‘TMNT’ Reboot’s Working Title Is ‘Ninja Turtles’

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teenage mutant ninja turtles reboot working title TMNT Reboots Working Title Is Ninja Turtles

It’s been a crazy week for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action franchise reboot, to say the least. Buzz surrounding the project went from being somewhat cautiously optimistic-to-positive-to being downright hostile, all thanks to producer Michael Bay’s revelation about how the Turtles are now going to be straight-up aliens, and his subsequent (condescending?) response to the backlash his comments incited.

Unfortunately, there’s more fuel to add to the fire today, as it has been discovered that the TMNT reboot is going under the working title Ninja Turtles – suggesting that the the eponymous masked warriors are not only going to be purely from another planet/dimension, but will also be missing their trademark adolescent qualities.

Bleeding Cool has “verified” that Ninja Turtles is indeed the project’s tentative title. The site also says that their sources are “not 100%” clear as to whether or not the Turtles are indeed no longer going to be teenagers (at least by extraterrestrial standards) in the TMNT reboot.

The logic behind dropping the “Teenager” aspect of TMNT, in combination with the new alien backstory, would presumably be so that it will tone down the more ridiculous (and somewhat dated) aspects of the property, resulting in more modernized variations on those comic book characters that will better fly with contemporary audiences. Hence, elements like an origin story involving radioactive ooze – and the Turtles’ “immature” behavior – have to go.

An obvious rebuttal to that idea is to point out that all of those preposterous elements working together in harmony is what ultimately endeared the TMNT series to so many people in the first place. Thus, throwing out a good chunk of the original franchise mythology will just ward off longtime fans, while not helping to convince newcomers to give this reboot a look.

tmnt 2011 TMNT Reboots Working Title Is Ninja Turtles

Here is what Bleeding Cool has said, with regards to the motivation behind the title change to just Ninja Turtles:

It seems to be driven by marketing. Think of ‘John Carter’ and how Disney wouldn’t allow for a title with either “Princess” or “Mars”.

There’s a good argument to be made that John Carter ultimately suffered at the box office in part due to said title restrictions, as they failed to help either appease longtime fans and/or pique the interest of moviegoing masses in general. Of course, Ninja Turtles is somewhat of a different situation, seeing how that title remains… well, unique enough to give moviegoers an immediate impression as to whether or not it’s the sort of movie up their alley.

Of course we’re still a long ways away from the Christmas 2013 theatrical release date for Ninja Turtles (or whatever it ends up being titled) and there’s surely much more information yet to be revealed about the project. For that reason, we’ll refrain from saying whether this sounds like a brilliant franchise revamping – or a disaster in the making.


Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. we all have to grow up
    sometime you know,so why
    not make them adults and
    give them responsibilities
    but please keep their humor
    intact especially about eating
    pizza:)that was disney’s own
    fault about john carter …..
    some things or books should be
    left alone…………………

  2. This doesn’t really bother me as much as them being aliens. Mainly because I never really thought of them as Teenagers when I watched the cartoons & movies. It may because I was a little kid back then, so I didn’t really identify with what being a teenager was like. But looking back, and re-watching TMNT(2007) about a week ago, they always come off to me as young adults, maybe in their early twenties.

    • Completely agree.
      I’ve always referred to them as “the Ninja Turtles”, so the title isn’t an issue at all IMO.
      The one and only issue is still the whole alien thing.. *Sigh*

  3. To early to tell but not a fan so far!

  4. Hell why even make them turtles? Create a brand new franchise about extraterrestrial geriatric ninjas, but just leave the turtles alone you hack. NT was my favorite childhood cartoon and now it’s gonna go the way of transformers :(

    • edit* TMNT

    • They can’t even really be ninja’s either, since a ninja originates from earth… ;)
      So yeah, the only part that could still have held some ground is “teenage”.
      But still, like I’ve said, the title change isn’t even an issue in my book… compared to the drastic origin change.

    • Because it’s easier to attach a mediocre idea to something that already exists to sell it to studios and audiences. The fact that they are claiming they are trying to take out the dated ideas from the original is funny, since all Bay did with Transformers is put in blatant commercial product placement and stereotypes that won’t age much better then the original Ninja Turtles….

      • That was my exact thoughts when I read the article.

    • You mean like Battle Toads?

      • Yeah I posted about Battle Toads a few post down. Don’t mention it too much or we will give Bay an idea for a sequel….

  5. Ninjia Tutrles, is Michael Bay serious?

    The worst title ever.

    What would Bay call a Call Of Duty movie if he ever produced or directed one? War Of Duty.

    Agree with the writer of the article, this will be a disater in the making just like John Carter.

    First of all, here’s a list why it flop:

    Unknown main leader actors (Taylor Kitsch.

    Bad markerting (I watched a TV spot and it was so unitreseting that it was awful).

    It would had been better if the studio included the name of the director in the TV Spot.

    I believed John Carter would be this gerenation’s Battlefield Earth, I guess I was right in my opnion.

    • You may be surprised. John Carter was actually very well done, and I am definitely going to add it to my collection when it comes out on DVD. Just because a movie doesn’t make much at the box office doesn’t mean its bad. Liam Neeson’s “Taken” for instance had mediocre box office, but quickly became a cult classic.

      • medoicre box office ? Are you serious ? The production budget was $25 million, the domestic gross was 145 M and foreign 81, so worldwide 226 millions

      • I saw John Carter the other night and loved it!
        Ok, it was disney, so Deja Thoras was over dressed, :-)

        but I’ll be getting it on BluRay!

        I still think it’s too early to tell about TMNT yet.

    • having a unkown main actor does not make the movie to flop. thats a silly thing to say.

      Ninja Turtles is not a silly title since sometimes they are just called Ninja Turtles.

  6. I’ll say it for ya Sandy,
    Disaster In The Making.
    Starting with Platnium Dune and how they have butchered every remake/reboot they have touched I have almost zero faith in this project.
    I won’t even bother ranting about Bay. Just enter almost all of the negative talk & reviews of his films in this space and I’ll probably agree.

    • Give it up it’s going to be made regardless. A petition can not stop any movie being made which is protected under the first amendment and not enough people care as much as you do to sign anyways. Trust me I know this I remember the whole racebending propaganda for The Last Airbender and it looked like they where massive large groups at conventions and everything, but The Last Airbender was made regardless, and was a box office Success despite being horrible. Even if you get a few signatures you’re out numbered by the general public, whom doesn’t hold so fast to tradition and rejects change, and they will see it.

  7. Dropping the “Teenage Mutant” out of the name isn’t surprising at all,anyway aren’t they aliens now *smh*

    • Also, speaking to the pop culture situation, a lot of what was “cool” in the show was based on what was cool back then, i.e. surfing etc. It’s possible they could change that as well. For instance, the difference between Tobey’s Peter Parker and Andrew’s is stark, due to how an outcast is viewed by today’s society versus the 60′s/70′s. However, it (seems to) still remains true to what endeared so many young people to Parker in the first place.

      • remain*

        • *’60s

        • *;however,

        • hehe just teasing.

  8. I swear to god if they don’t put in anything involving pizza, and Mikey cracking a joke to make Ralph mad my childhood will die the most painful death

  9. Ninja Turtles also sounds like a bad name…Why dont they just call it Turtles so we can die already

    • Exactly.

    • Oh man it just hit me, this is Battle Toads. How did I forget that “homage” to Ninja Turtles….

      • That was a great game

  10. Next Update: They aren’t Ninjas but, Samurais
    Following Update: They are now Alligators b/c Mike Bay things gators are cooler then turtles. Tells fans to get over it…

    Young-Adult Alien Samurai Alligators…still calls the movie Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  11. The slippery slope continues.

    If he wanted talking animals from another planet si bad he should have done Biker Micr from Mars. That almost has Bay’s name all over it.

  12. After this post I will do everything in my power to completely block out the idea that this is happening. Michael Bay has stomach hands, everything he touches turns to sh**!

    -Experiment in Artificial Stupidity maybe?

  13. When i read Micheal bay was involved i thought it was awesome…. until i read how he wanted to make them aliens…. I mean come on thats just messed up. its taking the history and greatness of tmnt (not the recent animated movie) and just crapping on it. what next? is master splinter going to be replaced by jackie chan? Why would you mess with a perfectly good story? Hollywood is so stupid

    • Well, if you were excited about Bay being involved… then you obviously didn’t know Michael Bay that well ;)

  14. I am not happy about them being aliens. They are not aliens. They are earth pet turtles. If the radioactive ooze is from aliens that’s fine. In the comics the ooze comes from an alien race.

  15. TMNT was the full name of the last theatrical effort. That was like 4 or 5 years ago… People can’t remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know I don’t. I was only 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and 11 when they were on tv and Nintendo and tshirts and lunchboxes and toy store shelves and birthday cakes and napkins and plates and sneakers and drinkboxes and cereal boxes.

  16. Just another hollywood cash grab. They want the $$$ inherent with a franchise, but think they’re know so much better than the creators that they can make more money.

    This poetic license bullSh!t is their only justification for taking someones ideas and crapping all over it in order to make a reboot valid. “It’s not the same as the original, we made it much worse to separate it from the original”.

    TMNT that aren’t teenagers, or mutant, next question…are they ninjas, obviously there’s not going to be a splinter, so they’ll probably drop the “ninja” aspect and make it space warriors, and then marketing will step in and say “turtles are really hot right now, you know what’s in, puppies” and then there you have it!

    Stay tuned for next years premier of adult alien space warrior puppies!
    In the words of Kenny Powers, Hollywood, “you’re effin out!”

  17. I’m not even gonna bother with this reboot. They are changing way too much of what make these characters memorable. I’ll stick with the original its a classic and the best of the live action series.

  18. He’s a hack

  19. Sounds like Michael Bay wants to turn it into power rangers.

  20. If they bring in Bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder and Krang… I will watch it. If they create some new villian from scratch…. I will not.

    • I’m looking at YOU Max Winters

  21. @Sandy

    calling Ninja Turtles is not a bad idea since sometime they are just called Ninja Turtles. also the Ninja Turtles dont behave like Teens anyway so dropping the title is not bad.

    remember one time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon was called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe. they dropped word Ninja cause for a kid cartoon they felt it linked to violence

  22. I’m calling it now. This is going to be one most pirated movies of all time. The people complaining may not want to shell out – pun intended – the money to see it, but they’ll will never convince me that they don’t want to see it, if only to see if the film ended up being the train they thought it would.

    • *train wreck

  23. I don’t think renaming it ‘Ninja Turtles’ will alienate the hardcore fans too much.

    Like many i don’t see how the aliens angle will work. Call it simplistic thinking – but it’s hard to convince they come from another planet when they look like / or are ‘turtles’

    I think the ‘ secret ooze’ origin from the 1991 sequel works a lot better.

  24. So if they’re aliens and I’m assuming have some kind of more advanced technology then us, why do they learn ninjutsu?

    • If they’re aliens, how can they be mutant turtles?
      If they’re aliens, why, where and when do they learn the martial arts?
      If the turtles are aliens, what does that make Splinter?
      The answer to all these questions (and many more) is:
      Cause Michael Bay and his writers are idiots ;)