‘Terminator 5′ Gets New Screenwriters

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Terminator 5 Update Terminator 5 Gets New Screenwriters

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s staging a comeback (beginning with tomorrow’s The Last Stand), but there’s been little to nothing of substance to report about a new installment in his iconic sci-fi/action franchise, The Terminator, over the past year. That changes today, with a concrete update on Terminator 5.

Director Justin Lin left the project back in 2011, in order to take on Fast and the Furious 6 instead; though, the absence of an actual script probably contributed to him passing on T5 for a faster-moving blockbuster. That’s allowed Megan Ellison – the current owner of the Terminator franchise rights – more time to seek out and hire on screenwriters appropriate for the job.

Deadline is reporting that Terminator 5 screenwriting duties have been assigned to Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. Kalogridis’ writing resume includes director Timur Bekmambetov’s Night Watch, Oliver Stone’s Alexander, both the unaired and aired Bionic Woman pilot and Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. Moreover, she served as an executive producer on Terminator creator James Cameron’s Avatar, did some scripting on the filmmaker’s stalled Fantastic Voyage remake – which he is producing, not directing – and has been associated with his gestating Battle Angel adaptation in some creative capacity. (Coincidence? Probably not.)

Lussier, on the other hand, has made his living as an editor for over twenty years and also been working as a writer, director and editor working on the Dracula 2000 series. He handled all three jobs on the 3D My Bloody Valentine remake and Drive Angry, while also finding time over the years to edit Wes Carven’s Cursed and Red Eye (not to mention, Apollo 18).

Terminator 5 moving forward without Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 5 Gets New Screenwriters

That’s to say: Lussier and Kalogridis make for a curious pairing on Terminator 5, seeing how the former specializes in B-movie horror fare and the latter traditionally contributes to either high-minded material or concept-oriented science fiction (and sometimes, a combination of both). Then again, there are currently no confirmed plot or character details floating about, so it’s hard to determine if the planned T5 story – which (back when Lin was directing) was gearing up to break continuity from both Terminator: Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation - plays to the different writers’ strengths.

Last we heard, Arnold plans to be involved with the film in some sgnificant capacity (despite the obvious constraints that come with his age). Moreover, the implication was that Terminator 5 won’t move forward until Schwarzenegger agrees the film is shaping up as superior to Rise of the Machines. In the meantime, he’s planning to revisit some of his other 1980s properties, with Legend of Conan and Triplets instead (take that as you will).

More on Terminator 5 as the story develops.


Source: Deadline

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  1. Salvation was amazing compared to T3. T3 is the Highlander 2 of the Terminator series. At least Salvation added something new to the mythology and had a different type of narrative. It had some glaring issues like the ending and Christian Bale, but overall it was not bad at all. Still Sam Worthington’s best role.

    T5 could be doable if Arnold comes back as a crotchey rugged old scientist who survived Judgement Day for the sole purpose of redeeming himself for designing the Terminator by reprogramming one to time travel to defend the Connors (T2). It’d tie the series together nicely and give some cool backstory to the good T2 Terminator

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    • I completely agree. “Salvation” did such a good job and it didn’t even have Arnie in it. It would be a blast to have Christian Bale also in and that scenario that you suggest for Arnold part doesn’t sound bad at all. With the T-800 CGI from “Salvation”, I wouldn’t complain. High expectations for this film!

  2. I’m excited and love all of the Terminator movies. Rise of the Machines gets a lot of crap, but I still enjoy it. The overall story of the Terminator franchise is one of my all-time favorites.

    • @ Aaron

      I have to say T3 wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible as people make it out to be. I enjoyed it aswell to some extent.

  3. Bring back Arnold and let him have some input (as he knows the Terminator movies well). Please do not make it much like a horror movie as I believe that would ruin the franchise (and this movie). On a side note, I did like Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation (maybe bring him back…).

  4. Wait….ther’es going to be a T5?

  5. So excited! Next to the Alien franchise, The Terminator franchise is second favorite run. I hope they focus on John Connor in the Future War that James Cameron envisioned. Salvation was pretty good, but it was bright and change how the Resitance fought and moved around at night. Cameron delivered this perfect dark and grimy version of the future. My favorite moments were the flashbacks with Kyle Reese. If it were up to me, I would cast Michael Fassbender as John Connor and have Arnold either play a terminator or a human resistance fighter that Skynet based his likeness on in the past (in the future past?) Even have time travel with John Connor taking it on himself to change the future

  6. All these scenarious with Ahnold as a scientist… I thought there was a special scene in the DVD release of T3 that explained the one they used as a template for the T-800 as some military guy.

  7. If they want Arnie back for T5 then they better get cracking, The man isnt getting any younger, A Terminator in a wheel chair wont have the same affect I reckon..

    • I’ll be back! after I change my diaper :D

      • That is brilliant!

        He could also have three options in his computer programming when he meets up with John Connor:
        - Take Geritol
        - Take Nap
        - Kick Butt

  8. I love the T. series and love Arnold and i know he miss make movie.Good luck for him,

  9. I was satisfied with Terminator: Morphing, or as it’s more commonly known T2. T3 was just a rehash of that story. T4 for all its flaws gave me what I wanted, humans fighting terminators in the future, which T2 should have been.
    I’ve said all this before, but I’ll say now that I would trade all that junk for one Terminator sequel done right. Fool me three times, shame on- whoever these guys are writing this now.

    Is it just me or do too many potentially great series get ruined these days by hacks who want to make it all about themselves?
    Shame indeed.

    • I actually liked the TX for what it was capable of. And didn’t mind how SKYNET became self-aware & machines came online with missles being fired over the planet. Made sense than a hydrogen bomb as seen in Sarah’s dreams. I would agree the first half was mostly like T2. And if they make the 5th film or more, im hoping it’s not anothet time-traveling cat & mouse chase otherwise it will might end up worse than T3 was. I prefer to the franchise stay the course from Salvation & the filmakers really take notes from the original of how Reese’s world was like before being sent back to 1984.

  10. Go up against ROBOCOP. Shouldn’t be hard, the remake looks like Robot Turds!

    Yeah TERMINATOR 5 might be pretty cool!

  11. I’ve seen all the previous parts of Terminator series. All are very much different with new imaginations, innovations.
    Really getting excited for Terminator 5 :D

  12. I think Salvation had a good start. It was just shortly after Judgment day but I agree that it seemed a little lively for a world that just suffered a nuclear holocaust basically. My only main issue with Terminator: Salvation was Christian Bale being in Batman mode or sounding like he just got throat cancer >_<. I am interested to see what kind of role Arnold will play, would be neat if he was either some one who was a survivor and taken by Skynet or maybe even some like head honcho for Skynet. T3 ehh it was ok. I did like seeing more then 1-2 types of Terminator models though in Salvation, the aquatic one was freaking awesome.

    I think T5 should start were Salvation left off and quickly move to the iconic opening of T1 and T2 or just start from there. Humans are prey, HK Drones every where, Hundreds of T800 droids just going threw destroyed cities and gunning down survivors and resistance fighters. To bad Cameron isn't working on it then it would be epic. *Shrugs* Still kind of early to say anything really I guess. Damn now I want to watch my Collector Edition of T2 now just to watch the opening.

  13. So this article basically says nothing new for T5. It should’ve been MUCH shorter…

  14. thanks :)

  15. So this article basically says nothing new for T5

  16. Terminator series are evergreen ones and I really like them. Thanks for sharing.

  17. lets have old arnold fight young juiced up arnold in T5,and have then both travel to 2015 to fight each other and have fights in places like the zoo have old arnold throw young arnold to the tigers.

  18. before you know it 10 or 15 years will pass and they will remake T1 and T2.

  19. I don`t think they will ever make a remake of T1 OR T2 maybe a sub plot but not a direct remake given the success of them…