‘Terminator 5′ Gets New Screenwriters

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Terminator 5 Update Terminator 5 Gets New Screenwriters

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s staging a comeback (beginning with tomorrow’s The Last Stand), but there’s been little to nothing of substance to report about a new installment in his iconic sci-fi/action franchise, The Terminator, over the past year. That changes today, with a concrete update on Terminator 5.

Director Justin Lin left the project back in 2011, in order to take on Fast and the Furious 6 instead; though, the absence of an actual script probably contributed to him passing on T5 for a faster-moving blockbuster. That’s allowed Megan Ellison – the current owner of the Terminator franchise rights – more time to seek out and hire on screenwriters appropriate for the job.

Deadline is reporting that Terminator 5 screenwriting duties have been assigned to Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. Kalogridis’ writing resume includes director Timur Bekmambetov’s Night Watch, Oliver Stone’s Alexander, both the unaired and aired Bionic Woman pilot and Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. Moreover, she served as an executive producer on Terminator creator James Cameron’s Avatar, did some scripting on the filmmaker’s stalled Fantastic Voyage remake – which he is producing, not directing – and has been associated with his gestating Battle Angel adaptation in some creative capacity. (Coincidence? Probably not.)

Lussier, on the other hand, has made his living as an editor for over twenty years and also been working as a writer, director and editor working on the Dracula 2000 series. He handled all three jobs on the 3D My Bloody Valentine remake and Drive Angry, while also finding time over the years to edit Wes Carven’s Cursed and Red Eye (not to mention, Apollo 18).

Terminator 5 moving forward without Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 5 Gets New Screenwriters

That’s to say: Lussier and Kalogridis make for a curious pairing on Terminator 5, seeing how the former specializes in B-movie horror fare and the latter traditionally contributes to either high-minded material or concept-oriented science fiction (and sometimes, a combination of both). Then again, there are currently no confirmed plot or character details floating about, so it’s hard to determine if the planned T5 story – which (back when Lin was directing) was gearing up to break continuity from both Terminator: Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation - plays to the different writers’ strengths.

Last we heard, Arnold plans to be involved with the film in some sgnificant capacity (despite the obvious constraints that come with his age). Moreover, the implication was that Terminator 5 won’t move forward until Schwarzenegger agrees the film is shaping up as superior to Rise of the Machines. In the meantime, he’s planning to revisit some of his other 1980s properties, with Legend of Conan and Triplets instead (take that as you will).

More on Terminator 5 as the story develops.


Source: Deadline

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  1. Can’t wait.

    I enjoyed Salvation and just hope the new one feaures the actual war and not the humans as renegade guerilla types.

  2. Hopefully they continue where salvation left off and Schwarzenegger is a merely a human character who has some history with skynet and that’s why they modeled the terminator after him. He’s to old to be playing the actual terminator. And all I want to see is the the war. I don’t want to go back to pre-judgement day.

    • hah, that’s exactly what i said…

      • Glad I’m not the only one. It just seems like the logical route o take.

    • @jerry – Love that idea! That would be a great way to use Arnold. Perhaps they could use some “movie magic” to make him seem like an intelligent engineer/scientist instead of the killing machine he’s played in the prior films.

    • That was my thought as well…Arnold should play a principle part, but as the human doctor/engineer/scientist who created his version of the Terminator.

      I really hope he makes Legend of Conan first, though, and soon!

        • yeah wasn’t he that dumb as a doornail body building guy in a training video on T3? I cant load the youtube link (cuz I’m at work haha) but I assume that’s what it is @dr kenneth. If they just pretend that video never happened then they could totally make him a smart scientist dude/warrior.

  3. i hope they make it more Si-fy and less realistic, just take future as we saw in first two movies and use that as a template, is it that hard?

    • It’s been realistic since the first one using whatever technology at the time of the movie making process and just giving us a sci fi battle as a distant future scene to set up the initial story.

      Keep it realistic and continue speaking with futurists as I’m sure they’ve been doing since The Terminator back in the 80s to make it so that we’re not given a ridiculous looking space laser battle with no in between.

      Have them debut the laser guns from the first movie’s battle scene at the end of this new one.

  4. Whatever they script, they need to understand that John Connor will be sacrificed in order to win the war because his father was from the future. Plus they need to start exploring the concept of that time machine idea instead of coming up with a bunch of lousy T-models.

  5. Listen, and understand. That Terminator franchise is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are bored to death.

    • hahaha thats clever! and I totally agree with you.. the quality totally went out the window in exchange for quantity with T3 and 4…

    • Hahahaha that’s awesome!!

  6. The franchise ended with Terminator 2 for me, there was no need to make anymore!

    They have milked it for all it’s worth, terminator 3 was just another variation on the movies before it and Salvation made us care more about some random terminator than the actual hero, which was portrayed horrendously by Christian Bale, you could tell he did it for the pay check, wanted nothing to do with the movie and just shouted his way through it!

    I’m surprised they haven’t decided to reboot the whole thing yet

    • ^^^^^ this ^^^^^

      I just watched T1 the other day and while still entertaining, the FX do look glaringly primitive by today’s standards. CGI would really add to a remake (as long as they stay TRUE to the original and don’t attempt to **** it up with some silly re-imagining)

      Enhance, don’t change.

  7. well imo the original was a masterpiece, t2 was just as good as the original, t3 didn’t do it for me. kristanna loken or whoever wasn’t a good bad guy, the effects when she transformed were pretty sucky too. The T1000 from like a decade earlier looked way better.. salvation was just silly. It was a decent enough action flick, but it just screamed Bmovie to me. It was kinda corny and silly, I enjoyed it way more than t3 and the effects were great but… idk. The odds are against terminator sequels to begin with cuz terminator and T2 are basically the holy grail of scifi action cinema, its extremely difficult to measure up to that.

  8. Im glad im not the only one who enjoyed Terminator Salvation. To be honest i thought it was little better than T3 was as T4 was more serious. Of-course there were things id do different within the film to make it better as Cameron would but i didn’t think it was terrible as people made it out to be.

    I do hope the 5th film continues from Salvation with SKYNET developing the laser weapons & the ground-HK’s with things getting bad to where the resistance mostly move around at night. Not another time-traveling cat & mouse sequel as Arnold is little old to be the T-800 or a human saving the Conners from another new model terminator or any prevous one. Id keep the franchise moving forward to point where the first T-800 & Reese are both sent back to 1984 or just end the franchise.

    Personally id like to see it through of how the (Final battle will not be fought in the future. It will be fought in our pleasant…Tonight)

  9. We obviously know the main focus is going to be 2 things:

    1.) Sending Kyle back in time to go after the Terminator and become John’s biological father so he can exist.

    2.) Re-programming the first T-800 to protect John and Sarah from the T-1000

    • Was the Second T-800 The first one was crushed, you forget the Arm that was in the lab and the chip of the first T-800.

      • I meant the first of the good T-800′s that John re-programmed to protect John, Sarah, and Kate

    • Who really wants to see that?

      It was like seeing how Anakin became Vader, nobody give s***, something’s don’t need to be shown, it’s like when a magician reveals his trick, what’s the point?

      • Yes. Everything happens that need to happen for continuity = boring. I think this a big problem for X-Men: Day’s of Future Past as well.

      • Nah. We all wanted to see Anakin, hailed as the greatest jedi knight, become the one of the greatest villains. Unfortunately what we got took away the magic because of the execution. But the potential was there!

    • Did we see the same Salvation here? How was it a joke? It continued from Judgment Day, introduced us to a paranoid, militaristic John Connor and leads nicely to future movies.

      You can’t have a war without the build towards it first, Salvation bridged that gap.

      Hell, I saw that and X-Men: First Class on release and honestly enjoyed Salvation more than FC.

        • Agreed +1

        • Of course it needed bridging.

          We got the freedom fighter warning the girl that her kid saved humanity in the first.

          We got that kid and his mother trying to stop Skynet and prevent the future from happening.

          We got that kid now growing up and staying off the grid hoping for the best but knowing the world still wasn’t safe and then Judgment Day starting.

          We got the aftermath with humanity living in small pockets of freedom fighters and not quite an army.

          Each movie has been a continuation set several years after the last telling a chapter in the story.

          We need the army to be fully formed in the next and then a 6th with the actual war and humanity winning.

          If you couldn’t see the greatness in Salvation or the bridging going on then you must be seriously blind or hating to seem cool or something lame.

  10. I’m a big fan of the franchise!!! Terminator 2: Judgment Day is One of My Favorite Films of All Time!!! It’s Number 8 out of my Top 10 List!!!! I enjoyed Salvation and Rise of The Machines! Salvation I enjoyed because I knew what was coming and Arnold should come back to do more Terminator films such as T5! I even saw a Fan Trailer of T5 called “Terminator 5 Trailer – Original Cast is Back” By TheMovieD00D or ken2go2 and it did look pretty good!!!

  11. Terminator was a very good series never saw salvation but to see another terminator sounds great

  12. Damn shame I didn’t know there was a part 3 and 4.

  13. He can reprise his role by being the scientist who creates the Cyborg in his image. There fore, people don’t have to worry about him being too old.

    • That was my thought and others as well. As I said above, though, I hope he focuses on Legend of Conan first, and gets that made. He’ll need to tone himself up a bit for that, though.

  14. I think they should remake it or just have the sequel somehow set in the present day. I don’t know why but I think it would be more interesting to have it set in present day instead of the post-apocalyptic world the 4th was set in. I think that’s one of the reasons I liked the first 3 more. Anyone else?

  15. Go with the war aspect from the opening of the original terminator, even Kyle’s dream sequence from the construction yard when he dozes off, but leave Arnold out of it, unless he’s in some kind of a flashback senario/scene. He can’t be the center piece any more, or even supporting, he’s just to old, and it’s time to move the franchise on. Focus on the war, use lasers, use HK’s and have some fun with it.

  16. The combination of Kalogridis and Lussier may seem weird, but wasn’t the first film just a horror movie with a science fiction back drop? I think using some B-movie horror ideas with some high concept science fiction could work to create a very different style of script instead of rehashing the same stories (as they did with Rise of the Machines). It’ll be interesting to see if they pick up after Judgement Day or if they continue on after Salvation.

  17. As long as it’s not McG. We’re in the safe.

  18. bale and arnold oh man that would be awesome to see in t5

  19. Lussier will make this movie a fail in my opinion. His previous work pretty much spells doom for anything he touches…

    But in my opinion, they need to do a REAL future war and negate Terminator 3 and 4. Do that by showing Sarah Connor alive past the Terminator 3 timeline. I know she’ll have to die before the war reaches its peak, but just find a way to show that Terminator 3 and 4 never happened. But a real all-out war between man and machine like shown in the future scenes in the first 2 Terminator movies would be awesome. But they need to stick to the ugly but functional designs of the Robot aircraft and large vehicles. I hate when they try to make things look “cooler” as if Skynet cares how “cool” their killing machines look. They just have to be functional and rugged. Stick to what a machine like Skynet would do, not what some hipster would design… WWSD… :-P

  20. i think because a Terminator has living skin then there should be no issue with older looking terminators because the skin would age

  21. I wonder which supermodel will be the next antagonist? They may go for yet another lolita terminator, but that idea would just be plain dumb. Maybe they will just robotize a blow-up doll, and have it chase the humans around. Of course, maybe ah-nold will cross dress for us all this time. Whatever they do, it will rule!!!

  22. Boggled by the inclusion of Lussier. I am a big Horror fan, so I would love to rave about the inclusion of a horror film maker. But he hasn’t made a single good movie.

  23. reading this made me loose hope in there ever being a worthy successor to terminator 2. a pair of nobodies that barely have any talent and are known for nothing writing the script for one of the most popular sci-fi franchises in history… yeah the movies gonna be smashing…everyone’s head against the wall ;)

  24. I’d love to see an elder, human, engineer/scientist Arnold unveiling his unit of terminators baring his likeness when he was younger. Just use someone else’s body with his younger face, and through the magic of movie making, multiply him many times.

  25. What might be interesting is if Arnold plays a human that has been captured by the machines and they copy his DNA to use on the Tirminators. Then you could have a (some) CGI recreations for the Tirminators and old Arnold as a human.

    • I kinda like that idea. He could be a good guy fighting against the terminators, and wouldn’t it be interesting if, in the end, he gets killed by one of his cloned terminators?

  26. I liked what McG did with Salvation… seriously.