‘Terminator’ Reboot: Jason Clarke in Talks to Play John Connor

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jason clarke terminator 5 genesis Terminator Reboot: Jason Clarke in Talks to Play John Connor

One hope expressed by the Screen Rant Underground Podcast crew – with regard to the new era of the Terminator franchise – is that the forthcoming TV series will focus on characters outside the Connor family, while still tying into events featured in the upcoming movie reboot – the latter having been confirmed to feature new versions of John Connor (leader of the human rebellion against Skynet in the futuristic war between humanity and A.I. machines) and his mother, Sarah.

While the Terminator franchise is arguably prime real estate for a deeper exploration along those lines, it at least seems as though the film reboot will feature some top-notch acting talent handling familiar roles (if nothing else).

Rumor has it that the Terminator film reboot – which might be titled Terminator: Genesis – will change a pivotal moment from James Cameron’s original 1984 Terminator movie, by having the killer cyborg portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger (who’ll reprise his iconic role in the reboot) revealed to be young Sarah’s protector, instead of her would-be assassin.

Terminator reboot director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) was said to have been keen on having Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road) play the battle-hardened John Connor in the film’s post-Judgement Day future, but according to Deadline actor Jason Clarke has entered negotiations to tackle the role instead.

Clarke, for those unfamiliar, has spent the last several years amassing noteworthy supporting roles under his belt – with strong supporting roles in films like Public Enemies, Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby – in addition to proving his leading man abilities on the short-lived TV series The Chicago Code. His next appearance will be as one of the leaders of a diminished human population (in the aftermath of a terrible virus outbreak) in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in 2014.

Apparently, Clarke hasn’t tired of working on dystopian sci-fi franchises yet.

Ian Glen Emilia Clarke and Ian McElhinney in Game of Thrones Walk of Punishment Terminator Reboot: Jason Clarke in Talks to Play John Connor

Meanwhile, the search continue to find a new Sarah Connor – a role Linda Hamilton played in the previous Terminator movies and Lena Headey tackled on The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series – with Headey’s Game of Thrones costar Emilia Clarke said to be the front-runner. (For those who didn’t know: Taylor served as an executive producer and directed episodes on HBO’s hit George R.R. Martin fantasy series before he made the Thor sequel.)

Thus far, the cast for the Terminator reboot is shaping up nicely, with Schwarzenegger, Clarke and… um, Clarke (or, possibly, Short Term 12 actress Brie Larson) as the three central leads. Moreover, it seems as though Annapurna Pictures (American Hustle) is planning to return the franchise to its roots in partial sci-fi, but foremost horror, with the film reboot’s script being co-written by Patrick Lussier (Dracula 2000, Drive Angry).

All in all that sounds like a smart move, after the last two installments (arguably) failed to update the sci-fi elements of the series in a manner that allows them to stand out that well, given the current landscape of post-apocalyptic sci-fi features and blockbusters. Let us know if you agree/disagree and what your feelings are towards the casting for the Terminator reboot, in the comments section of this article.


Terminator: Genesis/Terminator 5 opens in theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. So, are they going to explain why the Terminator, while being a machine, seems to have aged several decades?

    • I wondered that too, I guess they will say the terminator has been living among humans for a long time and his human form aged.

    • Ah, this is supposed to be a reboot, not a sequel, prequel, etc., so no explanation is needed. They won’t be the exact same characters.

    • T-100 model Terminators (which is what Arnie’s character is) are living tissue over metal skeleton. Living tissue ages. Pretty simple. T-100s had to pass for human a human that doesn’t age would not pass as human for long.

  2. Skin on cyborgs ages…

    • Ah, nuts…I’m a cyborg!

  3. WHERE’S BIN LADEN?!?!!!!!!!! (Jason Clarke interrogation voice)

    He would be a solid choice

    • WHERE’S CYCLOPS?! (Oops, sorry, wrong thread…).

  4. I dont know, Im kinda tired of the Connors in the story. Wish they would come up with a new human story. I kinda felt like salvation wrapped up John Connors story very well, he won his first major battle and a terminator saved his life one last time.

  5. This casting is pretty cool! Despite his receding hairline, Jason Clark is pretty badass! If you’ve seen Zero Dark Thirty, a bit more nuance that would play a little bit better and resemble Terminator 2 Conner grown up as opposed to Christian Bale’s unsympathetic Conner who just seemed to yell all the time.

    • “Despite his receding hairline…”

      You must be a teenager.

      • “I feel like a rock star! I look like a teen-ager!”

      • I thought the same thing.

  6. Rumor has it that the Terminator film reboot – which might be titled Terminator: Genesis – will change a pivotal moment from James Cameron’s original 1984 Terminator movie, by having the killer cyborg portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger (who’ll reprise his iconic role in the reboot) revealed to be young Sarah’s protector, instead of her would-be assassin.

    I hope not, that makes no sense.

    • Arnie almost turned down the role for the original because he didn’t want to play a bad guy because bad guys aren’t really the star of the film, but James Cameron convinced him to do it. The T-100 has been John Connor’s protector in every other film so it’s not really a stretch for them to re-write it with the T-100 as the protector in the original story and have another model Terminator be the bad guy trying to kill Sarah. I’m curious to see what kind of Terminator they have trying to kill Sarah in this reboot.

      • On 2nd thought I was forgetting the fact that Kyle Reese who is Sarah Connor’s protector in the original is who John’s father is. If the T-100 is the protector in the reboot I wonder how Kyle Reese will fit in. So you’re right it is a little confusing. I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

  7. If they can make the franchise exciting and thrilling again, I’ll gladly go along for the ride. I did not hate T3 or Salvation, but they did seem to be a case of diminishing returns in terms of wow-factor. A bit tedious for Salvation.

  8. im 24. him as connor i’ll past TH wuld of been the best choice

  9. Make arnie the face of the Terminator program. An original human they used as the image of the machine. It would allow him to be the older character as perhaps a human that skynet has hostage and has been sampling dna to clone skin/muscle tissues off of.

  10. Ive been a fan of Terminator for years ever since 1984 but Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines was always my favorite but the thing with me i hate when kick off a really good and they bring in a crapy actor for replacement think off Transformers in a way they kicked off Megan Fox and brung in that ugly chick. Just I Was so excited when they were makin another one and i thought Christen Bale is John Connor but nope of course they kicked him off too.

    • I’m guessing punctuation and sentence structure are not your strong suit.

      • +1 ha

      • I tried using my Universal Translator but it got fried trying to translate that. :-)

  11. Jason Clarke should play some other character in the Resistance. My top picks for John Connor: Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, or Jon Bernthal. Also, instead of focusing on the same characters, they should introduce Perry. The individual whom Kyle Reese mentioned he fought for before being transferred to Connor’s unit.

  12. why not edward furlong?

  13. Wait a minute, I’m a bit confused, is this movie going to deal with two different time lines? How will Clarke be able to play Sarah Connor and have a son who is older than her. Also, if Arnold is playing the protector, will we be introduced to a new T-w/e type terminator assassin.

    My cabeza hurts….

    • Yes there will be 2 different timelines. This is a reboot of the original Terminator movie. Emilia Clarke will be playing the naive Sarah Connor who has no idea that she will father the future leader of the human resistance in the war against the machines. Jason Clarke will be playing her son in the future timeline.

  14. without brad fidel returning to score wich without his soundtrack score is a major reasont t3 and t4 sucked and werent as gritty as the first two ill pass.

  15. Really? Jason Clark as John Connor? REALLY?! OK, I just process the fact that emilia clark will be Sarah Connor, because she’s a good actress. Maybe she will play the younger version or the present version (that doesn’t make too sense because sarah is a little bit older)??? The movie will have two diferent timelines? Maybe? I don’t know, I’m just a bit confused about this movie. But honestly the only thing that makes me happy about this movie is Arnold Schwarzanneger will show up, but at the same time, is a little bit weird because he is old and maybe the action scenes with him, will not be as kickass whow they used to be, in the previous movies.

  16. Jason Clarke is a decent actor but he looks like a computer hack, not John Connor. seriously. As for Arnold playing the Terminator, I wonder if anyone has considered doing it 100% digitally–with Arnold simply doing the voice?! The technology is there–witness Andy Serkis in Dawn of the Apes. Simply replace the ape 3D model w/ a 35 year old Schwarzeneggar. Otherwise, Arnold will (unfortunately) have to play some sort of aged terminator (Hmm, this could bring Shatner back in the next Star Trek movie too–as James T. Kirk!)

  17. Oh, wait…. this is A REBOOT?! And WHY is that needed??? The original was a perfect movie. All they can do now is f*ck it up. Think of something new, for chrissake. Don’t just be parasitic on old movies and their ideas that you can’t improve upon. OMG.