Rumor Patrol: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Could Star in ‘Terminator 5′

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Terminator 5 The Rock Rumor Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Could Star in Terminator 5

The blockbuster roles just keep lining up for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson; while the star is currently filming Brett Ratner’s Hercules (2014) the newest rumors claim that he may also be in the running to play a member of Hollywood’s most well-known cyborg army in Terminator 5. How he would fit alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger (figuratively and literally) isn’t clear just yet, but accompanying details on the film’s story provide some hints.

Take all these reports with a large grain of salt, since they largely contradict previous claims made by Schwarzenegger himself. While Johnson’s role isn’t detailed, the story may take fans not into the heart of the Human/Machine war, but once again back in time – farther back than ever before.

The rumor comes courtesy of Examiner, claiming that Johnson – who along with blockbuster film roles has also returned to WWE – would be passing up Wrestlemania next year to focus on movies. That in itself isn’t hard to believe, since the actor is making the most of his Hollywood demand, most recently with a larger role in Fast & Furious 6. According to the site’s sources, the screenwriting duo of Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier are apparently developing a script centered on a new robotic menace to be played by Johnson.

The Rock DC Comic Movie Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Could Star in Terminator 5

That’s far from a confirmation, but the additional details on the film’s story leave the door open for several new characters. According to the same source, the script in question centers once again on time travel, with Skynet sending a Terminator back to the 1950s, before either Sarah or John Connor was even born. Although there’s no question that The Rock possesses the size and physique that once made Schwarzenegger a convincing killing machine, how both leading men would fit into the story is the obvious question.

When Schwarzenegger first confirmed his involvement in Terminator 5, it was rumored that he may be portraying not another T-800, but perhaps the human fighter on which Skynet based their creation. That theory was dispelled when Schwarzenegger later confirmed he would once again “star as the Terminator” – so what does that mean for this new rumor?

It’s possible that a T5 following the parents of Sarah Connor (and Skynet’s first attempted assassination) could find a role for Johnson in the 1950s (WWII veteran, perhaps?), yet casting the hulking blockbuster star as anything other than ‘the new Terminator’ seems like a wasted opportunity. Few film franchises tread the line between sci-fi and clumsy time travel paradoxes as frequently as this one, but introducing a ‘new’ model of Terminator that somehow was also the first… well, let’s just say the filmmakers will be taking a big risk.

Megan Ellison secures rights to Terminator 5 and Terminator 6 Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Could Star in Terminator 5

Speculation in the wake of this rumor has turned to the possibility of Schwarzenegger not reprising his role, but playing a human being in the past; perhaps even one connected to Sarah Connor. That story twist seems outlandish, since the first films make no mention of  it – and while there were rumors that T5 would break with continuity, that decision seems unlikely.

At this point, we’d say there’s little reason to believe these reports are any more accurate than previous ones. Given his recent box office draws, it’s hard to think of any action franchise that wouldn’t be considering Johnson for a leading man. That being said, his Fast & Furious co-stars – both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel – have been brought up as potential leading men for a new Terminator franchise, so we wouldn’t hold our breath.

What is your first reaction to this rumor? Would you like to see The Rock take over as Skynet’s newer, fiercer Terminator in the war against humanity? Or is a trip through time with Arnold what you’re most hoping to see? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Terminator 5 is expected to begin filming in 2014. We’ll keep you updated as news arrives.


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Source: Examiner (via AICN)

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  1. No they are sending back a terminator to kill the father of time travel Doctor Emmet Brown.

    • Great Scott!

      • This is heavy!

        • @Zilly

          Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?

    • @Max Martinez
      That comment just made my Day! :)

  2. I don’t know what to think of it, or how to feel.

    But anything that he is, doesn’t mean it’ll be the hit he’s been waiting for, or a miss with a wasted co-star with little development.

    I’m taking it with a huge bucket of salt.

  3. Some may hate me for this, but I would rather the rock be the terminator instead of arnold again.

    • I second that…a 60 something year old Arnold just doesn’t do it for me.

      • same here! I like the idea of Arnie being a soldier who inspires the likeness of the terminators

        • There is an outtake on the Christian Bale Terminator Blu-Ray which does actually cover this :0)

          The T-800 was based upon a soldier, played by Arnie.

    • Amen to that, Arnold is just getting too old……. but then again, what if they decide to CGI him they way they did Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy…

  4. the rocks should be known as the guy brought in to save franchises… seriously, everything hes in seems to get huge draws and bo money.

    • The Rock as Casey Jones in the new alium turtles flick!! :P

      • Good call!


  5. Really? Time travel again? Seems like it is just a similar plot to the first one….I’d rather stick with Christian Bale as John Connor and finish out his war on Skynet in the future. Salvation was actually the best one besides T2 in my opinion.

    • It was sure as heck better than part 3 anyways!

    • The tv series is also very good, if you’ve never seen it… DO

      • Yes, but it’s pointless to watch because it was canceled after season two, which ended with a GREAT cliffhanger. I was so ticked when I learned they canceled. I wanted at least one more season because the ending of season two was so awesome.

    • “I’d rather stick with Christian Bale as John Connor and finish out his war on Skynet in the future.”

      Absolutely, they should stick to Salvation and then I guess give the Rock a script

  6. Paul Walker as John Connor Vin Diesel and The Rock as opposing Terminators against eachother or perhaps a double threat for the original Arnold

    • @Eddie
      Sorry, Paul Walker as John Connor does not do it for me :)

  7. After saving two movie franchise’s, the Rock could save another one? I aint even mad :)

  8. Best news I’ve heard in a long time


  10. For me the Series ended with T2. I want to remember the Terminator series fondly not the Snooze-Fest that was Salvation and Rise of the Machines.

    • +1
      Such a great concept that Cameron just hit out of the park. Nothing like an R-rated terminator flick.

    • Word of advice to directors, never ever try to do a sequel made famous by James Cameron, definitely big shoes to fill…lol

      • @Zilly

        Impossible shoes to fill you mean…

    • @Chris

      I don’t get why they can’t just ignore T3 and T4… The tv show actually ignored T3. There were plotlines in that show that DIRECTLY contradicts T3, yet the viewers didn’t get confused or anything. It didn’t do too well in terms of ratings, but that’s due to other issues not related to the continuity. I think they could easily just ignore T3 and T4 if they map out a clear outline from the end of T2 to the time in this new movie… And hopefully this movie will not screw the pooch like the others. Maybe they can ask Cameron for some advice. I’m sure since Arnold is back he’ll be willing to help at least as a consultant. Or heck, why not ask if he would want to direct it??

  11. seems risky for skynet to send a terminator back in time given the butterfly affect and all

  12. yessss

  13. Why can’t ever explain when & how the heck the time machine being created? Instead of wasting time over another bunch of terminator models…try explore to different angle by explaining the time machine existence and prevent this from creation may stop all these catastrophes(franchise sequence) permanently.

  14. I think it has to be hard R again. I don’t care who is in it. I thought Salvation in theory had the potential to be great, Bale as the star. Instead the only character that had any ‘character’ was Worthington and that is just sad. Plus the PG 13 rating.

    I am not sure what the Rock would bring to the table, I don’t see him as a ‘serious’ action star, but more of a ‘pop’ action star. I like him, but I am interested in what kind of character they would have him play.

  15. Sounds like a dumb idea to do another time traveling film. Also it’s sure to be too risky imo. They should take notes from the first two films & gather ideas for the war between the Resistance/Skynet. Move the franchise forward.

  16. I’ll give it a watch when it comes out on Netflix.

  17. That’d be amazing.

  18. I think he would make a great terminator. He would also be a great Universal Soldier if they ever make another one.

  19. I don’t really care for this franchise anymore Terminator 2 was the ending of the franchise for me anything else is just gimmicky eye candy.

  20. I already thought the rock should take over the terminator role a long time ago. I think its a good idea

  21. Hope he doesnt do it. The Terminator franchise is old news.

  22. for now on THE ROCK is called “The Franchise Savior”

  23. I think that the whole “send one killer back in time to kill one specific person to affect the future” thing is more than stale at this point. What they need to do is make a movie that takes place in the future during the war against the machines that focuses on Kyle Reese and ends with him having to travel back to the past when he witnesses the Terminator being sent back. Anyone ever play the game Dawn of Fate? It would be just like that.


      Make a final Terminator film showing John Conner’s death and all the Terminators (well, and Kyle Reese) being sent back in time.

    • The thing thats ridiculous is they are sending back robots in time… Robots with damn mini fusion reactors that power them.. Reactors that blow up and make really really big explosions… Um why not just send a bunch of kamikaze robots at various points where they know sarah connors with be and just blow the hell up? Like when shes in the prison/asylum or whatever at start of T2. data is data, what skynet can’t do a search and find that? send them. blow up. Done. Skynet wins. Seriously, I think skynet doesnt really want to win. If it did it wouldnt really have a purpose to exist. Besides.. In the future the fact that a more distant skynet doesnt send more advanced tech to the past or during the future war is indicative that the thing was stopped at some point. Yes I drank to much coffee this am.

      • Killing Sarah Connor while she was in the asylum would make no sense; her son had already been born. Also, in the first movie, Skynet didn’t have much information about Sarah Connor, and that’s why the cyborg had to find her.

  24. Sounds like the perfect reset button approach. Whole new timeline to play with. If true, these folks have been watching the new star treks….

  25. Remake…Sarah Connor now played by Olivia Wilde, Reese by Vin Diesel and The one and onle Terminator by Duane the Rock Johnson. However, in this story, I imagine Reese, somewhat akin to a savior of sorts in that his fearless battles have brought him many chrome skulls. I see him a loner..a katana wielding master that has studied the borgs and knows exactly how to desteoy them. Hes the reason why the time machine was built. For fear of him, they sent them back in time.

    • NO! REMAKES!

    • Eh, I’m okay with remaking the first one and just starting over. I like the idea of Wilde and Johnson in it, but hell no to Diesel and Katanas…..Just make Ryan Reynolds or that guy that plays Kirk in the Star Trek reboots as Reese.

  26. Remake…Sarah Connor now played by Olivia Wilde, Reese by Vin Diesel and The one and onle Terminator by Duane the Rock Johnson. However, in this story, I imagine Reese, somewhat akin to a savior of sorts in that his fearless battles have brought him many chrome skulls. I see him a loner..a katana wielding master that has studied the borgs and knows exactly how to desteoy them. Hes the reason why the time machine was built. For fear of him!

  27. I don’t think even the rock can save this tired old crap fest! Terminator ended with T2 for me and should have been left at that, 3 and 4 were just poor variations on the same concept, I really don’t understand people’s desire for prequels which is what these movies really are, we were told through two movies what the future was like and the events that had occurred, we were shown brief images of this, they served the purpose of describing a possible future, a future that was stopped with the events of T2, leave it be!

    Arnie needs to just give up trying to resurrect a career that died with Around the world in 80 days!

    • After viewing T2: Judgment Day for the first time in a long time yesterday, the overall quality of the movie still holds up very well, even for today’s standards. With that being said , I totally agree with you, the story ended after the second film. We all know the 3rd film was an attempt at a quick cash grab for which a financial success but failed to deliver the same quality as it’s predecessors, also, the 4th was the icing on the cake. After that, the future remains uncertain for this franchise, there was no fate but what they made for themselves…..

  28. I guess Arnie can be the T-800 again while The Rock plays a newer model. Alternately Rock and Arnie can both be variations of the T-800(I’d make sense that they’d have different faces on their Terminators so they aren’t so easily recognizable).

  29. Awesome