Terminator 3000 On The Way [Updated]

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terminator salvation prequel Terminator 3000 On The Way [Updated]

[Update: Pacificor LLC, the Terminator franchise rights holder, has halted production on Terminator 3000citing numerous rights violations.]

The good news is that there is a new Terminator movie on the way.

The bad news is that it’s an animated 3D spin-off from the franchise titled Terminator 3000 and not a live-action sequel to the films which originally starred Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Sam Worthington/Christian Bale mash-up in last year’s Terminator Salvation.

Will the Austrian Oak er… be back?

Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment plan to go into production on the $70 million budgeted Terminator 3000 in January 2011 and they hope that the animated film will have a PG-13 rating (calm yourselves Terminator fans). It’s believed that the 3D film will also pick up after the events of the 1984 original film which also starred Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn, although at this early time details are very sketchy. The news more or less puts the final nail in the coffin for a live-action cinematic sequel to McG’s third sequel from last year.

It’s not unlikely that Schwarzenegger will offer his services for his voice or his likeness, but I’d imagine that this might be a tad on the pricey side as Schwarzenegger was allegedly paid over $100 thousand to record an audio commentary for Total Recall (and $35 million for his appearance in Terminator 3). To do this might swell the budget, unless they’ve already factored that into it.

They could also go the route of the many Terminator comic spin-offs, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Terminator Salvation and introduce different models of Terminator. However, considering that fans didn’t have much love for the Schwarzenegger-less television show and sequel, then it might make more financial sense to stump up the extra cash.

terminator4 Terminator 3000 On The Way [Updated]

Over the last 25 years the Terminator franchise has been on a slippery slope of quality, mainly due to issues with the rights of the franchise. Indie outlet Hemdale produced and distributed James Cameron’s original film in 1984 however, they in turn sold the rights to the Carolco where Cameron made Terminator 2. In 1994, Caroloco went bankrupt following the legendary flop Cutthroat Island and the rights were sold off to Halcyon Media. In January Pacificor, LLC picked up the franchise rights in an auction and they are now overseeing this new Terminator story.

I feel that the Terminator franchise has lost its way without the stewardship of Cameron, with each successive franchise entry being more lacklustre than the last. The Sarah Connor Chronicles television series had some decent moments in its two seasons and T3 has a few good set pieces alongside a brave ending, but again I feel that the brand has been cheapened with too many people willing to try and rinse every penny from the name. While the brand may still have some strength, I feel those controlling the rights have been unable to see what Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron brought to the franchise and the name. Without them, the original (and its sequel) could have been any sci-fi action film, however, the stars aligned in the correct configuration and an iconic character was created and two classic films were produced.

Sure, Terminator 3000 could work. In animation they’d be able to bring technology and epic action on a scale that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to the screen for a fraction of the price – but don’t forget that what makes the first two Terminator films so special is the story, the characters and then the effects. Something that people seem to be forgetting.

In the past, Cameron has stated that he no longer has any interest in the Terminator property, so it’s highly unlikely that he’d get involved. I do hope that Schwarzenegger is involved in some capacity.  Although god forbid they get a vocal impersonator to conduct vocal duties over the Austrian actor’s image. That would just be too much!

We’ll be back with more news on Terminator 3000 when we get it.

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  1. I read it will be 3D CGI animated, not just animated, CGI would be pretty cool.

  2. I really liked the tv show, well the first season anyway, it was really good, a million times better than Salvation.

    • they should never have taken the sarah chronicles off the air, even though i like whedon, dollhouse shoulda been axed instead.

      • Absolutely, why they kept Dollhouse is completely beyond me, it was god damn awful!

        • yeah, i expected more from a Whedon production

      • QFT.

    • I agree Sam I enjoyed that show. Though i’ll admit I actually liked Salvation as well.

      • i just couldnt handle a PG-13 terminator movie

        • Agreed Daniel. Terminator Salvation wasn’t as bad as everyone on here is moaning about. Sure, it’s not nearly as good as the original or T2, but I enjoyed watching the film. Then again, I find that I am not overly critical of movies unless they’re REALLY dumb (Ahem, Twilight, ahem).

          • I really enjoyed TS as a dumb action, but the plot had more holes in it than swiss cheese. At least it was a huge step up from Terminator 3.

          • T4 is what you get when you spend a couple of hundred million on great special effects but forget to WRITE A STORY!

            For that kind of cheese we could have had several seasons of the awesome goodness of TSCC on TV

    • I loved the show, one of my favorite shows ever. I’m gonna have to disagree with the writer of this article about people not liking TSCC, it has quite a large cult following (myself included). I’m not really looking forward to this movie that much, but it’s gotta be better than salvation. I am happy to hear the news of this movie just for the simple fact that Terminator isn’t dead, and that means we may get a TSCC movie after all.

  3. Do a Robocop vs Terminator movie.

    • No that would ruin both franchise..

      • the robocop franchise was ruined when Weller left the role and they released a PG-13 sequel

  4. “I feel that the Terminator franchise has lost its way without the stewardship of Cameron, with each successive franchise entry being more lackluster than the last.” ~ Niall Browne


    I agree. When it comes to the “Terminator” franchise, James Cameron was the man with the vision. If he says there was nothing more to be gained, there is ‘really’ nothing more to be gained. I kind of see “Star Trek” in that manner. Once Gene Rodenberry had passed away, the franchise lost its guiding hand. Now, both franchises have lost their commander-in-chief, and both franchises are showing the consequences from such lack of vision.

    “Terminator III & IV” should not have happened. Not in this way.

    • Agree about Terminator, but your Star Trek anology is way off the mark in my opinion. Roddenberry died in 1991. To say that Star Trek lost its way after that point, not true at all. TNG didnt finish till 1994, and most of that was brilliant. DS9 didnt start until then, and it remains my favourite Trek, Roddenberry wasnt around for that. He wasnt around for First Contact either.

      • Thank you drsam I always hate when people try to claim Trek sucked after Roddenberry. TNG is in my opinion the best Trek show by far and DS9 is the second best. TNG got better with every season and was awesome near the end.

  5. I rather see them make a live action film, mostly continue on from Terminator Salvation and Make T5 and T6. Aslong as MCG doesnt direct, id like to see T5 & T6 further show the future battles of the war up to the point where Kyle Reese volunteers to go back in time to 1984 etc. Unlike my friends who watched Terminator: TSCC which and were ticked off because it ended on a cliffhanger as they say, i enjoyed all four films. I thought T4 was good without Arnold in it, And Bale’s rant didnt bother me. All celebs, filmamkers etc do stuff like that, Bale got on camera was all it was. In T5 & T6 id like to see humans maybe be forced to build the big machines that rolled on the ground as seeon in T1 & T2 aswell as see the Machines develope the laser weapons aswell humans aquire them. If this so-called film is gonna be 3D-CGI animated im not gonna bother seeing it. I don’t care if they say if its to pick up after T1. Sounds like another cheap way to make more pennies like TSCC.

    • no, ive had abiout enough of PG-13 sequels to R rated films, leave it dead in the water

  6. T5 & T6 don’t have to be PG-13 films if fans push the studio not to do it.

    • studios wont listen to the fans, they almost never do

  7. They tried to make a Robocop Vs. The Terminator movie years ago, never found a director for it as i read.

  8. Yay! 3D, PG-13 remakes/reboots for everyone! Yay!

    *Please note the heavy sarcasm

    My love/hate relationship with Hollywood continues. We get Inception, an original, thought-provoking film followed by a bunch of remakes/sequels/rom coms/etc.


  9. Terminator has become a kids cartoon? Lame.

  10. Terminator Salvation is not a spin-off by the way.

  11. I’m going to take a safe bet that this is a coy for an actual Terminator film. They are smart enough to know McG failed. Why would they in their wildest dreams ever think an animated film would work? Its a ploy. I don’t think it will be PG-13 nor do I think it will be animated. I’ll go with the CGI animated, kinda like Avatar, with real people but mostly in CGI. Although I don’t understand the start off point. It takes place before T2 but after T1? What happens then? We see baby John Connor attacked by a Terminator? Who’s gonna save him? Sarah didn’t get extreme until she went to lala-land. I NEVER thought anyone could do worse to the Terminator franchise, but this is it. Although to me, its totally dead, so it doesn’t matter. Heck, I’d rather see a new TV show cause at least that is live action.

  12. Live Free or Die Hard was PG-13 and is in known R-rated franchise. I thought Terminator Salvation wasnt as bad people try to make it out to be. Even James Cameron mentioned he liked it more than he thought he would despite he thought it could of been better of-course. I think people say the film was bad say so because Cameron and Arnold or anybody from the first two films weren’t involved at all. Well Linda Hamilton was but not in person or credited for it. One scene i wished was kept in the theater cut was John’s radio message over the airwaves, and telling about how his mother’s warnings were ignored and she was locked away for it etc. Between T3 & T4 im not sure which one i liked more to be honest. But they’re not gonna continue from T4 and make T5 & T6 then i liked to see the franchise be laid to rest. On thing for sure is i wont’t waste my money on this purposed movie they have planned.

  13. Excuse me. Fans of TSCC loved the show they were in my observation fans of T1 and T2 as well. They also, forgive me for generalizing, did not much care for T3 and T4.

    But to say that fans did not live Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is wrong beyond belief. It still posesses a vibrant fandom. In fact, stop by the View Party at savethescc.com in the “chatroom” and enjoy the company of the Resistance. 10 PM ET. Every Sat. Night.


  14. T3 and T4 were absolute garbage. T3 was a poor rehash of T2′s plot, and T4 was a CGI bloatfest, with a horribly stupid plot, moronic Skynet, and one dimensional characters no one cares about.

    TSCC was the last and greatest thing the Terminator franchise had going for it.

  15. T3 & T4 absolute garbage? People have their right to their opinion i understand that, but also understand people can be too difficult to impress. If TSCC was so great, why were they stupid enough to have end on a cliffhanger when they knew the series would be canceled.

  16. What was it again people didnt like about T4?

  17. Besides Cameron & Arnold of-course.

    • The only thing I didn’t like was the story, but that’s only b/c of the hack writers.

      • And the acting, especially Bale’s performance. It was the first time I didn’t like his performance, but then again, he didn’t have much to work with.

  18. I agree with people saying T3 and T4 were bad for the franchise. They have damaged what was a great storyline post T2 and I sadly wonder if it can be rescued at this stage. I think if TSCC had carried on then maybe this was possible. It was great TV and finally did justice to continuing the storyline where T2 left off rather than just being a money and guns action fest with no brains. McG I’m looking at you!

    TSCC season 3 was the best thing that could have happened – I fear T3000 is the final nail about to be hammered in…sad really

  19. TSCC Continutation FTW

  20. I have enjoyed the francise to this piont. It is discouraging that they would concider a animated T5 if that is what they want to call it. they have already set up the story to this point and I am ready to see the battle with the machines(live action ) not in CG. The francise had already been revamped, get over it that the last one did not make a ton of money, it made a profit and lets get on with it and make the movie we all want to see.

    • @ Chad

      Im not sure it was intended to be considered as T5, just a lousy alternate film that would take place between T1 & T2. Kinda like how TSCC serves as a alternate universe after T2. Like others i know in person and others over the net, id like to see a T5 & T6 happen and finish the franchise by continuing the future war from T4. Aslong as they dont go with MCG’s idea of machines goin back through time, No Time Travel, not till atleast the first T-800 is actually sent to 1984 by Skynet and Connor wonders if he should let Reese volunteer to travel back in time to protect Sarah which should be revealed in T6. As for T5, id like to see the chemistry between John and Kyle fighting side by side as the war escalates worse as Skynet and the machines develope laser guns and maybe still keeping humans alive as slaves to build the bigger machines as seen in the first two films etc.

  21. Unless a 5th Terminator film follows from T4 under a better director and doesnt involve time travel of any kind like MCG’s idea than im all for another one. But this idea of Terminator3000 is just another cheap way to milk the franchise and even if Arnold lend his voice, still wouldn’t be the same. I rather have them continue on from T4 or not at all make anymore.