‘Iron Man’ Writers To Pen TMNT Reboot

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We first heard word that we’d be getting a new film version – as well as a new CGI animated cartoon series – of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last October when Nickelodeon bought all the rights to the franchise. Back in May, it was announced that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes had come aboard to co-produce the TMNT reboot along with Nickelodeon and Paramount.

Since the project was being fast-tracked it was clear that the announcement of a director and a writer would soon follow. Fast-forward a few months and Deadline is reporting that Paramount has hired writing duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway to pen the TMNT reboot.

You may not know their names and they haven’t done a ton of stuff, but Marcum and Holloway were two of four people who co-wrote a certain little superhero movie called Iron Man (you may have heard of it). They also co-wrote Punisher: War Zone, the reboot/sequel starring Ray Stevenson, and they have just written another reboot in the form of Highlander (and here’s me thinking “there can be only one”).

The duo may not be the most experienced writers in the world, but at least they’ve worked on some pretty big stuff, making them at least suited (if not exactly perfect) for reinventing the Ninja Turtles for the big-screen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway Iron Man Punisher Highlander Iron Man Writers To Pen TMNT Reboot

TMNT writers Marcum and Holloway’s experience: Iron Man, Punisher: War Zone and Highlander reboot

The key word here is “reboot” as Marcum and Holloway have been paid, close to $1 million to reimagine a new release of the live action feature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Paramount is fast-tracking things indeed, as the studio wants a first draft from the duo by this October so that they can start looking for directors to get the film made in plenty of time for its aimed 2012 release.

I’m glad that they’re trying to reinvent the TMNT film franchise since the movies in the ’90s (as well the 2007 animated movie) were more kids movies than anything else – I enjoyed the hell out of them when I was at that age, but now so much now. Will this live-action reboot veer closer to the darker and more violent original comics by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird? I, for one, certainly hope so.

Let’s have less “Kowabunga, dude!” and more cool Ninja Turtles just kicking ass and taking names.

You can expect the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot sometime in 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. The live action film was great, loved that as a kid, have it on DVD, the sequel isnt too bad either but the third was a film too many.

    • Exactly. Still love the first one. Still love the second too… but… I never understood why they made up Tokka and Razar* instead of just using Bebop and Rocksteady.

      *Don’t know how they spelled their names. lol

      • From what i read before about the film, they wanted to use Bebop & Rocksteady and not have them on film as comical as they were in the animated series. It had somthing to do with rights over the Characters cause i think only one of Turtle’s Creater’s still held rights to the property and for some reason New Line were’nt allowed to use Bebop & Rocksteady and decided to create Tokka & Razar instead.

  2. Very xcited 4 this even tho I love the original

  3. I loved the original Ninja Turtles film and thought the 2nd film was great. But didn’t care much for the 3rd film despite Corey Feldman returned as the voice of Donny. I didn’t see TMNT, i heard its connected to the other films somehow but it looked too kiddy for me to wanna watch it. With this reboot, i hope they make it live-action like the first 3 films of 90′s.

  4. So I’m guessing they barely did much on the Iron Man team i mean they wrote one of the worst comic films with Punisher War zone.

    • i liked the punisher warzone movie

      • Yeah, it was alright. It is a big improvement over the other Punisher films.

        • how can you say that o.O
          Thomas Jane was awesome!

          • Yeah I can see where you are coming from. I just like they darker tone they took with the Warzone film.

            I have alway felt that the Punisher was a murdering vigilante. Where as his actions are warranted, unlike Batman or Spider-Man, it is strictly kill. No court date, no judge, and no jury. Straight execution. To all and everybody who associates with you.

            I still get a kick off him cracking that old woman’s neck in Warzone. He killed instictively and precised in that film.

            The film was flawed though, the acting was not that great. I hate when a person/hero( I am looking at you Blade:Trinity)walks in the public in streets with weapons without so much of care in the world.

    • Sad troll is sad.

  5. Good choices. I hope someone like maybe an little known director like David Gordon Green, or just an unknown all together with experience so to speak.

  6. I could see goyer doing this reboot im hyped i always wanted a diffrent version of the TMNT even as a kid i thought they were to “light” i thought part 2 was going to go a little darker but it mever did even with the return of The Shreder, i liked IM:1 i thought the Jane version of The Punisher was better then the crapfest i sat thru in WarZone so they’re one for two in my book let’s see what happens here.

    • Yea, Warzone was not that good. Jane’s Punisher is underrated in my opinion.

      • I should probably give Jane’s Punisher another look. I so hated the fact it was set in sunny Florida, though…


        • I’ve tried watching that darn movie three times, and fell asleep every time! Thomas Jane seems like an OK actor, perhaps Hensleigh’s script and direction was the problem. A director like Richard Tuggle should take a crack at it. Though flawed “Tightrope” has a lot going for it that reminds me of what the Punisher should be like in tone and intensity. That’s what it would take, I think, to draw me in…

  7. You know, I’m really hoping they make this a throw back to the original TMNT comic. Full of blood, violence and action. It would be a huge risk due to the fact that the TMNT has been marketed as a kiddy franchise for forever now. The source material is far from kid friendly but more “real” and interesting then anything that they’ve put out for years now.

    • That would be cool.

  8. Sorry, wait a minute…did you say ‘Highlander Reboot’??

  9. Highlander should not be rebooted, remade, or otherwise messed with:(

    • The original should be left alone but I would like to see Connor and Duncan return with a better script that’s consistent instead of the crapfest of Endgame and the Source.

  10. Good choice! Great choice!

  11. The CGI TMNT was a very solid movie and definitely *less* kiddie-oriented than the old live-action films (which were fun when I was a kid but probably haven’t aged that well).

    It’s a shame that they’re dumping TMNT, not least because of its great voice talent. I would’ve liked to see Kevin Munroe do a true sequel.

  12. Really? I thought the animated TMNT was horrible and I like animated films but I found it to just be awful.

  13. TMNT the animated movie wasnt too good.The original TMNT frilm from the 90s to this day is an awesome film.Its dark,gritty and surprising as close to comic we have gotten with any movie of them.The rest of the film were ridiculously toned down b/c of the violence and language(which I thought I was fine as a kid,especially if you compare it to E.T).I still think the best one is the 90s version,but who knows.This one could surpass it

    • and I meant the rest of the *films after the original movie.

  14. Would definitely love to see the original TMTN run by Eastman and LAird brought to the screen. The comics had, dare I say, a Dark Knight vibe to them.

  15. You think vanilla ice’s ninja rap will be on the sountrack?

  16. Ross, “but now so much now” what does that mean lol!?

  17. The original film in the 90′s was a classic. Here’s hoping they can get it right this time around.

  18. My sensibilities scream that that the turtles have certain fundamental things wrong with them. First, a first generation mutant shouldn’t be the size of a man. Tops these guys need to be 3-3.5′ tall. Their suppose to be ninjas that means plenty of stealth. I’m not talking hats and raincoats either. They need some help in the way of law enforcement or special government assistance too, to be effective.

  19. Vic I actually really like Tom Janes Punisher only negative in the film for me is Travolta. Travolta was awful in it and made every scene he was in very cheesy and cartoony it didn’t fit with the rest of the film.

    I didn’t mind it being in California hell wasn’t Iron Man in California in his movie? ( could be wrong)

    honestly the one thing I really hated about marvel is that apparently New York is the only city worth protecting because that’s where every one lives lol. You think the bad guys would just move to Florida or Ohio they are safe there no heroes they all live in New York. Just annoys me.

    • I have to agree with what you about Travolta. I liked the film overall, but he was just cheesy as Howard Saint.

  20. i just hope it has the dark seriouse tone than dark knight had. ohh and beebop,rock steady,and baxter stockman of course we need some interesting characters besides the turtles.

  21. I thought Travolta did well in The Punisher as the villain. Thought he was sinsister, the kind of person who thinks he couldn’t be touch and do whatever. I liked the film more than Warzone. Ray Stevenson was good and looked good for the role but in the film it was almost like he never got roughed up even a little. Even Thomas Jane went through cuts and bruises as Frank Castle, most notably after his fight with the russian and when it was over, he was pretty much out of it.

    If they plan to use Bebop & Rocksteady, i hope they’re more agressive and not like the 80′s animated versions. In the original film i loved how they had Casey Jones but wished he was aggressive as he was in the 80′s cartoon instead of being little comedic. Some people i know didn’t like how Shredder looked in the 2nd film, i liked his helmet. Made him look more evil and bada$$ in a way. Btw did anyone know that the guy who played The Russian in The Punisher 04′ also played Super Shredder?

    • Ok why is everybody talking about Punisher?

  22. Yes these guys have done some top notch name titles and TMNT is the best original story to date honestly think about it. The first film was great all over it had comedy, action, a good story, but 2 slowed down a bit cause if you do your research soccer moms back in day didn’t like TMNT to much cause the turles used weapons and were to violent ewwww so that’s why in part to the used toys and crap for weapons…..boring. The Shreddar is one of the most iconic villians in history next to Darth Vadar and Bowser so if you make The Shreddar and bad @ss then you will have a great story and a great movie period.

    • I agree good point.. Moms really tried to ruin TMNT 2, Somehow it was a decent sequel, minus, gay ass Kino, but he did has some cool moves, but it seemed to turn into powerrangers style.. almost wwf where you know they werent making any contact. Remember the actor that played Kino was in that surfer dudes ninja movie, with rob schneider LOL OMG i just rememembered.

  23. I hope they reuse the Special effects/turtles from the first and second movie…that and they should rehire the same actors to voice the turtles. Other then that i dont care if they change things up.

    • If the film is gonna be live-action which im hoping for, id be all for the idea for rehiring the same actors to voice the turtles again. Especially Corey fieldman and the actors who voiced Raphael & Mikey. I liked Fieldman and the guy who voiced Raph for sure. I liked how he kept on sayin Damn! in the original film atleast 3 times.

    • nah bro they are going with an older darker looking turtles.. Where you can actually see more of the half man half turtle mutation in the face..It will look more like a man from what I have seen. But I agree if they could match the voices in the first or second. even though Donnies changes. It would really make the movie.

  24. i think that a all new live action movie of teenage mutant ninja turtles will be good to come out to the movies in 2012

  25. and i heard about a dragonball 2 is coming out but i don’t known when it will be in the movies yet but if they do make it i will go see it i’am a new fan of dragonball, dragonballz, and dragonballgt i have seen the whole series of all of them they are so cool and known they have back on tv dragonballz but they call it dragonballz kai why do they call it dbz kai for huh