‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Footage Description; William Fichtner Not Playing Shredder?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Footage Preview Description Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Footage Description; William Fichtner Not Playing Shredder?

The Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot has had its share of controversies since it was announced. There was the leaked (unused) script that positioned the turtles as aliens. There was the casting of Megan Fox as April O’Neil, which was problematic for viewers who didn’t like her work in Transformers. And then there was the redesign of the Turtles themselves, who now have noses instead of beaks and lips instead of … not lips.

And that’s all on top of the fact that “reboot” is something of a four-letter-word these days. Naturally, die-hard fans have been more than a little concerned about the whole thing. Would these Ninja Turtles resemble the ones they remembered from the comics, the ‘90s cartoon, or the original movie? Would this reboot be a worthy successor?

Today, Paramount and producer Andrew Form (The Purge: Anarchy) invited us to watch two scenes from the upcoming film, one from early on in the story and one from closer to the third act.

The film, which releases in about three weeks (from the time of this writing), isn’t completely finished and ILM is working hard to get all of the visual effects for the film done (with good reason: this is a film that has six completely computer-generated characters, including the four Turtles, Splinter, and Shredder). As a result, some shots, especially in the second scene, still look a little raw.

Megan Fox April Oneil TMNT Movie 570x294 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Footage Description; William Fichtner Not Playing Shredder?

A couple of things before we delve into the footage:

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are teenagers, despite some rather misleading toys.
  • According to Form, William Fichtner is not playing Shredder. He’s playing Eric Sachs, who works for Shredder, but Shredder, who will be wearing a mechanized samurai suit in the film, is an entirely different character. There is some evidence to back this up – in the most recent trailer, Fichtner says to a shadowy figure, “We’re taking your armor to the next level.” It should be noted, however, that Fichtner himself told the press last year that he was playing Shredder, so perhaps there’s more to this story.

The first scene is, presumably, our introduction to the Turtles in the film, and can be glimpsed a few times in the second trailer. While April O’Neil has been taken hostage in the subway by the nefarious Foot Clan, the Turtles, in classic Ninja Turtle style, turn off all the lights, swoop in, and save the day then hightail it without being seen – except, that is, by April.

Obviously, she follows them, and that leads to the scene that was shown in the first trailer where April and the Turtles are on a Manhattan rooftop and Michelangelo says, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just a mask!”

The second scene, as previously stated, was a little rougher in terms of the presented CGI, coloring, et cetera, but fans shouldn’t worry – we were assured that the film would be in the can (with completed post-production effects) in about ten days. Again, viewers have probably seen some of the scene’s footage in the trailers, specifically the part where Raphael – in slow motion – slams his shell into a humvee.

Raphael Crashing Into Vehicle Ninja Turtles 570x294 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Footage Description; William Fichtner Not Playing Shredder?

This scene is sort of the Michael Bay-style chase scene of the film, though it’s tonally quite a bit different, as Bay is only a producer. It features wall-to-wall havoc and over the top action as April, her cameraman Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett), and the Turtles are chased by Foot Clan members down a mountainous cliff-side in a semi-truck. Eventually, most of the Turtles are sliding down the mountain using their shells as sleds, while simultaneously fending off various Foot Clan vehicles with their weapons.

The tone of all this – from the humor to the action – is actually quite similar to the cartoon. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that the film comes across as a live-action cartoon of sorts. When the Turtles are climbing on the semi-truck or sliding down the snowy mountain, physics go right out the window.

Speaking of humor, there’s a lot of it. A lot. While there could be grim or gritty moments in the final film, the footage that was shown featured a fairly light tone and a steady stream of jokes - usually from Mike and Raphael. Some of these jokes work, while others (particularly the jokes about how attractive April O’Neil is) were less successful.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Early Footage 570x294 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Footage Description; William Fichtner Not Playing Shredder?

How does the CGI stack up with regard to the Turtles themselves?

Well, there’s no question that you’re looking at computer-generated creations, but part of that’s due to the fact that these are fantastical creatures – fantastical characters that look believable within the context of this world. No, these guys don’t come across as realistically as, for example, Caesar the ape in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – and it’s doubtful any of the motion capture performers are going to be nominated for acting awards – but the film isn’t interested in that sort of realism anyway.

All in all, I came away from the footage thinking that the finished product will likely be a faithful adaptation of the cartoon. But will that be enough to reel in the already concerned old school fans? We’ll have to wait and see.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you looking forward to the TMNT reboot? Drop us a line in the comments.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, hits theaters August 8th, 2014. Expect to see something from the film at San Diego Comic-Con next Thursday.

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  1. So now is a 50/50 chance Eric Sachs will be Eric Shredderhands(?)

  2. I noticed in the trailer Eric Sachs talking to some guy in the shadows, who definitely wasn’t white. I had a hope that guy was Oraku Saki, the real Shredder, and Sachs was just a bait and switch.
    I love me some William Fichtner. But I don’t like recasting characters in a different race, in particular if there’s a cultural or ethnic significance. (Case in point- Heimdall being a black guy, but Idris Elba is all kinds of badass so I accept it). Fury has been white and black, which is fine.
    But Shredder needs to be Japanese.

    • Wait you will allow it because someone is ‘badass’ but otherwise no dice? Why does Shredder NEED to be Japanese? That is like saying Batman NEEDS to be white or Spiderman NEEDS to be male.

      The origin if I recall of Shredder has nothing to do with Japanese culture. A brother (or girlfriend/wife? cant remember) of Shredder was killed by the owner of Splinter (before he became the talking Splinter).

      Its a simple tale of revenge/vengeance as I cant remember who went after who after that.

      As for the ‘Ninja’ aspect if the movie is taking place in current time there are many ‘American’ (and other nationalities for that matter) people that are very apt in the Martial Arts.

      • To answer your question about Batman, Spiderman, or shredder needing to be the core of what made them popular, New Coke is why. You are assuming core fans will still show up if you flippantly change the base model, and then you will call them bigots if they refuse. But you can’t call New Coke a bigot.

        • There has been occasions when people has been against a character’s race change simply due to bigotry, so I don’t know why you are acting like this doesn’t exist. There was fuss with spider-man being half black, half-latino despite the fact it wasn’t Peter Parker, and when Idris Elba was just linked with a batman role, some let their bigotry show with reasons why he should not be black (the only non-bigoted one was that batman is clearly a billionaire, so if Bruce Wayne is the only wealthy black man in Gotham….)

          However, in this case, there should not be a change. There are so few good roles for Asian actor’s therefore it is not the same as a ‘race-lift’ from white to non-white.

      • The word “ninja” is Japanese Nitro…you realize that right?

      • “Why does Shredder NEED to be Japanese?”

        Because Oroku Saki is a ninja. Specifically from Japan.

        If you re-imagine his origin to the degree that those details are washed out, then you’ve effectively created a new character instead of just using the one that already exists. Which technically you CAN do… but why WOULD you?

      • Actually the Shredder’s origin is very reliant on being Japanese.

        Sure you could rework it so all the things are more or less intact with him being from America but why bother to go through all that when you could just keep the story as was meant to be. I don’t understand what is so difficult about that.

        • This is to all just grabbed yours.

          Everyone is saying Shredder is reliant on being Japanese, He is a Ninja (yeah in an all metal suit cant hear him coming), yet you have no real reason why he HAS to be Japanese.

          For example… Superman has to be Alien. He cant be a plain man already familiar with earth. He cant be a ghost, bird or other type of creature. Does he have to be a man? Nope. (well if not then Superwoman).

          As for why would you… got no clue. However the fact remains he doesn’t HAVE to in order to portray the story. The catalyst in making Splinter/Turtles/Shredder etc and the story has nothing to do with being Japanese. Now if you have a story soaked in Japanese culture and history I say yeah thats part of the story. However when we first (correct me I forget) meet the turtles they are in New York……

          Again im not saying he has to be white. Im rebutting the fact that he HAS to be Japanese. I dont care either way however story wise it does not matter.

          And in closing…. There are American Ninjas…. I seen them on TV. ;)

          • Rebuttal debunked in five words: His name is Oroko Saki. :)

            • Thank you Samurai27 nuff said!

            • Well…couldn’t he has mixed ancestry then..?

      • The Foot Clan is Japanese, for what it’s worth…of course you can make it simply be that he’s an American who’s a fan of Japanese culture and adopts what he needs from it to maintain success, but I personally feel it’s more believable that the character has such a passionate take because he grew up within the Japanese culture and was molded by it, not just a fan who appreciated what it stood for

    • *Ken Watanabe steps in*

      • Or is Autobot Drift mr. awawaw?

      • Rick Yune for shredder! perfect! hes already a ninja assassin :p

  3. If they’re staying faithful to the source, then Shredder will indeed be played by an unrevealed Japanese actor. It also makes sense since a Japanese(-American) actress was cast as Karai.

    If this is true, I have a hunch Shredder will not be the main villain in this movie and will be kept for the next one, with just a cameo in this one, not out of the suit and with voice acting only.

    Ken Watanabe as Shredder anyone?

  4. I hope he isn’t shredder. Shredder is suppose to be a boss ninjitsu master, not some white collar business man.

    • It’ll be a blatant copy of Iron Man 3′s Killian, if they don’t have a sweet ninja master for Shredder (though Kevin Nash playing Super Shredder was pretty awesome).

  5. William’s character was seen talking to Shredder in one of the trailers from a few weeks ago. You guys should go back and see. I think it’s the one with Skrillex playing.

    • They play skrillex and dub step in every trailer for every movie what happened to an actual score for a movie with original music like they used to do (but that would involve spending money on other things other than explosions)instead of just taking the most popular songs at the time and just put them in the movie for no reason. But I digress I think this movie is going to be awesome I hope it is. And all the bay-inspired ideas gets fixed all the major/minor things like origin,age,talent, but hopefully they do a good job and hopefully they will be more to come because they’re still characters that we have not seen on the big screen in any form like bebop and rocksteady,khan,slash and the Tecmo drome to name a few where are they at

      • There is an original score in just about every film. They use additional music to a) market the film better or b) tell a part of the story that a score just wouldn’t cut it.
        Very rarely is a film’s score used in the trailer. The exception being just about anything that Hans Zimmer scores. Zimmer loves putting his music into the trailers. Third-party music is often used in the trailer to build hype and get you excited which is often why it’s dubstep or something pulse pounding. The idea being that the music will get your excitement up and therefore convey the idea that the movie will be exciting. It’s all a part of the psychology of film marketing.

  6. My guess is that Fichtner’s character is parallel to that of Baxter Stockman. That would be my only logical guess.

  7. Maybe they wanted to keep people thinking William is Shredder, but people trashing the film on race forced them to give up the surprise.

  8. the overall designs are fine for the turtles (shredder looks dumb) but they’re just too damn tall and herculean. they should be around 6ft tops and not as masculine… or human looking -.-

    here’s hoping i’m wrong and that the movie does end up being decent (or comparable to the campy but fun original).

    • Megan Fox is only 5’4 and the turtles actors are all over 6ft by an inch or 2 (except Noel Fischer)

      Pretty sure they modeled the turtles off the actors and the actors used motion capture.

    • I think the Turtles should have been shorter than April, just as they’ve always been. They look like four Gameras.

  9. they are MUTANT turtles, I don’t think size has anything to do with it really. As for Shredder not being played by a Japanese fella? Says who? Fichtner is seen talking to someone, For all we know that guy COULD and more than likely is the Shredder, Fichtner says to him, We have made adjustments to your suit. My guess is maybe the TMNT kill the original Shredder, Fichtner ends up taking the suit and taking revenge against the TMNT and Splinter.. Who knows.. Either way.. can not effing wait for this movie, Been a massive fan since I was a baby, Cards, Figures etc, This looks mentally insanely awesome.

  10. TMNT 2 already announced/rumoured for September 2016 so I think it could still do very well. I’m ready to see it a week after I go to see Guardians of the Galaxy. It would be so cool if they do an end credits scene where Casey is watching over a rooftop or something . Smh Micheal Bay is not DIRECTING and that’s sure to drive away the stupids that still think he did. But haters will go see the movie anyhow hahah they always do, they love to hate

  11. Wait, so people were freaking out about inaccurate details?

    Weird… Who knew?

  12. I am thinking Hiroyuki Sanada would be an AWESOME Shredder

  13. Its going to be a big I’m so exicted but I don’t like the fact that the turtal
    Kinda look like walking dinasours.

  14. From the trailer I thought shredder was a stupid robot and that’s it. Regardless he looks dumb.

  15. It’s pretty funny, all these people bashing Michael Bay, who is only producing.. while The new Transformers movie which is directed by him, is breaking box office records.

    • People bash him for those films too, it’s just that there seem to be a lot of dumb people in America to make Transformers break records (because they hadn’t even started the international 8 day previews when it made $100million in the US).

      • You DO realize that China’s the biggest market for the Transformers movies and NOT America right?

      • Actually, domestically it’s only doing okay. Internationally is where it’s making its monies.

      • Way to be the most annoying guy on SR like always, Dazz.

  16. Myself, or none of my family is going to see this, with the exception of the Son in Japan. They are grew up with TMNT. I must respect their decision.

  17. He’s actually playing KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

  18. More bait and villain switch. They seriously suck at hiding story details. A fake script could work wonders.

  19. I’ve been a turtles fan since I was like 3 years old. I really have high expectations of this movie, and have really enjoyed the trailers as well, I think that even though they might leave out certain things out from the original animated series, it will be a pretty good movie, a lot of people criticize the changes, specially regarding the turtle’s appearence, people don’t realize that times se changing and it was bound to happen.

    Regarding the Shredder, I’m hoping it is a Japanese actor who plays the part, it would stick to the original story plus it would make us older fans a little happier with the reboot.

  20. Stoked! I’m 28 years old now and loved tmnt as a kid. This looks super cool. I hope the story elements work well cuz I’d love to see this turn into a franchise

  21. I’m hoping it still has some decent action sequences to balance out the humor as well. I’m a big fan of the Mirage Studios stuff & the TMNT 2K cartoon, not so much the original campy animated series. But anyways, hope this isn’t a complete train wreck. The f/x look amazing.

  22. I’m a huge Turtle’s fan, had almost all the toys growing up and was constantly watching the cartoon when I could, along with the movies. In all honesty, I’m willing to give this a shot for two main reasons; 1) Michael Bay is not ‘Directing’ and 2) Even if the movie were to turn out horrible, it wouldn’t take away from all my great memories of the turtles growing up. Besides, from what I’ve seen so far, it seems like they are getting the personalities of each individual turtle down properly. Hopefully the final product won’t let all us TMNT fans down.

  23. Great beat! I must apprentice because you change your website, precisely how might my spouse and i register for a blog site site? The actual consideration helped me your appropriate package. I used to be tiny bit comfortable of this your sent out presented vibrant very clear idea

    • Dude…what the hell are you babbling about…don’t waste my mailbox space please if you got nothing comprehensible to talk about..

  24. Rick Yune as Shredder! hes the perfect casting choice!