New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Posters: Turtle Street Art

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Logo New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters: Turtle Street Art

The summer blockbuster season is well and truly upon us now, and it’s a summer of heroes. Of the many comic book movies coming out this year, Jonathan Liebesman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might be the one that fans have the most mixed feelings about. Some are just excited to see the heroes in a half-shell get their own big-budget live-action movie, while others have been put off by the involvement of Transformers helmsman Michael Bay (here, as producer).

The trailers so far have only served to divide opinion even further and it wouldn’t be surprising if the final fan verdict on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ends up being split as well. At the very least, the movie has the potential to make a lot of money at the box office thanks to the combined interest of nostalgic children of the 80s, kids who are currently watching the show on Nickelodeon, and other miscellaneous moviegoers who just want to see a popcorn movie with friends.

For those seeking an extra dose of hype, Instagrammer WestCoastGeek has spotted some stylish new characters posters for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while out and about, featuring Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Shredder. There’s also a Leonardo poster, but unfortunately due to the framing of the images we only get to see one of his hands and his twin katanas.

UPDATE: Here are official versions of the street art posters!

TMNT Street Art Posters Leonardo 570x843 New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters: Turtle Street Art

TMNT Street Art Posters Donatello 570x843 New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters: Turtle Street Art

TMNT Street Art Posters Raphael 570x843 New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters: Turtle Street Art

TMNT Street Art Posters Michelangelo 570x843 New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters: Turtle Street Art

TMNT Street Art Posters Shredder 570x843 New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters: Turtle Street Art

TMNT Street Art Posters Mike Johnston Artwork Homage 570x823 New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters: Turtle Street Art

The Wolverine also had some character posters with a similar style to this, though these posters seem to be more designed to look like street art. Perhaps the turtles themselves sneak out of the sewers at night to leave pictures of themselves on local buildings – though since these posters were spotted in LA, they probably don’t count as “local.”

The turtles themselves have been seen enough in the trailers and posters, but their mentor Master Splinter and nemesis Shredder have yet to be shown in their full glory, outside of concept art. Although heavily stylized, the poster for Shredder suggests that the design shown in concept art for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mostly made it through to final concept and the alter ego of Eric Sachs will be a sharp and pointy force to be reckoned with.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is out in theaters on August 8, 2014.

Source: WestCoastGeek (via CBM)

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  1. shredder looked ridiculous in the tv spot for this pile of garbage =.=


    • You mean a pile of steaming Jonathan Liebesman garbage?

      I mean Im just as tired of Bay movies as the next guy (although I still enjoy the Bad Boy movies, and The Rock is still a guilty pleasure), but it seems people are just getting mad just because his name is attached. And to be clear I dont have much faith in this film either, although I dont believe I share your enthusasim in Bay Bashing.

      • Well Bay is one of the producers. And the producers can have as much say as the director. In some cases more, and I believe this is one such case.
        The movieso far looks exactly like some of Bays worst s***. The lighting, the music, the cinematography it all looks like he as been “helping” Jonathan Liebesman a lot. Or Jonathan Liebesman is just the next Bay…
        So all in all, I think it’s okay to bash Bay for this to. There needs to be created such a bad vipe around him, that he never finds work again. (One can hope)

        • Yea I understand that he is a producer, but nobody was claiming a big pile of Michael bay garbage with The Hitcher, or some of his others. I do agree though that some of his movies that he has produced, seemed like he was holding the hand of the artist, such as I Am Number Four. So who knows…

        • In that case the Transformers films are Stephen Spilberg’s fault. He produced them.

          Of course not, this will make your argument weak, and you’ll probably say “YAH BUT ITS NOT LIKE HE HAD IMPUT OR ANYTHING BECUZ HES GOOD AND THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIE SUSK THEY SUK I BLAM BAY FOR EVERYTHYNG.

          We should change the “Thanks Obama” meme to “Thanks, Bay.”

          • But the transformer movies didn’t look anything like any of Speilbergs own work. That was clearly Bays’ gig and he was also executive producer alongside Speilberg. Can’t blame Speilberg for wanting in on the money, which was (and still is) assured when making movies of the transformer franchise. But aside from that, there are several other producers on both films.
            It just seem to me like Bay was to busy with the new transfomers. He got Liebesman on, so that he could focus on transformers and just oversee Liebesman work with tmnt.
            So yeah I used the argument, you predicted I would use, but I still find it valid enough.

  2. They even look horrible as an illustration. SMH.

  3. I have zero enthusiasm for this movie. The turtles just looks ugly and disgusting.

  4. i mean Liebesman worked with Bay in the texas chainsaw massacre they tried to reboot in 2006 which wasnt any good to me…other than battle los angeles thats the only movie i enjoyed that Liebesman has done…i didnt like Wrath of the Titans better than Clash but i mean you cant really be ngeatigve or positive about him becuase he doesnt have a long resume and i know there are alot of people out there who like the last couple movies hes directed…if he does good with TMNT which is by far his most budgeted movie then ill have a diff opinion about him

    • The estimated budget for this movie is around 125 mil according to IMDB, and the same site says The Wrath of Titans was estimated at 150 mil. But I was not aware Bay produced his chainsaw movie. Just saw that he directed Darkness Falls…sad face

      • yea Bay prudoced the 1st reboot of texas chainsaw masscare with jessica beil in 2003, then the amityville horror remake in 2005, and did the hitcher remake, friday the 13th remake and nightmare on elm street remake…so its safe to say he needs to shy away from the reboots in the future, granted some people enjoyed those reboots but your taking some of the most classic horror franchises of all time and rebooting them and none of them even attracted a sequel…bay just needs to stick with directing, he needs to get to back to his bread and butter and make another bad boys and end the franchise and stik with doing transformers

        • That Texas Chainsaw Massacre was actually pretty good!

          • yea i agree the one with jessica beil was pretty good, not better than the original but still pretty good…my point was that none of thses movies that Bay produces where hes not behind the camera end up failing, they make these movies to start a new franchise and none of them did

        • You people are crying about nothing right now. From a design perspective the turtles look great, they are turtles mixed with human DNA so the look is fine. As a long time turtle comic fan they cant look the way they did in the original live action movies. Shredder looks menacing and splinter looks pretty good too. The comics started with them all wearing red and the way you knew who was who was by their weapons. I remember when the TV show first aired people who read the comics complained of the color for each turtle change, which was for the best.

          The reboots of the old “classic” horror films, of which i would not consider any of those “classic” horror, was not bad at all. It brought them into our time and made them actually frightening, not campy trash which when you go back and watch them that is exactly what they are. You remember being scared because you were a child not because they are actually scary.

          I say bring on the reboots, i dont care about the whole out of ideas line that so many fall into. I like seeing a beloved story/mythos with better effects and design, and even story. If noone made reboots or remakes we would be stuck with trash like the original LoTR, Spiderman, Captain America and much more. Those movies were garbage and the newer movies were pretty good, even when like the sam raimi spiderman, that when you look back was actually pretty crappy. Let them remake stuff and make it exciting and fun again. Bring it to another generation to fall in love with.

          • i guess you cant really consider them to be classics, dracula. frankenstein, werewolf, the thing and those are classics but then you get to the 70s and 80s and have these slasher films that people just absolutley loved then they get remade in 21st century with no sequel appeal, i mean texas chainsaw masscare has been rebooted 3 times since 2003, none of which started a franchise, the same with friday the 13th amityville Horror and a nightmare on elm street

          • @GizmoduckJP,


            Exactly this.

            Your name is the greatest.

          • Didn’t the turtles start in black and white ?
            and mayb I’m mistakin but r u sayin Sam Raimis’ SpiderMan is crap? F.O.H. u str8 buggin…
            Next u will say The Nightmare on Elm Street remake was better than the 1st…
            LOTR actually has no business on this list.. u just don’t know a great movie when ur watchin it….

            • Raimi’s Spider-Man films WERE crap, which is why I planned to avoid the Webb film in 2012 due to the Raimi films being terrible. Luckily, something told me to go see Amazing Spider-Man and both it and the sequel have been great and the first Spidey films to exist in my view.

              Didn’t like the Nightmare remake though. Story was terrible, Haley was just playing Rorschach with burns, overall terrible film.

              Considering you like the Raimi Spidey films, insult others so quickly and readily and seem unable to spell properly, maybe it’s YOU who doesn’t know a great movie when you’re watching it.

              What the hell is “buggin” anyway? Something to do with insects? I assume English isn’t your first language.

            • The turtles were black and white but had color covers, much like the walking dead does currently. On the covers the turtles always wore red masks, all of them. And go ahead and watch the original LoTR movie, its HORRIBLE, im not talking peter jackson, im talking – which is crap. Its cel animation with live action, pure crap. I wont say the new Elm street is better, because to be honest all of them are crap, but the new one was at least partially scary where the original is a campfest.

              • @GizmoduckJP thanks for clearingg that up..
                And yes wile the first Nightmare is campy now it is still in a different boat compared to the rest of them.. And A New Nightmare that’s a good one too.. to me anyway..

                @Dazz let me just say you’re the first I’ve met who hated a movie so much he watched the sequels. And i don’t believe i said anything to the original commenter about his spelling but i did to someone else yesterday. Why not attack me then ? You are a funny guy.. steady frontin.. why don’t you go figure that out.. and wile ur at it spell check this post..

  5. Can’t wait for this movie!!!

  6. What’s with all the negativity??? Don’t bash the movie yet it could surprise us all

  7. FAIL

  8. I seriously cannot wait to see this film. People are never pleased with anything. The turtles look very unique in this film, and I am hoping it goes in some interesting directions. The first film is still one of my favorite films, so I pray this one can be just as good.

    I hate a lot of films, but Im starting to see a lot of people have opinions with no real reason behind them except they are totally negative and ignorant to constructive rebuttals

    • Its the internet, all it is is negativity and pr0n.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m a big TMNT fan and the first is one of my favorite movies of all time. Let’s wait to judge the movie until we see it!

  9. Everyone knows they’re going to see it. If not in the theaters, they will download it off piratebay. As soon as we all come to that realization we can move on from Bay Bashing. Like him or not, you’ve all grown up on his films, even though this one technically isn’t his.

  10. Why is everyone a freaking pessimist??? Honestly it disgusts me that they couldn’t find a new story to tell, but this doesn’t look half bad. Michael Bay is fine, if he likes explosions he likes explosions, SO WHAT!? Making bandwagons for your own moral us weak and stupid. Enjoy the movies that are made with effort and realize that Michael Bay has nothing to do with this! (I don’t like bay but at least I can tell he isn’t directing the movie)

  11. These things look bad a$$.

    Y’all are smoking something.

  12. Yea the crying is getting to be a bit much. I have two words for everyone complaining about this movie: Dragoball Evolution.

  13. As I’ve said before, the posters for this movie aren’t half bad. Even though the action and effects aren’t that bad in the trailers, I’m more worried about what they’re NOT showing us (annoying human characters, childish inappropriate sense of humor, absurd amount of language for a movie that should be targeted towards kids. Hence, my problems with Transformers 2 and 3).

    I know Michael Bay isn’t directing this, but the guy who is has made some pretty bad movies too. At least there are a FEW Michael Bay movies I’ve enjoyed. Everything I’ve seen from this director has been bad. And as many fans have said, there are just too many changes to the source material (Nothing against the actor, but white Shredder was a terrible idea. And a military foot clan? Really? And we shouldn’t forget the fact that Megan Fox is April O’Neil.

    I get that you shouldn’t bash a movie before you see it. Plus there are a lot of fans on the internet that have gotten pretty annoying when complaining about this movie. But what should be acknowledged is that some of these complaints ARE justified.

  14. Bay bash all you want, he makes the best summer blockbusters of our time, academy awards worthy films no,he even admits he makes films for thirteen year olds, get over it…..but Bay films are a lot of fun which is perfect for summer.

    • X-men DOFP, Amazing Spider man 2, Godzilla, Avengers, ALL better blockbusters than any of Bay’s movies.

  15. And to think that these ugly turtles is going to be with Megan Fox…

    • No doubt a hentai site is working on a turtle/fox video. (shivers)

  16. All of which have Bay influences in them

  17. forehead meet hand-grooooan!why?!
    why are all the designs from this movie so bad? like bad bad.really bad bad. well kudos to DoFP’s photoshop team; you are no longer the worst. Uuuuugh. Sorry i’m trying to not gripe.But you know that while randomly stamping paint drips on to these posters the phase “Looks very urban” was uttered. Who made these? the use of street art to promote this film opens up so many rad possibilities. I beg the makers of this project to post no bills.
    im on the fence about how this movie will end up but turtles with human faces do give me the cringes. And how is it in 2014 producers still feel its ok to white wash Asians out of everything/