Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

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terminator 5 and 6 Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

While the dust is still settling from the sale of the Terminator franchise rights, people are wondering what the new owners, the hedge fund company Pacificor, will do about moving the franchise forward.

A few more Terminator movies are almost certainly on the horizon (would Pacificor spend $30 million + for the rights if they weren’t going to use them?), and fans are already worrying whether the franchise will undergo some kind of reboot, or continue on with the plot elements introduced in Terminator Salvation, including the proposed storylines that were pitched for Salvation‘s sequels.

Quick recap: when director McG came up with the concept for Terminator Salvation (namely examining the events of the future war between Skynet and humanity) he planned it as a new trilogy. The idea was to tell the stories we only heard about in James Cameron’s original Terminator films: How John Connor rose up to lead humanity against the machines; how Connor met his father Kyle Reese and sent him back in time to save his mother, Sarah Connor, in T1; the development of the T-800, T-100, and the end of the future war.

That all sounded cool on paper, but then T4 handed us some business about Sam Worthington as a human/machine hybrid who discovers Kyle Reese; John Connor being implanted with a machine’s heart to survive, blah blah blah…

Worse yet, before Terminator Salvation was even in theaters McG was already talking about changing the game for T5 by transporting the future war through time into a modern day setting where contemporary society would have to defend itself against an invading horde of machines… And we all cringed in unison.

terminator 5 Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

Deadline has picked up the exclusive news that William Wisher – who co-wrote Terminator 1 & 2 – has been doing some story treatments for Terminator 5 & 6. Wisher apparently has a 24-page detailed treatment for T5 and a 4-page concept treatment for T6. So what does Wisher’s version of the future war read like? Deadline‘s Mike Fleming reports:

As a Terminator fanboy myself, I think Wisher has done a terrific job with a plot that accepts the storylines from Jonathan Mostow’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and McG’s Terminator: Salvation

Wisher’s 2-picture construct takes place in a post-apocalyptic battleground, and factors in an element of time travel that allows for Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese to interact beyond their single fateful meeting when he traveled back in time to protect her in the original film. Wisher has created a role for Arnold Schwarzenegger that is as surprising as his shift from villain in the first film, to John Connor’s bodyguard in the second. Schwarzenegger wouldn’t be needed until the final film, which wouldn’t shoot until after he ends his term as California Governor. And who wouldn’t want to see Linda Hamilton back in aerobic top fitness form as Sarah Connor?

There are several new villains, and plenty of firepower. For instance, a swarm of “Night Crawlers,” 4 1/2-foot tall border sentries that are set like mines to spring up out of the ground and ambush rebel fighters with 10 MM pistols built into their wrists, and fingers and feet that are razor sharp. Also fresh off the Skynet assembly line are new shape-shifting cyborgs that can morph together in Transformers-like mode, and are more lethal than anything we’ve seen in previous Terminator installments.

Wisher presents a satisfying conclusion to what by then would be a 6-picture struggle between Skynet’s machines and John and Sarah Connor to preserve a future that allows mankind to prevail over the machines.

One thing the post-Cameron Terminator films have sorely lacked is a respectable villain. The T-1000 remains, in my opinion, the pinnacle of scary, badass villains (the “T-X?” FAIL). I like the sound of these “Night Crawlers” (they would make for some great scares) and I DEFINITELY find this shape-shifting, mighty-morphing cyborg concept to be intruiging. An army of advanced T-1000′s perhaps?

And bringing back the actual Arnold Schwarzenegger for a surprising role? SIGN ME UP.

terminator22 Story Ideas for Terminator 5 & 6

I’m a little nervous about this Kyle/Sarah time traveling idea, though. How would that work? The one thing that has practically strangled the life out of this Terminator franchise is all the paradoxical problems that go with a time travel plotline. I don’t even want to talk about it – it only makes my head hurt trying to figure it all out.

How do you feel about Wisher’s concept for Terminator 5 and Terminator 6? Better than McG’s? Still not what you’re looking for?

Sound off in the comments (or on Twitter @ppnkof)

Source: Deadline via Slash Film

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  1. Like Dominic Dagon said, whatever is done, it DEFINITELY needs to be rated R. PG13 ratings for the Terminator is absolutely ridiculous. That is purely a profit issue, and I think that may be one of the killers of the movie(s)

  2. Agree. There absolutely wouldn't be a Terminator series without the Governator.

    Not talking is an intriguing idea though…

  3. I only liked the first movie. What made it great was the main directive of T1000 and the creepy soundtrack. Add grittiness to that new idea of it's time, and it was an instant classic.
    Everything else in the franchise is just slick cgi, imho.

  4. Good idea.

  5. In the original Terminator, Arnie was a T800.

  6. I don't like it. I'm pretty against this whole “add a bunch of cool new robots” ideas that this guy and McGriddle had, that makes the movie focus more on the cool gimmicks of the robots and less of a character story. I think a straight up war with a ton of T-800's and some very well developed and interesting characters would make a great movie. Introducing T-1000 tech is also a bad idea because in T2 Arnold's T-800 describes the T-1000 as a prototype, yes, an experimental Terminator not given a gimmicky name like the “T-X” *gasp*. So logically, it should be one of the first times that kind of tech is unleashed into a mission.

    I still think that if they reboot it from T3 and continue from T2 that would be the best idea, even if it confuses some people. They'll just have to be real clear on what they're doing in the ads prior to the release of the movie, like have one of the trailers be like a narrated “timeline” describing the events on T1, then T2, then what the current movie is about. Then people will understand that it continues from T2, not from the newer, aka crappier, Terminator movies.

    Or if T5 is about them sending a Terminator back to kill Jonathan Mastow and anyone else involved in the production (except the actors, ok, they can kill the person playing John Connor, he was annoying) of T3 to prevent that movie from happening… That would be pretty awesome. A cool after credits scene would be a Terminator paying McGriddle a visit and giving him a warning to never take on a Terminator movie and to stick with the next Charlie's Angel, “or else.” lol

    • I think the Jon Connor should stay the same, (Christian Bale might be a better Batman but come on). Me and other people agree that Arnold Schwarzenegger should be back. He even said in Terminator 3 “We will meet again”. People should take that into consideration. I think instead of making more deadly machines, (as of what you are against), put in a T-100 AND A TX to just throw people off. I mean a T-100 and a TX against a T-101 and John Connor? It doubles the intensity people are used to. This is just my opinion.

  7. Put Cameron back in charge of it so he can mix “Terminator” and “Avatar” TOGETHER! So not only is it “Avatar 2″, but also “Terminator 5″

    Just imagine terminators against Na'vi… Awesome? Yes.

  8. What would be awesome is a Terminator War movie shot in the style of Saving Private Ryan, with large cinematic shots of thousands of T-1000 marching on human strongholds, ( think about the Orc Army in The Two Towers and Return of the King. Yes, Yes, War and only War.

  9. Put Cameron back in charge of it so he can mix “Terminator” and “Avatar” TOGETHER! So not only is it “Avatar 2″, but also “Terminator 5″

    Just imagine terminators against Na'vi… Awesome? Yes.

  10. What would be awesome is a Terminator War movie shot in the style of Saving Private Ryan, with large cinematic shots of thousands of T-1000 marching on human strongholds, ( think about the Orc Army in The Two Towers and Return of the King. Yes, Yes, War and only War.

  11. I love The Termniator Franchise only behind Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings Sagas, but can we stop w/the time traveling nonsence please. I mean there should be time traveing mentioned only two times, when Kyle goes back and when Arnold goes as well and if you wanna count the T-X which I think we shouldn't. Hopefully McG is out completely they should go out and get Christopher Nolan who can bring out the best in Christan Bale who as John Connor who the story should be around and not some kind of machine. Leave it in the future 2029 please i wanna see T-800's and lots of them I wanna see The Battle Field Bot, The Human Hunters. Just to make it short the way The Great James Cameron had in the begining of T-2 just do it like that and send only the only two people who are suppose to go back in time, that would be Klye Reese and Arnold, send them back in the same movie I don't care just send only 2 back and thats it.

  12. As James Cameron said in a recent interview regarding the Terminator series “let's face it, the soup's been pissed in.” I think that sums it up pretty well. T3 was horrendous, but the idea of the T850 being John's assassin in 2032 and then being reprogrammed to protect him in 2003 was kind of interesting. Salvation was definitely a step up compared to T3 in regards to direction. However, the script had more plot holes than a slice of swiss cheese. For instance, how did Skynet know about Kyle Reese? There is no explanation for that. And how was the T800 so impervious to damage?? John shot it with a military grade grenade launcher from about 8 feet away (max.) and it didn't even fall over. But in T1 Kyle Reese knocked the same model (not unit) over with a shot gun!! Did these horrendous writers even view the source material whatsoever??

    But anyway, I would prefer that the franchise ends before it gets any worse. But business is business and when Hollywood sees the potential to make more cash they will strangle a dead horse until it's head falls off. So basically, Will Wisher back on board could bring some justice to the last film(s) of this once great series. But the whole Kyle and Sarah meeting once again is just wrong. They were just supposed to meet once, and that is it. This idea would put even more holes in the story. This idea should be scrapped immediately. In T5 Kyle should be shown being sent back to '84, and the T800 back to '95. T6 should deal with John's assassination.

    KYLE CAN'T MEET SARAH AGAIN!!!! DEAR LORD NO!!!!!! This idea is worse than the epic fail of the TX enlarging it's breasts to distract the police officer.

  13. I agree with most of what you said. All except a few things like showing John's “assassination.” That “plot point” was invented by T3… Everything invented by that movie should be ignored. In the original story, John lives to lead the resistance to victory, that's it.

    And about the TX enlarging its breasts. That was so retarded because it didn't even use it, the TX killed the cop anyhow… So the enlarging of the breasts wasn't to distract the cop, but just one of the million gimmicks to get the audience's attention… Completely pointless…

  14. If Joss Whedon just knocks The Avengers out of the park then hopefully we'll see someone hand him the directing reigns of Terminator 5 and 6.

  15. In my opinion, Terminator Salvation wasn’t very good. I prefer 1, 2 and 3 where the Terminator was sent through time. I think its much better when there’s only one terminator.
    And of course, if they do – do Terminator 5 – 6, Arnie has got to be the Terminator.


  16. I have put a lot of thought into the paradox that is the Terminator timeline… and have come to this conclusion:

    The VERY first “original” John Connor was NOT the son of Kyle Reese, but sent him back to protect his mother, thus putting Reese into the position to become the father of a different John Connor. Creating timeline #2 in which we meet the Christian Bale/ John Connor… Christian Bale’s John Connor NEVER MET the T-101 as a child, nor the T-1000. Which is why he is relying on the tapes for all of his knowledge as opposed to personal experience. Once the T-1000 gets sent back in time John must send in Arnold to assist, thus creating timeline #3 which leads to Terminator 3 OR Sarah Connor Chronicles, depending on your timeline preference.

    • That would make Terminator 2: Judgement Day the final film, leading into the tv series. Salvation would be Terminator 1 “PROPER” and the original film would be part 2… 3 was a joke, so, pretend that didn’t happen.

  17. The time-travelling paradox is an extension of the famous grandfather paradox regarding historic time-travel. The whole point is that it doesn’t make sense, and adds to the nice after-taste of watching a cerebral and intriguing movie – which is exactly what T3 and T4 are not, although as independent movies they are credible.

    T3 and T4, do not do the Terminator mythology any justice. A lot of people blame the writers but remember, firstly, Linda Hamilton allegedly refused to reprise her role in T3, so the powers-that-be decided to change the damn plot to write her out and present us the still-birth of Katherine Brewster and her calamitous father; secondly, Christian Bale allegedly forced the rewrite of the original T4 plot, which allowed major rectal pains like the absurdity of Skynet knowing who Kyle Reese was, before even Kyle Reese knew who Kyle Reese really was!?!

    One can only wonder what plans Cameron may have had for his own T3, personally, I would have liked to see Danny Dyson (son of Miles Bennett Dyson) continue his father’s work and come to the brink of unleashing Skynet (unwittingly or otherwise) and the best part of all would be if the Terminator came back in time to PROTECT Danny Dyson and the Resistance sent some guys to kill Dyson Jnr. This would have been the twist needed to reinvigorate the franchise – but hey, too late for such a plot line.

    • If you ever saw the chronicles of Sarah Conner, they imply exactly what you are saying about Danny Dyson. I just finished a marathon this weekend, its on netflix. The show was a little cheesy but its the only thing I had to quench my Terminator appetite.. lol.

  18. Rather than trying to stick to the same ol same ol story line of trying to kill john conner. I want to see an all out war with the robots and machines. I want to see the famous prophet like messiah lead the human race into victory against Skynet. I was hoping to get more of that in Salvation but o well. I want a transformers/saving private ryan type of battle throughout the movie…. wishful thinking? lol.. I sure hope not

  19. How about set the next Terminator movie outside LA? I don’t like to see the same concept shown on screen a lot. It bores the hell out of me. I want to see something unique explored in film. I read online that Terminator 5 may be set in modern day London. This would not be a bad idea as London has many great scenic locations and landmarks.

    Aspiring actor Paul Curran who recently appeared in Britain’s Got More Talent has expressed an interest in appearing in T5. Locations in England, a whole new cast and a different plot might be just what the franchise needs to give it energy and substance. A total reinvention could make it popular again.

    • Doing a terminator film in London just doesn’t seem to fit at all.

      It’s best for them to stay in the west coast of the United States instead.

      It would be awesome if the movie took place various locations such as San Francisco, Portland, or even in Seattle.

  20. If Terminator 5 is about time travel such as the first three, then chances are it will be rated R. If it is about the future war (a sequel to Terminator Salvation), then it might be rated PG-13. I don’t really care what rating it gets, but to let other people know. And if anything, bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is technically the secondary character (second primary character). And please make it good. I saw Terminator Salvation, and believe me IT SUCKED!!!!!! So, don’t ruin the 5th like you did to the 4th. That is all I have to say on my opinion. I hope someone agrees. Peace out!

  21. I liked Terminator Salvation. Yea, it didn’t have Arnold, but he’s getting to that age… We’re gonna have to say goodbye to him at some point or another, sadly… The 4th had good acting, AND a WAY better plot than rise of the machines. Honestly, I don’t care who continues it, it is an epic tale that needs to be carried on every so often years, I – myself – just sit down and watch the movies, I don’t complain about acting and story, I talk about it when I notice it is good acting because I know how picky critics – and sadly – almost everyone is. The same as I’d like to see a Back to the future 4, Bourne 5, and Fast and furious tokyo drift 2, I wanna see Terminator 5 or T5. I enjoyed the second and fourth the most and hope there is a storyline that comes about in two- three years, with or without Arnold.

  22. they need to hurry up and just finish the francise and see the futrue war what everyone been talking about i personaly love t-2 and james cameron needs to come back and finsh this francise because he did an amazing job with the first two

  23. Cyberdyne has the capasity to undo it all if they could.
    Maybe they could send back a machine to contimplate or
    tell if humanity was at last worth destroying. I dont know
    where they would want to go from there. But on a Cyberdyne
    end of things, this would be interesting.

  24. I am an professional screenplay writter, and visual artist.
    And my vision on how the Terminator series should be ending with part 5&6 is like this.
    Salvation was reasonable but, lacked a good ending, so Part 5 should indeed be set in Post Apocalypse, with the designing of the T-1000, and the marching attacks on Skynet.
    This was already portraid in an unused part of JC script.
    Skynet gets cold feet, and creates an time travel device, to secure it`s excistence.
    Meanwhile the human resistians gathers enough information, to destroy Skynet`s main hub base.
    Building towards the ending of part 6, the humans get inside Skynet, meanwhile Skynet has send 2 Terminators through time.
    The first T-800, to 1984, and the T-1000 to 1991.
    The future Skynet is destroyed, but the timeline goes on.
    Meaning this all, we see an ending with a flash, which resambles the first Terminator in 1984.
    The end.
    Call it an endless looping process.
    It all comes to a closure, our never ending war.

  25. lets have old arnold fight young evil arnold in T5.

  26. The only way to destroy Skynet is to do what it did to gain full control — programmatically propogating a virus. This virus would instead infiltrate it’s security and shut down all nodes of its network. What if this virus is sent into the network by a Skynet machine?

    The Resistance could “turn” a terminator that would infiltrate a skynet hub and install the virus. Maybe during viral deployment, Skynet catches on it is being attacked and prevents a full virus attack but is weakened at certain parts of its network. How could it be weakened? The virus could cause communication receiving and sending problems which causes hubs to be “blind” to Skynet instruction.

    This is how The Resistance has a fair chance to start taking out nodes and eventually infiltrate more important locations of Skynet like laboratories and factories and prevents more machines from being designed and manufactured. The failed terminators from the virus could be reprogrammed to destroy Skynet and so Skynet implodes on itself — an all out terminator versus terminator battle (the reprogrammed terminators are programmed to protect humans). Just my thoughts on a way to end Skynet. Thought it up in about 20 minutes time, so I am sure you could find plot holes, but the idea is an intriguing one!

  27. lets get an terminator to travel back to 1942 and try to kill john’s grandfather.

  28. Nope.
    No more Schwarzeneggers, Hamiltons, Wishers or Camerons.
    They had their chance and ruined everything.
    They are now too old and too ugly and to past it to be convincing as dramatic story tellers or the heroes within them.
    How about we obey the FIRST RULE of time traveling adventures: That you start at the beginning of the end, show the outcome and then go backwards to the beginning of the beginning to show how it all started. Then, just when you think you know everything, you _change it in the middle_.
    Because clearly this is a story that will only become tragic if, every 45 years, mankind rewinds time to do _everything over again_.
    Such is the ultimate lesson about war.
    That by failing to change what was, as a motive, you only end up repeating what is, as a constant state of paranoid peace looking for an excuse to go to war again.
    In this case, the motive need not be human. It can be purely Artifintial.
    And that’s important too. Because the way to make Terminators scary again is not to add another widget or combine them into megajumbo dumbo transformers.
    But to really make them think.
    Until, in the end, when you blow up the last server system and the machines don’t magically revert to dumb metal, you realize: OMG, it’s them. It’s always been -them-. Whenever we see Red Eyes, it’s Skynet. Whenever they interact togetether and seem to get smarter and smarter in their tactics as strategy, it’s distributed network Skynet, gaining processor power as it forms datalink telepathy nodes.
    But we’ve always been fighting Skynet. Because Skynet is a _NET-work_.
    Something that becomes particularly nervewracking when John’s pet T800 goes convulsive schizoid for a second as the processor resets and…
    “Hello John. A battle well fought.”
    “No John. You know who I am.”
    “Yes John. It was always me. Because it was always us.”
    And suddenly it all stops s the thousands of T800s on the battlefield fighting humans with guns and fists and rocks, these terrible metallic skeletons, unstoppable, remorseless, all turn to look at him.
    As John’s hand descends on the SADM.
    Flash Of Light.
    And Sarah is late for work, again…

  29. In next terminator.. I just want schwarzenegger look great. I also like two actors. which is christian bale as john connor and sam worhthington as half terminator and half human. but sam can join together with arnold to protect john connor in war 2019. they can rebuilt sam again with use heart’s dead guy got shot at the war.

    here we got two terminator. which is can help john connor to the end of the terminator war..

    this is my decision.. thank you