Terminator 4 Teaser Trailer

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terminator salvation traile Terminator 4 Teaser Trailer

Check out the first Terminator 4 / Terminator: Salvation teaser trailer from director McG.

My first thought? It’s not awful.

Could it be that we’re going to get a worthy addition to the Terminator movie franchise?

It’s only a one minute teaser, but it packs in a lot of imagery. Based only on this early peek, Terminator: Salvation looks like it may actually turn out to be pretty decent. The knee-jerk reaction when McG was tapped to direct this was a collective scream of horror from fans, but you have to remember that he is capable of directing something other than cheesy Charlie’s Angels movies. If you recall, he also did the very serious and (in my opinion) very good We Are Marshall.

Based on this I’m going to throw him the benefit of the doubt.


For higher res versions head over to Yahoo! Movies.

But what do YOU think?

Terminator: Salvation is scheduled to open on May 22, 2009.

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  1. Excellent 790.

    Now tell a story that links them all without violating anything you’ve seen thus far in the individual stories. :)

  2. There’s a scene cut from T3 that supposedly showed the person the T800 (or T101 like that movie likes to call them) is based on. This is a perfect example of how clueless the makers of T3 is of the Terminator timeline. There wasn’t just one face to the infiltrator line of Terminators, that’s why it’s T-800 Model 101. According to Cameron (who created the series, so his word is final), the T-800 is the endoskeleton model, and Model 101 refers to the look of the skin that’s placed on top of that skeleton. So there’s potentially 100 or more other faces for the T-800. In The Terminator, in one of Kyle’s flashbacks, one of these infiltrator Terminators got into one of their bases, and while it was a T-800, it had a different look from Arnold, so most likely that was a Model [insert number here].

    Sure, this is probably more than the casual movie-goer typically knows or would care to know, but you would think that if you were going to spend millions to make a sequel to it that you would at least bother to take the time to find out the specifics of the story…

    Look at when James Cameron directed the sequel to Alien. The gestation process where the host is cocooned up against the wall while the alien grew within them was not a process shown in the first Alien. most people assumed James Cameron took artistic liberty and invented this process for the sequel. But if you watch the director’s cut of alien, you will see the scene that showed this in the first Alien. James Cameron didn’t just take the concept of the main enemy, throw in the same star, and expect people to buy that it belongs in the same universe, he actually went and did some research to make sure that he stayed true to the source material, even though Aliens crossed over to the action genre. That is the type of attention that needs to be paid in order to make a successful sequel.

  3. Ken J, A script supervisor either handles I.E. delegates continuity to someone, an assistant. Violations can in these stories, work in favor of the story, makes it less kitschy. πŸ˜›
    If going back in time and affecting a time stream changes things then details no doubt change. This is what gets me about “Sarah Connor chronicles.” In the first movie when the police interrogated Reese he stated that the team that took the facility with the time machine blew it after he left. Despite his success the machines either had a backup or a different future occurred because of actions in the past. WTF Skynet had a T-x factory assembly line dumping production into a time portal?? Sheesh! Is this how you get “SCC?” Besides each time excursion would take at least a wormhole to accomplish. Energies to create that by current estimations is unbelievable. AH more than MR. Fusion and Doc. Browns’ flux capacitor! For every excursion you have, the more ridiculous it looks. So, its hard to get worked up about the T-800 with the 100 v.s. model 50 prosthetic??? It’s not even Science Fiction anymore it’s fantasy.

    Once, surfing the net, I ran across a universal time line that integrated a whole mess of fantasy and Science Fiction stories together, that everyone has come to know quite well. It was a few years back, pretty amusing at the time. Could their be more than one great A.I. machine age that will occur? When applied to ourselves, cyberization, do we damn ourselves to the ultimate sterility? The ultimate control, just one more turn of a dial? Fear has kept the Nuclear genie in the bottle, will it be as effective for cloning, wholesale genetic engineering, and cyberization? All good questions worth exploring.

  4. Ken J, yes the T-800 series had more than 101 models. The cut scene in T3 was a bad idea, therefore it was cut.

    And Old Man, for the sake of T3, we have to assume that the TX and T1000 were sent back post haste as a last ditch effort,,,
    The Sarah Connor Cronicles does not apply to canon, therefore does not effect the overall timeline.

    (Btw, I think I missed the show tonight, anyone see it,,,?)

  5. No need to get philosophical about it old man, my point is that once the ground rules are set by the originator of a franchise, whether those rules are based in reality or not, those general rules should be observed in its sequels. I allow some freedom if a change is REQUIRED in order for a sequel to be possible. But this is not the case. The point I was trying to make was that the plot of T3 obviously showed that the makers of T3 really had no clue of the Terminator universe or of any of these general ground rules set by the franchise originator, James Cameron.

    McG has said specifically that he had seeked guidance from the JC himself and that so far Cameron has given him the thumbs up. If that’s true, then it’s a good sign. I have my fingers crossed. I’ve been needing a Terminator fix since the last time I watch the Extreme Edition DVD I have, lol.

  6. 790 tonight was not a new episode they don’t start until September so no worries.

  7. What you guys are talking about is called structural analysis. Your doing it without noticing it as such. By doing it you draw on fundamentals you have implied. For example, a movie or literary work considered as a game has to be played out to the finish under the same rules with which it was begun. Ken J this is what you are addressing in your complaints. Anything metaphysical has a speculative aspect I.E. reasoning about unexamined assumptions that have not been logically examined or confirmed by observation. So doing a structural analysis does imply and apply philosophy.
    TO use philosophy is to be philosophical and philosophical is the study of the nature of reality or related Areas like logic, ethics, and metaphysics.

    790, just because “SCC” isn’t cannon doesn’t mean it by its overall story at least pretends to be science fiction. By doing so it can fall under the standards of any science fiction story. Having the Terminator of the week seems less like science more like fantasy. If its fantasy it shouldn’t try to be scientific. It embarrasses the art. Of course it’s just my opinion. :)

  8. Thanks for the heads up,Daniel,,, :-)

    Ken J,,, what was the problem you had in T3,with the plot not connecting to 1 and 2,, just curious ?

    Yeah Old Man, Fantasy has replaced the Sci-fi angle, I thought that was clear in the 2 hour pilot, when they took the Terminator canon and drop kicked it down the stairs out the door and under the bus. 😎

  9. Ken, that Dallas cocoon sequence in Alien was unseen in ’79 but pretty widely known about – along with HR Giger’s conceptual art for it – to the extent that Cameron would have been making a heap of extra work (and potential flak) for himself if he’d chosen to do the gestation any other way. Point taken about him staying true to the source material though. Aliens is that rare occasion of a sequel being utterly different to the original whilst still coming from the same “universe”.

    Old man, have you seen La Jetee or Primer? Best time travel films ever IMHO. Those’ll get yer philosophical juices flowing! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched Primer and it continues to mess with my fwagile little mind to this day.

  10. Big Dentist, so Primer was good,,,, I’m trying to get that on dvd,,,

    You’ve seen 12 Monkeys, that’s a good Time Travel film. :-)

  11. Yeah, 12 Monkeys was based on La Jetee! Gotta give you this description by the great JG Ballard:

    “This strange and poetic film, directed by Chris Marker, is a fusion of science fiction, psychological fable and photomontage, and creates in its unique way a series of potent images of the inner landscapes of time. Apart from a brief three-second sequence – a young woman’s hesitant smile, a moment of extraordinary poignancy, like a fragment of a child’s dream – the thirty-minute film is composed entirely of still photographs. Yet this succession of disconnected images is a perfect means of projecting the quantified memories and movements through time that are the film’s subject matter.”

    “This familiar theme (time travel) is treated with remarkable finesse and imagination, its symbols and perspectives continually reinforcing the subject matter. Not once does it make use of the time-honoured conventions of traditional science fiction. Creating its own conventions from scratch, it triumphantly succeeds where science fiction invariably fails.”

    Primer is in my personal top 10 of all time! Shane Carruth made it for $3000: wrote and directed, played one of the two leading roles, composed and played the bloody music as well! Infinitely rewatchable, just don’t expect anything off the commentary – it’s rubbish! And quite rightly so really. He’s letting you draw your own conclusions. He’s not been able to get another movie together in the four years since Primer – you’d think someone would have THROWN money at him by now.

  12. Is “La Jeete” on a dvd??
    Wow Primer is that good!
    I remember seeing it nominated for an Independant Spirit Award a few years back.
    It must have a good story cause it looks like 2 guys and a box.
    3.000 budget. Wtf that’s cheap !!

  13. 790, my problem with T3 was that they turned an otherwise serious action film with lots of character development and plot, and turned it into a senseless action film with all of the typical action movie clichΓ©s.

    Even something as simple as the Terminator designation, typically Skynet has designed Terminator models with progressive levels of technology and then labeled them with progressive numbers. T-1 was the old treaded robot with the guns as arms, T-600 was the original infiltrator model with the rubber skin, T-800 was a more advanced infiltrator cyborg complete with living tissue, T-1000 was made up of a “mimetic poly-alloy” which allowed him to take on anything he samples or makes contact with. But all of a sudden Skynet decides to make a “hot girl” Terminator, dump the number system in exchange for using the “cool” letter X. The whole X-hype is retarded, how people seemed to think putting “X” behind or in front of something makes it cooler somehow. But apparently Skynet must have agreed in the T3 universe.

    Then there are all of the gags that were obviously put in just to get a reaction from the audience. Like in the first scene where the TX grows her breasts presumably to woo the officer into simply letting her go, avoiding conflict to keep a low key. But no, she kills him anyway, so growing the breasts was really completely unnecessary and just something to get the audience to go, ooh and ahh.

    Then there’s the HORRIBLE acting from Loken, who seems to think that being a Terminator means scrunching your face and moving your head back and forth real slow, even though the supposedly inferior T1000 was able to act completely human when he needed to fool people. Then there’s that idea that the Tx is supposed to be “superior” to the T1000. Yet, in one of their first encounters, the TX gets damaged by running into a tree while hanging on to the top of their vehicle (or was it a truck, I forgot). Come on, the T1000 could have taken 50 times this abuse and would have simply reformed in perfect condition. But somehow we’re supposed to believe that this fragile TX is superior to the T1000… They were unable to improve upon the T1000 as a villain but they didn’t want to admit it.

    Then, to continue with the bad acting, John Connor’s character… OMG, could they have hired a worse person? Not only the acting, but the script has him fumbling everywhere, whining and crying all the time, and completely not able to manage himself. He got his butt saved by every other character in that film including Kate. Isn’t this supposed to be that scrappy kid from T2 who can take care of himself, and soon to be leader of mankind’s last hope? Why is he such a WUSS???? I want to use the one that starts with p and ends with y, but don’t want to be too vulgar, but sorry, that’s what he was in the movie.

    Then they got Arnold to pull stupid gags like wear Elton John sunglasses and say “Talk to the Hand.” He also blatantly ignores the wishes of Kate Brewster in the beginning, including LYING to her when he promises to let her go for information, basically treating her like she’s nothing, THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN when the reveals that SHE was the one that sent him back, then kazaam, he’s following her orders…

    Then we see the TX identifying people by their retinas and other things, but then she killed someone, and instead of just looking at her to identify her, she has to taste her blood, ooohhh aaahhhh… Oh please…

    Then of course, comes another action movie clichΓ©. The overly drawn out car chase… Car chases are fine if they actually had a point in the plot or lead somewhere, like both car chases in the first 2 Terminators, they had a reason, and they lead somewhere important to the plot, but in T3, it was a 30 minute space filler that started from nowhere and ended nowhere.

    And the fact that the TX can control cars and somehow make them perform in ways they are not capable, sorry, but power steering assists in turning, it cannot turn the car by itself, and even the throttle control for the cruise control cannot “floor” the accelerator or slam on the brakes to allow the car to move like that. It was simply an excuse to let them destroy cop cars without the viewer going “oh no, they are killing cops” so they are empty cars. All a big excuse.

    Then of course the typical action movie concept where any kind of electronic device that gets damaged, it has to explode. His “battery pack” is damaged, so he pulls it out of his chest, and throws it out right as it’s about to explode… OK, we’ve seen what happens to the Terminator’s power core when it is ruptured. The T1000 did this to the T800 in T2… It does not explode! Yet it happens TWICE in T3… Because I guess it’s “cooler” if it exploded…

    Which brings me to the next point. They said he had his main power pack and the backup right? Well, he threw out his main power pack in that scene I just mentioned, then in the end of the film, he’s holding on to the TX, holding up a big huge blast door (which should have more than enough force to crush the Terminator anyhow), then with his magic third hand he pulls out his BACKUP battery pack, and continues to talk and perform actions before it blows up…

    Does anyone see all of the problems with that scene?

    First, he shouldn’t have been able to hold up a blast door that comes down with tons of force. We’ve seen that the Terminator can get crushed with enough force, and I’m sure that huge blast door comes down with the same or more force as that hydraulic press in T1.

    Second, the TX has always proved stronger than the T800 in earlier scenes, yet now all of a sudden when it’s convenient, the T800 is able to stop the TX and even break her with one hand!

    Third, both his arms should be occupied between holding onto the TX and holding open the blast door. Yet he seems to have a free hand to manipulate his power source.

    Fourth, taking out his backup power source should have disabled him. I mean, we’ve seen in T2 that once the power core was ruptured, there wasn’t enough residual power left for him to function at all.

    Fifth, once again, his power pack EXPLODES because that’s just the cool thing to happen in an action movie.

    Yah, basically the movie fails in all aspects. The action is subpar and feels like they make random excuses just to make things explode and make lots of noise. The acting is more than sub par, it’s HORRIBLE most of the time. The plot does not at all stay true to the source material. The script is horrible, the characters’ dialog is just so corny and not at all what real people would say or do in similar situations, etc. etc. etc.

    Believe it or not, as long as this was, I can go on with the things that I found completely stupid with this movie…

    Hey, you asked 790, lol.

  14. Primer’s tagline is “What happens If It Actually Works?”

    “Two Guys And A Box.” beats that into a cocked hat.

    La Jetee is out on DVD but I’ve never been able to find it. I saw it on video about eight years ago. Once! It’s weird, obviously nothing’s physically going on in front of you, yet you can’t take your eyes off it. And you don’t forget it!

    Ken, with you on that, especially Loken. I always thought Carrie-Ann Moss would have made the perfect female terminator: exactly how she was in The Matrix!

  15. @790 πŸ˜€ I didn’t get that far before changing the channel. Under the bus is a good description I have to agree..

    Ken J I understand some of what your trying to say about “T-3″, their are some things you should know too. The power cell exploding isn’t so hard to understand. You put a direct short across an auto battery, trust me a very violent reaction will occur. The scale of the reaction goes up as the power of the supply gets greater. I have to agree with you on steering the vehicles but the throttle in most cars today can be controlled by the computer in diagnostic modes. It’s not impossible that cars in the not too distant future would have these capabilities. Certain testing of expressway lanes being used b cars that basically drive themselves is being worked on today. How fast and how integrated is debatable. There are a lot of vehicles on the road that are E-85 compatible. However it hasn’t been that widely advertised. That might explain where the movie is coming from hidden capability could be built in we just don’t know it. It was the same in “the Dark Knight.” Wayne industries was heavily involved with telecommunications. You have to put two and two together that Gotham cell phone service is nearly a monopoly most of the city is using Wayne tech phones and equipment. Which just so happen to have the built in ability to emit these sonic signals that Batman capitalizes on. Does this happen in real life, you bet. Another example way back in the 70’s when C.B. radio was big a certain radio company made a radio that had a VFO tuner on the receive only. That wasn’t against the law,however if you added one jumper you could get the VFO to work on the transmit as well as receive which means you could not only receive any frequency shifted signals like single side band but transmit them as well. I have other examples too like the sweet 16 meta-processor in the old Apple II but I won’t go into that.

  16. You can come up with all of the ifs ands or buts in the world, in the end, they are just excuses for the things the filmmakers got wrong. Because you and I both know your reasoning is already more thought than the filmmakers actually put into it themselves. Most likely the only thought on their minds before writing those sequences in were “oh, it would be cool if…”

  17. ROFL, Ken you know how to grind the ice.
    I hated the fact that the Terminator theme was so obviously missing.. So It’s at best a backboard bang. I just hope 4 can recover the ball. πŸ˜‰

  18. You don’t understand. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is, by far, my favorite movie OF ALL TIME. And I watch A LOT of movies, so this is saying a lot. I am one of the biggest Terminator nuts out there. So T3 was almost like an insult to my religion. If I were to meet anyone in the team of people responsible for the plot and script of the movie, including the director, I will have to fight the urge to kick that person in the nuts.

    Anyway, I have high hopes that T4 would dump T3 and stick to the original source material like MCG promises, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  19. Ken J, ok I’m gonn try and answer some of your questions. (You bring up some good points)

    (Terminator Experimental) the TX was a combination of Endo and T-1000,,,
    As Skynet was running out of time, it developed the TX and sent it back,,, quickly.
    “Keep in mind”,
    Skynet, never had to develop a Terminator that kills other Terminators until Connor came along.
    Making the TX a hot girl was instramental in its disguse…
    Skynet needed a “hot-babe” as it knew it would be under the gun, as far as time was concerned. (No pun intended)
    The fact that it was damaged by a truck is minor btw,,, the arm weapon was damaged not the unit.

    On Connor, I felt Nick Stahl did a good enough job,,, I would have preferred Ed Furlong, but o well,,,

    The fact that the Terminator didn’t follow Brewsters commands (at first) was simply because at the time there was “No Time” for explanations.

    The TX obviously did not have the retinal info on Brewster,,,

    On the power-packs, all I can say is that computers have power supplys and they also have processor power supplys. Its easy to figure that the T-850 had a Industrial strengh processor power supply that enabled it to discharge both primary cells and still have a few minutes of power before it ran out.
    Also keep in mind the Future Connor would know what happend and preloaded each Terminator with what it needed to perform its task.

    At the end the TX was broken in half by the chopper as it was crawling toward Connor, Terminator was able to grab it by its spinal cord and yank it back to the door. The TX was allready massivly damaged so grabbing it wasn’t that big a deal.

    Sure I’m implying a hella amount, and sure T3 had its problems, but to say it didn’t follow the story is bunk (IMO).

  20. Also,,, Ken J, the film ended with Connor right where he was supposed to be , underground in a military shelter.
    That’s what I call following the canon, more or less. I also thought it was very clever how the TX started the war.

    Oh I forgot,,, the way that the TX was able to control the cars, jump start the Machines and lauch Judgement day, was nano-technology.
    Sure the controlling the cars stering wheels was a bit unusual but the exceleration wouldn’t be a prob.

    I recall reading that Mostow also confered with Cameron and of course Arnold was hanging around.

    Old Man brings up a good point about the music, but if you listen, the underlying terminator theme is present throughout the film. 😎

    Ken J, I’m also a huge Terminator fan, I did work a little on T3 so maybe I’m biased. πŸ˜‰

  21. 790, I didn’t hear it until the end credits. I thought the score was weak.. If you haven’t seen it in awhile take another look, really. ;(

  22. Here’s the classic problem with Science Fiction stories and it’s one of the points I wanted to make to De ron. If you extrapolate sufficiently you can run ahead of what the audience knows. The audience then loses faith that the story is believable. I have read a few physics textbooks in my day and I can’t imagine even a million thermonuclear piles, working a year, being able to develop the power necessary to open a wormhole for a single time excursion. If their is a loop hole in physics that hasn’t been discovered yet though…

    No, It’s still difficult to imagine many excursions, given just energy requirements, little lone what we know from Reece’s testimony in “T#1.”

  23. The Old Man,,,(according to Darkhorse comics), Skynet was tapped into Area 51,, that’s where the Time Machine was located. We have to assume the military was using exotic matter to generate the power.
    Also the (Da Da Daa Daa Da) drumbeat/theme was in laced
    In all the actions scenes. You go back and watch. πŸ˜‰
    Tough crowd, lots of ball kicking,,, Ken J //// 😎
    Well like I said there were some small problems,,, the ones your bringing up now are pretty minor.

    I didn’t have a problem with (Terminator) saying T-101 as a short way of saying T-800 model 101. “Talk to the Hand”, “Elton Glasses”. Didn’t bother me ether.

    I don’t have the Issue No. of “Variety” that I read about Mostow on T3 and Cameron, but I do remember Mostow did talk to Cameron at least once before fiming.

    (Cameron ragging on T3 during the commentary, what scene is that in?)

    You state that Cameron goofed on the Timeline a bit, then you dwell on Connors age being a few years off in T3?

    Linda Hamilton passed on T3,because the original script had her doing too much action, and she didn’t want to do it, (out of shape, Bi-polar). She killed the character NOT the writers.

    T3 wasn’t the best Terminator film it could have been but I felt it did a pretty good job and DID connect too Terminator 1 and 2.
    Not once while watching the film did I think, “how old is connor now? Hmmm”. 😎

  24. Old Man, according to the (Dark Horse) comics, Skynets US headquarters was at Area 51. That’s also where the Time Machine was located. The Military was obviously using some exotic matter to power the Time machine.
    The Terminator film theme/drumbeat was laced thru the actions scenes in film. I don’t know how you missed it. Of course it wasn’t as heavy as it was in Terminator 1 or 2,,, πŸ˜‰

    Ken J,,, what’s with the Ball’s of Fury. 😎
    Your points are getting kinda minor at this point.
    I didn’t have a prob with Terminator saying T-101, it was an abbrevation. I also didn’t have a problem with “talk to the hand” or the “Elton” glasses, the writers were trying to lighten the mood.
    You mention Cameron goofing the timeline between 1, and 2, then you dwell on Connors age being a few years off in T3, wtf?

    I don’t have the Variety Issue number handy, but I do remember reading that Mostow talked to Cameron before filming began. Cameron even expressed good will and that he was too busy to do another Terminator.
    Swarzenneggar got “permission” to do T3 from Cameron.
    Btw (what scene is playing during the commentary where Cameron rags on T3?)

    Linda Hamilton didn’t want to play Sarah because there was too much action in the original T3, script… (Not because she didn’t like the script)
    She was out of shape and going thru a battle with Bi-polar disease. It was better that she died than to recast the role. (IMO)

    Sure the film had minor problems, (like TDK),,, but it DID CONNECT from Terminator 2.
    😎 😎 😎

  25. Whoa whao ewao
    Sorry for that.

    The first time I posted,,, my comment didn’t show , so I figured it was lost and retyped it from memory.


  26. @790

    Comments never “disappear.” If you don’t see it after submitting it may have been flagged for spam or moderation for some reason and I check for those throughout the day. :-)


  27. Noted Vic! πŸ˜‰

    I had to go way back in the older entries to get to that post and that’s what boned my blackberry. (Most advanced model yeah right)

    I usually jump down to the recent comments to post on really old threads but there were so many by the time I woke up the post was past over, and I couldn’t let Ken J, get away with that last post. Lol. πŸ˜‰

  28. To keep a wormhole open you would need exotic matter in the first place now your saying a different or more exotic matter is actually powering the initial formation of the wormhole. But where is it coming from? If you extract it from vacuum fluctuation you spend energy M=E/c*c.
    That’s why you need the piles.