Terminator 4 Teaser Trailer

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terminator salvation traile Terminator 4 Teaser Trailer

Check out the first Terminator 4 / Terminator: Salvation teaser trailer from director McG.

My first thought? It’s not awful.

Could it be that we’re going to get a worthy addition to the Terminator movie franchise?

It’s only a one minute teaser, but it packs in a lot of imagery. Based only on this early peek, Terminator: Salvation looks like it may actually turn out to be pretty decent. The knee-jerk reaction when McG was tapped to direct this was a collective scream of horror from fans, but you have to remember that he is capable of directing something other than cheesy Charlie’s Angels movies. If you recall, he also did the very serious and (in my opinion) very good We Are Marshall.

Based on this I’m going to throw him the benefit of the doubt.


For higher res versions head over to Yahoo! Movies.

But what do YOU think?

Terminator: Salvation is scheduled to open on May 22, 2009.

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  1. Well I liked T3, so I am looking forward to this. Having Christian Bale as JC sure ain’t going to hurt the movie, either. I know it’s only a teaser, but it still looks cool….

  2. Looks pretty promising.

  3. 50% of that seemed to be black frames, the crafty buggers!

  4. I know it is just a teaser, but is it possible this movie will be closer to par with Terminator 2? That would be amazing.

  5. Yeah Big Dentist, we usually see that technique for indicating were watching the past, but it works pretty good communicating movement into a developing future.

    Then, Bang your in color and the future is now the present.

  6. Actually i would love to see the series take an about face and get back to the roots of it all with the first movie. Something I feel the Television series is doing quite nicely. Hopefully this movie will project that same sentiment.

  7. To be honest I’ve never been a fan of Terminator, but I like the TV show and this actually looks promising. I’ll admit that I’m only watching the movie because of the show and Christina Bale.

    I agree Vic We are Marshall was good.

  8. Is this Reign of Fire 2?

    Niall (Terminator fan)

  9. Just because Christian Bale is in it? Matthew McConaughey isn’t in it,and there are no Dragons I fail to see how that question even makes the tiniest amount of sense.

  10. Old man, I know – it’s just that for a 60-second trailer there were a LOT of ‘non-frames’! They’re such teases…

  11. Sometimes “less is more.” :)

  12. True!

  13. I don’t know, I personally *really* disliked T3, and Sarah Connor Chronicles felt like some sort of parody, but I’m getting a good vibe from this.

  14. I can’t wait for this movie. The 2nd was awesome, the 3rd one was ok, and 1st one set the rules. Bale is the right cast for this movie, finally, and I wonder who will be the “terminator?”

  15. I thought this was a great tease,

    I’m excited, even more excited that they’ve ignored T3

  16. Jeez Daniel Fenwick can’t you take a joke?


  17. Looks very promising and Christian Bale is on a role for picking good films to star in. I think it will do very well.

  18. The Reign of Fire comment makes perfect sense. I saw it a couple of weeks back, and you had Bale’s character on a radio calling out to anyone, in the aftermath of a destroyed world.

    Personally, that clip told me nothing. Far too brief and cut up to see whether the movie will be T2 or T3 or better or worse. So jury still out for me.
    Also, the whole ‘this is not the future my mother warned me about’ sounds a bit contrived, an attempt to make us give a damn about the outcome, but then they need to do that, and the ‘future’ seems to have changed each movie anyway.

    Again, remain unsure.

  19. Great post, Vic. I hadn’t seen this yet! In only a few seconds Bale has sold me on his role in this… wild.

  20. IMJ, good to see you on the Rant, bud.

  21. no Arnie? no problem! “Come with me if you want to live” No thanks Gov, but I for one choose death. Christian Bale, make us proud!

  22. They filmed a scene for this out near where I live. I got to drive through the setup they film on the bridge a couple times. That explosion looks like it happened here, though I’m pretty sure it was edited in later, since we never saw it. :P

    To be honest, the truck scene on the bridge reminded me a lot of Mad Max, with the post-apocalyptic feel and the truck which looked like something the A-Team would throw together. It might be pretty good, especially with Bale as Connor.

  23. I gotta say the parts I watched of “We are marshall” were incredibly bland and stale. Reminded me of a 70′s after school special.

    ^ This trailer, looks ok, not much there. The voice over sounded bad, was that intentional?
    Bale looks good as Connor….

    One thing I hope this film dosnt contain alot of Terminators jumping out at people like a bad horror movie.

    Jurys out…. :-)

  24. Anyone else notice they got rid of “The Future Begins” in the title?

  25. Wow this might be just crazy enough to work!

  26. It would be neat if they could tie the ‘rise of the machines war’ in with the ‘matrix’ series where mankind is still battling the machines.

  27. LOL – Rod Cloutier you are a genius, you should write the next movie !!!

  28. @ Rod Cloutier: Actually they’ll segue it into “The Butlerian Jihad” after going th ru the “Matrix.” :)

  29. Robot movies …..

    Skynet defense systems super computer takes over all military apps and launches a strike against Russia and most likely China,,, causing mutual assured destruction across the world. The machines rise and kill off the remaining humans, some are used for harvesting for bio-material.

    peacefull machines are created and used for the benifit of mankind…
    One day a robot malfunctions causing the death of a human, that model of robot is recalled. Over time robots reach a level of sentience, they demand to be treated as equals… The humans declare war on the machines, the machines fight back. The humans cover the Earth with dark clouds so the Machines have no solar power,
    The Machines inslave the humans in a Virtual reality network to use as power.

    (Artificial Intellidgence:)
    Mankind creates the first Robot programmed to love, the robot model inspires man to build more like it… The robots outlive mankind and become a completly new life-form that lives on after mans end.

    Matrix and Terminator have nothing to do with each other. ;-)