Rumor Patrol: ‘Terminator 5′ Casting Shortlist for John and Sarah Connor

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terminator 5 cast john sarah connor Rumor Patrol: Terminator 5 Casting Shortlist for John and Sarah Connor

What do we know about Terminator 5 – otherwise known as Terminator (2015) – thus far? Well, for certain Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing in the film, but otherwise we’re technically still awaiting confirmation/clarification on claims that Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) is directing and Arnold will reprise as the T-800 machine (not an ordinary man).

A few years back, there was a rumor that suggested the fifth Terminator installment will be a soft reboot; one that revolves around an older Sarah Connor – along with her grown-up son John – in the present-day, no less (e.g. potentially overriding the events in Terminator: Rise of the Machines and The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Justin Lin, who was the director at the time, dismissed the proposal of T5 as a cast reunion that would include T2: Judgement Day stars Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong.

However, even back then, Lin was hinting that T5 would use the time-travel plot device to reset the convoluted sci-fi franchise. That still appears to be the driving force behind the project, even though the latest casting rumor indicates that the plan for accomplishing that isn’t all that simple. (At least, not so simple as, say, just not including the Connors in the narrative.)

terminator 2015 release date Rumor Patrol: Terminator 5 Casting Shortlist for John and Sarah Connor

Schmoes Knows claims to have information from a “top-secret source” (get that grain of salt ready…), which suggests that Terminator 5 will feature versions of John and Sarah Connor that are close to the same age. There was previously talk about the Terminator 5 storyline – from screenwriters Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) – taking place in the 1950s, back when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was rumored to play a new Terminator model. But do these rumors fit together… or simply call attention to how little we actually know about the project?

Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, it could be that the plan is to unite John and Sarah Connor from different points in history (along with Arnold’s character), then send then back to the mid-20th century to prevent some event that sets in motion Judgement Day? Such a version of Terminator 5 sounds remarkably similar to the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, which partly seeks to tidy up the convoluted timeline for the X-Men superhero franchise. Seeing how the next Terminator movie is apparently going to follow suit and reboot the series – laying the groundwork for a new standalone trilogy – could that guess not be so far off as you might think right off the bat?

The actresses that Schmoes Knows claim are being eyed to play a 20-something Sarah Connor in Terminator 5 include Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Brie Larson (21 Jump Street) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street), while the candidates in consideration to portray the 20-something version of her son John include Boyd Holbrook (Hatfields & McCoys) and Garret Hedlund (TRON: Legacy). Interestingly, most of these actors and actresses have proven able to blend into period settings with fairly little difficulty, which could make them reasonable candidates to play modern-day time-travelers (who don’t stick out like sore thumbs in the past).

Terminator 5 may feature original Terminator cast members Rumor Patrol: Terminator 5 Casting Shortlist for John and Sarah Connor

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton & Edward Furlong in ‘T2′

Having said that: featuring versions of John and Sarah Connor – who are near the same age – as they jump around the 1900s, doesn’t exactly sound like the smartest way to “fix” the Terminator franchise. Moreover, Taylor has indicated that his (for now, theoretical) approach to making the film would be to take the franchise back to its character-based, simple genre roots in stalker horror and/or sci-fi action (he referenced it as the Batman Begins approach).

How about it – do you believe there’s any truth to this Terminator 5 casting rumor? Let us know in the comments section!


Terminator 5 is scheduled to hit theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Schmoes Knows

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    • I think you need a “deLorean” for that

    • Don’t fret. That won’t be happening.

  1. Ug. Show the actual war. In the future. No rebooting, no revamping, no Arnold.

    End the series already.

    • Couldn’t agree more!

      How many times does John Conner have to be chased by whatever rebooted terminator? And yes we know already to save humanity from Skynet!

      Let’s see the damn war already!

      • Yes, a war would actually be a good thing to see, both on Terminator and also on X-Men. Not just bits, pieces, and allusions to it.
        I will be watching this terminator movie on Netflix when available. X-Men: DOFP I will buy the DVD for, although I have a hunch it won’t be as good as it could have been.

      • idk man… salvation tried that and it kinda sucked.

        • Yea. But no-one is gonna like any new model sent to terminate that could compare to the T-1000 if TX couldn’t.

        • Agreed, Salvation sucked, but look who directed it (McG doesn’t inspire confidence).

          They made it more complicated with Sam Worthington’s character, and they should’ve kept it simple. Nolan’izing it wasn’t the answer either.

          Basically, I want to see the future that was revealed in T2 expanded upon; it’s the only thing left that we haven’t seen.

        • @movieDude

          No, it didn’t. Salvation showed little small skirmishes. I think whenever someone says they want to see “the war” they are talking about that full fledge war you see in the flashbacks from T1 and T2 where the resistance only comes out an night time, and there are full on battles going on every day…

          I would like to see this too. Salvation didn’t do this at all, and that’s why it was a let-down. For me, the ultimate new trilogy would show the beginning of the war, the turning point in the war, then the end of the war that ends with them sending back Kyle Reese and a Terminator (Arnold’s T800) to protect Sarah Connor and then John Connor respectively.

          • Completely agree, show judgment day, aftermath and uprising! that takes up one film. Showing how they discover a sound wave that standbys the machines doesn’t come close to exploring that.

          • @Ken J

            I agree with you man. I’m just saying they tried doing the war in salvation and they screwed it up. I too would love to see them do it justice but after being let down with T3 (my least fave of the franchise) and salvation (which wasn’t absolutely awful imho I just expected something a lot better) I’m skeptical at this point.

            • @movieDude

              Yep, agree with you there. T3 was a big joke, T4 was ok if you just watch the action scenes. It just had way too many plot holes and not the right amount of action…

    • Or they could continue the series from where T4 left off… Continuing with Christian Bale at least… 😀

      • @SeBa

        Or better yet, continue from T2…

  2. This is not the first, nor will it be the last, rumor and speculation concerning this, or any other film. I must say, all of the misinformation, as of late, is becoming quite irritating (e.g., Army of Darkness 2).

    This is the problem with studios and directors (Abrams, for one) having such an irrational desire for total secrecy about a project.

  3. Lacking something

  4. I have but two words to say, F**k That!

    • Not me, but another Jeff…

      • …although I do agree. Bad idea.

  5. sarah connor- Lena Heady
    John connor- Thomas Dekker

  6. I would rather see another season of TSCC then a new film screwing everything up even more.

  7. One more chip

  8. Terminator Salvation was such a missed opportunity to progress the future war storyline. Watching the future war scenes from T1 & T2 further reminds of the huge potential a future war storyline can bring if done right.

    All that being said we really don’t need another Terminator movie that’s for sure.

    • …ugh, another person who comments that we don’t “need” this film or that film.

      Pray tell, what movie do we “need”?

      If you are not interested in seeing it, simply don’t. Most movies are made, or not made, based on demand and the potential for a profit.

      • Er… an original movie with an original fresh concept perhaps? Would kind of be nice

        So how many people were or are ‘demanding’ another Terminator movie? Was there a large majority of people saying ‘You know what that Salvation was so good, wish they would make another one?’

        Salvation as seen as a flop box office wise – so not so sure how ‘profitable’ yet another Terminator movie will be.

        • Although I agree the industry has lacked new ideas as of late, another sequel to Terminator would not be considered, if the studios did not believe they could profit from it. That translates into…they have likely done some research, and there is a demand.

          Perhaps I jumped on you too harshly, but it would be nice if we could avoid the use of the word “need” when referring to films.

          All movies, in the end, are “wants”. It is clear that you don’t want another sequel to Terminator. Obviously, other people do, especially if done right.

          • I want one, you obviously want one, this guy came to an article connected to continuing a loved franchise simply to say he wants “an original movie with an original fresh concept perhaps” that’s fine go watch Only God Forgives, Stoker, We Are What We Are, more mainstream Gravity there are films out their.

            Go find them stop hating.

            • @Eddie

              It’s not hating , it’s just realizing that franchise has reached exhaustive point now.

              Now I know you may want another four Terminator films all time travelling back to the 80s chasing Sarah Connor. With probably a near 70 year old Arnie in the starring role yet again.

              As easily pleased as you are, unfortunately the story / concept can’t progress anymore unless they go with the future war.

              No hating just logical thinking that’s all.

              • When did I say “want another four Terminator films all time travelling back to the 80s chasing Sarah Connor. With probably a near 70 year old Arnie in the starring role yet again.”? I didn’t.

                If you had read my other posts you will realize I too want them to carry on from Judgment Day and go from there. I don’t know how their going to use Arnie and not sure they should? but yes I do want another Terminator film and no I’m not easily pleased but feel free to speculate on what placates me as a viewer.

  9. If James Cameron was at the helm then I would be down. But I highly doubt he’ll be leaving Avatar any time soon.

    • @movieDude

      He needs to, Terminator needs his magic, not this Avatar silliness…

  10. this synopsis dosent sound correct , there is no way its going to be set in the 1950s or any of that nonsense I would love to see the Connors from t2 in 2013 and see what they have been up to

    • …and they could meet the man, Arnold, who came to design and produce the T-800.

  11. Still irritated about the original story line set up and how the time travel worked. It doesn’t add up

    1. Sarah exists and hasn’t had John yet.
    2. Reese is told by a future John to go back in time to protect his mom.
    3. Reese goes back in time and ends up creating John with Sarah.
    4. Now the future John can exist.

    PROBLEM: How can John be alive in the future without having been created by Reese yet. John sends his dad back in time to create him when he already exists. There is no need to send Reece back.

    • its a paradox, one can not happen without the other.

      • I get that John cant exist without Reece creating him. But John should not exist in the future if Reece hasnt gone back yet. I get that that is the paradox.

        And I know Im thinking of time is linear only. But I teach history and I have been trained to think that way and think of things as cause and effect. Cause first and then its intended effect.

        I cannot not envision an effect happening first and then the cause happening which then leads to the intended effect.

        • You’re not actually looking at it in a linear way though, clay. The point of John sending Reese back was to prevent the death of his mother and the creation of an alternate timeline where he wasn’t around to fight Skynet. By doing so he closed the loop and ensured his own birth.

          • can you elaborate that. I half understand.

            • In linear time John’s born in 1985; Judgment Day takes place in 1997; adult John fights Skynet in the 2010s/2020s. In 2029 John sends Reese back to 1984 with the sole purpose of preventing Arnie from killing his mother. This won’t have any effect at all on John’s 2029 or anything leading up to there, but will instantly create another timeline branching off from 1984 onwards in which he doesn’t exist. So Skynet will in theory massively increase its chances of defeating the human race, even if only in that timeline.

              At this point John isn’t aware that Reese is the man who fathers him. This is an unforeseen outcome, and a break with linear time only in the sense that Reese is transported from future to past in order to stop anything interfering with the a-b-c events of 1984-2029.

              The first new and unfamiliar timeline is created by the events of T2, with the destruction of the first Terminator’s arm and CPU, and the death of Dyson. Hence Sarah’s closing narration, “The unknown future rolls towards us. I face it for the first time with a sense of hope.”

              • Sorry if that first paragraph’s not clear: if the T-800 had killed Sarah in the first movie it wouldn’t have had any effect on John’s 2029. It’s a job to know what tense to use sometimes…

                • This just occurred to me as an analogy that might make more sense in historical terms. Imagine someone from 2013 travelling back in time to kill Hitler’s mother before she gave birth to him, and succeeding. We wouldn’t suddenly wake up in a reset world where WWII never happened – nothing about our 2013 would be in any way different – but a new timeline would exist in which that was the case. If you subscribe to the “many worlds” theory of objective reality, that is, which is the one the Terminator movies (and Abramsverse Star Trek) goes with.

                  • *go* with, even

        • Isn’t it a case of an event that always will happen , it’s just the difference in the way it happens or the difference in the cause.

          John Connor would still exist alebit by a different father. No reason why Sarah Connor doesn’t get pregnant with someone else in 1984. Don’t need Reese to come back in time for that to happen.

          John can still go on to become the resistance leader regardless. Future Reese only knows that Skynet is going after Sarah.

          Would not have knowledge of whose John’s father was prior to him going back.

          The bigger question is why in T2 does Skynet go back to when John was a teenager? Is there a limit at what point they can go back to? Why not go back to when Sarah had John at childbirth for example?

          Then there’s the whole alternate timelines that are created by destroying the CPU chip. It stops that particular timeline but the timeline where the future war happens doesn’t go away?

          Of course T3 put paid to all of this saying the war is inevitable therefore undercutting both T1 & T2 altogether.

          • I thought this was explained by many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics?

            • gonna have to get my “nerd on” and go research that.

          • I accept the theory that a different father created John the first time then Reece becoming the father the second time. However, that would mean the 2 Johns would be genetically and socially different.

            The first original John would have grown up without knowledge of the war coming but still end up the leader.

            The second John fathered by Reece would be ready for the war and would have knowledge of the war.

            • So you do get it then? I think that realizing its science fiction not science fact may bring peace to your plight.

              • Lol. I accept the 2 different fathers theory and the theory that Sarah’s child was destined to be the leader no matter who the father was.

                But I don’t accept that John existed in the future before he was created in the past.

                • OK, that’s fine. In a split universe example there is a future with no John Connor, Sarah doesn’t know s*it and dies in Judgment Day but parallels exist where he does.

                  This is sesame street physics and to say otherwise is wrong. I just want to see Terminator Terminating people everything else is just meh (I know compelling argument right).

    • Its like me sending my dad back in time to create myself. Obviously that event has occurred allowing me to live.

      Original story should have just been about a future without John where Reece goes to the past to warn people about the war only to fall in love with Sarah. That chain of events then creates John who will then become one of the “saviors.”

      • But then you’re faced with the exact same logical problem: if Reece came from a world without John, then how could John’s birth possibly affect that particular future? The answer is that it wouldn’t; it would create an alternate timeline in which different causes led to entirely different effects.

        • *Reese*

        • But a world without John could still be affected by Johns birth. Reese could still come from a world without John as a leader but have knowledge of the war against the machines. He would then meet Sarah and pass on that knowledge but also passing his “seed.” (To gross?) Then you would have John who would also have knowledge of the war and end up making a difference in a previous future that seemed hopeless.

          Then you could have a story where machines are going back in time to stop Reese from creating John with Sarah.

          • Yes, but by definition the world that John ends up making a difference in wouldn’t be the same one from which Reese travelled back, and in which John never existed!

            • Dentist you’re wrong. Clay is right.

              “Yes, but by definition the world that John ends up making a difference in wouldn’t be the same one from which Reese travelled back, and in which John never existed!”

              Yes a different world, not a different universe. The story presents itself as a linear timeline. That’s it period. Any ideas you want to come up with undermine that simple fact. How it was presented to the audience at the time. It’s an error.

              • The story presents itself as a linear timeline only until it’s interfered with. T1 was a closed loop – nothing altered, only confirmed. T2 created a new timeline from the point where Dyson was no longer able to complete his work. That’s not just some idea I came up with.

    • Ah, it’s just a movie, so don’t put too much thought into it.

      Despite what some deluded scientists may assert, time-travel (to the point of saying “hi” to long-deceased mom and dad) is an impossibility, unless you are God, and any movie that has toyed with the notion is a work of pure fiction. In the end, they all thus fall apart on their own merits.

      • True. I will say I still love Terminator 1 and 2. They are among my favorite sci-fi movies!

        • Mine, too! The series just fell apart with the third one, and the fourth was little better. The first two, however, still hold their own, which is a sign of good film making.

    • The instant answer, and the answer that ruins the plot entirely, is that Skynet could’ve avoided time travel entirely and simply killed Reese in the future … thus ensuring John could not send his father back in time to impregnate Sarah.

      Simply put: kill Reese now and John disappears

      However, Sarah herself killed all theories with her line about how hard it must’ve been for John to send his father back in time

      Time Travel plots are iffy at best, but Abrams used it pretty well imo with Star Trek (i.e., time travel immediately & unequivocally creates an alternate time line)

      • But that doesn’t work because John already exists and has to / or will defeat Skynet.

        Killing Reese before he goes back achieves nothing as John is already there. John Connor was born with a different father from 1984. So he wouldn’t disappear if Reese is killed.

        Best solution is to go back and kill Sarah grandparents – stop the event at it’s source.

        I do agree with Abrams alternate timeline logic for Star Trek. Just a shame they didn’t utilize that with newer fresher stories instead of just revamping classic old ones.

  12. Michael Fassbender was born to play a future John Connor. Cast him. Focus on the future war. Even have future John go back to the past to stop judgement day

    • …or Gerard Butler. I think Butler would be better, though.

    • …and honestly, I didn’t think Christian Bale was bad in the role. The movie was just not very well written.

      Still, though, I’d choose Gerard Butler over anyone else.

  13. These days on Hollywood, the trend is the youth.
    Not always the best choice…

    • It does seem like there is a growing preference for shirtless boys, as opposed to rugged men, in film these days. Let’s hope it’s a passing fad.

      • Tom Hardy would beg to differ, he got big by getting big and beating the crap out of people. He even said it was part of the reason he did Bronson to get people to pay attention.

  14. After watching Salvation number of times. I thought Sam Worthington would of been better as John Connor than Bale but not sure Bale would of been better in Sam’s place as a cyborg. I doubt it.

  15. i hate to say this because the terminator series had its moments but if this makes it to theaters with this type of story and a 100 year terminator dropping lose rusted bolts it will be DOA at the box office.

  16. Please, please, please no Rock as a Terminator. I get people like him and hes popular, god even thinking about it the studio would be like “yeah all the FF followers would watch it cash cow” I hate the idea.

    If Arnold’s in in it (which it sounds like he is) then it will be interesting to see how they are going to fit him in? One rumor was that he was sent back at the same time as seen in Terminator 2 but didn’t function, therefore lay dormant and the skin etc aged. Obviously the science is majorly flawed eg the skin would have just decayed leaving the cyborg underneath to be unearthed/reanimated whatever terminology you want to use?

    I don’t know but they wont just CGI him back to young Arnold would they? Although that was easily the best thing about Salvation.

    • I agree…no Rock. He is the B version of Arnold and completely over-exposed right now, to the point of ridiculousness.

      My belief is that, either Arnold will play the man who designed and produced the T-800, or if he plays the T-800 again, they could just simply CGI his face to make him look younger, like they did with Professor X and Magneto in the third X-Men film and Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy.

      I think either idea would work, so long as the movie is well written.

    • Are you shouting at me they used motion capture for Arnie? if you are they used both stop being pedantic.

      • No, I mean that would be the best way to go. I thought they just CGI’d Armies face on fnother bodybuilder’s body for Salvation? I’m not shouting, who’s being pedantic?

        • Thought the caps was to portray anger, I apologize profusely.

          • Are you Walter Gnarly or Gnarly Walter? I’m confused but pretty sure I saw you in breaking bad.

  17. Personally I would like it to start with Judgement day, bring in new characters dealing with the aftermath. New John Connor, Butler isn’t a bad choice, fighting the early war against the machines? Don’t know how Arnie will fit in however I’m sure they can do something.

    • Sry I meant to say completely

  18. I would like to see the series continue, but it might be time for ahnold to pass the torch. the rock would make a good terminator…..

  19. I believe I don’t want to see any more Terminator films. Enough already. It’s over already. Leave us alone already!

    • Ah…just don’t go, then. You do know how to do that, don’t you?

  20. No Terminator 4, SHOW THE WAR!!!!! Jeeze! Though it would be cool to see The Rock in it.

  21. do not want them to go back to 50’s. I’d really like to see them try the salvation approach again I think that’s good ground for story telling but just wasn’t executed well enough the first time.

  22. Sorry, but all that sounds pretty stupid. They could simply continue from where T2 left off and that’s it…

  23. Alan Taylor sounds like a good choice of director (and he’s worked w/ Emilia Clarke on GoT right?) and I would definitely still like to see more Terminator films if they are well-made.

    But new ground needs to be broken. We need to see some significant progression in the war against Skynet, or else a story that takes us someplace else. Salvation was OK by me, but it was too much grit and grime without balance, ultimately.

    I love Sarah Connor, but a big part of that was the magic of Linda Hamilton in the role. I don’t want to keep seeing new iterations of her and John unless there is, again, some meaningful story progression involved.

    And pllleeeaaassse, no Rock. No, no, no, no, nooo.

    • I concur with you and others here. No Rock.

      I’d rather see Arnold with a younger face, via CGI, than Rock, who is the B version of Arnold.

  24. Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 3

    continued by Josh Friedman.

    That is all.

  25. If T2 hadn’t have been so massively successful, less pressure would be on the series. T1 was kinda campy at the time-early80’s(for a major release), most of the sequels have tried to lumber under the weight of T2. Most have have been meh. Maybe a re-think of the series could do some good. Arnie will be in it for something: given. I own all the terminator movies so I can revisit them anytime for a refresh. Just my opinion.

  26. Here is a somewhat original idea. Since John, and Sarah keep getting the best of Sky Net and winning. Why not send a Terminator version of Sarah or invent clone variations. An Army of Sarah. Terminator 5 :Sarah’s Army or Armies of Sarah Conner . Could a Clone Sarah Vs a Terminator Version of Sarah. Oh and bring back Bale , He is awesome in everything. Salvation wasn’t that bad.

    • An “army of Sarah”…


  27. I liked Terminator Salvation. There, I said it.