Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes To Produce TMNT Reboot

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot Michael Bay Platinum Dunes Michael Bays Platinum Dunes To Produce TMNT Reboot

Last October we reported the news that Nickelodeon, a division of Viacom, had paid a reported $60 million for the rights to the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. This meant that we’d be getting not only a new live-action TMNT movie (coming in 2012), but also a new CG-animation TV series.

With the movie being a supposed reboot of the film franchise (first started in 1990), it seems that co-producers Paramount and Nickelodeon have brought on a company that’s made its name by producing reboots of known properties: Platinum Dunes.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the company co-owned by one Michael Bay. I know, I know – I can hear you groaning from miles away! icon razz Michael Bays Platinum Dunes To Produce TMNT Reboot

Deadline is reporting the news that Paramount and Nickelodeon have brought on Bay and his Platinum Dunes partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form to co-produce the live-action TMNT reboot. All producers will begin meeting with potential writers in the coming weeks and I assume the same thing will happen to select a director once they’ve chosen a writer.

It’s not much of a surprise that Bay and his company are producing this new version of the Turtles. Right around the time Viacom purchased the rights to TMNT, Paramount struck a first-look deal with Bay and Fuller, who are making genre pictures through Platinum but are also looking to expand the venture. I’d say with the TMNT reboot they’ve definitely done that.

paramount movie slasher logo Michael Bays Platinum Dunes To Produce TMNT Reboot

Looking back on Platinum Dunes’ history of rebooting known series (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and most recently A Nightmare on Elm Street), I can’t necessarily say it’s good news for those hoping for a Turtles reboot that’s, you know… good.

All Platinum Dunes has really done since its creation in 2001 is take old (usually horror) properties, remodel them and package them in shiny 21st century fiberglass, not once coming close to matching the enjoyment of the originals. The only thing that stops this from being completely bad news is the fact that the original live-action TMNT movies, although fun, certainly weren’t classics of any sort. I can only hope this reboot gets treated right and we get the badass Ninja Turtles most of us have been yearning for.

What do you think of this news – good or bad for Turtles fans?

As far as we know the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will hit theaters sometime in 2012.

Source: Deadline and infernoman64 (for TMNT header image)

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  1. where is that TMNT Art from on this article? this looks badass and i want a movie like that!!!!!

    • That art is from a preview for the Dreamwave comic.

  2. Yup, me too :-)

  3. This movie will be as bad-ass as a “pg” rating will allow. They will NOT go higher than PG for this film. Even though I would love it they can’t risk alienating 73.8%* of their (Nick) audience.

    *Actual percentage may vary. No polling, surveying, or any research was done to come to this percentage. It is a total guess, plain and simple. :)

    • Why wouldn’t they go PG-13? Paramount made Transformers PG-13 and that was a hugh success.

    • Although you maybe right about how they wont go any higher than PG as i recall all the previous once were PG. I dont know why this site says that the previous movies weren’t classics i know they are and i think they all kicked-ass. in the first one they fought at april’s apartment, fought in the sewer, and especially when they fought shredder that was hella bad ass. i don’t need to go anymore detail for the other ones but i thought they were all sick wid it. All PG ratings baby. so i know this up coming film will be great. cause i think Micheal Bay and his company knows whats up i just hope nick does too.

  4. co-owned by one Michael Bay. I know, I know – I can hear you groaning from miles away!

    Oh please, get your head out of your ass and ask the people on the street what they think about his movies. People like you spend wayyy too much time on the internet and in case you haven’t noticed, the internet has nothing to do with the real world. I know you pathetic bloggers like to trash big and successful names, but next time try to take it easy.

    Mmmkay smartass?

    • Yes, there’s smartass… then there’s kissass.

      Just because there are enough sheep flocking to the crap doesn’t mean that it smells like roses. Take Twilight, for example. And Transformers. And Nightmare, Chainsaw, and Friday the 13th! All utter crap compared to any and all original source. Well, Twilight started as crap as books, defiling the lore of vampirism, but I digress. In any case, THAT’S what the people on the street with any knowledge about films feel. People like you, well, you just pathetically cling to pop culture as if it is going out of style, hoping to find something of substance in all that costume bling.

    • I actually can’t tell if you are joking or not? If not, you should take your own advice and “try to take it easy.”

      • I was actually thinking if you asked the “average” person on the street about Michael Bay, they’d say “who?”

    • “Big and successful names?” So, who are Bay’s peers in the movie-directing world?

    • It’s not such a big deal that Michael Bay is behind this. He’s not a talentless director; Transformers 1 was fine. And another director might end up in charge of the project, like what happened with A Nightmare on Elm Street.

  5. Give me TMNT!!! I am a huge fan of the heroes in a half shell. I can’t wait for this. The 3D animation that came out was pretty cool. Loved the battle between Rapheal and Leonardo, that was a tight fight scene. The actual live movie the first one was cool for its time but a full reboot with todays technology and fx it is going to be bad ass, well like INK type “as bad-ass as a “pg” rating will allow”. This film can still be successful. The Turtles are not assassins, even though that is what their name implies but they have honor and fight to protect and defend. So it should still work with an impressive story, director, and actors.

  6. Just so long as a good director comes along to save this film from Bay’s so called “Vision” then I’ll be fine.

    The TMNT needs a good reboot. I love the first movie cuz it had violence and humor cramped into a PG rating, but felt PG-13. I just hope they deliver that in this reboot and bring the SHREDDER!!!!

  7. The fist TMNT movie was great largely because it touched upon some serious subjects. I hope that take it in that direction but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    TMNT games/movies/TV Shows have long forgotten the source material (the “dark”/serious comic books) and with Micahel Bay’s company handling it, I just would not expect them to take a risk and make a great movie with serious tones. I’m sure they’ll go for the bigger box office, which means a PG/PG-13 crap fest with the tween audience in mind.

  8. I’ve been waitin for this with today’s technology it should kickass as long as they stay true to the origanal story COWABUNGA DUDES ^_^

  9. I could so see Bay trying to pull off Krang in a huge robot (which isn’t far off from what Bay does now) and the Technodrome!!!

    • RadaMuz that makes no sense. You basically saying that we should accept all of this crap that hollywood produces??? You are talking absolute nonsense. Part of our frustration comes from KNOWING how good these movie franchises could be. So instead of wanting or pushing for excellence. we should settle for this substandard product. Ok man. Good luck in life.

  10. I couldnt agree more RaDaMuZ

  11. PG 13, please for the love of Christ!! Anything less would be pointless. If kids these days want to see a movie bad enough they will kick and scream till their parents give in anyway. There are so many little kids that deliver the dark knight joker lines,”why so serious?” and watch the movie repeatedly, and it was quite dark and violent. I think the REAL turtles fans deserve what they’ve been waiting for since the first Jim Henson film. I swear to GOD if this movie sucks in any way shape or form I will personally hunt down Michael Bay and slap him in the face until my hand goes numb.

  12. I would have to agree with THE TRUTH i mean come on if u think about not much little kids know the classic tmnt like older generations do for example my little brothers friends came over for a sleep over and they saw all my tmnt collectibles !(1984-89) toys and they said this who are the tmnt. so the heck with the rating make a glorious movie i say. and forget the rating if people say there real tmnt fans then will all like it

  13. dude i just want a TMNT movie that follows the comics that were made before they ruined it and turned it into a kid show they used to be Dark Knigth level violent before hollywood made them for kids so please i want a PG-13 violent Dark Knigth like TMNT movie.

  14. I guess it would be awesome to get the R rating in this day in age, R rating is like NC17 in the 90′s,, but lets face it, as long as Toys R Us plans to carry millions of crappy China made toys threw out the store months before the opening night of the movie, it will have to be PG13…The good news is PG13 NOW is like R in the 90s, so it can’t be that bad!!!

    #1 TMNT FAN!!!!!!!

  15. hello wel i just want to say that i like the TMNT MOVIES AND I HOPE THEY GONNA MAKE SOME OUT AND THE GAMES OF IT AS WEL MORE ON PS3?

  16. Why can michael bay and platinum dunes make original crappy movies? They have to take good ideas and make them terrible.

  17. *can’t