‘Temple Run’ Video Game to Be Adapted into Feature Film

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Temple Run Temple Run Video Game to Be Adapted into Feature Film

Film adaptations of contemporary video games don’t often encounter the screenplay problems of previous decades. Largely gone are the days when writers had to contort the properties of Super Mario Bros. or Double Dragon to create an ostensibly workable script.

However, not every video game comes with the rich storyline and mythos of  Assassin’s Creed or The Last of Us. One of the largest and most profitable niches in the gaming industry is the mobile market, whose games are often throwbacks to an era when video games were not known for their narrative complexity. In this corner of the market, there are few games as popular and ubiquitous as Temple Run – something that has apparently not escaped the acquisitive eye of Warner Bros.

THR shares the scoop that producer David Heyman (the Harry Potter series) is in negotiations to shepherd Temple Run into big screen production for Warner Bros. Little is known about the direction of this adaptation other than that it will use the Temple Run games’ premise (a manic chase between an Indiana Jones type and various sorts of demonic, skull-faced apes) as the starting point for a decently budgeted supernatural adventure.

The original Temple Run mobile app was created by Imangi Studios and initially released in August 2011. It quickly became one of the most popular apps sold for mobile devices, porting across the spectrum of operating systems. Sensing a bona fide phenomenon, Disney subsequently commissioned Imangi to create Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz spin-offs to promote the movies of the same names. Not just successful in its own right, Temple Run has inspired a whole field of “endless runner” knockoffs, wannabes, and variants that have flooded the various mobile app storefronts.

Temple Run 2 Screenshot Temple Run Video Game to Be Adapted into Feature Film

With its many millions of downloads, an adaptation of Temple Run does make sense from a certain standpoint. Just like Angry Birds and other currently hot entertainment phenomena, Temple Run will come already attached to a huge cultural awareness. If released soon enough, curiosity alone could drive ticket sales.

At the same time, the screenwriters assigned the task of adapting Temple Run will encounter the same issue struck by those responsible for the video game adaptations of yesteryear: How can this story-less video game with simple gameplay expand into an actual narrative experience?

After all, a truly faithful adaptation of Temple Run would involve nothing but a five-minute chase sequence ending with the protagonist’s death – which then repeats ten or eleven times in a row.


Temple Run does not currently have a projected release date. Keep an eye on Screen Rant as more information becomes available.

Source: THR

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  1. Stephanie Ward

    run run run run run jump run run run run left run run run run slide run run run run right run run run …. Sounds exciting.

  2. Jalen Muse

    yeah uhh we have one already..it’s called Indiana Jones.

  3. Can wait for the film adaptation of Sudoku…. Do the big people in Hollywood just look around and try to make a movie about stuff they just end up seeing?

    • “Spielberg I gotcha next big hit! Think about it…Tic Tac Toe…THE MOVIE.”

      • Let’s not play around, let’s think big! I’ve got my sights set on the day when “Stratego: The Final Battle” makes it big!

      • They already did that, it was called “War Games.”

  4. Ruben Stickinittotheman

    For f*** sake there is an angry birds movies in the making….ice age, massive floods, space rocks..whatever the world is in need of an end lol

  5. Sumit Bajracharya

    Dont we already have Indiana Jones for that…

    • Thought the same thing. Its just gonna be indiana jones

  6. Ramiro Armenta

    ….that studio is stupid,why not try to make a freaking uncharted movie?! It has a much better storyline,character,and setting for crying out loud

    • They already did that. It’s called Indiana Jones and the Tomb Raider movies.

  7. Stupid

  8. “Candy Crush 3D” the MOVIE

    Can’t wait. ¬_¬

  9. Basically INDIANA JONES ripoff

  10. wut

  11. Henry Kuan

    We already had Indiana jones. Make uncharted dude zzz

    • Hmm…you being sarcastic or just trolling?

  12. just give us another Indiana Jones movie, this will totally looks like a ripoff.

  13. Benjamin Finley

    To the dude who said angry birds, I’m positive I saw Hollywoods making a trilogy.

  14. Edward Hernandez

    Finally i was hoping they would make a movie out of this Game

  15. Manny Manzanilla

    So basically that scene where Indiana Jones runs from a giant boulder will become a 2hr movie….why this and not Uncharted

  16. So its just Indiana Jones but with coins?

  17. Benjamin Finley

    Can Stephen Hawking be the temple runner?

    • Veluri Vasanth

      It’s like making Professor X do Spiderman stutnts. Lol. :-D

  18. Robert Domino

    We already have a temple run movie and its called, “Indiana Jones.”

  19. ………. For real Hollywood? Dear god -.-

  20. The problems of developing games into films isn’t about translating the gameplay, it’s about translating the story. Hence why Tomb Raider and Resident Evil did so well, they ignored paying homage to the game and stuck in the lines of “what can we do with this universe?”

  21. So we get this and but, no Metal Gear Solid movie? This is really the best game they could think of to base an entire movie on?

  22. Now all we need is a rival studio acquiring Subway Surfer. Both movies will release in the same summer leading to another armageddon/deep impact like faceoff……… What the hell is wrong with these people!!!

  23. This is why I so badly want to be in Hollywood doing something important in the film industry, because I actually have great ideas and motivation for good cinemas.

  24. /facepalm

  25. Battleship 2.0



    “The most thought provoking film of the year. Deserves Oscars. ” — Reviewer #1

    “Launched me into a new world. 3D immerses you in the technological marvel, that is this film. A worthy contender to the throne of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Avatar” — Reviewer #2


    J U M P R O P E

    *Sequel greenlit

    • That was funny but still not as epic as the Hobocop trailer I created during a bored couple of minutes on IM back in 2006.

    • Classic

  27. Of all the games that could have incredible movies they choose temple run…

  28. W… T… F…. ?????

  29. Not bad, I would like to see a new Indiana Jones