‘TMNT’ Reboot’s Working Title Is ‘Ninja Turtles’

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teenage mutant ninja turtles reboot working title TMNT Reboots Working Title Is Ninja Turtles

It’s been a crazy week for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action franchise reboot, to say the least. Buzz surrounding the project went from being somewhat cautiously optimistic-to-positive-to being downright hostile, all thanks to producer Michael Bay’s revelation about how the Turtles are now going to be straight-up aliens, and his subsequent (condescending?) response to the backlash his comments incited.

Unfortunately, there’s more fuel to add to the fire today, as it has been discovered that the TMNT reboot is going under the working title Ninja Turtles – suggesting that the the eponymous masked warriors are not only going to be purely from another planet/dimension, but will also be missing their trademark adolescent qualities.

Bleeding Cool has “verified” that Ninja Turtles is indeed the project’s tentative title. The site also says that their sources are “not 100%” clear as to whether or not the Turtles are indeed no longer going to be teenagers (at least by extraterrestrial standards) in the TMNT reboot.

The logic behind dropping the “Teenager” aspect of TMNT, in combination with the new alien backstory, would presumably be so that it will tone down the more ridiculous (and somewhat dated) aspects of the property, resulting in more modernized variations on those comic book characters that will better fly with contemporary audiences. Hence, elements like an origin story involving radioactive ooze – and the Turtles’ “immature” behavior – have to go.

An obvious rebuttal to that idea is to point out that all of those preposterous elements working together in harmony is what ultimately endeared the TMNT series to so many people in the first place. Thus, throwing out a good chunk of the original franchise mythology will just ward off longtime fans, while not helping to convince newcomers to give this reboot a look.

tmnt 2011 TMNT Reboots Working Title Is Ninja Turtles

Here is what Bleeding Cool has said, with regards to the motivation behind the title change to just Ninja Turtles:

It seems to be driven by marketing. Think of ‘John Carter’ and how Disney wouldn’t allow for a title with either “Princess” or “Mars”.

There’s a good argument to be made that John Carter ultimately suffered at the box office in part due to said title restrictions, as they failed to help either appease longtime fans and/or pique the interest of moviegoing masses in general. Of course, Ninja Turtles is somewhat of a different situation, seeing how that title remains… well, unique enough to give moviegoers an immediate impression as to whether or not it’s the sort of movie up their alley.

Of course we’re still a long ways away from the Christmas 2013 theatrical release date for Ninja Turtles (or whatever it ends up being titled) and there’s surely much more information yet to be revealed about the project. For that reason, we’ll refrain from saying whether this sounds like a brilliant franchise revamping – or a disaster in the making.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Don’t try thinking this thing through, Bay hasn’t.

  2. Given all that has been revealed thus far, they should drop the “Ninja Turtle” part as well. Anythiñg that will further remove this crapfest from the source material they are ignoring anyway.

    • You’re right. Actually shouldn’t it just be ‘Aliens’?

      Lets go through this.

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

      Now, they are no longer (apparently) Teenagers, so that goes, so now er have Mutant Ninja Turtles, so thats fine, i guess.

      They aren’t mutants anymore, they’re aliens, so now its Alien Ninja Turtles.. okay…

      But.. Are they ninja? I don’t know, i haven’t seen much about that, but if they are aliens, and not mutants, then is splinter an alien too? an alien ‘rat’? or.. do they find another ancient ninja master? Maybe they aren’t ninja at all, they are just action fighters?

      So now we have Alien Action Fighter Turtles?

      BUT WAIT, they aren’t turtles either.. we have already established that they are, in fact, aliens. So the title is either A) Alien Aliens. OR B) Alien Action Fighter Aliens..

      WOW, this sounds like a GREAT MOVIE..

      I’m done, i’m deleting my whole memory of this abomination. In fact, i’m going to make sure no one i know ever watches this, and anyone they know wont either. And on top of that, if someone REALLY wants to watch the movie, i’ll help them pirate it instead of seeing it theaters, so this thing will make as little money as possible and maybe Bay will be fired from a cannon into the sun as punishment.

      We can only hope.

      • Comment of the day.

  3. Some of these comments are so damn mindless… Does anyone even care that Michael Bay’s team is working closely with one of the creators of the TMNT and that these are some of his own ideas? I swear people just talk crap to talk crap. I love how some people are also trying to use other movies as examples as failures when they didn’t see the movies they are comparing… brilliant!

    Also you people that would spend even 1 min of your lives boycotting a comic book film adaption are absolutely ridiculous. Leaving comments on a random site is one thing. Making your mind up more then a year and half before a movie comes out that you’re not going to see it is a stretch but to actually boycott it, wow. The world is going to hell in a hand basket around you and this is what you invest your damn time in?

    • LOL I agree completely with that statement. if people boycotting mindless things actually utilized it for causes that mattered, perhaps the world wouldnt be as big of a s*** hole.

    • The fact that one of the TMNT creators is working on this project doesn’t really mean anything. Both of them have shown on multiple occasions that they have no problem completely mutilating their original creations in order to sleep on pillows of cash money.

      But I do agree that it’s not worth getting too worked up over. At this point, nothing Hollywood does to beloved franchises of yesteryear surprises me anymore. I won’t boycott or protest it– I simply won’t see it.

      • Correct. When it compromise, money talks…..”Hey Mr. scraping by former co-creator of the TMNT, how would you like to become a millionaire several times over as long as we can say you are helping out?” *poof* done.

      • From what I have read Laird sold the right to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Nickelodeon in 2009, so any work he is doing is just for another check. Didn’t him and Eastman have a falling out years ago themselves? As much fun as it is to pile onto Bay the original television shows and movies did have a sell-out factor, so they creators don’t have clean hands anyway. If and when this gets made at least they can do another tie-in with a pizza chain and endless other products.

  4. Michael Bay is the perfect director to destroy yet another wonderful childhood memory. So…NOT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but rather Ninja Turtles because they’re from outer space? FU Mike, FU very much…

  5. This keeps getting worse and worse

  6. why does every director feel the need to update the crap out of everything and make it grittier. Its always been Teenage Mutant ninja turtles and needs to stay that way.

    Whats next, Blade sparkling like edward to appeal to the teenage girl crowd.

  7. But are they really turtles? Or tortoises? Or terrapins? Oh, so many questions to ponder…!

  8. Bay……

    • Kudos to you sir for the choice of Hyman Roth. Original Gangster.

      Personally im more an Alejandro Sosa from Scareface man myself lol. Pimpin had the helicopter pad at the crib in case somebody turned snitch.

      • Oh and I completely agree with your post on subject. Although I would add a deep ominous tone to help further get your point across.

  9. Just call it LAME!! cuz thats what its gonna be…… you suck BAYBAY!!!

  10. Everything Michael Bay touches turns to suck.

    Megan Fox will probably show up as April O’Neil. Shia LeBoeuf will probably show up as Casey Jones.

    And that’s when angry fans worldwide will burn Bay’s house down.

  11. Go, ninja, go, ninja go!


  12. No, what he’s going to do is make the Turtles talk in that ridiculous stereotypical slang, like those racist robots in Transformers 2.

  13. Screw the rules, he has money.

  14. here’s how i think it’s going to go down, this is my optimistic outlook, same origin as the original turtles only instead of being mutants, they get shot down to earth from space all superman style and land somewhere they can somehow end up in the new york sewers ( i’m making this up as i go people) i have no idea how splinter will work but the growing up to be ninja’s will be the same cause they’re raised by splinter in the sewers, then they have to fight shredder (the 2003 cartoon versionish one) who has come to earth to hunt the turtles down cause he hates they’re kind or something more explained and acceptable than that, they’re personalities stay the same only updated to fit with modern audiences and nijitsu and explosions ensue… or i’m wrong, i don’t know, i’m just spit balling here

    • That makes me think of I Am Number 4. Which is also a terrible movie…

  15. or it could be the first transformers movie scene for scene except replacing the decepticons with the foot clan and the autobots with the turtles

  16. Bay rapes another franchise…

  17. Now, I’m not saying this is gonna be good, or that anybody involved has even an ounce of talent, but I think everybody’s jumping to the conclusion that they’re going to be aliens. The exact words Bay used is “they COME from aliens”, which the director reiterated in an interview last week that yeah, they actually do. In the original Laird version the TCRI canister does come from aliens. But nobody has yet to actually say, turtles=aliens. So can’t we just wait till they’ve actually written the script and it leaks online before we start ripping apart detailed plot points they haven’t even really developed yet?

  18. Wait… Where does it say they won’t be teenagers. Seriously, Bay never said that…

    In case y’all forget, the series is called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The “Mutant” part goes between the Teenage Part and the Ninja part. I.e, if they drop the mutant aspect, it’d just be “Teenage Ninja Turtles”, or, worse, “Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles.”

    Makes sense to just drop both words from the front instead of just the “Mutant” part. And I mean, most people just refer to them shorthand as “Ninja Turtles” anyway, and the movie DOES have to distinguish itself from the original. Personally, I prefer the title “Ninja Turtles” to “TMNT”.

  19. Hey…if he hurries, they can do a cameo in the next TransFakers movie…

  20. Someone needs to keep Michael Bay and Brett Ratner from Movies period. Film fans have suffered enough, just give everything to Nolan and Scorcese please!

    • While I won’t go as far as to say give everything to Marty & Nolan I can support the notion of never having a film directed or produced by Bay and Ratner again.

  21. why is everyone focusing so much on this? even if the story was 100% faithful, it will still suck because Michael Bay is involved and it’s by the director of Battle LA. This movie has no hope regardless.

  22. There’s a TROLL in the dungeon!!!

  23. This sounds like a disaster but only time will tell. Maybe we should let Michael Bay produce the next Superman movie only Clark Kent gets his superhuman powers from radioactive waste this time!