Rumor Patrol: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Could Star in ‘Terminator 5′

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Terminator 5 The Rock Rumor Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Could Star in Terminator 5

The blockbuster roles just keep lining up for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson; while the star is currently filming Brett Ratner’s Hercules (2014) the newest rumors claim that he may also be in the running to play a member of Hollywood’s most well-known cyborg army in Terminator 5. How he would fit alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger (figuratively and literally) isn’t clear just yet, but accompanying details on the film’s story provide some hints.

Take all these reports with a large grain of salt, since they largely contradict previous claims made by Schwarzenegger himself. While Johnson’s role isn’t detailed, the story may take fans not into the heart of the Human/Machine war, but once again back in time – farther back than ever before.

The rumor comes courtesy of Examiner, claiming that Johnson – who along with blockbuster film roles has also returned to WWE – would be passing up Wrestlemania next year to focus on movies. That in itself isn’t hard to believe, since the actor is making the most of his Hollywood demand, most recently with a larger role in Fast & Furious 6. According to the site’s sources, the screenwriting duo of Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier are apparently developing a script centered on a new robotic menace to be played by Johnson.

The Rock DC Comic Movie Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Could Star in Terminator 5

That’s far from a confirmation, but the additional details on the film’s story leave the door open for several new characters. According to the same source, the script in question centers once again on time travel, with Skynet sending a Terminator back to the 1950s, before either Sarah or John Connor was even born. Although there’s no question that The Rock possesses the size and physique that once made Schwarzenegger a convincing killing machine, how both leading men would fit into the story is the obvious question.

When Schwarzenegger first confirmed his involvement in Terminator 5, it was rumored that he may be portraying not another T-800, but perhaps the human fighter on which Skynet based their creation. That theory was dispelled when Schwarzenegger later confirmed he would once again “star as the Terminator” – so what does that mean for this new rumor?

It’s possible that a T5 following the parents of Sarah Connor (and Skynet’s first attempted assassination) could find a role for Johnson in the 1950s (WWII veteran, perhaps?), yet casting the hulking blockbuster star as anything other than ‘the new Terminator’ seems like a wasted opportunity. Few film franchises tread the line between sci-fi and clumsy time travel paradoxes as frequently as this one, but introducing a ‘new’ model of Terminator that somehow was also the first… well, let’s just say the filmmakers will be taking a big risk.

Megan Ellison secures rights to Terminator 5 and Terminator 6 Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Could Star in Terminator 5

Speculation in the wake of this rumor has turned to the possibility of Schwarzenegger not reprising his role, but playing a human being in the past; perhaps even one connected to Sarah Connor. That story twist seems outlandish, since the first films make no mention of  it – and while there were rumors that T5 would break with continuity, that decision seems unlikely.

At this point, we’d say there’s little reason to believe these reports are any more accurate than previous ones. Given his recent box office draws, it’s hard to think of any action franchise that wouldn’t be considering Johnson for a leading man. That being said, his Fast & Furious co-stars – both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel – have been brought up as potential leading men for a new Terminator franchise, so we wouldn’t hold our breath.

What is your first reaction to this rumor? Would you like to see The Rock take over as Skynet’s newer, fiercer Terminator in the war against humanity? Or is a trip through time with Arnold what you’re most hoping to see? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Terminator 5 is expected to begin filming in 2014. We’ll keep you updated as news arrives.


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Source: Examiner (via AICN)

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  1. Excellent news

  2. At this point, I’d rather have a Terminator remake. As for who would play the T-800…

    I say either Zachary Quinto or Tobey Maguire (yes, I am serious about Tobey)

  3. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hoper Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson get the role for Terminator 5 no time trave tank you i hope Terminator 5 in war of Judgment Day or be a part 2 of Terminator Salvation

  4. the rock has to portray a terminator ! with his build and stuff , maybe Arnold could be playing the rocks father in the movie ? so we could have a father – son robot team causing havoc in the 1940’5

  5. The Rock is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of this generation, Any movie he is in I will watch because he is just a bad ass! lol

  6. Bring on the Rock, absolutely. Paul Walker, I could see that.

    Vin Diesel, absolutely not.

    No, no, no.


  8. I do not understand why the Rock continues to wrestle when it so clear he’s a bona fide Hollywood superstar. Why risk injury, why do it at all?

    • Stark, the Rock has only wrestled about ten matches in a decade. The Rock headlined the past two Wrestlemanias for nostalgic purposes and to help the company that have him a shot.

    • For the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of the ROCKS fans! And PIE!

  9. Paul Walker and The Rock. HELL YES!!!

    Absolutely, not sure how I feel about the 1950′s setting, and Sarah Connors Parents.

    They already sent three machines back in time for assassination in the film franchise, Two in the book.

    I would assume the machines would be smarter and quit sending machines back in time and failing.

    I just hope this one fixes what 3 and 4 screwed up so badly at.

    • But if The Rock is playing John Connor. I would laugh so hard. That would be the funniest thing EVER!!!

      A great comedy will be born.

      *Terminator Theme*

    • I really like Salvation. 3 was pretty good. Why all the hare?

  10. I am a big fan of the rock, and this sorta makes sense. it would be a cool role…

  11. Would prefer not. I understand he has a lot of fans, but I’m not one of them, at least for Terminator.

  12. @ Jeff

    You got that right. Neither am I. This isn’t the Fast & Furious or Star Trek franchises.

  13. Think the story sounds better if arnie plays the human protector as it doesn’t matter that he’s aged aslong as the director is a good one and the story is sound

  14. No time travel been there done it n bought the T-shirt…. Its time for the war..n I wanna see those dark gritty apocalyptic war seen in the first two films… Pick up where salvation left off

    • @ dj vader


  15. No way the rock should play the terminator he does not have the look or the voice

  16. Reallllllly he fit for the role. The Rock

  17. Reallllllly he is fit for the role. The Rock

  18. Dwayne Johnson is an amazing actor and I’m a big fan of his movies this and I hope he stars in terminator 5 :)

  19. Johnson would make a perfect terminator.The only man in Hollywood to replace Arnold but I wanna see Arnold in T-5 and I can see The Rock as Terminator in 3 more Terminator films. Would be a great smart move

  20. Dwayne Johnson debe interpretar a semejanza del T800 de The Terminator ahora como un T3000 mitad T850 endoesqueleto mitad T1000 mismos de terminator 2 y 3 , situaciones previas.Es el Barnes de terminator 4 infiltrado que va a copiar a Austin Wright (hermano de Marcus Wright )aspecto para el T1000 de terminator 2 en terminator 5 , es la figura de Danny Dyson programacion antes del T850 de Terminator 3 .Tiene que ver con la TX Blair Williams en Terminator 4 infiltrada estudio de personas y situaciones de control figura femenina relacionante de “John Connor” (madre-novia-figura sexual femenina)

  21. i think we should have old arnold fight young arnold.

  22. Honestly I would like to see arnie return as a human protecting Kyle Reese along with JC in the future during the war and as the war is about to end in defeat they work their way to getting kyle reese to the time machine all while encountering resistance from a new and improved Terminator played by Vin Diesel (pitch black, riddick shows he can do it) OR played by the Rock. Here’s the twist: Miles Dysons son Daniel Dyson is now in charge of skynet in retalliation to his Dad’s death he wants JC and kyle reese and arnie dead.

  23. Arnie will return as the t 800 its official and he will bulk up for the role even at 66 as for the rock hed be good playing a soilder of the future one of john conners christian bales lieutenants as for the bad should be all the t 800 assembly line.helen bonham carter should still play the voice of skynet .but should be set in the future john connor should die by the hands of the t 800 as told in the 3rd one.and let the rock and arnie kick ass and then wait for terminator 6 without arnie and bale .and let the rock destroy skynet save the human race story told end of franchise.

  24. Geez! Not The Rock!! STUPID choice!! Hellooo!! And T5 has to pick up where T4 left off, with Skynet’s defense grid just about to be smashed by the humans and Skynet about to come up with the time travel option. Follow the storyline through. Don’t introduce anything not mentioned or referenced in T1. And for God’s sake, don’t ruin the film with teen-idle actors like Dwayne. Use someone up-and-coming and less known and formulated. Let’s keep this think mature people!!

    • he is a perfect choice

  25. the rock t5 =awesome

  26. Can we please stop it with the time travel Dang. Let see something new, like a model that we get our hands on, the very first one made happens to be the rock and lay the smack down on some candy asses.

  27. For one i want new terminator beast or hydro nano bots with wire’s molding binding elements of material iron object weapon to the machine body any were that can also melt or infuse sinking in rebuilding back body structure as healing factor in iron resources>

  28. I’d rather see Danny Trejo as T-900
    And the rock as T-800
    Jessica Biel as Sarah Connor
    Ryan Reynolds as john connor
    The MiZ as Reese / Kyle