Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

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terminator 5 and 6 Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

While the dust is still settling from the sale of the Terminator franchise rights, people are wondering what the new owners, the hedge fund company Pacificor, will do about moving the franchise forward.

A few more Terminator movies are almost certainly on the horizon (would Pacificor spend $30 million + for the rights if they weren’t going to use them?), and fans are already worrying whether the franchise will undergo some kind of reboot, or continue on with the plot elements introduced in Terminator Salvation, including the proposed storylines that were pitched for Salvation‘s sequels.

Quick recap: when director McG came up with the concept for Terminator Salvation (namely examining the events of the future war between Skynet and humanity) he planned it as a new trilogy. The idea was to tell the stories we only heard about in James Cameron’s original Terminator films: How John Connor rose up to lead humanity against the machines; how Connor met his father Kyle Reese and sent him back in time to save his mother, Sarah Connor, in T1; the development of the T-800, T-100, and the end of the future war.

That all sounded cool on paper, but then T4 handed us some business about Sam Worthington as a human/machine hybrid who discovers Kyle Reese; John Connor being implanted with a machine’s heart to survive, blah blah blah…

Worse yet, before Terminator Salvation was even in theaters McG was already talking about changing the game for T5 by transporting the future war through time into a modern day setting where contemporary society would have to defend itself against an invading horde of machines… And we all cringed in unison.

terminator 5 Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

Deadline has picked up the exclusive news that William Wisher – who co-wrote Terminator 1 & 2 – has been doing some story treatments for Terminator 5 & 6. Wisher apparently has a 24-page detailed treatment for T5 and a 4-page concept treatment for T6. So what does Wisher’s version of the future war read like? Deadline‘s Mike Fleming reports:

As a Terminator fanboy myself, I think Wisher has done a terrific job with a plot that accepts the storylines from Jonathan Mostow’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and McG’s Terminator: Salvation

Wisher’s 2-picture construct takes place in a post-apocalyptic battleground, and factors in an element of time travel that allows for Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese to interact beyond their single fateful meeting when he traveled back in time to protect her in the original film. Wisher has created a role for Arnold Schwarzenegger that is as surprising as his shift from villain in the first film, to John Connor’s bodyguard in the second. Schwarzenegger wouldn’t be needed until the final film, which wouldn’t shoot until after he ends his term as California Governor. And who wouldn’t want to see Linda Hamilton back in aerobic top fitness form as Sarah Connor?

There are several new villains, and plenty of firepower. For instance, a swarm of “Night Crawlers,” 4 1/2-foot tall border sentries that are set like mines to spring up out of the ground and ambush rebel fighters with 10 MM pistols built into their wrists, and fingers and feet that are razor sharp. Also fresh off the Skynet assembly line are new shape-shifting cyborgs that can morph together in Transformers-like mode, and are more lethal than anything we’ve seen in previous Terminator installments.

Wisher presents a satisfying conclusion to what by then would be a 6-picture struggle between Skynet’s machines and John and Sarah Connor to preserve a future that allows mankind to prevail over the machines.

One thing the post-Cameron Terminator films have sorely lacked is a respectable villain. The T-1000 remains, in my opinion, the pinnacle of scary, badass villains (the “T-X?” FAIL). I like the sound of these “Night Crawlers” (they would make for some great scares) and I DEFINITELY find this shape-shifting, mighty-morphing cyborg concept to be intruiging. An army of advanced T-1000′s perhaps?

And bringing back the actual Arnold Schwarzenegger for a surprising role? SIGN ME UP.

terminator22 Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

I’m a little nervous about this Kyle/Sarah time traveling idea, though. How would that work? The one thing that has practically strangled the life out of this Terminator franchise is all the paradoxical problems that go with a time travel plotline. I don’t even want to talk about it – it only makes my head hurt trying to figure it all out.

How do you feel about Wisher’s concept for Terminator 5 and Terminator 6? Better than McG’s? Still not what you’re looking for?

Sound off in the comments (or on Twitter @ppnkof)

Source: Deadline via Slash Film

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  1. I say just reboot Terminator 4. While I agree that 3 was the worst, it does give us a reason to continue the series. 4 just left me with too many questions, not enough Terminator action, and a bad performance by, who should have been, the main protagonist, John Conner. I like what I'm reading about ideas for the next film but like kenoboss said, no more time travel crap, let's finally see the war for goodness sake.

  2. As long as they somehow add Summer Glau to the mix,then I will be all over it!

  3. If they really have to continue the franchise, get some good villains! T4 had way too much fighting with ships/non-humanoid terminators which does not make a very exciting movie at all. I didn't find Salvation very visually appealing either. Everything was all gray the entire time. I don't really know how they'd fix that though.
    And by the way, wouldn't Linda Hamilton be pretty old by now?

  4. sounds promising. I want the future war. Bigtime.

  5. is it just me or dont we want to see the actual judgement day… not 20 years later, but the events where the machines attack. that would be a great movie… how people escape … how battles are fought, etc…

  6. The time travel thing is a crucial part of the story line but it needs to keep simple, find the time portal (with skynet) John gives Kyle a photo of his mom, puts him in the time portal and BLAM! he's gone, DONE! The only element time travel in the first 3 T's is BLAM! they arrive from the future and the only element of time travel now should be BLAM! they're gone to the past. The idea of some kind of a time telephone thing for Sarah and kyle is a bad idea. They need to keep with what was said about the future in the first three movies in the futuristic ones. Do i think Wishers ideas are better than McGs for 5 and 6… yes! better than Salvation was… not really

  7. As long as they leave out the time traveling and stick to the future I'm all for it. And please have them actually be the future I saw from the flash back from the first and second terminator. The last one was nothing like that.

  8. I know, I thought that the opening of Terminator salvation would show Judgemnt day, when the bombs when off, thne we'd cut to the aftermath and see that war, I really want them to make Termiantor 5, as long as it isn't PG-13, terminator is not a kids franchise damn it!

  9. I'm going to disagree with you guys, NO FUTURE plots.

    We need to be able to relate to the characters and situations. Set it in modern day.

    And like someone said, VILLAINS! That's what made 1 and 2 so successful, absolutely THE MOST BADASS VILLAINS! And they were very simple villains at that, just a cyborg with no emotion, little dialogue and absolutely unstoppable in his mission.

    The 3rd introduced a “female” cyborg that just did not embody any real intimidation IMO. That's partly why it failed. A hot chick as the villain? C'mon…

  10. I like it, sound really interesting. The timetraveling can make things a little complicated. However, it would be nice to have linda hamilton back on board. Now just bring sarah into the future two or three years before she's i'll. But not john, it would just complicate things with two johns in the future, yet if they leave the younger john in the past by himself without any protection he can get himself killed if he's as stupid as he is in the fox series.

  11. Let's face it. Politics in Hollywood are thick. The ones on top aren't the most talented. It's an industry where the jobs are inherited from the Teamsters to the Producer and Directors. With that said, is it any wonder that these people born with silver spoons in their mouths can't come up with a worthy war story?

    Only when a man knows pain and hunger does he truly understand how to write a Terminator Future War. Those that do will never be given a chance to tell that story.

  12. No one seems to understand the world that James Cameron created with the first 2 Terminator films. I dare say not even Cameron himself now as he's become too successful and older. He is now part of that Hollywood establishment that fails time and time again to make great films. They all lose perspective and cease to be able to relate to the common man.

  13. Sounds great to me. as for the time travel plot, it will only work if you are reinforcing the plots of the previous movies. I.E. sending back Kyle Reese to the 80's to save Sarah. As for the Future War it needs to reach the point of what we all saw in the segments in the 1st 2 films.

  14. Reboot T4? No thanx you'll only alienate even more Terminator fans by doing that. if your going to reboot anything it should be the franchise as a whole and with Cameron leading the way.

  15. T3 ended with the bombs dropping so why would T4 start with them dropping? that would be a boring movie cause Skynet wouldnt have built up enough of a terminator movie yet. IMO

  16. LOL, and please for goodness sake it has to end with Connor on top of a downed HK holding the flag in front of whats left of the Resistance.

  17. No thanks. I'm done with the Terminator series, as far as I'm concerned the movies ended after T2, didn't like T3, refuse to watch Salvation. Though I will admit that Bale makes a better John Conner than Edward Furlong.

  18. I'm going to just let the writers do their job and hope for the best. Surprise me Hollywood and turn this franchise around.

  19. It would only be a 5 minute opening then the rest of the movie would focus on the future war, instead McG used the exercution of Marcus Wright in the opening, we did get to see the horror of judegment day in Terminator 2 in Sarah's dream

  20. That sounds like a decent to conclude the series, I mean other then the ending in T2

  21. I think a reboot is the worst possible idea. I agree with the article above that someone needs to tie what is already done into a single plausible story line. Otherwise, we've got 3 separate series done by 3 different groups going in 3 different directions…talk about your head hurting!

    kenoboss is right, we need to see the humans beat the machines! No more plot development, no more character building. I need to see some kick-robot-ass action and I need to see it RIGHT NOW, TODAY!

  22. Please, don't bring back Arnie. He's the worst part of all the Terminator flicks. If he absolutely does have to be there keep him silent like he was in Salvation.
    It never made sense that machines that were smart enough to do everything they did to take over the world would send a terminator that stands out like such a sore thumb in every way, shape and form to take out Sarah Connor. If they didn't care if everyone knew what was going on, they'd have just sent a machine that didn't look human at all.

  23. I agree that reboot is the worst idea possible. Mostly because a reboot undoes T1 and T2, which are flawless. Honestly, aside from the Sarah Connor/Kyle Reese stuff this Wisher guy wants to do, I think he has the most practical and most respectable idea about continuing the franchise. Just keep going. Work out a narrative that builds on what has already happened. Even T3 and TS. Honor the continuity and timeline.

  24. ya lol, it ended in two… game over, finale, closing time.

    all these new terminator should have an asterisk next to their names

    (Terminator 5: and you thought 4 was bad *)

  25. arnold helped make the terminator. 4 wasn't THAT bad, save for the way ended (both probable endings) and reinvented some of the past events with Helen Bonham Carter. definitely could have started earlier in the timeline, but some of the sequences we pretty cool.
    there was no TERMINATOR without Arnold.

  26. I would say sequel/prequel. Following the events of the black sheep T3 and before T4. Let's see how once the bomb's drop, humanity regroups and John Connor becomes a “false prophet”

  27. Just a bunch of greedy geckos trying to separate us from our hard earned money without the understanding or ability to tell a good story. I say start with a good director. Find one. Hard isn't it? Because there's so many car salesmen in Hollywood.