‘Terminator 5′: Emilia Clarke & Brie Larson Front-Runners to Play Sarah Connor

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terminator 5 sarah connor actress Terminator 5: Emilia Clarke & Brie Larson Front Runners to Play Sarah Connor

There’s still a whole lot we don’t know for certain about the upcoming Terminator 5, otherwise known as Terminator (2015). However, Arnold Schwarzenegger is confirmed to reprise as the titular killing machine (even though he’s now 66 years old), drawing from a screenplay written by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) that will reboot the sci-fi franchise’s convoluted timeline, in order to setup for a potential new stand-alone movie trilogy.

Alan Taylor has left news of him directing the film as “rumor” for the time being, though that hasn’t prevented the Thor: The Dark World helmer from saying that – in the purely-hypothetical situation that he were to wind up directing the Terminator reboot – he would emulate Christopher Nolan’s approach with Batman Begins, where it concerns resetting and contemporizing the IP created by James Cameron some 30 years ago.

The rumored storyline for the fifth Terminator installment resembles the premise for the upcoming time-travel superhero movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, as the adult John Connor (who Taylor wants Tom Hardy to play) in the dystopian future sends a deadly robot (Schwarzenegger) back in time to protect his mother Sarah – when she was a 20-something individual – and prevent any timeline alteration that would destroy humanity’s last shred of hope in a 21st-century war against rogue artificial intelligence machines.

So, in essence, it’ll borrow and blend plot/character elements from the 1984 Terminator and its sequel, Judgement Day.

terminator 5 brie larson emilia clarke 570x294 Terminator 5: Emilia Clarke & Brie Larson Front Runners to Play Sarah Connor

Brie Larson in ‘Short Term 12′ and Emilia Clarke in ‘Game of Thrones’

Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) was previously listed among the actresses in contention to play Sarah Connor in the Terminator reboot, but Deadline says the race is now down to Brie Larson and Emilia Clarke. The former has enjoyed a strong year on the indie movie circuit (with roles in Short Term 12 and The Spectacular Now), but the latter is said to have the edge – partly, of course, because she collaborated with Taylor before on HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series.

Both Clarke and Larson are renowned for their ability to portray determined and occasionally fierce, yet also vulnerable and overall multi-dimensional women onscreen; though, Clarke has more experience at play emotionally-grounded characters in serious fantastical genre fare, while Larson has a stronger background in comedy (see: 21 Jump Street, Don Jon). Moreover, both actresses are near the same age as Linda Hamilton when she played Sarah Connor in the mid-1980s, so that might be a clue with regard to when the past sections of the reboot will take place.

As it were, Kalogridis has worked alongside Cameron in the past on Avatar and his on-hold Battle Angel adaptation. Couple that with the emphasis on casting the Sarah Connor role and the involvement of producer Megan Ellison (Her, American Hustle) – whose Annapurna Pictures banner owns the rights to the Terminator franchise currently – and it stands to reason that the upcoming reboot will return the franchise to its feminist roots, after the third and fourth movies strayed a little ways from that outlook.

thor dark world alan taylor Terminator 5: Emilia Clarke & Brie Larson Front Runners to Play Sarah Connor

Alan Taylor directing Jaimie Alexander in ‘Thor: The Dark World’

Indeed, the last two films – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation – have their strengths, but were so lackluster overall that it might be preferable to just start the entire continuity over from scratch, rather than continuing marching forward – especially, since the possibly of a post-Judgement Day trilogy kicked off by Salvation didn’t come to fruition. (To mention nothing of more time-travel confusion introduced by the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series).

With a sci-fi writer (Kalogridis) and horror specialist (Lussier) on scriptwriting duties, bringing the Terminator series back to its genre beginnings appears to be very much the plan with the fifth installment/reboot. Plus, given what Taylor has said to date, it sounds as though he intends to bring more of that Game of Thrones grit and political intrigue to the Terminator franchise, compared to his vision of Marvel’s Thor universe (which, after all was said and done, was more of a Star Wars-like fun serial adventure than anything else).


Terminator 5/Terminator (2015) will open in theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I think Emilia can actually resemble a young Linda Hamilton

  2. brie larson – short term 12 was great – and another actress Kaitlyn Dever in that film will also be big

  3. The robots should go back far in time and create events to control the world.

  4. That rumoured story doesn’t sound promising.

  5. Charlotte Gainsbourg is perfect for the role
    Sarah Connor is not supposed to be beautiful, she’s supposed to be stunning

  6. As much of a great actress Brie Larson is, I don’t see her as sarah hamilton.

  7. More Terminator? I’m always down for that! Bring it on! Won’t be better than the first two, can’t be worse than the last two. I think the fun of the time travel in these movies is that the potential alternate timelines are endless. John Connor looks different? Different sperm from a different moment of insemination. Simple, effective, DONE.

    • Yes, I think this movie needs a good watching outta me…grab that popcorn, & we’re ready to go!

  8. Emilia Clarke looks like a young Sarah Connor from The Terminator.

  9. i like bri but both actresses are too model preppy looking. they need someone mid 30 or 40 something suburban looking tough and cute but not gorgous like leena hadely and linda
    hamilton were type.
    without brad fidels score back in the franchise t5 is still going to suck
    and shouldnt continue, t3 and t4 might not have been so god awful had they
    had brad fidels pulse pounding terminator score back in full, they need
    to take a page from the bond franchise (as skyfall has barrys score partialy back
    in). most sequel franchcises tank when they replace actors or drop music and is
    why they fall apart.

  10. They should make these writers come up with their own stories not rip off old movies what happened to creativity?

  11. I had no idea that was a rumoured story I just thought it would be a smart way for machines to take over. They can liquefy and turn into whoever so go into the past root in and control the world.

  12. I thought Sarah Connor is dead ?

  13. Brie Larson all the way i think she would do great

  14. Definitely Emilia Clarke. She looks a lot like a young Linda Hamilton.

  15. hahaha, good point, actually yeah, sarah supposedly died in t3, the t-800 killed her for some reason and buried the body in a desert somewhere. not quite sure how there gona get around that fact. im guessing there gona dismiss what happened in t3 and salvation, I hope they bring back the hard headed military sarah back, and for goodness sake, stop with the lame jokes like “talk to the hand”, it just totally ruins a very good film, I absolutely cannot wait for this release, been following up on it for awhile now. still upset that jim Cameron isn’t writing t and directing it with the original cast, no other director is capable of bringing out the best performance from the actors like him.

  16. Am I the only one here, including the guys at SR that made the connection of how weird it would be to see Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister both play the same character: Sarah Conner?

    I loved Lena Headey as Sarah Conner and Emilia Clarke looks a lot a young Linda Hamilton. Emilia definitely has the chops to pull of that character.

    I think it’s strange though that there hasn’t been a mention about Arnold coming back in this film considering he’s been verbal about making another Terminator himself and has said he IS doing one. I wonder how that’s going to work. Are they two different projects?

  17. I see some posts with photos on them. I wanted to put a side-by-side pic of Emilia/Linda I just put together and I can’t figure out how to post it. Any help with that would be great! Thanks!

  18. idk why but micheal fessbender wuld be awesome t-1000 has the look

  19. I thought Norman Reedus from Walking Dead kinda looked like Robert Patrick. Just a little back in season 1.

  20. Am I the only one that loved Salvation? But it would be bad ass for Tom Hardy to play. It would be too similar to Mad Max though.

    • I too really enjoyed Terminator Salvation. And the “let’s reboot it, like Nolan did with Batman”-thing, thats exactly what McG said.

      They should just finish the storyline instead of restarting it.

      • mesa agree, they should finish the storyline by continuing the timeline from T4 leading up to T1 and close the loop, all the characters trapped in a time paradox on home video forever

  21. I liked Terminator Salvation & know people who thought it was a tad better than T3. Of-course things could of been done differently. One of major facts imo were people couldn’t accept a Terminator film without Arnold. I read some reviews that’s why & one critic felt it wasn’t a Terminator film without Arnold in it. After watching it number of times, I thought Sam Worthington would of been better as John Connor than Christian Bale.

    After what McG was planning for the sequel, it was for the best it didn’t perform well.

  22. this movie is gonna suck so bad..seriously whats the point on making another terminator, the 4th sequel was really bad. why cant they just continue where they left at in Salvation instead of going back.

    • Because they ruined the whole franchise with the invincible liquid terminators. Even the unborn Reese becomes your father is wrong. They can make a sci-fi film seemingly realistic, but often, Hollyweird writers go off the deep end with a bunch of BS.

      What would be more fun and realistic is that a team of terminators goes back in time to hunt for Sarah Connor and Reese goes after them just before the time machine is destroyed. Therefore, this ends all the time travel. Just hunt after the terminators sent back in time until the “Judgment Day” happens.

  23. Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson are both attractive and competent actresses, but I think Clarke is too pretty and fragile looking to play the role of Terminator busting Sarah Connor, despite having played Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. I would go with Larson if it were up to me.

  24. Terminator Salvation was way better than Terminator Rise of the Machines. I agree that Tom Hardy and Emilia Clark would be great choices. The studios should try to have Cameron working on the production in some capacity. That would guarantee product quality.

    PS: Sarah Connor died from Leukaemia. She wasn’t killed by the terminator.