‘Terminator: Genesis’ Set Images Reveal Old T-800 & Hint at New Plot Details

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terminator genesis schwarzenegger judgement day Terminator: Genesis Set Images Reveal Old T 800 & Hint at New Plot Details

The next Terminator installment – rumored to be titled Terminator: Genesis – is being referred to as a “reboot” of the franchise by Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. However, that term is a tad misleading, when applied here; not only is Arnold Schwarzenegger back from previous installments and reprising his iconic role as a cyborg killing machine – albeit one whose bio-exoskeleton has aged – it’s also heavily rumored that the Genesis storyline overlaps with those from past Terminator movies.

Genesis has been described as a Back to the Future Part II-esque “reboot” of the Terminator brand, in the sense that the (unconfirmed) plot details leaked so far point to Arnold’s old T-800 being present at events depicted in the previous films – excluding Terminator Salvation, which takes place in the post-apocalyptic future. It would be the first time that screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis – who co-penned the Genesis script with Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) – has played this sort of time-travel story game – though, she does know a thing or two about crafting narratives full of trickery and winks, after having scripted Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. That experience ought to be applicable here.

Such familiar characters as Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and adult John Connor are part of the Genesis storyline, though here those roles have all been recast. The Daily Mail has posted set pics from the Terminator film’s set, which offer not just an early look at Schwarzenegger’s old T-800 – but also Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) in the Sarah Connor role, Jai Courtney (Divergent) playing Kyle Reese, and even Jason Clarke (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) as Sarah’s grown-up son, John. Well, we get to see the back of Jason Clarke’s head, anyway.




These Terminator images certainly raise some intriguing questions, in the absence of any context for the scene being filmed. For one, the sequence appears to take place in the present-day – and yet, the grown-up John Connor is there, indicating that it won’t just be Kyle Reese and the Terminators who get to hop around through time in this installment. Why, exactly, John has gone into the past and why Reese and the young Sarah Connor are dressed up as hospital workers – that remains to be seen.

It’s also worth noting that in the Genesis set photos, Schwarzenegger is wearing a coat that bears a resemblance to that which he wore in the very first Terminator movie (see below) – something that may signal the scene being shot here takes place during the events depicted in the 1984 film that started it all. (That would also explain why Reese is still alive and breathing, at this point.) Of course, if Genesis is rewriting the history of the Terminator universe, then it might change the fate of certain characters – meaning, we might be in for some surprises, in terms of who’s left standing by the time this movie is done.

terminator 5 genesis young t 800 schwarzenegger Terminator: Genesis Set Images Reveal Old T 800 & Hint at New Plot Details

Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Terminator’ (1984)

Other pieces in the Genesis puzzle that have yet to be revealed in full, include Dayo Okeniyi (The Spectacular Now) as Danny Dyson - the computer genius son of programmer Miles Dyson (Joe Morton in T2) – and Doctor Who alum Matt Smith as a new character, who shall make his debut in Genesis – before he goes on to play a “major role” in subsequent Terminator movies, should they happen.

If nothing else, these early glimpses at the resurrection of the Terminator brand from director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) have got us interested in learning more about what all of this is building towards. And thus, to find out if costar J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) – playing a booze-loving detective who, according to previous reports, has been investigating all these strange events surrounding the Connors for decades – really is telling the truth, when he claims that Genesis is a smarter re-imagining of the Terminator mythology than some people may be expecting.


Terminator: Genesis opens in U.S. theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. If this anything like thor 2 its guna suck

    • And considering Thor 2 was a pretty great film (aside from the one-dimensional villain) then this should be good then, yeah?

      • Because the flying boats were so cool, stupidest thing I’ve ever seen by far the worst superhero movie in the last 2 years

        • Worked fine in “Return Of The Jedi”.

        • I don’t know how you can fault Thor 2 for the flying boat. Their civilization is a mixture of very advance science and technology coupled with the old. This has to be obvious to you or else the whole Thor thing should be avoided at all cost.

          • Terrible villian only movie I can actually say that I dont even remember his name. Action was mediocre at best and thor and the goofy gang with the dumb jokes and the sarcasm is old 20 minutes in. Thor just gets screwed with crap like this. You can polish a turd but it’s still a piece of shat

            • I saw the film once in late October yet I still remember his name was Malekith The Accursed. Sure you’re not just bandwagoneering with the unnecessary hate?

              • Great, now his bandwagon has a flat tire.

              • You mean like you do with every X-Men related piece of news up to the release of Days Of Future Past?

          • Well for me at least I wan’t a big fan of it, mainly because of the decision to incorporate scifi into the Thor mythos so that audiences could understand his background some more, I mean he’s supposed to be a god, all of asgard are gods or demigods, so a mixture of Lord of Rings and Harry Potter would’ve seem to me a much better approach than splicing the film with Stargate. Just that first battle scene where you have characters fighting with swords but also lazer guns and bow and arrows dressed in medieval attire seemed so silly, either go full space knights or full medieval.

        • So a mix of advanced technology in the style of something primitive at the time they were worshipped as gods centuries ago is somehow stupid?

          You just invalidated your opinion there, kiddo.

          • lol if you say so….

          • No!but your lack of commas, is!

            • While I am at it,he did not invalidate his opinion.
              The word you were looking for,was contradicted.
              Good try though.

    • What on earth does this have to do with Thor 2? Which a few hundred millions dollars say was pretty entertaining?

      • Same director buddy

      • He same thing it has to do with Piranha 2: The Spawning. ZING!!!

  2. i think alan traylor did a great job with thor especially expanding the MCU by showing
    us the nine worlds on earth, so i say this with a heavy heart and just hope alan,
    arnold,jason clarke and jk simmons got one trick up their sleeve because MCG pretty
    much killed and ended the terminator trilogy by killing the BOSS skynet chic.

    • I like to watch Salvation as a prequel, followed by T1, T2 and T3. It fits best that way if it to fit at all. Or otherwise maybe as a direct sequel to the first Terminator without the events of part two occurring. That would explain Christian Bale relying so heavily on his mother’s audio cassettes as opposed to his own experiences with the T-800 and T-1000.

  3. Schwartsenager was cast as Thanos today.

  4. they can either make a dofp or it will be butterfly effect 2

  5. fighting skynet must be a hell of a workout John Connor is huge lol

  6. will this have brad fidels score back in full into the franchise
    is what im wondering otherwise huge dissapointment
    and going to pass.
    the terminator 1 and 2 music is one of the reasons
    the movies were excellent and why 3 & 4 sucked so badly
    as fidels pulse pumping military cyberesque score
    was dropped from those films.

    never replace actors or music in a sequel franchcise.

  7. It all looks swell.

    Now excuse me the off-topic:
    SR, it would be great if the system notified me via email just the replies I get NOT every subsequent comment after mine. cause thats annoying.
    What I do is favorite the page I wrote something in then check later if there is any response to my comment. But there must be a better option isn´t it?

    • Yeah, I agree. The system need an update to deal with that.

    • fabricio, tienes muy buenos puntos! esta franquiza esta mas muerto que un cadaver
      lleno de polvo. Terminator Salvation termino todo la saga. yo respeto mucho a los
      mayores pero arnold ya no se mira chevre en su saco negro, el viejo se parece como
      steven tyler todo acabado.

  8. Not impressed with the Arnold pics… He needs to don the classic black leather and shades!

    • But then theyll recognize him. Hes clark kenting.

      • @ Cody,
        ‘…Clark Kenting’ lol I like that.

  9. Meantime, we’ll see Arnie in Expendables 3 out in August. Should be good

  10. Apparently according to “j”, Thor 2 was about flying boats…huh.

  11. “Aged Robot” looked and sounded so stupid… Gah… Terminator is everybody’s favorite, i hope this turns out okay.

  12. Emilia Clarke resembles a young Linda Hamilton, more than I though she would anyway. But come on, SR…that jacket nowhere near resembles the jacket from the original. Not slightly, not even if you squint and think about it real hard.

  13. By the looks of it I think this may be the first pictures of the new time-trivel sidestory – One of those rumored scenes where the T-800 comes from another timeline and another universe, as he seems to be examining the situation like they don’t know he’s there. I know he has that analytical look naturally, as he is a machine, but judging by the dampened lightning on him and how he stands in the background I’m pretty sure they’re making it look like the other characters are unaware of his presence.

  14. Good to see the M-65 field jacket making a reprise as well

  15. This looks and sounds really bad.
    First off Genisis is too reminiscent of Star Trek.
    Genisys looks and reads Sissy.
    Dyson’s son is a Genius Steve Jobs…unnecessary and lame.
    Old Terminator skin…very lazy in creativity.
    Back to the future antics…so sad. ( sounds like Kev Smiths version of Boba Fett time travel for a Star Wars reboot)
    Having different actors looking very not like originals is just bad.
    Having different actors is bad period.
    Everything about this movie sucks so far.
    If Arnold has to be in it then make him portray a General or just one shot of him in the end as an aged John Connor…he doesn’t even have to speak.
    Just start the movie with Connor escaping a prison camp and get on with an action movie.

    This film will flop, it is so sad because Terminator 1&2 are great, the rest mediocre with some really interesting ideas that never pan out.
    Terminator franchise is a debacle that needs laid to rest. It could have been more but as Cameron has said, Too many have pissed in the soup.

  16. Funny how most of you are too interested in arguing about Thor 2 than discussing the Terminator pics here. I’m very intrigued about John Conor in the suit. Or is Jason Clarke really playing John Conor. Very interesting. Time travel & anything is possible.