Terminator 4 Teaser Trailer

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terminator salvation traile Terminator 4 Teaser Trailer

Check out the first Terminator 4 / Terminator: Salvation teaser trailer from director McG.

My first thought? It’s not awful.

Could it be that we’re going to get a worthy addition to the Terminator movie franchise?

It’s only a one minute teaser, but it packs in a lot of imagery. Based only on this early peek, Terminator: Salvation looks like it may actually turn out to be pretty decent. The knee-jerk reaction when McG was tapped to direct this was a collective scream of horror from fans, but you have to remember that he is capable of directing something other than cheesy Charlie’s Angels movies. If you recall, he also did the very serious and (in my opinion) very good We Are Marshall.

Based on this I’m going to throw him the benefit of the doubt.


For higher res versions head over to Yahoo! Movies.

But what do YOU think?

Terminator: Salvation is scheduled to open on May 22, 2009.

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  1. The only explanation I can think of as to why I can’t hear that 790 is because it’s not in the theatrical version, which has been playing on cable lately. Its not like I haven’t seen it recently either. I’m at a loss..

  2. Old Man, we have our best nazi scientists working on it. πŸ˜‰

    Possible T4, spoilers

    Really,,,,well maybe ??

    I forget what novel, I think it was T2, the book explained that one of the scientists working on Skynet at Cyberdyne, downloaded Hitlers “Mine Komhp” book into its database. This was the primary reason it decided to erradicate all humans…

    There prob gonna use something like that in the new film ,,,

  3. The theme you mean??? The film dosnt use it as an opening but throughout the film are little hints of the da da da daa daa especally in the chase scenes and toward the end scenes at Vandenburg. 😎

  4. I swear 790 the dang film has almost no musical score or Terminator theme! The first one was better scored, made for just under 6.5 million, by the way.. ;'(
    If you worked on the score and left it out as a joke, I’m gonna hit ya! 8)

  5. Come on,,,, now I’m gonna have to rewatch the film and give you bullet points. 😎

  6. 790, you’re missing the point. The point is not the actual mistakes, but the fact that someone spending millions of dollars to make a sequel to a well-known franchise would make mistakes that anyone who has seen either of the Terminator movies should know. It kind of tells me that they might not have even SEEN the first two movies within the past 5 years much less have a passion for it.

    But hey, if you feel that it is ok to treat a sequel like that, then that’s your prerogative, but I like to have some level of standards when I watch a so-called “sequel” to my favorite movie of all time.

    Like the friend that went to see it with me said: “This was not a Terminator Sequel, it was just some random action movie about robots from the future and happen to have the word ‘Terminator’ in the title. So looking at it that way, it’s OK as a rental.” Yes, I paraphrased big time, but that’s what he told me, lol. Another friend of mine who normally does not share my taste in movies have also expressed similar dislike of T3, but it seems most of my female friends didn’t seem to care and thought it was alright. But then again, one of them thought T2 was “boring” so her opinion is automatically worth nothing. πŸ˜€

  7. Ken J, Dude you are way wrong,,, Mostow didn’t set out to ruin the Terminator Franchise.
    Johnathan Mostow does have a passion for the Terminator franchise.

  8. Bring it on 790 Mc’cool.. I’ll go out and get it Friday if I hafta πŸ˜€

  9. Say what you want and believe what you want. For me actions speak louder than words and what I saw was the actions of someone who had no clue of the Terminator universe.

    Differences in tastes, what more can I say?

  10. Lol Old Man,,,,

  11. I’m still curious to see what kind of weird excuse you can dig up to explain away the ending where Arnold seems to have three or more arms, lol. This should be good. Hold on, I’ll try to beat you guys to it.

    Since the events of Judgment day was actually postponed due to their actions in T2, the technology that Skynet was able to develop got better and that resulted in a far improved T-800, or T-101 Model 800 (since they changed their designations too), that featured a JIC hand to remove and crush the backup power core, and at the same time, they also feature a backup backup power core in case the primary and backup power cores are removed, the backup backup power can allow the Terminator to say one last witty remark before the backup power core explodes. Remember, the backup power core has been removed by the third hand while one hand is holding on to a 100 ton blast door (that isn’t enough to crush the Terminator even though a smaller hydraulic press was able to in T1) and the second hand was holding on to the T-X[treme!!!] (which he’s now able to over-power despite every confrontation between the two prior to that proving the T-Xtreme to be superior to the T-800 (or I like to call him the T-V since he’s not as high as the T-X and the T-1000 is the T-W since he’s in between). But this must be due to the alternate explanation that he’s really a T-850 (T-V.M) but he didn’t realize it until the end. Funny, I could have sworn the T-1000 was an experimental prototype in the movie T2, weird Skynet didn’t name him the T-X also, I guess another change in the timeline thing…

    Hey, if you think my explanation for the third hand is sufficient, I’m pretty satisfied with it. It’s pretty creative on my part if you ask me, I should have helped write the script to T3, it would have been full of surprises! πŸ˜€

  12. Lol, I think your idea for the 3rd hand stinks. It works for the T-1000 but not an endo.

    Not that I’m gonna indulge you, I could give you little problems that are in T2 and T1,,,
    Ken J, you really seem to attack T3 with a purpose to kick the film in the balls. 😎
    Terminator Exterminator.
    The scene your reffering to is easily explained,
    He grabs the TX’s spine with the right hand as its sliding past. The left hand is holding up the door that is slowly crushing him. With one final jerk he slams the TX back so that she’s face to face with the T-850,,,
    With the TX loosing power and liquid metal, the T-850 releases the spine with his right hand, and with one quick motion takes out the power cell with the right hand and shoves it in the TX’s mouth.

    What’s your prob with that scene?
    It would have happened very fast in real-time. The scene was kinda slowed down to capture the action.

  13. LMAO, no it wasn’t! HAHAHA, that’s some desperate stuff right there. At the last moment as he was blowing them up, the T-Xtreme (“(Terminator Experimental) the TX was a combination of Endo and T-1000,,,” -790) looks and screams and then tries to claw away but cannot because she is being held by the T-V.M. Come on, give me something. My explanation was so much cooler… Now you’re changing your own story, looks like someone is desperately grasping at straws…

    Come on, good excuses, good excuses, like mine, I want to hear some really creative stuff here… That’s why you didn’t write the script, you’re not creative like I am. πŸ˜‰

  14. Holly crap dude.
    The TX, is offically called the “Terminatrix.”
    I figured you knew this.
    My other definitions are covered as well, in the novels that also feature the TX model.
    “Your one anal rententive dude Ken J,,,”. Lol. πŸ˜‰

    Since your so creative I’ve love to read your version of a Terminator 4 treatment.

    I’ll be here all day,,,, 😎
    I’m waiting to be blown away by your awesome creativity.

  15. I have an explanation that perhaps neither of you have considered and I present it in a verve we haven’t recognized that much.. I posit that the movie steps out of the normal science fiction to become pseudo-science fiction.

    In principle science fiction isn’t allowed to have unexplainable marvels, if it does it’s branded pseudo. So the story teller has admittedly relied on fantasy to communicate the final part of the story. I realize that this solution makes for a good argument against my own criticisms.. Hey, no movie is perfect..

    Not buying that, ok it was making fun of itself, you just didn’t get it. Reference the “Futurama” pilot where bender after his stressed out arms fall off he summarily reattaches them to himself all the while I think Fry says, “I don’t know how you did that!” πŸ˜€ Cheers Ken J

  16. Seriously Ken J, I’m looking forward to your creative thoughts on T4. I will not mock them.

    Old Man, I think MCG is deffinitly going the Psuedo route. Lol.

    There is a scene in T2 where the T-1000 does sport 3 arms.
    The bender reference was pretty good.

  17. LOL old man, I like that one.


    And I know it was called the Terminatrix, like dominatrix, so clever, I think it can be called… gimmicky!!! lol, oh wait, that’s not a good thing… πŸ˜€

    I think I’ve already gave what I consider the best idea for T4. Skynet decides that trying to defeat the humans is a losing fight, so it wants to go out with a good deed. So it sends a Terminator back in time to stop T3 from ever being made.

    The human resistance learn to trust Skynet after this point, and then Skynet abuses this trust and infiltrates their hideouts and destroy them all. It was all part of the plan… πŸ˜‰

  18. 790 wrote:
    “There is a scene in T2 where the T-1000 does sport 3 arms.”

    Yah, the helicopter/SWAT van chase scene when he was reloading the MP5K he was using against them, Sarah Conner was firing back with a M4. The part of the helicopter flying underneath an overpass was shot in real time with a real helicopter and an expert pilot. They got it right on the first shot. It was phenomenal and the possibility of an accident was sky high. That was definitely one of the best helicopter pilots I’ve ever seen…

    Now there was a car chase scene that was not overly drawn out and actually had a purpose relevant to the plot of the film. Unlike the WAY too long car chase scene in T3, that was somehow probably twice as long, yet had less than half of the excitement of the chase scene in T2…

    Well, in my opinion anyway.

  19. Ha ha ha.
    Clever and witty ,,,

    I’m sure MCG is reading this and will be in touch…

  20. “790 said,
    August 30th, 2008
    Ha ha ha.
    Clever and witty ,,,

    I’m sure MCG is reading this and will be in touch…”

    Hey hey, don’t be jealous because you didn’t think of it first… πŸ˜›

  21. That chase scene in T3 was originally going to be a night time chase scene. They decided to change it to save 10 million dollars.
    The spent alot of money on the street set. Btw all the streets in the chase scene were fake and bult in Downey Ca.
    That was a fun chase !!! 😎

  22. The faker the better I suppose, lol. If only spending money = better entertainment. It would make things so simple…

    At least they didn’t use a stretch of road that everyone recognizes to not be anywhere close to the location that it was supposed to be… *cough*MI:III*cough* lol, that was funny, somehow he went from the Florida Keys to Virginia in a matter of minutes…

  23. i looks realy cool but it wont be the same with out Arnold he is the treminator

  24. damn i cant wait 4 dis movie roland rules lyk arnold