Alan Taylor To Direct ‘Terminator 5′

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Terminator 5 Director Alan Taylor Alan Taylor To Direct Terminator 5

2015 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years in cinematic history when it comes to high profile franchises. From Batman and Superman going head-to-head, to sequels of the #1 and #3 biggest movies of all-time in Avatar 2 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, respectively, the relaunch of Fantastic Four, the next James Bond, Mission: Impossible and Pirates of the Caribbean installments, adaptations of two of the biggest video game properties in Assassin’s Creed and Warcaft, and of course, Star Wars: Episode VII.

But what would a big year of sci-fi, fantasy and action be without Arnold Schwarzenegger? The man most well-known as the Terminator returns to his career-defining role in the untitled Terminator 5 as the killer machine from the future, and directing him may be Alan Taylor.

Alan Taylor is currently in the final stretch of post-production on Thor: The Dark World for Marvel Studios, his first major feature film in a decade after years of work on critically acclaimed TV series, most notably Game of Thrones.

Thor 2 Chris Hemsworth and Alan Taylor Alan Taylor To Direct Terminator 5

After Annapurina Films (Zero Dark Thirty, Lawless) picked up the rights to the Terminator license for multiple features over two years ago, Justin Lin (Fast & Furious series) was tapped to help revive the Terminator franchise after the critically panned Terminator: Salvation, but dropped out due to scheduling issues. Then came confirmation that franchise poster boy Schwarzenegger would return for the franchise relaunch, playing a Terminator unit once again – although we still don’t know how.

Annapurina Films has since teamed Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures (to distribute) and Terminator 5 (it won’t be called that) was given a production start date of January 2014, with a summer 2015 release date. Now comes word from sources of The Wrap that Alan Taylor has signed to direct the feature, meaning he won’t be back to showrunning Game of Thrones anytime soon. The man’s officially made Hollywood’s A-list of feature directors.

Taylor has a proven talent for world-building with his work on Rome, Game of Thrones – and by all accounts – the Thor sequel, so a post-apocalyptic future is an easy aesthetic for the director to work within, should it play a large part in the film’s timeline. The same can be said for his ability to generate drama, strong character relationships and emotionally gripping scenes – especially when it comes to character deaths.

With one star secured, a director attached, and a script by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, expect plenty of additional casting confirmations in the coming months. Will the rumored Dwayne Johnson spearhead the new Terminator trilogy as as new killer robot, fully cementing the passing of the torch from Schwarzenegger to “The Rock”? Or has that already happened?


Terminator 5 releases June 26, 2015.

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Source: The Wrap

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  1. Interesting but very welcome choice.

  2. It is possible the movie apocalypse Lucas and Spielberg spoke of was not this past summer but of 2015

    • Star Wars VII, Avengers 2, Jurassic Park 4, Terminator 5, Independence Day 2, Bond 24, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Superman vs Batman and Mission Impossible… plus World of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed! WOW!!!

  3. At least they’re not rebooting the series. Hope it turns put better than the last.

      • Why’s it called terminator 5 in this case then?

        • This article says it won’t be called that. The official title is not yet released I guess.

        • No idea, maybe tentative title being made use by the OP of this piece. The point is there’s NOT going to be a sequel anymore. So new castings, new actors and a damn reboot.

      • No there not.

    • It’s a reboot of the series. They just have it done as Terminator 5 for now because the title isn’t known yet. I suspect this will be out at the end of the year or early next year.

  4. Dwayne Johnson as a new killer robot awesome hopefuly he can fly and stuff and Schwarzenegger can play his father in the movie ! a father son robot combo would be epic

    • Is that a serious comment? If not, it’s hilarious.

    • The Tin Woodsman and Inspector Gadget?

      • Mr. Freeze and The Tooth Fairy.

    • “a father son robot combo” …is that really possible rofl smh

    • NO to Duane Johnson. The guy is so overhyped. Keep him out of Terminator.

      • so its not the 87 year old Arnold that turns you off, but Dwayne Johnson.

  5. I’m in.

  6. I’m trying to decide if the “Annapurina” typo was intentional or not, as far as casting aspersions on the films produced by that company. :P

  7. interesting the torch being passed may actually happen on film

    • It’d be cool to see Christian Bale back as John Connor, only to die and inspire the next leader of the resistance leading into Terminator 6 to finish off the story.

      • Might be cool, but I think the odds of anyone involved (especially Bale) wanting to tie the new film to the “critically panned” T4, which failed to become an ongoing relaunch in its own time, are poor.

  8. Alan Taylor? Hmmm, interesting choice. Thor seemed like an obvious fit with his Game of Thrones experience. But I don’t know any TV show that he directed that comes close to resembling the dystopian future of the Terminator franchise…maybe Sex in the City?

    • He’s directed tons of stuff, mostly drama-based. I think Thor 2 will show how good a director he is or not, and what that will mean for Terminator 5.

      • I know he has done a lot of television, but nothing really with the sci-fi elements of Terminator. I think he’ll do fine and it could be quite interesting.

        • It’s good to remember that directors who handle the basics well (plot, characters, bringing the script to life) will be fine when you throw the fancy wheels and shiny bling on it that sci-fi/fantasy brings to the table.

          Good sci-fi holds up on its own if you strip away all the effects shots, because it’s all about people and their interactions anyway. If you take away the “cool factor” and it’s not enjoyable, you automatically know it’s shlt.

  9. wow, that 2015 list is too much.

    I mean, sounds awesome, but….. Im afraid some blockbusters are gonna suffer.

    • Just watched it… I dunno.. Way would they all of sudden say… Hey let’s paint him black for some odd reason

  10. Can’t imagine what the next film will be like if it doesn’t follow from Terminator Salvation Post-Judgement Day. I mean Sarah Connor’s parents are gonna be the new targets now in another time travel tale?

    I hoping to see the war continue & get darker in the future. To see John & Kyle fight together on the field & see the battles as seen in flashbacks in Cameron’s first two films. T3 & T4 were decent imo. Sam Worthington & Anton Yelchen were great in their roles. Even though I thought Sam Worthington would of made a better John Connor than Bale But Bale did a good job himself too.

    I hope the movie turns out to be good.

  11. We dubbed one of the bosses at the Wal-Mart where I work “The Terminator”, he has fired so many people! {Unjustly}!

    • @ Goldilocks

      The Walmart where I worked at no-one liked the store manager. They called him names but Terminator wasn’t one of them because he didn’t have to fire very many people because people were always quiting under him.

  12. Should be a very solid choice!

  13. I’m looking forward to some future action star who uses the nom de plume “The Gooch.”

    • As in the child villain from Diff’rent Strokes? Nah, you must mean the slang term for Taint, which is itself probably not a medical term. Hey, how about “The Taint”! Sounds like a superhero franchise with nebulous appeal.

  14. Anyone got any idea what the story is to this thing?

    We’ve done Kill the Mom, we’ve done Kill the Child, we’ve done Judgement Day and we’ve done the war in the future and John’s ascension to leader of the resistance.

    Where else is there to go…. more future war stuff??? No Thanks

    What made 1 & 2 so brilliant was that they were simple chase movies.

    Relentless chase movies, you stopped for more than an second and BANG the Terminators kickin’ the door in (and your teeth) :)

    You always gotta be on the run, no rest for the characters, no rest for the audience…. gave them a wonderful energy and the viewing time flies by.

    T3 – Tried do be a chase movie but didn’t have the energy. Arnie although got his muscle tone back still looked older (cause he is) and machines don’t age, the guy who played John, not to great, TX was crap, Claire Danes was the best thing in it.

    Salvation was a good enjoyable action film set in the Terminator Universe…. it wasn’t a “Terminator” film, there wasn’t that relentless chase paranoia and for me it suffered for that because it was what it was… an action flick and they’re a dime a dozen.

  15. @ Jonathan

    From what I read, the new film takes place in the 70′s with a new model Terminator sent to terminate Sarah Connor’s parents. Supposely Arnold will be the good guy whether he’s a cyborg again or human sent to protect.

    Imo the cat & mouse chase theme ran it’s course in the Terminator franchise. It’s getting to be ridiculous coming up with new models of terminators when T-1000 was the ultimate killing machine. TX was a nice addition by Stan Winston & worked well in T3.

    I thought Nick Staul was decent as John Connor in T3 regarding John being hesistant about accepting his destiny. Claire Danes I wasn’t too fond of & I think I liked Bryce Dallas Howard more.

    Salvation I thought was more serious than T3 was while it was good but could of been better. I think it had relentless chase paranoia,only thing was it didn’t have as many chases that were intense that the first 3 films had. T2 imo had the best chases. I liked seeing Kyle Reese & John on screen together aswell as T-600 series aswell as the series antogist SKYNET thru Marcus’s point of view in the vision of Helena Bonham Carter’s character.

  16. Most directions the story can go now seem derivative, or worse, repeated. I still prefer the idea that Arnold could play the man who has become (or more likely WILL become) the template for the T-600. That way he can actually act in the role as something more than a killing/quipping machine. He should play the human hero that is destined to have his face worn by the enemy. Then it doesn’t matter how far over the hill he is, or where his muscle tone can be bumped up to, because his age and frailty are legitimate parts of the story instead of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to the story. I know this idea was essentially in the comedic bonus feature for T3, but so what? It would be a way to shake things up and make his character interesting instead of just iconic and nostalgic.

    For reference, in case anyone cares, I’d say:
    T1: super low budget. (Classic and cool.)
    T2: that kid/cheese. (amazing action/effects)
    T3: for a continuation of mythology, it sure felt like a comedic side story. (unexpectedly fun, overcame low expectations, and ultimately had the guts to undo the terrible T2 twist that averted the war and just nuke the planet already).
    T4: new story format had potential and great moments, but obviously no slam dunk. I wish they had followed it up.

    Might rate them: 9,9,7, 7.5

    • @ Josh

      I agree with what you pretty much said in your post & how you’d rate each previous film. I too would find it more interesting if Arnold was a human character that the machines would base his likeness onto the T-800. Plus imo, I wouldn’t even count that comedic bonus feature from T3 special features. I always thought that was for laughs, Ha ha sort of thing.

  17. Rob, there is a spelling error you might wanna fix: it is ‘Annapurna’ not ‘Annapurina’ :)

  18. Isn’t Avatar 2 set for 2016?

    Anyway, this sounds great, Taylor directing T5 if that’s what happens. I did not dislike T:Salvation, but perhaps Taylor can help make the next one a modern classic.

  19. With each bit of news I’ve gone from oh god The Terminator franchise is dead why even bother to humm maybe it could be pretty decent…
    Even though we should wait until we see Thor before praising or bashing Taylor coming aboard to direct, the footage we’ve seen looks solid and it goes without saying that his work on GoT was fantastic so this is a good sign IMO.
    Now, what about the story???
    I think it would be best if they avoid a direct sequel, prequel or reboot. Maybe a separate story that could run parallel with the first four movies is the way to go…

  20. Another reboot/remake movie

  21. Annapurna