‘Terminator 3000′ Gets Terminated in Rights Battle

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Terminator 3000 ‘Terminator 3000′ Gets Terminated in Rights Battle

I think the word “Oops” is the only thing to say with regard to the PR nightmare descending over Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment – following the announcement they’d be producing a $70 million animated Terminator film, titled Terminator 3000.

There’s just one problem: Terminator rights holder Pacificor, LLC wasn’t contacted and wasn’t too happy to hear that a new Terminator project was announced without their approval.

Pacificor, LLC has sent a swift cease and desist letter to Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment stating:

“We recently became aware through various online media reports that Hannover House, purportedly a division of Target Development Group, Inc. (“TDGI”), entered into a purported feature film development venture with a Vancouver based entity, Red Bear Entertainment, for “Teminator 3000” an animated feature film based upon the characters introduced in the original Terminator movie.

This knowledge came as a surprise to Pacificor. It did not license or authorize any such development or film. Indeed, it has not been contacted by Hannover House, TDGI, Red Bear Entertainment or anyone else seeking such a license or approval.

While some of the reports we have seen mention that Pacificor “retains approval and licencing authority…” over the proposed project, a reasonable inference drawn from the reports is that such approval has been obtained. Otherwise, why would the “development deal” have been entered into in the first place and why would the reports mention a proposed January 2011 start date for production?”

terminator 3000 terminated ‘Terminator 3000′ Gets Terminated in Rights Battle

So where has the confusion come from?

Hannover House CEO Eric Parkinson was once in charge of the home video division of Hemdale (who made the original Terminator) and allegedly part of his settlement (when he left the company) were certain rights to the Terminator franchise.

Parkinson told Deadline:

“The animation rights were excluded when Hemdale sold Terminator to Carolco and when I left Hemdale, part of my settlement was that I got those rights. However, the way the rest of the contractual rights are written, it would be dangerous for us to do this without Pacificor’s approval. They have certain intellectual rights. The best way to put it is, they can’t make an animated film without me, and we might not be able to make it without them. We are in discussions with WME (the agency in charge of the rights), and hope we can deal with this expeditiously.”

Parkinson also asserted that the only reason a press release was even announced was because one of the potential production partners spoke publicly about the film.

Where does this leave Terminator 3000? It leaves it in limbo until Parkinson, Hannover and Red Bear can make a deal with Pacificor. At this point it could go either way – because it would appear that Pacificor intends to continue the live action cinematic adventures of everyone’s favorite time travelling android and, according to a spokesperson, “isn’t looking for another project beyond what’s envisioned as two or more live action feature films that continue the apocalyptic adventures hatched by James Cameron.”

salvation1 ‘Terminator 3000′ Gets Terminated in Rights Battle

Will Terminator 3000 Find Salvation?

However, Parkinson remains hopeful that a deal will be reached:

“We’ve arranged a meeting, we’ll show them our money and if the rational brain prevails, they’ll take the deal. If not, I can’t do it without them. You’ll have a follow-up next week that we are either holding hands, or not doing the film. At least we now have our meeting. I hope they will can think outside the box, because if we can make a movie that delivers a $20 million to $30 million rights payment, that is an income source they didn’t realize was possible. If not, it was a good idea anyway.”

Pacificor, may be slightly miffed that the Parkinson and Co. decided to move in on their baby which could leave Terminator 3000, and subsequently Parkinson, out in the cold.

At the very least you have to admire Parkinson for trying to put together such a deal – and even more so in raising $70 million for a 3D animated film that audiences weren’t asking for (and may or may not be interested in) – as the franchise has an untested animated brand.

Pacificor’s response might also hint at whether or not we’ll be seeing the mooted sequel to McG’s Terminator Salvation. Though, for now, it remains a mystery.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Weird. I blame Skynet.

  2. Good. This franchise needs to just die off. It had a great run with the first two films, but was turned into another brainless action flick with the last two. Yes I’m quite aware the first two were action films, but if you actually pay attention to the movie, then you’ll see there’s more to the film than that.

    • im in agreement with you matt, jsut should DIED off as soon as cammy left the franchise…but, like Jagger sang, you cant always get what you want..

      • If you want to get technical, then the series is dead. Actually, it’s like a zombie. Studios keep the series going long after it should have ended. There are few who still want to see anymore films made.

  3. I actually don’t think of the first film as an action film at all, it plays like a brilliant cat and mouse style thriller, sci fi noir.

    • i went out and made my Uncle buy me some sweet Gargoyle sunglasses after i saw The Terminator Sam, had to have em!

  4. Well.
    Take all that money and energy and give us Season 3 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as it was far and away the class of the franchise.

    If two live action movies are coming they ought to pick up where TSCC left off. T4 was a disaster.

    • even though i like Whedon, i blame HIm for its demise, he went crying to the network executives to keep that horrid Dollhouse show on :(

    • I agree 😛

  5. Aslong as MCG doesn’t come back as director, im hoping they make a Terminator 5 & 6 and pick up where T4 left off. Id like to see the future war esculate further instead of living back with Time-Travel idea movies or series. James Cameron mentioned he liked it more than he thought he would. And Arnold gave it thumbs up,what i don’t get is people here dont. I heard little things people didnt like about it, things like No Cameron involvment again, No Arnold starring role, PG-13 rating which is dumb if they liked Live Free or Die hard when it was PG-13 aswell etc.

    • @” No Arnold starring role, PG-13 rating which is dumb if they liked Live Free or Die hard when it was PG-13 aswell etc.”

      Those things didn’t factor into my opinion at all. For one, Arnold is way *too old* to be the Terminator again (unless they CG his face in the whole movie). Two: There is no connection between movie rating and movie quality. I’ve seen many films that are rated R, and are complete crap (Freddy vs. Jason, Alien Ressurrectio, and Terminator 3 to name a few). Hech TDK had explicit violence (and themes), and it was PG 13. I don’t mind Cameron to returning, but I can’t help but notice the ones he didn’t direct were low in quality (despite me enjoying TS).

      McG wasn’t the problem in TS, it was the script. Having the same hacks who wrote Terminator 3 didn’t help at all. Even Jonathan Nolan (whos a brillirant writer)couldn’t fix their mistakes.

      • McG was a total nut job, he did not know wtf he was doing neither did the producers or writers, the whole movie was a load of garbage because all they thought about was $$$$
        had they sat down and written a better script, and thought about everything properly, then we would have seen better action scenes, gotten more info about what was occurring and had a better understanding of how kyle met john and how they became friends (no to mention how john became a proper leader)

        they could have simply made the story a continuity of 3 (with different actors etc) and made the story about john trying to gain peoples trusts, whilst coming in terms with the fact that he has to be the leader of all the remaining humans (this was not established in 3)

    • i liked the UNRATED Live Free, i never saw the PG-13 crap in the theaters, i prefer hearing john with his F-bombs, thanks :) nor have i ever, nor will ever seeing another terminator film, they screwed the pooch on that franchise

    • I agree with what you said about the show. I watched a few episodes, but it got boring really quickly.

  6. 70 million to make an animated 3D Terminator film?
    That’s laughable.
    Whata group of out of touch investors. But then these idiots didn’t even have the brains to keep the deal hush until they had the rights…
    Either way this concept will fail in the long run. (Imo)
    Terminator 3000? That’s the title, ok,,, 😎

    Cough’lame,, cough!

    • hey 790, i agree that 70 mill is too much. it aint getting my money thats for DAMN sure. :)

  7. I don’t think animation would work for Terminator. Believe it or not a good Terminator movie needs actors who are interesting to watch. Special effects and violence alone don’t cut it. Note I did not say good actors. Just actors who are interesting to watch.

    In the first movie all three main actors had screen presence and were interesting to watch. In the second Robert Patrick, Arnold and especially Linda Hamilton were interesting. The kid mot so much. In the third movie you just had Arnold the rest were just bland. And in the fourth there was no one. Even Christian Bale was bland and boring.

    So if they do another they are going to need live actors. Put boot up Bales butt and get him to stop phoning it in and get at least a couple actors with some charisma and stage presence.

  8. I am glad that they didn’t go with the T3000 movie. The Terminator for me, should be live action and live action ONLY! I’ve watched the machinama series and it didn’t have that feel that the other Terminator movies had. Besides everythings going CGI and I want to see some LIVE ACTION!

    PS: The TSCC was badass and I stand a firm belief that it will come back and when it does, I’ll hold a grudge to those who gave up on it.

    • same

  9. Thank God they aren’t going through with this movie. I think that making an animated reboot of The TERMINATOR is the worst idea i’ve heard and such a waste of time and 70 million dollars! I don’t see how anyone would actually go to the theaters to see something like this. They’re much better off canceling the franchise than anything else.
    But in my opinion, I think they definitely should continue the series of Terminator Salvation. I thought this movie showed great potential for the actual war in the future. The only thing they have to do now is stay true to the original stories and take their time to make a great sequel to save the terminator series and continue the war against the machines. Just anything instead of a 3d animated reboot gimmick

  10. I am not liking the idea of an animated series. I love the movies and I really liked the sarah conor chronicals. I was hoping they would have another story in the series. Maybe showing John’s children and a future rebuit world.

  11. La segunda parte de la pelicula Terminator 3000( mas parecida a las T1 y T2) y antes de terminar, ya habiendo explicado los sucesos entre T2 y T3 y haciendo una mension a las situaciones reales criticas como los del 11/9 deberia seguir hacia el año 2011/2012 nueva fecha para el dia del juicio haciendola coincidir con el final de Terminator 3 y conectando las historias T3 TSalvation y las venideras que contengan la leyenda Connor, el T800, John Connor y Sarah Connor habiendo solucionado el problema del viaje en el tiempo,y tomando diferentes rumbos ya sea de donde vinieron inicialmente 2029 2032 y/o por que la TX tiene la capacidad de saltar en el tiempo y enviar al T3000 a diferentes momentos para su mision de crear el dia del juicio final y exterminar a John Connor, dejando “huecos por donde ir” un poco motivados por una continuo enfrentamiento y desplazamiento en el tiempo como resultado de una nueva tecnologia etc, una nueva trama que haga un poco mas interesante y con contenido sobre los sucesos menos previsibles que antes dejando situaciones inconclusas para continuarlas en las historias 2029/2032 y mostrando otros actores que intervengan y diferentes aristas de la historia que una simple persecucion y la situacion de un peligro apocaliptico . Una saga en que la accion se relacione con lo moderno con una historia bien pensada e inteligente y que sea atractiva para todos, que conecte las historias T1 T2 T3 TSalvation Cronicas de Sarah Connor las novelas que se han escrito como T2 El infiltrador o Terminator Hunt etc.