Movie News Wrap Up: Oct 22, 2012

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This week:

Screen Gems secures the film rights to a new young adult fantasy series; Universal acquires a pitch from Rebel Wilson; Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters has been delayed once again; Terminator 5 is looking less and less likely; and Hulk Hogan expresses interest in joining The Expendables 3.


Screen Gems has announced they have secured the film rights to Black City, a new young adult fantasy series from Elizabeth Richards.

Screen Gems Acquires Black City Film Rights Movie News Wrap Up: Oct 22, 2012

The first novel in the series, also titled Black City, doesn’t release until November 13th, but apparently Screen Gems sees it as presumably the next Hunger Games or Twilight. Like the latter series, Black City‘s story centers on “forbidden” love between two teens, one of which happens to be supernatural.

Here’s the first book’s synopsis:

“Black City” tells the story of a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war, sixteen-year-olds Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling, and Natalie Buchanan, a human and the daughter of the Emissary, meet and do the unthinkable–they fall in love.

Richards, who is making her literary debut with Black City, had been a presence in video game journalism for years before transitioning into travel writing and editing. Though she has experience in a wide variety of genres, it is reported that Screen Gems isn’t looking to her to write the film’s script.

Source: Screen Gems


Universal Pictures has purchased a film pitch from Rebel Wilson, one of the stars of their film Pitch Perfect.

Universal Acquires Pitch From Rebel Wilson Movie News Wrap Up: Oct 22, 2012

Wilson, who was a scene-stealer in last year’s Bridesmaids and is featured in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain next year, has slowly been making a name for herself with larger and larger roles. While Universal isn’t saying much about the content of the pitch, they are enthusiastic about working with Wilson again.

“Rebel has become one of the hottest comedic actresses working today and we are thrilled to continue our relationship with her following her breakout performance in Bridesmaids and her scene stealing ‘Fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect. We are especially excited that this project will feature her amazing talents both in front of and behind the camera.”

Was Wilson’s pitch…perfect? We don’t know — but it was good enough for Universal to sign her on to write, produce, and star.

Source: Deadline


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters has once again been pushed back, this time from January 11th to the 25th.

Hansel and Gretel IMAX Delay Movie News Wrap Up: Oct 22, 2012

In addition to the delay, Paramount and MGM have announced that the film, which takes an action-based approach to the Grimm fairy tale, will be releasing in IMAX as well as 3D. Whether or not this second delay is meant to accommodate the IMAX release is unclear, but putting the film up against the R-rated comedy Movie 43 instead of the highly-anticipated Gangster Squad could prove to be a smart move.


Even though it’s essentially non-news, word has come out that Terminator 5 is falling further and further into development hell.

Terminator 5 Update Movie News Wrap Up: Oct 22, 2012

According to Movehole, potential star Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking for a script that is “a lot better than Rise of the Machines,” and apparently he has yet to be provided with one. There had been some rumblings that this sequel would bring both Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese back into the fold, but that’s all we know as far as the story goes.

T5 director Justin Lin has been keeping busy with Fast Six, which he turned to only after progress on Terminator stalled, so there’s no pressure from him to get the project going. Obviously Lin and Schwarzenegger are interested, but they are just waiting on a concept that revitalizes the franchise.

Source: Moviehole


In a recent appearance on Howard Stern, famous WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan revealed that he would be interested in joining the cast of The Expendables 3.

Hulk Hogan Interested in Expendables 3 Movie News Wrap Up: Oct 22, 2012

Speaking about a few of his past film projects, and some he failed to secure, Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) started a small, rumor-filled fire when he claimed he was the inspiration for The Wrestler. However, Darren Aronofsky quickly set the record straight in regards to Hogan’s proclamations, saying that the role was always meant for Mickey Rourke.

Hogan then went on to reveal that his fans have been pushing hard for him to join Sylvester Stallone and Co. for the next Expendables film. Unfortunately, as Hogan points out, he has yet to be contacted about any sequel casting, although he is interested. There are still a few aging action stars (like Steven Segal) ahead of Hogan in line, but we can see him making appearance at some point.

Source: Howard Stern (via Slash Film)

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  1. Hogan… :’D hahahahahahaha. god please no. he isnt even a legend to the action genre so why would he be considered? oh, cause hes old XD

    • Agree Ex 2 was amazing I am excited for Ex 3 I do not want hogan in it, Maybe as a cameo and only one line but definitely no more than that

  2. I’m one of the few who actually hold Terminator Salvation in high regard and if there is ever gonna be a new Terminator movie I would love it to be a direct sequel to Salvation, preferably with Christian Bale and Sam Worthington as a copy of his original character in the lead roles. And of course Anton Yelchin should be back as Kyle Reese as well. That sequel could finally show skynet’s time machine and how Reese gets sent back to 1984 to save Sarah Connor. The last shot could briefly feature the CGI Arnie from Salvation entering the time machine to follow Reese back in time, closing the circle to the first movie. That would make a great finale to the franchise, at least until the inevitable complete reboot of it all.

    I don’t think I would care much for the continuation of the pre-judgment day storyline and Arnie, frankly, is too old now to reprise his T-800 character.

    • I’m with you, I liked T:salvation too. Give me some more terminators! Down with skynet!

    • Totally agree with all that you said there.

    • I can’t believe I got it backwards. Time to watch the movies again! Of course the T-800 goes first and Reese follows him to stop him. Anyway the sequel’s showdown could be the resistance trying to get Reese to the time machine that is in skynet’s hands. Or maybe they could even try to prevent it from sending back the terminator in the first place, which of course has to fail.

      • I will never understand the people that do not like Rise of the Machines. I loved it. I am not really sure what people are looking for there.

        Hulk Hogan in Expendables 3? YES!!! But do it like they did when Hogan was in Rocky 3, a minor role.

        • I like Rise of the Machines as well. The old school action scenes are great and the ending is really good and took me by surprise. Perhaps the self-irony was a bit too pronounced in places (strip club scene, “talk to the hand”) but even that doesn’t hurt too much.

          • fervently agreed.

          • Totally agree with you guys!

        • As an action film T3:RoTM is as good as the first two, but I’m sorry I can’t believe that Skynet was an intelligent computer virus! Please, give me a break, that part was just so stupid.

          Even the most sophisticated virus is just a program, without hardware software is nothing, the original concept that it was a revolutionary new processor, that I can accept. As that was destroyed completely in T2 then that is where T3 falls down as just plain ridiculous.

      • It doesn’t matter in which order anyone goes backward in time, because the past is static. January 3rd 1984, for example, is always going to be there. Kyle Reese could wait twelve years before he goes back to chase the Terminator through time, as long as he returns to that same date or earlier, there won’t be a problem.

        • But causality matters. Kyle Reese goes back in time in order stop the T-800. He wouldn’t have a reason to go back in time if there wasn’t a terminator sent back first to change something. That’s what I got backwards at first.

          • It seems kind of odd in that way though. As if the T-800 going back in time wouldn’t really ever change anything, like the change wouldn’t catch up/affect the people in the future that it left from as long as one of them eventually goes back to stop it, which could be like 100+ years after the moment in the future when the teminator originally left to go to the past.

            Adds a level of complicaton to the story if you can follow what I’m saying.

            • Yeah, in theory the future would have changed instantly the very second the T-800 went back through time, because he probably would have succeeded killing Sarah Connor, and Reese wouldn’t have had a chance to change it. There are (at least) two solutions to that problem:

              #1: Changes in the past take a while to ripple forward through space-time and only take effect with a bit of fourdimensional delay, which is a weird concept to wrap your head around.

              #2: the general outcome of things is preordained and there was never a chance that the T-800 killed Sarah Connor. But that would go against the “Fate is what you make of it” idea.

              Ah, well… ;)

    • i also like T:S, and feel maybe arnold could be some kind of skynet bigwig in a flasback before judgement day, but’s thats about all his involvement should be. it’s funny this was a story, i just watched Terminator & T2 on sunday. both still hold up, imo. i liked your story idea winchester.

  3. Yeah, Hulk, don’t hold your breath. That call is not coming.

  4. Talking T5,

    Remember the original timeline, when doomsday happened 10 years earlier, the one from where the original Kyle Reese came from in Terminator 1?

    They should have THAT parallel universe’s John Connor (Nick Stahl reprising perhaps? as seen in the T3 intro) learn of the alternate events of T2 and of the new alternate timeline it created where doomsday begins 10 years later, and where John Connor is now played by Christian Bale.

    Stahl’s Connor could send a Governator through to Bale’s Connor, to help him out or something, lol.

    • I like this.

      • To wind it up…

        say things don’t go well for Bale and co, and on the verge of complete defeat – the young kyle reese from salvation, now a young man (resembling biehn), is sent by Bale to Stahl’s side, but back in time prior to the original T-800′s departure, to try and stop the whole thing from ever occuring.

        Then T6 has Kyle Reese trying help Stahl’s Connor stop the T-800 from ever being sent back, before it is too late.

        But they fail. Biehn is given a photo of Sarah Connor and sent off to star in Terminator 1. Franchise Over.

  5. Why not have T5 introduce Arnold as a human, the human the T-800 is based off of? Tell the story of why they chose that look for the T-800. There is so much they could do with part 5. If Arnold waits for a “better script” he may be too old to even think about reprising a role in the Terminator series.

    • I like that idea Alpine.

    • That’s what I was thinking too. It would be a nice was to bring all the series together.

  6. I’d like another Terminator movie with or without Arnold, and I’d like another Expendables movie without Hulk Hogan. Honestly, I’d like all future movies to be without Hulk Hogan…especially leaked pseudo-celebrity sex tapes.

    • ^This^

  7. I’d love to see a fifth Terminator with Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn as Sarah and Reese. That’d be awesome. This alternate future plot definitely works for me.

  8. I could be wrong, but isn’t one requirements for the expendables that you have to be a former action star? How does hulk hogan or whatever his name is, qualify? The best work this guys done is in a grainy home made sex tape. Please hulk, get over your fake tan self.

    • he is a wrestling legend ! and in both expendables are former wwf and mma stars which are also acting in some b-and c-movies, like randy coutoure and scott adkins.

  9. I enjoyed Terminator Salvation, much more than Rise of the Machines, I felt the only weak link in Salvation was Christian Bale, he seemed too serious in the role and the part where he rode the terminator cycle listening to guns and roses just didn’t fit with the way he was portraying the character in the rest of the movie, at the end i would have prefered if Worthington had survived, his character was more sympathetic, you could tell Bale was doing it for the pay check

    • He didn’t really listen to the song while riding the bike. He just used the boombox to attract the “bikenator” in order to capture it. Before he even rode it the box was already trashed and the music gone.

      • Oh yeah you’re right I’ve just re watched it, I stand corrected, still didn’t like Bale as Connor tho, Edward Furlong all the way!

        • I’ve seen Furlong in his tiny role in Green Hornet. He looks like a weak and sickly junkie these days and could never have pulled off the role of the hard ass resistance leader. I think Bale was definitely the better choice. ;)

          • Yeah it’s a shame he turned into a sweaty pigeon chested crow wannabe mofo, like most child actors tho they just don’t look right when they’ve grown up!

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  11. Hogans moustache is stained by boogers.

  12. HOW about

    Terminator the looper:

    • John Connor from Salvation goes back to kill Kyle Reese in Terminator 1 prior to his own conception! lol

      Robots from T4 send a T-800 back to protect the original Reese and stop him.

      Cue ‘Bale’ v ‘Reese/Sarah+T800′ v ‘original T800′ showdown, set to an 80′s soundtrack!

  13. If they cant bring back brad fidel to score for terminator 5 they need to just terminate the series. thats what it needs, all it needs. it doesnt need arnold or anything other than brad fidels pumping military score and terminator endoskeletons.
    movie franchises fall apart when they remove scores, imagine star wars or raiders without john williams or jaws. music is 80% of a film/tv show.
    a great sequel franchise feels like an extra two hours of the original, when producers chuck soundtrack scores, series franchises fall into the toilet.