Terminator 5 May Go To London… If It Goes Anywhere

Published 6 years ago by , Updated October 29th, 2012 at 8:44 am,

terminator 5 Terminator 5 May Go To London… If It Goes Anywhere

Two days ago, Screen Rant reported on one of the newest TV Spots for Terminator Salvation. That commercial showed off the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face appeared in the movie in a short scene as the T-800 killing machine.

Why is that significant?

Well, my thoughts were that the folks behind the movie were getting desperate to have people come see the movie in theaters now that it has been out for several weeks in North America and had not lived up even close to where they expected it to be in terms of box office numbers. What does that mean for its potential sequel?

The film had received mostly negative reviews from critics everywhere, the worst out of the franchise. Its opening weekend was weak, coming second to the Night at the Museum sequel and not even coming close to other May openers such as Star Trek, Wolverine and Pixar’s Up. Since then, it dropped off significantly and it continues to do so with big movies opening weekly during the busy summer season. This is especially bad since they went for the PG-13 rating on the film to open it up to the younger movie-going audiences.

With poor reception and poor numbers, the $200 million production budget no longer seems like a good investment. Worse, the franchise is no longer as strong as once thought. Is it the brand name that’s not selling as much? Or could it be that Terminator needs the Governator as the lead?

McG’s Terminator Salvation was supposed to be one of the biggest movies of the year and more than that, it was supposed to be the start of a whole new trilogy of films. Leading up to the release of this fourth installment, there was plenty of talk of ideas for the sequel to Salvation, including having Robert Patrick back for a role in it and everything looked great.

Now, not so much. Will there even be a sequel to Salvation? If there is, will the same creative team be there to make it? Will they pay Christian Bale a ton of money to do it and will McG again direct?

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  1. sorry i messed up typing, i was wanting to say close to the beginning that (( Who’s unaware what he is and what he’s supposed to do))

  2. @chrisj, interesting pov. I didn’t have a problem with T3… I felt with all its flaws it still kept the story moving towards the future war, +it was Arnolds last film before he became a scumbag politician, and I worked on some of the second unit stuff filmed at Downey Studios.

    On the direction it took,,,,we cant keep Judgement Day one Terminator away every film. Is that what people really want, Connor to fend off Terminators all his life to avoid going against the “Future’s not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves doctrine?”. There had to be a point where the future war began. That was the end of T3. Mostow left it and Mcg/Warner Bros/ and Christain Bale, took the ball, ran the wrong direction, fumbled it, picked it up, threw it over to another team mate, he dropped it, then recovered it in the wrong end zone…………………… 😯

    Terminator Salvation was an insulting flaming pile of elephant crap that haunts my memories and ruined one of my favorite sci fi franchises. (Don’t step on that!)
    Damm it.

  3. Also I have to totally disagee with anyone that calls the Terminator future war films prequels…

    That’s incorrect as the timeline moves forward with the films no matter what the outcome.

    Sure there’s a prequel aspect that is attached to Reese and T2 etc, but that’s a fanboys illusion…

  4. @ 790
    Interesting pov? With all due respect, this new terminator trilogy will reveal issues we’ve seen in previous films. From John coming face to face with Reese in his young age, to the Time Displacement Equipment as mentioned as part of the plot of the next film if it takes place. last but not least of all it will lead us to John sending Reese back to 1984 after the T-800 goes thru. and might even see the death of john as mentioned by Reese in the first film. And i only said the new Terminator trilogy is part prequel/sequel.

  5. Chris, you may need to rewatch T1 ’cause Reese never mentions John’s death. John is alive when he sends Reese back in time.

    John’s death isn’t ever mentioned until T3 but it doesn’t really matter since there’s a flashback of adult John alive and healthy celebrating victory over Skynet on July 4th 2032. I’m not sure why the writers wrote in John’s death when it doesn’t matter since we see him beat skynet.

  6. @ Mike
    Mike id say its you that needs to watch T1 again. I quote Micheal Bien as Reese sayin this in the scene…clocked at 1 hr. 6 sec. onto the MGM DVD (( Sarah: Will you talk about something? Reese: What? Sarah: I dont know, anything. Just talk. Tell me about my son. Reese: He’s about my height. Sarah: Whats he like? Reese: You trust him. He’s got your strength. I’d die for John Connor. Sarah: atleast i know what to name him. I dont suppose you know who the father is. Someone told him to get lost when they met him? Reese: John never said much about him. I know he dies before the war… And when Reese said that about John it was at 1 hr. 6 min, 42 seconds. when Sarah cuts him off before he can finish what he would say.

  7. Chris,

    Reese was talking about John’s father, not John. Notice that Sarah changes the subject from John to the subject of John’s father, “I don’t suppose you know who the father is?” At this point, Reese is now talking about the father who “dies before the war” and not John.

    How could you think John dies “before the war?” Then he wouldn’t have ever met Reese, fought with Reese or sent Reese back in time. I’m beginning to see that you really don’t understand the Terminator films, at all.

    Sorry, but please stop unleashing your confusion on to the rest of us.


  8. McG’s got his imagination gone wild. John Connor should never go back in time himself, and time travel should still be a tricky thing. If anything’s possible, then it turns into a Michael Bay movie. I still think James Cameron should be brought back to the Terminator universe/writers’ table, or at least give some advice on where to go next. Terminator 3, even though many people came to see it, was terrible. T2 is still waiting on a decent sequel, so everything that happened in T3 (or was told will happen, like John’s death) should be forgotten. That’ll be the only way to save the franchise.

  9. @ Mike
    you still dont understand what im sayin. you keep up twisting whatever i say.Reese is John’s father. Reese Mentions when John connor dies to Sarah in T1. And in T3, again it is mentioned that john Connor dies by the same T-800 before its re-programmed and sent to protect John and Kate from TX. Did it ever occur to you that John Connor will probly die during the final battle that will end Skynet? Think about it.

  10. Chris, in T1, Reese never tells Sarah that John Connor dies. Reese was talking about the father (himself). Is English your second language?

  11. @ Mike
    Why in such denial? i gave you the exact time on the dvd where he tells sarah. maybe i should be more clear and say its the scene where they’re hiding in that little tunnel thing and sarah gives Reese first aid. Its all there. heck, use subtitles if you cant hear him tell sarah.

  12. @ Mike
    BTW, Theres no need for foul language. That’s kiddie talk.

  13. Chris, I don’t think you understand.

    Reese is talking about John’s father dying before the war, not John himself.

    John is alive before, during the war and even sends Reese back in time. Your mistaken to think John died before the war. Reese was talking about John’s father.

    Even in a flashback in T2 we see an adult John Connor very much alive during the war.

    Someone’s definitely in denial. You misunderstood what Reese said and you’re unable and/or unwilling to admit it.

    So you really think that John Connor died before the war, huh?

  14. @ Mike
    mike mike mike, still dont understand how Reese is john’s Father. John is killed after Reese is sent to the past. but is killed probly years away when he’s older. Most Likely John will die by the time the war with skynet is over. There’s still two more films that will explain more of the details. I dont recall Reese telling Sarah he’s the father. Watch T1 again Mike, That footage of John from T2 could of been at anytime in the future. Theres always more than one battle in a war mike. perhaps James Cameron should of used the word Battle instead of War so you would understand. I Have friends over here right now who watched that part. i even rewinded the scene 3 times and once with subtitles. It wasnt about what i said about john dies before the war, its what that Reese said it. im tryin all i can to get you to understand that. Like i said in earlier post, i was quoting what Michael Bien said in T1. And if you remember that scene in T1 you would know Sarah cut him off from finishing what he was gonna say. Perhaps, Reese MIGHT of said John dies before the war ends? but again, Sarah stopped him before he finished sayin somthing. How many years old would you say john would be from Kyle? and how many battles could the two fight in? But you want live in denial and twist whatever i say around, thats fine. wouldnt surprise me if you rather followed the Terminator tv show timeline instead.

  15. Ugh,,,, that’s enough for me,,,
    I’m outta this discussion.

    I’ve had enough Terminator talk to last me a lifetime.

  16. Chrisj, Mike is right. I’ve seen T1 many times and that scene you are referring to his Reese talking about the father of JC (Reese doesn’t know that he will be the father). The only time we here that JC dies is in T3; the T-800 informs him that it was the one to kill Connor and his wife sends him back to protect her.

    Also, even thought T3, IMHO, is the worst in the series, I think they can continue with this timeline. I feel they do need to get Cameron involved since it was his vision and he knows best what can be changed. Connor going back in time is a mistake, IMO.

  17. Chris, you’re trying to throw all this extraneous information into your arguments but it’s clear that you misunderstood that Reese was talking about John’s father when he said “he died before the war.” You either got that or you didn’t.

  18. @ John
    Ive seen all the films plenty of times, especially the first film. I Remember every scene from each film as if they were in a photo album. on the dvd i clocked the time at which Reese tells Sarah how he knows John dies before the war, she cuts him off from finishing what he would say. i would bet you all the money in the world John will die before war is over with cause we all know theres plenty of battles he’ll be in. James Cameron aint gonna come back. Heck he only intended to make one terminator film but change his mind cause he’d wait for the tech to come around. The idea of two terminators fighting over the fate of john was originally the plot of the first film but sadly tech. for the T-1000 wasnt around yet.

  19. Chris, you’ve seen T1 hundreds of times but misunderstood that scene each time. Reese was talking about John’s father dying before the war, not John. Don’t you remember when Sarah changed the subject to the father, “so tell me about the father?”

  20. @ Mike. you make it sound like john has two fathers. you dont understand how Reese said John never mentioned much about his father, and he was simply gonna say how john dies before the war-Sarah cuts him off from finishing sayin it. It is possible that John dies before the war ends. And in T3 the terminator mentions how it kills john which would indicate skynet was still functioning at the time. But you want to ignore that part of T3.

  21. Chris, you’re relying too much on the newly written T3 to justify your theory about T1.

    John has one father, it was Reese. It’s unclear if Reese knew yet that he was supposed to father him. Reese wasn’t talking about John dying before the war, Reese was talking about John’s father. That is a fact. Before that moment in the conversation, Sarah changed the topic to John’s father. When Reese told her that he died before the war and Sarah cuts him off.

    I think you’re purposely misinterpreting it because you don’t want to admit that you made a mistake and that’s fine. I feel ridiculous still arguing your misunderstanding about it.

    Keep at it if you must.

  22. @ Mike
    Obviously you dont realize how Sarah was askin Reese about who is the father and Reese didnt know much about him and cause john hardly talked about his father to reese. and it was then reese was about to inform Sarah when john will die. Why not watch the film with subtitles on. While you have your own opinion, its your choice to be in denial. You’re not the first ive corrected on a movie, nor be the last. any other person i known to be in denial would rather stick to the Terminator tv series timeline because they hated T3 and T4.

  23. Chris, Reese didn’t know if John ever died or not because he had John had already sent him back in time. John was alive when he sent him back, then he reprogrammed another T-800 and sent it to 1995, but Reese never knew about this because he was already sent back to 1984.

    Read the published T2 script and you’ll see Cameron’s scenes where that were never shot where John storms Skynet’s time displacement equipment and sends Reese back.

    Sorry, but John was alive when he sent Reese back. Reese was telling Sarah about John’s father that died before the war (himself) but you mistakenly insist that he was talking about John.

  24. Uh chris, I think you’ve misunderstood something there, Reese never hinted at John dying in T1…

    If you have any doubts, in the beginning of T2 young John Connor asked the T-800 (not T-101 BTW) “Who sent you?” And his answer was “You did.” He didn’t say the resistance sent him, someone subordinate to John, no, JOHN CONNOR reprogrammed him and sent him back, and that was at the same time (supposedly) as when he sent Kyle back or right after.

  25. @ Ken
    Ok ken, sure, Reese hints to Sarah about his own demise, only he doesnt mention his name probly because he doesnt wanna the time continuem. What was said in T2 doesnt mean anything cause we know down the road John will get terminated. By the way, im aware its called the T-800, its mike who think of it as a T-101. make sure you read above messages clearly.

  26. risk the time continuem, sorry for mis-spelled confusion.

  27. Chris, please stop putting words in my mouth.

    I don’t think it’s a T-101. It’s a T-800. I’m upset at the T3 writers for screwing it up and mistakenly writing him as a T-101 where Arnold actually calls himself that in T3 and says the machine from T2 was also a T-101.

    The movie made the mistake, not I, and now you seem to be trying to attribute it to me for some reason.

    Also, Reese doesn’t mention his own name to Sarah because:

    – at that point he’s not even sure he fathers John
    – John never told him who his real father was
    – records of John’s father were lost, all that was known was that he died before the war

    At least you’re recognizing that you were wrong about Reese saying that John died before the war and you’re attempting to backtrack. Do it properly and correct yourself though, don’t change what I’ve been saying. Admit you were wrong, don’t weasel out of your mistake.

  28. @ Mike
    In T1, reese mentioned the terminator as a T-101. Except in the film that reese says it this way to Sarah. (( Reese: Not a man, a machine. A terminator, model 101.)) He mentioned the T-600 as 600 series which would be the T-600 terminator line.

  29. No Chris, watch it again. He calls it a “Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, T-800″ not a T-800.

    The T3 writers got confused and combined the “T” from “T-800″ and the “101” from the “Cyberdyne Systems Model 101″ and mistakenly called him a “T-101″ in T3.

    According to Cameron’s script, it is a CSM 101, T-800.

    The T3 writers got confused and called it a T-101.

    An actual T-101 would be one of the very first terminators, far less advanced than the T-600.

    Arnold Machine (according to T1 & T2):

    Model: CSM-101
    Make: T-800 Series

    Don’t you see the T3 writers mistake, they took the model number and the letter from the make series and combined them into a “T-101″ which doesn’t make sense.