‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ TV Spot #1 Reveals Master Splinter

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot hasn’t had an easy time convincing fans to embrace its existence – but a fair number of people (new fans and old) are starting to come around. The first TMNT teaser trailer revealed a modernized (and Americanized) take on the characters and their origin; but it also revealed character designs that weren’t the complete disaster that many predicted we could get. That was a good sign, which helped balance out fears that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and director Jonathan Liebesman (Battle Los Angeles) were going to ruin the childhoods of ’90s kids everywhere.

The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV spot is a lot more brief than the first teaser – but also more revealing, ironically enough. The biggest takeaway is definitely our first fleeting glimpse of the Ninja Turtles’ mutant rat sensei, Splinter, who we now know will be voiced by Monk star Tony Shalhoub. In the clip, we see Splinter twirling a sword about to throw down with his nemesis Shredder, played in the film William Fichtner (Lone Ranger). That’s a pretty geektastic moment for any hardcore TMNT fan to witness.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Spot Splinter Revealed 700x416 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Spot #1 Reveals Master Splinter

Here are some images of Splinter from various TMNT comics, cartoons and movies. Of the various versions, the comic book version (with its heavy Asian influences) seems to be the closest comparison. How the Fu Manchu will play on a rat, we’ll have see.

Beyond the Splinter reveal, this first TV spot gives us distinct (if not quick) looks at each individual turtle – Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. It’s been clear from early marketing materials that in this version of the franchise, the turtles won’t just be distinguished by the different colors of their masks – they will have distinct appearances which reflect  distinct personalities. Further marketing materials will likely focus on who each of our turtles are as a person(?!) – though if you’re a longtime fan, you can probably guess. For now: Michelangelo has a rocket skateboard! Cow. A. Bunga.

Visually, Ninja Turtles is still looking pretty solid, with the TV Spot CGI effects and character animations looking slightly more textured and real than the teaser footage. That’s not to say that every design choice will be universally loved (see: Michelangelo’s around-the-waist hoodie), but in terms of standing on par with other big summer blockbusters, TMNT definitely seems to have the potential it needs.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be in theaters on August 8, 2014.

Source: IGN

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  1. Greatness!

  2. looks like crap.

    • Great review

    • Crap? Really? With the technology available today, this looks like the best version of TMNT. This movie will be awesome and you will watch it.

      • Yes i will watch it, but when i torrent it. Technology can’t make a movie good…

        • I’m assuming you’re torrenting to pirate the movie because you hate it that much?

          • That’s partially the reason.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this movie! The trailer looks great, and I’m so glad that they are (or appear to be)taking care of Shredder in the first movie. A sequel that gets the Turtles in the Battle Nexus tournament and brings in the Triceratons would be incredible. Finish off the trilogy with the Kraang and Utrom Shredder and I will be a happy camper.

  4. Looks good enough!

  5. He’s a radical rat!

    • lol true fan

  6. My main problem with the trailers is my main problem with the Transformers series: The stuff with the turtles looks great (what we ACTUALLY paid to see) and the stuff with the human characters looks be awful. Who knows, I HOPE I’m wrong and this movie is awesome, but there is no way I’m buying a movie ticket. I refused to see Transformers 3 in theaters so I borrowed it from a friend when it came out. It was better than the second one, but the first half of the film was still pretty awful. I hope this is good, but all of the complaints fans are having going into this (in my opinion) are justified.

    • Eh the stuff with turtles doesn’t even look great.

      The designs of the turtles are ugly and from what we see of Splinter he seems like a dumb and potentially offensive design and the action seems highly generic and not really what people want to see in a TMNT movie.

  7. Why is Megan Fox in this? I though she and Michael Bay had a lot of problems during the Transformer movies. That’s why he ousted her.

    • Actually, it was Steven Spielberg and Megan Fox who had issues. Steven was a producer of the movie ( I think he still is? ) and he got mad at Megan for something. So he got her kicked off.

      • The gist is that multiple people took issue with Megan and her Nazi comments were what made Steve go “This girl isn’t professional, I’d had enough.” Keep in mind he’s Jewish. Would have pissed me off, too. Sure, Megan probably just meant that Bay pushes people really hard — and he does — but she could have said so in a more tactful manner. Megan is blunt, though. That’s just who she is.

        Megan is decent for what she does. I’m sure if she was given a real role, she wouldn’t do that badly. I honestly prefer someomne who “underacts” as opposed to “overacts”. There were parts in Transformers 2 — shut up, it had its moments — were she had me sold despite the crappy dialogue. Especially the exchange between her and Sam when the Matrix literally disintegrates into dust. Other people thought it was corny, I thought it really showed just how desperate the situation was and how stubborn Sam is.

        Other people would have just gone “Well, we’re screwed.”

        Sam is so f*cking stubborn it’d be considered crazy by most. In fact, it was. It’s like Excalibur shattering into a billion little pieces and still carrying it around with you. In a f*cking sock when logic suggests that you are absolutely screwed.

        That’s not giving up defined.

        • I like how Splinter sounds in the older movies better, I always considered him my Sensei as a little kid, but this movie looks like it’s taking the more sci-fi comic book angle this time around. The turtles each have their own design and nuances. Thus far, the action in this just looks fun.

          Leo zipping past a truck with his katanas…come on. That’s pretty bad-ass.

          Rocket skateboard? Yes, yes, yes! NES nostalgia, Turtles Arcade.

          Raph looks absolutely boss. I wouldn’t even look in his direction. They’re probably not even done the CG yet. This could be much, much worse.

          As for the whole photoshop “fixed” version of the turtles, I hated it. This is a step in the right direction. I still prefer live-action animatronics, but I think being able to tell the difference between animatronic and CG would be distracting. At least this is consistent.

          Credit where credit is due; Bay nails blockbuster action. He’s a good producer, even if he’s half and half as a director.

    • Yes, there was a problem between her and Bay…
      However, this movie is NOT directed by ‘Hitler’ Bay, so I guess Megan is off the hook

      • Fox called Bay “Hitler”, but Spielberg was the one who got (most) offended by that and got her kicked off Transformers 3.

    • Its was actually Steven Spielberg who kicked her out. There were reports of “creative issues” between the two of them and lead to her being canned. There were some issues with her and Bay but I assume it wasn’t anything big considering she sought her out for this movie. On a side note, this is like MOS and Nolan. Bay isn’t directing but is consulting much like how Nolan was with MOS. From all indications this is Jonathan Liebesman’s vision with some inputs from Bay.

    • I needed someone with a pretty face with zero talent and no regards to source material to destroy your childhood memories with me…

      Like it or now, Megan Fox and I have a lot in common.

  8. “it also revealed character designs that weren’t the complete disaster that many predicted we could get.”

    Are we watching the same things here? When Michelangelo takes off his mask, I threw up a little. I was/am a HUGE turtles fan. I grew up in the heyday and had a LOT of the toys. This, this I will NOT be seeing. I won`t even see it on home video. They will get 0$ from me. I know it isn`t much, but it is all I can do as a viewer. When enough people stop going to see these turds, they will stop making them.

    • I didn’t throw up like you did, but just by that scene I instantly knew I would never watch this…

      I’ll stick with my weekly (though having to endure its very bad and uncertain schedule) Nickelodeon’s series until they decided to make a movie version out of that.

      • Gotcha.

        In all seriousness, though, it’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction, so I won’t complain much. The photoshop “fix” I saw was just freaking silly.

        There’s a painting of the turtles and splinter in a forest, and the turtles actually have full-on beaks and stuff. If I find it sometime, I’ll link it, but I think THAT’S how the Turtles should look.

        Will never happen, though, because they’d lose too many potential viewers.

      • The new(ish) Nick show is one of the best remakes I’ve seen!

    • I have a hard time believing you’re a “HUGE” turtles fan if you’re not willing to give the movie even a very minimal chance to view all because Mikey has nostrils that could for that frame make him resemble Shrek. I’m a HUGE fan of the Jurassic Park series, and even if they made the fourth installment with dinos that could talk, covered in feathers and casted the worst actors with a pretty crappy storyline, I’d still see it (whether in theaters or on DVD) because I still support the series even if I end up not liking it.

      I just doesn’t add up to say you’re a die hard fan and then not see a movie because of one or two flaws…especially when all you’ve seen is one teaser and a tv spot. I can guarantee from this point on, you’ll end up seeing it cause something will end up changing your mind. Hell, you should at least be grateful they’re still making TMNT movies being how old the characters have been around and how long it’s been since a live action movie was made. Better them making it then let it be cool when it was and die off never to be see again….(ex. Street Sharks!)

      • How does disliking the current iteration of the turtles prevent me from being a huge fan? I love the Transformers cartoon and hated the films. I stopped watching after the first one. This movie is a cash grab and a “Reboot”. If I miss this, it has zero effect on the past forms that I do indeed love dearly. It is NOT connected to anything, and does not further the already established universe. Jurassic park 4 is and does. Your argument is invalid. unlike you, I only support those things that I believe have merit, instead of just bowing to peer pressure or seeing something because a name is slapped on it.

        There are more than a couple flaws in my opinion.
        I don`t like the look. It has been troubled from the start with plot details. Megan Fox(While attractive)can`t act her way out of a paper bag. Col. Schraeder? Michael Bay is connected to it(BIG FLAW). The trailer looks like another style over substance, people will see it because it is a famous name, heartless, crapfest. I don`t like the origin changes. and I could go on…

        If I am wrong, and this becomes the defining form of the turtles, I will eat my words and sit down with the Blu-ray, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that will happen. I am happy watching the old versions and reading the comics when I feel like a turtle fix. BTW, I have never seen TMNT III because Secret of the ooze was so bad.

        • Okey dokey if you say so

        • @silverfall u say this new tmnt movie isn’t connected to anything in the established universe, but i don’t think u realize that none of the other series of turtles r part of the “same” universe. if u watched turtles forever, u’d understand what i’m talkin’ about. all of the different turtles series r branched off turtles prime (the original comics). that means there r several different variations of the turtles, characters, situations, timelines, etc. not only that, but we haven’t even seen their origin yet for this movie. just cuz shredder talked about creatin’ heroes, doesn’t actually mean he created the turtles as they r in this.

    • Laughs. Yeah, that one scene ruined it for me as well. I thought I was the only one actually until I read your comments and others sharing the same view. I, on the other hand, cannot avoid this as some of my nephews grew up with anything Ninja Turtle. They are grown men in their mid 20′s now but they are as giddy as when they were kids.

  9. Already tired of looking at Megans botoxed face.

  10. Absolute failure!

  11. Thats Master Splinter to you.

    • Evidence please?

    • Good call. I can see that happening!

    • Saying that isn’t far fetched. Splinter is Karai’s father in the new Nick series. Who’s to say April couldn’t wind up being Splinter’s daughter in this movie?

  12. At this point they might as well give him dreadlocks and call him “Woodchip” since everything else about the move is different. Give him a Rastafarian voice and he can make “special” brownies for the “lab created heroes”

    Still looks interesting though! Ill just wait for DVD

  13. bad ass

  14. Still looks like total crap. Nothing will make me want to see this.
    Fox as April is a terrible choice.
    To be honest, out of the recent remakes/reboots, the 2012 movie TMNT and the new Nick show are the best ones I’ve seen. Also my favorite version of Splinter is from the 2012 movie.

    • Did I sleep through 2012? What 2012 TMNT movie?

      • Sorry! Meant 2007…the Nick show came out in 2012. Must have mixed that up!

  15. Wow that is truly cool and i enjoy it and megan fox is truly amazing as april o,neil and splinter is truly cool and amazing as well and it is bas as as well and truly great .

  16. Bottom line is that the TMNT fans that are on here hating will be in the back of the theater secretly enjoying the movie while quietly cheering for the turtles. Then they will be back on here with the usual badmouthing so the secret doesn’t get out that they actually liked the film.

  17. “The first TMNT teaser trailer revealed a modernized (and Americanized)”

    Wanna tell me exactly how they “Americanized” an American designed character? XD I just can’t help but think that this sounds like an almost dig at Americans somehow but comes across so cheap because they were already an American’s creation.