Terminator 5 May Go To London… If It Goes Anywhere

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terminator 5 Terminator 5 May Go To London… If It Goes Anywhere

Two days ago, Screen Rant reported on one of the newest TV Spots for Terminator Salvation. That commercial showed off the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face appeared in the movie in a short scene as the T-800 killing machine.

Why is that significant?

Well, my thoughts were that the folks behind the movie were getting desperate to have people come see the movie in theaters now that it has been out for several weeks in North America and had not lived up even close to where they expected it to be in terms of box office numbers. What does that mean for its potential sequel?

The film had received mostly negative reviews from critics everywhere, the worst out of the franchise. Its opening weekend was weak, coming second to the Night at the Museum sequel and not even coming close to other May openers such as Star Trek, Wolverine and Pixar’s Up. Since then, it dropped off significantly and it continues to do so with big movies opening weekly during the busy summer season. This is especially bad since they went for the PG-13 rating on the film to open it up to the younger movie-going audiences.

With poor reception and poor numbers, the $200 million production budget no longer seems like a good investment. Worse, the franchise is no longer as strong as once thought. Is it the brand name that’s not selling as much? Or could it be that Terminator needs the Governator as the lead?

McG’s Terminator Salvation was supposed to be one of the biggest movies of the year and more than that, it was supposed to be the start of a whole new trilogy of films. Leading up to the release of this fourth installment, there was plenty of talk of ideas for the sequel to Salvation, including having Robert Patrick back for a role in it and everything looked great.

Now, not so much. Will there even be a sequel to Salvation? If there is, will the same creative team be there to make it? Will they pay Christian Bale a ton of money to do it and will McG again direct?

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  1. @ Mike.

    Due to the remains of the T-800 from the first film, the developement of Skynet came into place. The Factory where it was terminated was owned by Cyberdyne Systems. And in T2, Miles dyson mentioned everything about Skynet’s Developement was based off the T-800′s cpu chip that was kept in the vault. Skynet was always gonna be invented, but due to the terminator being sent back to the past and having it’s remains takin for research, Skynet would be invented much earlier as seen in T2. As for Judgement Day being postponed, Some of the research and developeent of Skynet went up in flames, but not all. Miles Dyson wasnt the only one who brought his work home with him. AS for the T-800 being introduced in Terminator Salvation, remember the T-800 was only a prototype being just now being created by Skynet. Remember the look John had on his face and the others had on their faces at the beginning of the film, when they were hacking into Skynet’s operations, figuring out how to use real human skin for cyborgs. But since Skynet’s San Fransico’s base of operations was destoryed, that means the creation of the T-800 has been postponed itself. As for 2011, its been said that john sisnt goin back to prevent Judgement day, he’s goin back to gather world’s leader and inform them better about Skynet and its invasion. But no sequel has been a done deal yet and they could always change the story.

  2. Am I correct in assuming the writers of salvation were the writers from T3? And if this is true, why in gods name would they bring them in for salvation? What were they thinking? My biggest issue was the script by far. IMO it made all the difference.

  3. Doing the rounds. Possibly fan-made but better than the London crap: http://notasoul.t35.com/shh

  4. @chrisj

    why do you think the timeline got altered after T1? There’s only evidence of it getting altered after T2, in fact T2 confirms everything stayed the same, John getting conceived and pieces of the T-800 being the cornerstone of Skynet.

    You see, “what happened, happened.” The T-800 always arrived in 1984 and his remains always led to Cyberdyne and then Skynet. Reese always arrived in 1984 and always impregnated Sarah with John. The T-800 went back in time to change history but only ended up reinforcing it. In one continous loop. At least that was Cameron’s take with the first two films. Then Ferris and Brancato mucked it all up with alternate timelines in T3 and T4.

    Cameron writes with the single continuous loop theory of time travel in mind, at least until the very ending of T2 where he doesn’t answer it but leaves it open. By painting subsequent writers into a corner, he forced them to go the alternate timeline route, which screws up the stakes of the films, particularly T4, where Reese can get killed but Connor won’t vanish since he was already conceived from the original timeline Reese whereas alternate timeline Reese’s premature death will have no bearing on Connor’s existance.

    Cameron nailed it and Ferris/Brancato dropped the ball.

  5. Acutally, T3 and T4 still follow the events from the first two films. only thing was, again, everything leading up to Skynet’s creation was delayed. They explained in the films Judgement Day was gonna happen.

  6. @chrisj

    No, they don’t. The events of T3 & T4 are very different than the supposedly same events of T1 and T2, including Judgment Day.

    In T1, the human resistance had already won the war in 2029. As a last ditch effort, Skynet sent the T-800 back to 1984 as a final attempt to save itself, the final battle.

    In T3, the war ends on July 4th, 2032, not 2029 like it said in T1.

    Also, in T2, John Connor is ten years old as shown on the cop’s computer monitor.

    In T3, John Connor says he was 13 years old during the events of T3. The writers screwed up and used the age of the actor in the exposition when they should’ve used the character’s age.

    Another inconsistancy is that both Arnolds in T1 and T2 are T-800 series terminators. This is common knowledge and Arnold even calls himself a T-800 in T2. But in T3, Arnold says that he’s a T-101 and that the one in T2 was a T-101, which is wrong. The writers couldn’t even bother to get that detail straight. They’re confusion stems from his model number, which is CSM-101, Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, but his make was always a T-800 series, which they mixed up.

    There were a lot of inconsistencies in T3 which weren’t corrected in T4.

    I had hopes that McG would throw T3 out of the canon when making T4 but he did the opposite, he built his flawed film around it.

  7. They didn’t explain in Judgment Day that it was gonna be delayed. Judgement Day ended with an open question as to the future. Was blowing up Cyberdyne enough to prevent Judgment Day or did it always get blown up?

    Cameron ended it brilliantly, by leaving it open ended, ’cause he knew by answering it one way or the other, it would take away from the story. He established in T1 & T2 that so far everything that is happening had already happened, there’s no escape from the continuous loop but the end of T2 had that “No Fate” theme going for it and he ended it with that shot of the open road, not answering whether they actually prevented J-Day, not answering whether they were free from the continuous loop and in an alternate timeline, because each options has it’s problems. If they’re in a continuous loop, that defies the “no fate” theme and all the characters are pre-destined to act in a certain way, but if there’s an alternate timeline going on, that that drastically reduces the stakes of the film, as evidenced in T4. Since we’re in an alternate timeline, it doesn’t matter if alternate Reese gets killed because it won’t stop original Reese from going back and conceiving John.

    That’s where the writers and McG seriously screwed up. They made this future war film as a sequel when it should’ve been done as a prequel and yes, there is a difference. The end of the Terminator saga should’ve always been the ending of T2, where we don’t know if the future war was prevented. Answering that question either way takes away from the story, it should’ve always been concluded open-ended.

    But you can still have future war films as described in T1 and T2, the flashbacks and films made out of those. The future war films should be set in the future but be the backstory of T1, not sequels.

    THat’s what I mean by they should’ve made the films as prequels, not sequels.

  8. @ Mike. You’re not understand what im sayin. In T1 Skynet was on the verge of defeat, not defeated. which is why the T-800 was sent to 1984 to make sure John couldnt be born which why Sarah Connor was firt targeted. friends and i cover T2 the movie and books and it was in T2 where we find out that Skynet is about to be defeated and in a desperate attempt, it created the T-1000 to send back in time. Reason why T3 mentioned war ends in 2032 instead of 2029 is because everything, every creation was delayed. From Skynet’s creation, to the end of the war was delayed. Mike, age differance of john being 10, in T2, and him being said 13 in T3 was goofed. Edward furlong was older than 10 when he made T2. People forget at the end how much evidence was left at the end of T2, T-800′s left arm, aswell as some residue of the T-1000 flying everywhere. All that was sent from the future. All compensated for what would lead to Skynet, to Judgement Day etc. James cameron even one talked about how he told all HE, wanted to tell, but theres always more to it. Like i said, Miles Dyson From T2 wouldnt be the only one developing skynet. And mike, i hate to burst your buddle, Terminator Salvation kinda is the start of prequels to the original films. aswell as sequels that show people how we got there etc. It’s kinda like Star Wars. we all know why terminators were sent to the past etc. but in this trilogy, we see how they get to that point. Believe it or not, All the films are connected!

  9. the real reason why J-Day was delayed until 2004 from 1997 is because T3′s release date was in the summer of ’03 and they didn’t think an audience would relate to an alternate timeline where J-Day still took place in ’97. They wanted it to be as in the moment as possible, to feel like this could still happen. Same reason why McG wants to push Judgment Day back to 2011 again, the year he thinks T5 will be released. I have no idea how he plans to justify delaying Judgment Day yet again.

  10. Thats because John Connor isnt being sent back to 2011 to prevent Judment Day, its so he can gather and ready up the world’s leader’s and their troops for the machines arrival. Theres not even a script for Terminator 5 yet.

  11. After Terminator Salvation I don’t care for any more Terminator sequels.
    Its fracken obvious they can’t make a decent trilogy series at this point.

    Skynet has won !!!!

  12. @chrisj

    no script yet but that’s what McG wants, revealing that he’s the wrong guy for this series. But why does he want Connor to go back to 2011 and round up the troops? Judgment Day (now) happens in 2004. Why is he going back in time to 7 years after Judgment Day to round up the troops?

    McG is more concerned about release dates and then he is series continuity.

    How do you explain Arnold calling himself a T-101 in the third film when it’s established in the first two films that he’s a T-800?

  13. I dont have have all the details why cause theres no script. Most likely, it has somthing to to do with the machines goin back to get more of the human race off guard etc. Knowing what kind of A.I Skynet is, somthing, or someone will have some kind of importantance in the next film. These days, you can have 6 years or 12 years apart sequels and people would still complain its not !00% perfect. As a example for Batman & Robin, i blame its failure more on the studio than the director. As for Arnold calling himself a T-101. T-101 is the terminator series of his line of terminators built in assembly lines. But they’re actually refered as T-800/T-850. Arnold also said in T2 he was a terminator. Cyberdyne -Systems model 101. One way to tell the T-800′s apart was the hair- style from the previous films. In the first film, his hair was parted down and got messed up half-way thru the film, and in T2 and T3, his hair was stickin up. Not much was said to why its like that by James Cameron. But was part of the reason why Sarah or John should take caution. Like Sarah, thinkin it was the same terminator in T2, and John’s uncertainty in T3 when first encountering the terminator.

  14. They really need to scrap the plot idea of sending Connor back to warn of Skynet. That is the lamest idea I’ve heard in my fricken life.

    And if Skynet really wanted to kill mankind all it would have to do is deploy bio weapons in the atmosphere.
    Game over humans.

  15. I’ve watched T1 and T2 probably 50 times and 100 times respectively and I agree with Mike. It’s sad when a sequel gets details wrong from the movies it is supposed to follow… But whatever, some people liked it just because things went boom. Hey, if they had fun watching it, then it’s all good I guess, but it’s still not part of the Terminator continuity in my opinion.

  16. And you know, making the “prequel” meaning a movie of the events that led to them sending Kyle and the T-800 back in time to protect Sarah and John instead of the timeline that resulted from T1-T2 and T3, would have been pretty interesting, but I think some of the audience would be confused.

  17. I watched both T1 and T2 hundreds of times, i cant help it if people refuse to follow all the events goin on. i just hope it had nothin to do with the films not being directed by James Cameron like like i heard so many cried about. Bottom line is, aslong as the terminator films stay connected in the continueation, thats all i care about. and thats what T3, and Salvation have done, why be in denial?

  18. I could look past the terminology probs with T-101 in T3. They could actually write a solution to that in the next film if they get some better writers. They could also write around Connor being killed by the T-101. That unit could have been damaged goods when he was sent back or had its memory screwed up.

    If you step back and look at the Terminator films there’s one thing you can clearly see. 1 and 2 were very well crafted science fiction films. This is because one man had control of the direction and production. James Cameron.
    The sequels and tv show, were written directed and produced by hundreds of other people. Were lucky the endo’s even look the same at this point.

  19. How could sending back a damaged T-101 back in time and/or have its memory screwed up, be a better idea than John Connor possibly be killed on film? LOL, i knew it was all about James Cameron. You consider yourself lucky we have the first two films cause Cameron intentionally only decided to make one terminator film. But lack of special effects at the time delayed him of having the T-1000 being part of the original film.

  20. @chrisj
    Somehow I doubt you’ve seen them “hundreds” of times. That will be like 33 days worth of watching movies, I tried to be realistic with my estimation, but who knows, if it is really possible to have seen a movie “hundreds” of times, then maybe I have. I’ve been watching it ever since I got the VHS way back in the day, since then I’ve owned every edition on VHS and DVD of it, whenever they released a new one, I bought it.

    And nobody is in “denial” that T3 and Salvation followed the continuation. Perhaps some people are in denial that they didn’t… More than one of us have already pointed out a bunch of things that they simply got wrong, funny that none of those have been disproven…

  21. What do you need proven?

    That it’s a T-800 in T1 & T2 but mistakenly called a T-101 in T3?

    Or that John is ten in T2 but narrates in T3 that he was 13 back then?

    Or that Reese says the T-800s were new in 2029 in T1 but they already exist in T4′s 2018?

    Or that Reese says they already defeated Skynet in 2029 yet T3 says it was on July 4th 2032?

    What do you need proven? How come you’re going out of your way to excuse T3 & 4′s mistakes? Why can’t you accept the filmmakers made mistakes? Is that so beyond the realm of possibility for you?

  22. Uh Mike, I think you are misreading something…

    “More than one of us have already pointed out a bunch of things that they simply got wrong, funny that none of those have been *dis*proven…”


  23. Sorry about that. That was meant for Chris.

    I’ve just never seen anyone try to explain away film flubs as aggressively as him

  24. @ mike

    Mike, with all due respect all i did was pointing out of how of how all the films stay connected. and people just need to enjoy the movies. How many errors has Terminator: TSCC MADE in its two seasons since they ignore Terminator 3 etc.

  25. Chris, I’m saying T3 and 4 would be more enjoyable if the writers actually watched the first two films and put a little more effort into their scripts.

  26. LOL Mike, I’ve said that a few times, if only they actually watched the originals, haha. Because seriously, it’s not like they made mistakes with some obscure technical detail of the Terminator that was only revealed in some novel or something, the mistakes they made are of things that should be clear to you just by watching the original movies. I mean, come on…

    Even if they had good intentions, at least put some effort into it, seriously.

  27. @ Mike
    What made T3 and T4 horrible? I would think it made better since to to think of John as 13 instead of 10.

  28. Chris, maybe JC should’ve been 13 not ten in T2 but that’s a note for T2. It shouldn’t be changed in T3 unless it’s a reboot which it was not. If the can change his age and the series model of the Terminator, what else did they change?

    T3 isn’t even consistant with itself. JC’s VO narration says he was 13 and the events of T2 took place 10 years ago but T2 took place in 1995 and T3 in 2004. It’s not the film’s gravest mistake but it’s inconsistant with itself, with it’s two predecessors and even if you ignore all that, it has other issues.

    For instance, it’s pretty much an inferior remake of the first two films. Recycling the premise of a present day chase story worked in T2 but not in T3. Especially when they were forced to change mythology and push J-Day back 7 years just to accomadate a very unnecessary present day story.

    Watch the T3 with the directors commentary on and you’ll hear Jonathan Mostow admit that he doesn’t even know why terminators arrive naked after time travelling. I just wish Warners would’ve hired filmmakers that understand the first two films.

    The 3rd T film should’ve been a future wars film, not a lousy remake of the first two films.

    As for T4, while it was better than T3, it still has it’s problems.

    - first off it should’ve thrown T3 out if the canon. It didn’t.
    - it should’ve been done as a prequel to T1, it wasn’t. It was done like a sequel.
    - the script relies more on “clever” twists than good storytelling
    - it has a poor choice of hero. The new to the series. “Marcus” who’s never been seen before yet the fate of humanity rests with him? It would’ve made sense if JC was the main character but Kyle should’ve been the hero/main character. It should’ve been a prequel, about Kyle’s backstory as revealed in T1
    - it has a weak villain, Skynet, who stupidly passes on several opportunities to kill Reese and Connor
    - the plotholes, related to the my last point.

    and various other issues.

  29. @ mike
    Actually Mike, Terminator Salvation is part sequel, part prequel,and some people have said it to be part reboot cause its the start of a new trilogy. Its part sequel/prequel mainly due cause of the film’s events show us the start of JC takin command of the resistance and showing us the early days of the wars we’ve seen in the previous films. As for Marcus, all ive read was he was wrote in for part of script who’s unaware what’s is and what hes supposed to do. Plus, his excistance is part of the alternate timline set after T1 because in the film Skynet mentions to him that he accomlished what others failed to do in the previous films, should i say the T-101, T-1000, & TX models. JC was the main character, Kyle Reese was wrote in as part of the subplot along with Marcus. Actually Skynet wouldnt be called weak, more actually be called over-confident cause it was tryin exterminate all of the ressistance and it sent a Hunter Killer to kill the top leaders of the world which it did. And as for JC and KR, two birds with one stone and Marcus was duped into setting up their demises to happen till he ripped out the proper circuit and helped them. Skynet figured a terminator like Marcus was the perfect protype to gain access to the resistance base and still be human enough which he was since he had a heart , brain and of-course real human flesh.