Terminator 5 May Go To London… If It Goes Anywhere

Published 6 years ago by , Updated October 29th, 2012 at 8:44 am,

terminator 5 Terminator 5 May Go To London… If It Goes Anywhere

Two days ago, Screen Rant reported on one of the newest TV Spots for Terminator Salvation. That commercial showed off the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face appeared in the movie in a short scene as the T-800 killing machine.

Why is that significant?

Well, my thoughts were that the folks behind the movie were getting desperate to have people come see the movie in theaters now that it has been out for several weeks in North America and had not lived up even close to where they expected it to be in terms of box office numbers. What does that mean for its potential sequel?

The film had received mostly negative reviews from critics everywhere, the worst out of the franchise. Its opening weekend was weak, coming second to the Night at the Museum sequel and not even coming close to other May openers such as Star Trek, Wolverine and Pixar’s Up. Since then, it dropped off significantly and it continues to do so with big movies opening weekly during the busy summer season. This is especially bad since they went for the PG-13 rating on the film to open it up to the younger movie-going audiences.

With poor reception and poor numbers, the $200 million production budget no longer seems like a good investment. Worse, the franchise is no longer as strong as once thought. Is it the brand name that’s not selling as much? Or could it be that Terminator needs the Governator as the lead?

McG’s Terminator Salvation was supposed to be one of the biggest movies of the year and more than that, it was supposed to be the start of a whole new trilogy of films. Leading up to the release of this fourth installment, there was plenty of talk of ideas for the sequel to Salvation, including having Robert Patrick back for a role in it and everything looked great.

Now, not so much. Will there even be a sequel to Salvation? If there is, will the same creative team be there to make it? Will they pay Christian Bale a ton of money to do it and will McG again direct?

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  1. I think the only way to save this franchise is to go for yet another drastic redo and approach the concept from yet another angle. I don’t think Mr. McG is the man to do that.

  2. I really don’t care anymore on whether or not they do another Terminator film, but why no go ahead and keep it set during the future war?

  3. Why go back to pre-judgment day? I thought that’s one reason McG was so excited to make this new Terminator movie, to show the world we only got a taste of seeing in the first three films. That’s one thing I thought the movie did an excellent job of doing, showing a very realistic post-judgment day look. IDK about this, I still thought the new Terminator movie was good because I was able to figure out a few plot holes people had to point out before McG’s latest interview posted on here recently, and the action was very good. It was nowhere near what I was hoping it to be(I was hoping it could be as good as the first Terminator) but it was still good, barely though.

  4. I agree keep it during the war, but drastically alter the cinematic style, and better yet kill focus on Marcus Wright more closely, and (dear god!) help Christian Bale refine the character if he is to continue in the role.

  5. I wonder if given a second chance, could McG make a better film with good action and real emotional content?

  6. Okay somebody help me here….I thought Kyle Reese explained in the first film that only living organisms can pass through the time machine and nothing dead, and the only reason the terminators were able to pass throught were b/c they were surrounded by living tissue.

  7. I liked Salvation, but the idea they are pitching for the sequel is probably the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.
    this new trilogy is supposed to be set post judgment day, that’s what is supposed to revive the franchise, am I right?

  8. Salvation was good, and people need to stop thinking it’s Terminator 4. This is the first movie in a new trilogy. Salvation had cool action and a slick look, just focus a bit more on characters and continue the post judgement day story.

  9. Somebody needs to step in and remove Mcg from the Terminator franchise asap…
    This concept is worse than Terminator Salvation’s plot.

  10. @ Matt
    maybe they will have HK’s with i whale exoskeleton and maybe the harvester with a elephant exoskeleton. I really dout both of those but im sure it will be explained, something as big as that would have to.
    I dont no why everybody hates this idea, i think it sounds cool.I dont blame MCG on all that was wrong with T4. I think it was mainly the writers. arnt they the same people that made the third one.
    Okay i just watched 3:10 to yuma and my man christian Bale is a triffic actor. They had to have told him to act that way.
    I got to say i hope a fith gets made. I really liked the fourth movie. But for another to be made the international box office needs to be very good. Im talked 200 million dollars. The third was 280 so i dont think it is to far out of reach. T4 will be about 20-30 million off T3 domestic so i dont see it being to far off T3 internationally. I see it being between 200 and 225 million.
    so ya i see a fith being made with a grossing of 325-350 million worldwide i do see a sequel, but if there isnt a increase in box office for the fith film i dont see a sixth ever being made(at least not for 15 years)

  11. WOW i am sorry for all those spelling mistakes.

  12. I think about time-travel and stuff, it was a great idea for future terminator or other several movie. It kinda of fun and remind us what the future hold for us. I’m mean, many have thoughts they’re going to fly-car, robot… why not TIME-TRAVEL. I hope McG will direct if they consider to make the fifth installment of Terminator, maybe this will be his redemption with the next and might be the next blockbuster! Who know right..? Think about that.. I’m ready for another Terminator installment.

    Best Regards,

  13. please no!

    such a bad idea…why would we want to go back in time when we finaly arived at the place where we wanted to have the terminator franchise since we saw the flashbacks in the first 2 movies.

    Kick McG out and give us the dark, dirty, bloody full of skull and bones landscape with big HunterKiller and a shitload of T-800 future we want. I wanna see the hopeless eyes of the resistance…the same eyes Kyle Reese gave us when he traveled back in time to do something crazy like fighting vs a T-800 alone.
    I wanna see Connor as see the only true leader, i wanna see how he managed to convert a T-800, how he send back Reese, i wanna see how everything comes together.

    Why the f*** is it a bad idea for filmmakers to show exacty that in a T-movie?

  14. It would be best to stick it in the future. Even further along this time. Maybe now with Conor completely leading the resistance. Being the lone man in charge. I’m tired of Pre Judgment day. Not only did we have 3 movies base don it, but also a TV show.

  15. Wait! 2011 isn’t Post-bloody-judgement day! 2004 the world gets nuked, end-of (sort of). How can you go to 2011 when everyone is hiding in their shelters from the radiation. That makes no sense. I’m fully prepared to be proved wrong though, but I’m guessing the explanation doesn’t go much beyond “The time line is already buggered, don’t ask questions”

  16. @ Matt K,

    It’s a great point you’re making and it’s been commonly asked online.

    In the quote from McG about the sequel on page 2 of this article, he says:

    “They’ve figured out time travel to the degree where they can send more than one naked entity”

    So, I suppose we are to think Time Travel tech just began when they sent the first T-800 back to kill Sarah Connor and in the years since they, they’ve developed it further to send non-flesh back as well.

  17. … or they’re sending flesh-covered hunter-killers and harvesters back in time, lol

  18. The more Mcg alters the future war into a lame time travel soap opera where sending back HK’s etc in time is going on, the more the fans will turn their backs on this franchise…

    This guy (mcg)clearly has no idea what the fans want to see…
    Make your England based Terminator film. You’ll be lucky to break even, “again”,,,

    What this guy (mcg) is doing to the Terminator franchise is a crime. (Imo)

  19. *sighs* If time travel has been “refined” to that point… why doesn’t Skynet just GO FURTHER BACK IN TIME AND LAY A T-1000 SPAM HAMMER DOWN ON SARAH CONNER, JOHN CONNER AND EVERYONE THOSE PEOPLE EVER KNEW??? Send an army of T-800s to the 1950s and rip a hail of Gatling gun fire into Sarah Conner’s parents’ house, turning it into a cloud of sawdust and blood? Time travel a NUCLEAR BOMB with a very short timer right over the hospital where John Conner is being born? Ooh! How ’bout just time travel a robot right behind every resistance fighter just before he or she shoots another robot? Why isn’t Skynet thinking like a machine and making efficient choices. Why the elaborate game of cat and also cat?

    Sweet St. Zombie Jesus, I’m sick of filmmakers using time travel to hit a universal reset button.

  20. I agree completely with you hamlet3k but I guess it’s back to the lack of originality that there is in Hollywood and what easier way to hit the reset button than to travel back and time and pick a new fight instead of completely “fixing” the past’s problems by doing it right the first time..

    Remember Hollywood only has 8 original ideas with everything being spun from those..

  21. about Bale,blame the productors to cut every John Connor scene!
    i loved the movie in spite of the lack of character script and the end(why don’t they keep the first end?)!
    for me,it’s a new trilogy!

  22. Horrible idea. Stay in the future with those wars. Do not come back to the present day. These writers are absolutely horrible. But the way it’s going in the box office there may not be a 5th movie.

  23. The ONLY way I can see the HK (I have not seen Salvation yet, BTW) being back in time is if the T-1000′s, like in TTSCC, go back in time and create factories in the past to build them. Either that or McG just completely screws the whole timeline up and just decides they can time travel anything.

  24. If, IF, they did make a sequel. The right way to do it would be NOT to hire two non-Rockstar Energy Drink, Halo3, stuff magazine, axe body spray wearing,short attention span, high energy writers, whose idea of a cogent story are stringing together a series of Modern Warefare inspired cutscenes. IF, if they did it right they would go hire the original Terminator writers, or someone like Nick Meyer, someone who can write future fiction but smartly, cohirently, someone who knows how to integrate classic literature mythos, pathos, ect. dressed in some far flung future setting. Star Trek II was Moby Dick on starships capable of leveling planets and even non Trekkers and younger fanboys consider it one of the greats of all time. IF, IF they did it write they would beg James Cameron back and give him whatever the hell he wants,and if they couldn’t get him they should unzip Ridley Scott’s pants and beg him to come on board. IF, IF they did it right, Bale would not be back, but maybe Russell Crowe instead, someone who has more than two tones of emotion in over the top actioneers. Love Bale but he is wrong for John Conner, Maximus would be right. IF, IF, they did it right, they would not think that only by making a MTV-esque, SpikeTV-ish, short attention span film, sexifying war (with an unexplicably hot, MAC cosmetic wearing Moon Bloodgood in a tight catsuit and long perfect hair and nails, becuase that really nails the reality of a post-atomic future), as if the target audience were all UFC watching, tribal tattoed, dummies. IF they did it right they could make a mega hit that would not only be a critical smash but a financial one as well. But then again who am I kidding? I understand Fox is going to run a “Please Write Terminator Salvation 2″ contest on Spike TV, the next UFC payper view and on one of the endless very gay MTV reality shows. Free lifetime supply of axe Body Spray and a contract to write a 70 million dollar Fox Action film to the winner!!!

  25. MCG will not be back but if I had to choose I would rather have him back than the writers.

  26. Well if they got a good screenwriter this plot would be an amazing story! Personaly I thought Terminator Salvation wasnt that bad, i mean it was much better than Wolverine! But if they did this plot it is sure to attract attention and big time money. I’m not really mad about Salvation b/c they were trying to just set up the war not just throw you into John Conner’s the leader we are going to win type deal. Though I do agree that they are going to need a better writer for the next two films if there are going to be any.

  27. It wasn’t a bad movie. It wasn’t as good as I was expecting, but it was still way better than T3. I hate to see it crash and burn like this because it didn’t deserve it. I don’t really like McG’s plans for the sequel, so it may be better if they went with a different crew.

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