appropriate.

The big question concerning Terminator 5 is whether or not the time-travel angle is really the proper way to go again. A number of Terminator fans have already expressed their desire to see the post-Judgement Day storyline set in motion in Salvation continued on and expanded upon in the franchise’s next installment; additionally, the overly-convoluted nature of the Terminator timeline doesn’t seem to lend itself to a “complete reboot” to the same degree that Star Trek did.

Even with Terminator 5 inching ever closer to actually becoming a sure thing, there are still multiple directions that Lin (or whoever ends up ultimately sitting in the director’s chair) could go with it. The film could continue to cover the future war between humanity and Skynet; feature another attempt by the machines to wipe out the young John Connor and his loved ones; or it could essentially amount to a reboot starring Paul Walker. Take all that as you will.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Terminator 5 as more information is released.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. lets get old arnold to fight young arnold from 1984,that would be different and better because both terminators would be evenly matched.we seen arnold defeat other model terminators,lets see him defeat himself.

    • the crew of terminator must visit France\in cannes there is the answer of all problems\there is a bodybouilder who looks exactly like arnold 35 yars old….is not a joke …

  2. 1. Start 5 off with Reese being sent back to protect S.C, and a terminator to protect young JC.
    2. On leaving they find confinment cells holding Arnie, which skynet have held as a human model for his terminator.

    This is how they must start the next film, ties into previous films, and can also bring in Arnie wighout habing to use poor CGI to make him look young ( jeff bridges tron legacy) .

  3. 1. Start 5 off with Reese being sent back to protect S.C, and a terminator to protect young JC.
    2. On leaving they find confinment cells holding Arnie, which skynet have held as a human model for his terminator.
    This is how they must start the next film, ties into previous films, and can also bring in Arnie wighout habing to use poor CGI to make him look young ( jeff bridges tron legacy) .

  4. I think paul walker will be great for T5.

  5. I agree with everyone who is saying carry on from Salvation and get Bale to come back as Connor. If Cameron doesn’t want to direct maybe hire him in a role like Nolan had with the new Superman movie?

  6. before you know it they will reboot terminator and redo T1 and T2 in 10 or 15 years.

  7. In my View this series needs to be directed by James Cameron. He was the best. I think I saw him on a show hosted by Larry King where he said that he would consider it but he was busy with Avatar sequels.

    • I also think they need to bring back the original Sarah Conner in some way…

  8. you know it better for the terminator to save JC SC and kyle reese SC husband

  9. Given Terminator Salvation was possibly the worst film I have ever seen in the science-fiction genre (yes, worse than Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Star Wars episode I), I would advise for the studios to crawl on their hands and knees and beg James Cameron to direct and WRITE IT, too on the condition that the Terminator didn’t have a split-personality so as to earn the film a mere PG-13 rating. I want to see the original Terminator back in force (the one that isn’t shooting people in the kneecaps) taking names and taking no prisoners.

  10. terminator should be rated NC17,and be raw ,nasty,bloody,and scary.

    • Look forward to the new movie, love the action

  11. Wish they would make a future movie after the bombs dropped. That last terminator Salvations was not good.

  12. I understand that a lot of people don’t like Salvation, but what I fail to comprehend is how they look passed the train wreck of T3. That was absolutely horrible. I would have a Salvation Marathon before watching T3. The movie was a joke. I’d consider it the Batman and Robin of the Terminator world.

  13. Gerard Buttler to be in terminator 5 lead. howz that?

  14. Ok, Salvation maybe wasn’t the greatest, but I have to agree with the Dr on this one, were you asleep during T3? (Although I don’t blame you , wish I could block out the horrible memory of T3) First let’s regurgitate the intro of T2, but this time it’s a gay bar and Arnie walks out with a pair of fruity shades on. (Maybe he checked a guy’s oil with his dipstick while he was in there), amongst other tragedies of the film, the only one the vividly comes to mind is how much a pantywaist JC is as I almost expected to see him drop to his knees at the end of the movie and cry ‘Can’t we all just get along? !’ This movie was so PC and such a Campaign Spotlight for Arnie I was waiting to see ‘This Ad was paid for by the Schwarzenegger for Governor campaign ‘ in the credits! You gotta be kidding me…

  15. Marama Corlett for new sarrah ocnner chronicles.

  16. Can’t wait to have Arnold on board. He should be the main actor. Stop playing games with the scrip and let get it going. We know what the public wants so give it to them/us. Lots if shooting, some aggressive action pact scenes with a lot of futuristic add ons!

  17. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was just… A GIANT POO ON THE MOVIES