‘TMNT’ Reshoots Underway; Michael Bay Debunks Delay Rumors

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Leonardo TMNT Reshoots Underway; Michael Bay Debunks Delay Rumors

Since its announcement, there has been a lot of skepticism and controversy surrounding Jonathan Liebesman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. Die-hard fans of the TMNT graphic novels and animated shows got behind the idea of an updated live-action film series but the attachment of Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes’ production house was, for many, a high profile red flag. After all, while Bay’s Transformers adaptations have grossed billions at the box office, they also presented a number of contentious changes that upset (and still irk) die-hard fans.

For that reason, potential viewers have been hyper-vigilant, and for understandable reason, about the ongoing production of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, rolling their eyes at the casting of Megan Fox as April O’Neil and raging when rumors of an “alien” origin story were first reported. Yet, the last few months have given some Shell Heads reason to be optimistic – as Paramount Pictures revealed their redesigned Turtles at Toy Fair 2014 and debuted the first TMNT trailer.

Not everyone was sold but some fans became slightly more open to Liebesman’s adaptation. Then came rumors that the movie was undergoing extensive reshoots, close to 1/3 of the film, which would result in a delay to Holiday 2014 – once again causing fans to question whether Bay and Liebesman were off track.

Like a lot of reports on the Internet, the original Geeks of Doom rumor was slightly exaggerated and we’re now getting word that Fox was simply called back to set for pickup reshoots – which, for those who don’t typically follow film productions, are relatively commonplace. Minor reshoots are often necessary once a director begins editing the film – for a myriad of potential reasons.

teenage mutant ninja turtles trailer TMNT Reshoots Underway; Michael Bay Debunks Delay Rumors

Liebesman may simply want to collect additional performance options for a key scene or he could be adding lines of exposition to help remedy problematic (or edited out) portions of the storyline. For example, should the director have needed to cut a scene that helps flesh out a principle character (for the sake of runtime), he might be using the reshoots to adjust the narrative accordingly and ensure that the same info is included somewhere else.

In response to the original delay rumor and photos of Fox back on set, the official Michael Bay website confirmed that any reshoots would not affect the current August 8th release date.

Check out the tweet below:

Some Turtle-lovers were actually encouraged about the possibility of a delay – hoping that Liebesman (along with Bay) had decided to address fan concerns after mixed reaction to the teaser trailer. Among other complaints, design of the Turtle faces was an especially hot topic – with the shot of Michelangelo drawing unfortunate comparisons to DreamWorks Pictures’ Shrek character.

A Photoshop enthusiast even reworked the designs to feature a more “traditional” take on the characters:

Michelango Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Traditional Design 1024x856 TMNT Reshoots Underway; Michael Bay Debunks Delay Rumors

Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Traditional Design 688x1024 TMNT Reshoots Underway; Michael Bay Debunks Delay Rumors

Yet, with only four months before TMNT‘s theatrical release, the best that moviegoers can hope is for Platinum Dunes to tighten up the quality of the CGI characters – since there’s zero chance they’ll outright alter the designs at this point. Toys, posters, and other pieces of tie-in content are already in production – featuring the heroes as they are depicted in the trailer.

As a result, the film is too far into production to make sweeping changes that certain Turtle fans might still be holding out to see. Hopefully, the reshoots, coupled with four more months of post-production, mean a better TMNT film overall – one that, despite its deviations from the source material, can capture the fun (and badass) spirt of the Heroes in a Half Shell.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will open in theaters on August 8th, 2014.

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Sources: Huffington PostMichael Bay, Geeks of Doom, and Imgur

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  1. Those photoshopped pics actually look much, much better than the design we’re left with. IMO

    • Oops. I made a typo on my username. (Damn this site for not remembering usernames and emails anymore) :(

      • I agree on both the better designs, and the site’s recent lack of username and email memory.

    • I really like the designs in the movie but I have to admit the photoshop job is pretty great, especially Leo’s. Where are the nostrils though aha?

    • they look like big bird.

  2. I actually like the current designs, even if they are different. But that being said, that top photo of Leonardo brought a tear to my eye. THAT is how they should look.

  3. Can’t figure out just what people are complaining about here. The new designs really look great(aside from mikey’s face). Leo looked like a complete and total badass (those Photoshopped pictures of him looked just a bit better though). The origin is altered a little, but isn’t it in every new version of the turtles? Bay is producing. But that could be great for the film. He loved huge action scenes and what fan doesn’t want to watch the 4 of them go around a kick all kinds of foot soldier ass? William Fichtner is white… so what? He’s a tremendous actor who, just from the trailer monologue sold me on him being evil and twisted. I’ve been a die hard turtles fan for 20 years and I’m loving the way this film is looking so far. Don’t understand why more people can’t just be happy we get to see them on the big screen again.

    • go watch the rebooted nickelodeon show that came out a couple years ago…THEY did a great job reinterpreting the turtles for a modern audience…nothing about the turtles looking like a bunch of giant “annoying oranges” sounds appealing…also, how the hell will splinter fit into the story now? shredder and o’neil’s father created the turtles in a lab to use as weapons…did they experiment on a rat, too?

    • Very simple Justin…..4 words. “Wrath of the Titans”

  4. At first I didn’t mind the new TMNT redesigns but after seeing the photoshop versions, wow. I kind of hope they go back to the more traditional look.

  5. i feel like the turtles aren’t going to be the main characters and that april would be. that would suck because i’d be like transformers all over again.

  6. Ehhh…I dont these designs work well with round beaks. The only problem i found was the bone structure of mikeys face and the a bit too human, and his nose probably needs to protrude more but not a round beak.

  7. I don’t mind if they keep these designs now, just hoping that they improve the CGI, it wasn’t too great in the trailer. But those photoshop edits are amazing.

  8. The issue I think with the resistance to their new look comes with the choice to use 2 new different face designs for the four turtles. Leo and Donnie have the same facial design where they only have 2 holes for a nose. Mikey and Raph have the design where they have a nose protruding from their face, which to me, seems just a bit jarring and a tad “off”. If they kept the general design the same for all four as they are for Leo and Donnie, then it wouldn’t be so bad IMHO (only because it wouldn’t be such a HUGE departure from the original/classic look we’re all used to.

  9. Source of those Photoshop photos please. I would like to check out the artist work. Also would be good for the artist to get some credit in the article.

    • We ALWAYS credit artists where possible. I was directed to those images by a Twitter follower at the Imgur URL sourced at the bottom of the post (which was there at the time of publishing).

      If anyone knows the artist, I’ll be happy to update the post – but the articles I’ve seen using the images, sadly, have no artist credit or link.

  10. Those photoshopped images (#1) are perfect.

    Too bad that wont happen

    whoever the lead designer was that ended up with the official look should really get fired.

    forget the whole “traditional” premise, the #1 options just look infinitely better.
    those that disagree are blind. it’s that simple.

  11. Reshoots? That’ll give them more time to fix the CGI and make the turtles’ faces look more like turtles! :P

  12. Going by just the trailer, I’m not too enthusiastic about this. But I will give it the benefit of the doubt and wait for the finished product. Bay and Co. were working on Transformers 2 two hours before it’s world wide premiere. Not saying that is a good example (the movie was terrible and it was last minute), but reshoots and last minute tweeks are part of making a movie.

  13. The re-designs with the old original look are absolutely amazing. Congratulations to whoever did them.

    How on earth did the professional designer working on this movie not come up with this. Why, just why are you adding weird nostrils and huge human lips.

    The (new) fan version of Michelangelo (top pic) looks so awesome and reminds me so much of the original Ninja Turtles, and the Leo one is just pure class, so epic. The movie pics look like mutant ugly ogre men though.

    How could they of messed this up so so much when it could of been so great. April is Megan Fox, Shredder is American and not Oroku Saki and now the designs are all the place too etc etc.

    • Oop’s, “designs are all over the place too etc etc

  14. I think the current designs are good. We barely even see them in the trailer. I’d wait to see them in action a bit more before passing complete judgement.

  15. Personally I’m happy with the redesign. I’m sure people where up in arms when Optimus prime was redesigned. But they’ve come to accept it. Its a Modern TMNT movie for a modern audience.

    Mikey is a little shrekish, but I gave up thinking it was going to be anything like its predecessors a long long time ago.

  16. The movie’s facial designs are freakishly distracting. As others have stated, they look more like live-action versions of Shrek than anything resembling a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Hopefully the studio will notice the negative reaction and use the film’s remaining post-production time to adjust the CGI and return the characters to their more traditional look.

  17. The only things I have trouble with in the new design are the lips and how high the shell seems to go behind their head (esp Leo). It just seems awkward to me. The nostrils are no biggie, heck ya gotta breathe, but the lips.. The old style without the lips is just so much visually appeasing

  18. i would like to see traditional look, and turtles do have beek, so more around appearance with a beek would be better look, and it would be just the face need to alter would be better fit for the movie.

  19. The redesigns aren’t THAT bad… but next to the Photoshop alterations it’s hard to imagine the creative team favoring the redesigns over the classical look. But they did…

    For me, the hardest thing to accept about the redesign is the addition of VERY humanoid lips. The noses, whatever… but the lips? That looks too departed from the originals. Heck, it even looks a bit Shrek-like, or California Raisins…

  20. I hear Ninja Turtles Vs. Transformers is in the cards for 2016. Yes it could happen

  21. Let them die already

    The tv show is an abomination and April is a little kid. The other CGI movie was a horrific mess of bad writing and good CG.

    All of you little idiots want reboots because you weren’t there for the originals. You’ll never have the feel good high that we had when these things first came out.

    Transformers is not the same as it was in the 80′s. In the 80′s it was a million times better and was just awesome. Why? Because it was new and unique.

    TMNT came out in 1985 and was underground until 1988 and then in 1990 they made the most kick ass movie based straight off the original series of comics from Mirage. It was awesome because it was new!

    MLP came out in the 80′s and was cool because it was different and new and little girls loved it. Now, they’re abominations that look like horrible deformed worms. All of you just love it because it started on 4Chan as a joke that people loved it. All of you took it seriously and now. You can’t stop yourselves.

    Make something new and different, because you will never have what 80′s kids actually had. Real feel good movies that are unique and fun!

  22. People have to remember, these are MUTANT Ninja Turtles key word MUTANT hell Godzilla doesn’t receive this much hate Why?

    • Sure they are mutants, but the are also comb book characters with a cartoon version. So, you have various opinions. I gotta agree with the complaint about the lips. Turtles dont have lips. The don’t have teeth either, but the teeth never bothered me.

    • Because the 2014 Godzilla actually looks like Godzilla and will actually breath atomic fire breath, unlike the ’98 joke of a movie. The Bay turtle redesigns look like retarded Shrek look-a-likes with down syndrome, not to mention the overly human lips pushes them over into “nightmare fuel”.

      Also, the Godzilla in the ’98 movie garnered just as much hate from the Godzilla fandom.

  23. It’s too late for them to edit the film and the toys, BUT perhaps, once accessible, some fan will go through the entire movie and do post-edits making the models look like this in every shot. If they make it as subtle as the Leonardo mid-edit then I think it would be effective enough and doable. :D Any takers???

  24. These alternative face designs are awesome, a lot better than the originals from the trailers.

    But there would still be these ridiculous deformed bodies. Am I wrong when I say 90% of all Turtles series, movies and comics feature rather athletic bodies? I find those a lot more believable, after all they are supposed to be “teenage” turtles. Yes, they are mutants too, but do they need to be Hulk-like monstrosities? That’s just ugly!

    And, well, April O Neils look varied all the time when I saw a new movie or series or whatever. Yet again she is not supposed to be a model with a doll’s face and lipgloss.

    However, it’s no use.
    Guess I can kiss my childhood heroes good bye for good now.

  25. Kinda breaks my heart a bit that pic #1 Leo will only ever exist in that one image. Forget “teenage,” it’s like a glance at a favorite childhood character who has grown up, become both badass and good looking, and I thank the talented individual who gave this pic to us. A serious and honorable character, but the the film’s redesign doesn’t seem very honorable to him, or the others. Fictional, and yet, being the beloved characters they are to a generation, I feel a little insulted for them.

    I’m sure there are people who worked very hard on those models and concepts, but I know sometimes it can be hard to really SEE something when you have your head in it all the time, but from the perspective back here… :\

    Some may be ok with an unattractive and strange redesign, but come on… they’re THE Turtles. They aren’t themselves if there isn’t at least some appeal and lovabality remaining intact. The classic rounded snout is them (and cute on an otherwise badass), you want nostrils…then give them a simple pair at a proper placement on that snout in a way that isn’t obnoxious or distracting.

    If they EVER somehow did a sequel of this I strongly hope they’d make #1 Leo a reality (and similar for his brothers of course). And don’t even worry about trying to explain the model change in the storyline…

    If THAT Leo was in there then I’d have to go see it. (And I say that as someone who hasn’t bothered going to the theater in years.) And then I’m sure I’d prob wind up buying some of his merchandise provided it was very character accurate.

    But for now this Leo may just end up on my wall or a t-shirt and be grateful we at least have that.

  26. Yeah,they should look like turtles,not ogres. :/
    I realize that producers wanted to create something new,maybe a fresh look or design
    but this looks abominably and kinda funny when every of them reminds me Shrek or his
    They should have round beaks and no nostrils(like you said Indigo) or at least look like turtles.
    Mikey was always my favourite and now I can not stand with his new design. :/
    It’s so bad I can’t even find right words to describe my feelings about this.

  27. The new TMNT movie looks like Hulk and Shrek had 4 babies with down syndrome. Yeah, it’s THAT bad.