‘Ninja Turtles’ Set Photos Reveal Mo-Cap Turtles; William Fichtner Cast in ‘Iconic’ Role

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ninja turtles script Ninja Turtles Set Photos Reveal Mo Cap Turtles; William Fichtner Cast in Iconic Role

Director Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) has begun filming the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action movie reboot, which means that various non-studio sanctioned set photos have begun to find their way online. The first of those images to pop up glimpsed Megan Fox as April O’Neal, with reddish hair and a yellow jacket (an updated take on the character’s famous retro style jumpsuit).

Today, we get a first look at the Turtle actors – Noel Fisher (Michelangelo), Jeremy Howard (Leonardo), Pete Ploszek (Donatello), and Alan Ritchson (Raphael) – decked out in motion-capture outfits, in order to portray the scaly heroes in a half-shell. Meanwhile, another (character) actor is reported to have joined the cast, and we may already know which “iconic” TMNT baddie he will play in the film.

First things first, the latest Ninja Turtles set photos to appear on Super Hero Hype show the Turtle actors filming a scene where (by the looks of it) the reptilian warriors have been captured and shackled. As you can see, the mo-cap outfits are complete with tiny cameras to capture facial expressions, in addition to prosthetics that will be digitally transformed into half-shells during post-production.




It’s reasonable to assume the Turtles’ captors (pictured in the background) are the movie’s re-imagined versions of The Foot Clan, which – in a heavily-criticized old TMNT script draft that leaked online – had been changed from a ninja army to soldiers in a secret military operation, headed by a re-appropriated version of The Shredder (named Colonel Schrader).

However, the thugs shown here look more like G.I. Joe-style ninjas than regular military operatives, so maybe the Turtles’ origin story isn’t the only element of the TMNT mythos being preserved in the reboot. That would make sense, coming after the heavy protests from the fanbase about most of the proposed alterations (even the franchise’s co-creator Peter Laird has voiced his disapproval).


William Fichtner Joins TMNT

the shredder by tamplierpainter d3klut9 Ninja Turtles Set Photos Reveal Mo Cap Turtles; William Fichtner Cast in Iconic Role

Deadline is reporting that William Fichtner – the fan-favorite Entourage and Prison Break TV series alum – has joined the TMNT cast, where he will play a character described as having achieved “iconic stature in the Turtles’ mythology.”

The actor has portrayed memorable villains in the past, including The Accountant in Drive Angry, and will play the wicked Butch Cavendish in The Lone Ranger this summer, in addition to appearing in District 9 director Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium. So, a logical conclusion would be that he’s playing Colonel Schrader (assuming the original Shredder/Oroku Saki’s Japanese heritage has been jettisoned for the re-imagined version of the villainous character).

william fichtner teenage mutant ninja turtles Ninja Turtles Set Photos Reveal Mo Cap Turtles; William Fichtner Cast in Iconic Role

William Fichtner in ‘Drive Angry’

However, an inside source for Critiques 4 Geeks claims that’s not the case:

Well, according to a source of ours, he’ll be playing Dr. Baxter Stockman, the evil scientist who creates “Mousers,” little robots designed to kill sewer rats. He also transforms into a large, humanoid fly-creature after an incident he had with a transporter device.

Previous TMNT plot rumors and comments from the franchise co-creator Kevin Eastman (who’s a creative consultant on the reboot), have suggested the new live-action movie will emphasize the sci-fi aspects of the series mythology. While it would appear there have been significant revisions made on the script – which may have occurred after the initial release date delay – the sci-fi emphasis has probably been carried over (meaning, Fichtner playng Dr. Stockman would make a fair amount of sense).


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not Ninja Turtles?) opens in U.S. theaters on June 6th, 2014.

Source: Super Hero Hype, Deadline, Critiques 4 Geeks

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  1. I wonder if there is going to be complaints that
    He isnt black like in the original comics… Gotta give fanboys something to cry about!

    • I though it´s hip now to change a character´s race… But fun aside, I had no problem with him being white in the cartoon, so I couldn´t care less about the movie version. Since it seems that this film is based on the 80s cartoon instead of the original comic books (hence Arnett´s character), we have a lot more to worry about.

      • I think they may give us some amalgamation of the ’80′s toon plus the original comic. Feel you on Baxter. I don’t mind it either but I can’t help but wonder how Phil Lamar would have been in the role instead.

        • Wow. Perfect thats how.

        • phil lamarr good one!

    • I went to look at the mo-cap pics and was IMMEDIATELY distracted by Meagan Fox in yoga pants on a trampoline. Sorry.

    • Well they are taking one of the few black characters from the franchise and whitewashing him.

  2. Those motion capture shells look kinda cool! I wonder how the animation will turn out.

  3. Ok I seriously hope the turtles arent captured by a government agency. Having them be outed would probably ruin the mythology of them being mysterious

    • Oh my god no, especially for the first movie, that would probably be the worst thing to do aha. So far everything doesn’t look to bad and it looks like the movie will at least be entertaining. I find the actors for the turtles look like the actual turtles, I don’t know if that makes much sense. I mean the actor for Mikey just…looks like mikey to me.

      • These guys looks like foot soldiers to me. Dont think gov ops would all be wearing MrT masks or whatever those are supposed to be lol

        • I think, in the leaked script, the Foot Clan was portrayed as a secret government group.

          • The leaked script was confirmed to be a fake.

  4. I don’t think Alan is there. Could be why he was seen filming with Megan Fox as the two of them ran around NY. Maybe he’s going to rescue the other three.

    • Makes sense to me. Side note, whatever people think of Fox’s acting.. I think she looks amazing in those pics.

      If the turtles cg is on par or better than the mocap Chitauri solders (remember the avengers set shots had the stunen wearing the same suits) then this should be good (visually at least).

    • ..damn it “stuntmen”

    • Hope they weren’t trying to keep the identity of the picture being filmed a secret… What with the giant gray shells behind 3 of the actors being filmed. Lol.

      What I do see is that Donnie’s gonna be tall and skinny, Leo’s gonna be medium height and weight and Mikey’s gonna be a little kid.

    • I caught that too (Raph not being there). I suspect he will be the one to help the others. The opposite of what happened in the original live action movie. Awesome!

  5. And Megan Fox looks hot… Waaay hot. I don’t even care who she’s playing anymore…

    • What were you saying? I only read “Megan Fox” and my thoughts went elsewhere…

      • Each to their own…

  6. William Fichtner is always good no matter how good the material.
    In this case, hopefully, the material is good so expect good things.

  7. transporter device??? sound like The Fly to me jajajaja

    • I think someone switched the keys on your keyboard… It goes hjkl; in case you need to switch them back.

      • That’s laughing in spanish. Educate yourself.

        • Their post was typed in english, with the exception of the last part. Usually, an educated person doesn’t type in 2 different languages in the same sentence. Nor would they speak it either.

          • Lots of Spanish speaking people will speak in both English and Spanish, like that. Especially in the US.

  8. This is starting to look slightly better for me. Would be great to have Stockman in it too. But the bit about the transporter incident reminds me of The Fly..

    • People complaining about the Stockman transformation?

      Was no one around when they blatantly admitted to using The Fly as the inspiration for his transformation way back when? It’s been almost 30 years and two people commenting on here haven’t heard this before?

      • why is everybody assuming he’s gonna be playing the normally asian shredder or the blackster stockman? anyone ever heard of the iconic white secret (MIB)ops villain AGENT BISHOP?

  9. Stopped reading at “reptilian”.

  10. Why are they in chains?

  11. He’d make a good Agent Bishop. Probably one of my favourite Turtles villains.

    • I agree

    • THANK YOU! why is everybody assuming he’s gonna be playing the normally asian shredder or the blackster stockman? BAY wants to go into the turtle’s TCRI dna being from dimention x alien origins, that’s fine with me as long as he stays away for the whole colonel SHRAYDER thing, those black opps looking thugs in the pictures look more like BLACKWATER than THE FOOT, so why not have BISHOP and his corrupt version of the MIB be the villains instead of the played out shredder. just look at him holding that FBI badge, FICHTNER IS BISHOP!!! it would be a mistake to have it otherwise

  12. Is it just me but he can pass as master Splinter without make-up or anything just pants and the cape/cloke

  13. Good actor I think the movie will do fine for itself

  14. Im really just excited to see a live action version of Krang.

  15. I’m cool with him playing Baxter. If this is the case we definitely have to see some Mousers for sure. Gotta say my hopes are going back up for this to be a fun movie. Would love to see Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Technodrome also. If not in this movie a later installment on down the road. I would totally geek out with the Technodrome being on the big screen.

    • I’ve given on it being critically acclaimed or anything a while ago but my hopes for it being fun and entertaining is starting to def go up too. I just hope they do the turtles’ personalities justice, in the tv show on right now they have it spot on.

      • I had my reservations at first with Nick doing the new Turtles. Took some getting use to with the first 2 or 3 episodes but the show has really come into its own. I’m impressed and enjoy what they have done thus far. Just wish they would tell us why Donnie is missing a tooth lol.

      • I think that is what Michael Bay brings to the table nowadays. Lots of entertaining elements, with absolutely zero critical acclaim. People who think this movie is going to be the best thing since sliced bread will wind up being extremely disappointed. Cool looking turtles, some nice eye candy, hopefully some BA fight scenes, thats all I want out of this now, and its all I expect.

        • Agreed! I don’t care about Academy Awards or Oscars. When are Ninja Turtles going to pull that off? Never. I just want and now expect a good popcorn flick out of this. It doesn’t have to be great but if it winds up great then that’s awesome. It will still be an awesome movie regardless now that they are starting to quell people’s complaints and show they actually want to do this movie justice.

  16. OMG Military operative are Foot soliders? Why can’t they just have them as an Assassination Syndicate group. That would be more suitable for a Ninja Turtles movie and Shreddar is change to col. shcradar? huh? I hate this already.

    • i really hope those “foot” soldiers r really gov special opps led by alien hunter AGENT BISHOP played by william fichtner. the fact that the dreaded colonel shradder script leaked, may have saved this movie. hopefully

  17. Can’t what obscenely over the top made-for-the-movie comic relief Michael Bay manufactures here. In Transformers it was a transforming Ice Cream truck. I’m going to say a slug gets mutated with a homeless guy living in a trailer park and he goes on a murderous rampage through out New York City. Escaping through the drainage and pipe system through the sewer.

  18. why is everybody assuming he’s gonna be playing the normally asian shredder or the blackster stockman? anyone ever heard of the iconic white secret (MIB)ops villain AGENT BISHOP?

  19. Will the ninja turtles themselves in the 2014 reboot live action movie be Computer generated, or just costumes?