‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Production Images Reveal Tougher Turtles, Sharper Shredder [Updated]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Character Designs Production Images Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Production Images Reveal Tougher Turtles, Sharper Shredder [Updated]

Right now, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has fans pretty freaked out. Michael Bay is producing the film through his not-so-loved Platinum Dunes company; the director of Battle Los Angeles (far from a universal crowd pleaser) is at the helm; the storyline and character design rumors have not been encouraging; Megan Fox was cast as reporter April O’Neil… we’ve heard all of these complaints and more.

Turtlemania (not the good kind) reached a new pitch recently, as the image of an alleged TMNT official Halloween costume broke onto the Interwebs and had people freaking out all over again. Some people were anxious about what the costume might imply about the overall design of the motion-capture CGI turtles we’ll see in the film; others somehow worried that the child’s costume WAS the official look of the turtles in the film (can’t really explain that). In either case, fans have grown more worried than ever.

…But Halloween costumes are just flimsy merchandise. Even when the images that depict them are 100% accurate, there’s no telling what percentage of accuracy that costume has when compared to finished CGI renderings in motion on a movie screen. (I could go down of list of cases where crude images betrayed what turned out to be successful character designs – but we have someone already working on that article. icon wink Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Production Images Reveal Tougher Turtles, Sharper Shredder [Updated] )

Now CBM has posted a series of images that might change the Ninja Turtles debate yet again; they are pictures supposedly taken by a source close to the production, depicting the new Ninja Turtles in maquette (figurine model) form:



teenage mutant ninja turtles by nebezial 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Production Images Reveal Tougher Turtles, Sharper Shredder [Updated]


Now, the initial speculation about the new Ninja Turtles began with alleged toyline descriptions. The Halloween costume image matched the toy descriptions, thereby lending further credit to theories about the character designs. These production maquettes (if that’s what they indeed are) also fall in line with those two previous examples. The image is blurred (we may soon have updates with better looks), but here are details of the leaked toy descriptions, which we can now see confirmed by the maquette photo:

  • Leonardo: a sort of pseudo samurai gear get up including shoulder armor, some leg bits, arm bracer and foot wear up to the calf with bindings showing… Armor (non metal) along his chest as well.
  • Donatello: a mix of techie, modern and a dash of samurai…with some gadget on his head and gadgetry coming off of his shell.
  • Raphael: an urban warrior look with white, bandage-like wrappings on his feet, right leg, and right arm. He wears this very Conan-esque loin cloth..thing..with leather straps draping down as if he were more suited for gladiatorial battle.
  • Michelangelo: a hoodie wrapped around his waist, pants and sneakers with the toes cut out, wrappings on his hands and forearms, a necklace…and his mask ends drape down to his chest.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Most Anticipated Movies 2014 570x285 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Production Images Reveal Tougher Turtles, Sharper Shredder [Updated]

At this point we can basically call it: what we initially heard from those toy descriptions is almost certainly what we’re getting in the film – and there’s good AND bad news that goes along with that (quasi-)assurance.

GOOD NEWS: Those maquette turtles look WAY better than what the Halloween costume had people nervous they were going to see. The turtles – for all their “urbanization,” “modernization” and/or “gadgetry” – look like actual mutant creatures that are trained (and athletically able) to kick some serious ass. The four of them look distinct, with distinct personalities, and they also fall on a good line between being kid-friendly and adult acceptable. When getting four humanoid mutant turtles who know martial arts to look “realistic” on the big screen, you could do a LOT worse than this.

BAD NEWS: If the leaked toy designs were correct, then we could be in for a pretty bad version of Turtle-nemesis, The Shredder (Lone Ranger star William Fichtner). Here’s what was said about him in the leaked descriptions:

Pointy edges coming off of absolutely anything. He’ll be the stuff of ridicule for some time. Very overcomplicated outfit.

Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Production Images Reveal Tougher Turtles, Sharper Shredder [Updated]

The image above is a cool rendition – but if the source who initially saw the toy designs felt the need to use the phrase “stuff of ridicule,” that’s probably an omen that something is off in the design.

…Then again, fans have been panicking about the design of the Turtles, and now it looks like that could turn out okay. So… here’s hoping?





Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will open in theaters on August 8th, 2014.

Source: i09 (via CBM)

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  1. They seem a bit bulky, but still look darn cool.

    • Yeah they look fine, but remember in the end, there going to be big cgi blobs.

  2. The Shredder design looks really menacing. It’s not ridiculous to me and if acted out properly, he will look dangerous and gives an impression that the turtles will have a formidable opponent to fight against.

    The turtle design looks good too. That Halloween image certainly had expectations driven to an all time low and then the real but still unofficial ones came along. Good job that kid in the Halloween costume!

  3. I told everyone of your freaking souls that the costumes look nothing like the ACTUAL things. Gawd, you guys need to chill your pants and stop having your moms piss in your cheerios every freaking morning. Don’t blame micheal bay for everything, most of you are clearly just jumping on the hate wagon and blaming him for everything he BARLEY has a part of. He’s not costume designer, he’s not director or producer. What the heck do you guys want of him!? They look AMAZING!!!!! Shredder looks so rad! The turtles look….small…in two of the pics…like…clay-mation almost. Any one notice that? I BLAME MICHEAL BAY(just kidding)!!!!!!!

    • Yeah you knew right from the start..thank you for enlightening us. Now go eat your cheerios!

      • Yeah my cholesterol is a little high…But seriously Screen Ranters bash micheal for EVERYTHING he DOESN’T do. It’s rather annoying.

    • You do know that bay is producing the movie which means he does have input into how his money is being spent. that’s why some directors can’t do what they want on big budget movies because of producers

    • The spelling and grammar here is atrocious. It’s a shame, your argument was so cogent and downright inspiring.

    • um, dude, michael (not micheal) bay is the director of the film…so yeah…

  4. They actually look really good, including Shredder.

  5. Im a bit surprised at all of you guys. I agree these figurines look quite awesome, but thats because they are figurines. Say what you will about the original movies, but at least it was cool because it wasnt all CGI. The real test will be some footage of what these designs look like post CGI.

    I remember when special effects were special…and movies like FX were epic. I feel like no matter what this is gunna be too cartoony and the live action cast are going to feel all wrong.

    • “I feel like no matter what this is gunna be too cartoony and the live action cast are going to feel all wrong.”


    • CGI has come a long way though. Look at Ceaser and Gollum! I’m glad we’ll get CGI cuz now we’ll actually have some facial expression to convey emotion and even more realistic body movement during fights due to bulky costumes not holding them back. If this we a number of years ago I would have worried, but since seeing Rise of The Planet of the Apes I am not worried.

      • Like I said before, Zod’s armor in Man of Steel was all CGI too, and that was very realistic. I couldn’t even tell it was CGI. Quiet amazing.

      • Dont forget Avatar.

        • It was extremely obvious that everything but the actors in Avatar was CGI. Blurry, smudgy crap.

  6. Wow. I think they look awesome. The turtles look badass. They actually look like weathered warriors. I like the slightly beefed up natured of some of them and the fact that some of them may have different physiques. I really love the armor and other accessories. It adds for character to them as warriors/samurais.

    As for Shredder, he looks cool. He looks like a formidable foe. The armor though? My worry is how on earth is he supposed to fight with all of that crap on? He’ll end up fighting himself, lol. Hopefully they have a battle-armor where he can quickly shed some of that when it’s time to fight.

  7. Here’s the thing, I don’t think I will even bother to see this movie for 2 reasons. #1: Michael Bay is at the helm, #2: the article stated that the movie is kid friendly. Why not actually do a serious take on the characters instead of more campy versions of them. They did this with Snow White and the Huntsman, and the movie was really good and did well at the box office.

    Hollywood was willing to take an iconic superhero in Green Lantern and fashion a comedic movie about him and cast Jack Black, a well known comedian, whose body-type an face looks nothing like Hal Jordan. Point is, if they we’re willing to change the tone of the movie and the tone for such a serious character (from serious to comedic/campy), why are they not willing to change the tone of the movie and the tone for the ninja turtles (from comedic/campy to serious)? It’s hypocrisy. To me, it’s easier to make a comedic movie than a serious-toned movie filled with CGI. It’s a cop-out to me.

    As for the “new look” Shredder, he does not look different from the earlier cartoon or film versions of him. I really don’t see anything new about him. This movie might hit Netflix very quickly.

    • Do you mean Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern?

      Michael Bay is not at the helm.

      what’s wrong with a movie that’s kid friendly? Why go adult for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Seriously. How would one make that story darker? The turtles are having a surge in popularity due to their new cartoon and kids love it. When they say kid -friendly I’m sure they’re not gonna make Spy Kids or some crap. It’s probably gonna be PG-13 or something, maybe PG. Anyway, I know I’m probably gonna bring my son to see it cuz he loves the turtles.

      • “what’s wrong with a movie that’s kid friendly? Why go adult for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Seriously. How would one make that story darker?”

        Nothings wrong with a kid friendly tmnt movie, but the thing is we already had 3 of those in live action and one animated… My generation is where tmnt became arguably the most popular cartoon on the planet, and i happen to be 29 years old… people need to remember the fans of shows and comics grow up and would like to see a more serious approach…

        To your last question, it’s simple… Follow the comics… You do know tmnt started as a mature comic series in the 80′s right??? Remember there are also fans from the comics that have never see the turtles in the way they were written… Thats not a shot at the cartoon either, i happen to love the 90′s tmnt show but, I’d still like to see a mature take on the franchise, and I’m sure many others would as well…

        They could please both fan bases if they wanted, make the live action turtles for adults, and make a sequel to the 07′ animated film for the kids…

        • WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL SAID!. In the words of Michaelangelo…”EXACTAMUNDO, DUDE!”


    • Michael Bay isn’t at the helm of this movie. The most popular take on the characters was the kid friendly, if it came back to the serious tone it would feel like they’re trying to appeal to the “edgy” teen generation.

      There’s a reason as to why that Green Lantern movie wasn’t made.

      • “Michael Bay isn’t at the helm of this movie.”

        Dude, read sentence 2 of line 1 at the article at the top of the page. Michael Bay having anything to do with this film is a negative in my opinion. What he did to transformers is bad

        • “Michael Bay is producing the film through his not-so-loved Platinum Dunes company.”

          Dude, the last time I check “at the helm” meant being a Director. Not Producer. Christopher Nolan was NOT “at the helm” for Man of Steel, but he did produce.

          • I said anything that has to do with Michael bay is a negative for a film, imo; as a result of what he did to transformers. He can be the producer or even the casting director, or the clean-up guy. If he is involved in any way. I think the movie will fail. My opinion.

          • So far I have agreed with Yogi on this discussion until I read the more mature TMNT statement. “kid friendly” is often misused and causes too many people to freak out.

            Star Wars is technically “kid friendly” even the latest Star Trek was technically “kid friendly.” I wouldn’t be throwing a fit over the fact that you didn’t get your edgy super heroes and the kids did. I am really angered when I hear of people acting like babies because their child hood heroes don’t get darker and more mature. Guess what? THEY ARE SUPER HEROES!I hate taking my cousins who are younger than me (around the age of 7-10) and finding a movie that looks good on both our ends and finding out that the Super Hero movie has too much cursing or exceptional and unnecessary violence.

            • Writer, it seems that whenever they use the phrase “kid friendly” they mean camp and comedy. What I am saying is that we already have/had 2 camp and comedy movies based on the turtles. Why not then say HEY LET’S DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT WITH THEM INSTEAD OF THE SAME OLD CAMP AND COMEDY. Just because they are superheroes that doesn’t mean it should be a kid movie. It’s like people thinking adults who eat lucky charms or puffs cereals are immature. It’s ridiculous.

              • “Kid friendly” doesn’t always mean camp comedy. Look at “kid friendly” moves like The Amazing Spider-Man and The Wolverine that had a darker tone than previous movies (and Wolverine dropping the F bomb too while 5 year olds and their parents sat in the cinema watching).

                “Kid friendly” to me means it lacks the violence and language that could prevent children from seeing a movie that they would enjoy as much as the adults would.

                • Dazz, It usually seems to be the case that it means camp and comedy. As for using certain comic characters as “examples” of kid friendly movies…Spiderman has always been a kid friendly type character in the books. Heck part of his motto is IT’S YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDERMAN. The same type of “kid friendly” atmosphere that amazing spiderman (which I liked) had won’t work for a character like Ghost Rider (which has not been handled right), deathlok, the punisher, or any other anti-hero; which includes wolverine (which was watered down, imo, to fit into the kid friendly tone).

                  Bale’s second batman with ledger as the joker should have been rated R, But instead was rated pg for the sake of what? Fear that they wouldn’t crash the box office, which it did, and proved it would have even without the pg rating? The pg rating was misleading, imo, because there was nothing pg about it. I remember one critic telling parents to leave their children home because of the movie’s serious tone and yet it made well-over one billion dollars. The joker was slashing people’s throats, killing police officers, etc.

                  I personally don’t like or even care for cursing in movies, because a movie doesn’t need people cursing for it to be epic. There are substitute words that can be used.

                  • Sorry dude but like 5 other people have already explained that the core fans that made the turtles popular are now late 20′s early 30′s. How could you NOT expect the fans to want a slightly more mature movie “haha mikey you idiot! Poop joke!”? You all already know how this movies gona play out, by the book, no big suprises, happy ending. Unless they do go with the turtles from space idea.

                  • I agree that there shouldn’t be cursing but I disagree with the Dark Knight statement.

                    1. The only part where there is actually blood is when Bruce Wayne has a dog bite.

                    2. The joker cuts a dude’s cheek and for some reason he drops dead.

                    3. The serious tone and suspense made mothers anticipate much more and imagine more than what was actually present. Myself included among those people who thought it was too violent even though I hadn’t seen it.

                    4. But I do agree with the comedic campy thing. For me though I though the Man Of Steel was less kid friendly than the Dark Knight simply because of the language.

                    • Writer, but that’s the whole point. It does matter what it was that the joker cut, the fact is he was brandishing a knife and prancing it across people’s faces, and was killing people with it. The movie was very violent, and the sheer tone of it was enough for it to be rated R. There was no camp or comedy, neither was their kid friendliness in the film.

                      What was actually present fit whatever extra anticipation mother’s were expecting from it. Why would a critic who people trust tell parents to leave their kids home because of the violent/serious tone of the movie if the movie wasn’t so violent/serious? It makes no sense. Bale’s batman with the joker proved that CBM do not have be campy or comedic, or kid friendly to be a blockbuster hit. It grossed well over 1 billion and was number 1 for weeks or months.

            • Sorry dude but like 5 other people have already explained that the core fans that made the turtles popular are now late 20′s early 30′s. How could you NOT expect the fans to want a slightly more mature movie “haha mikey you idiot! Poop joke!”? You all already know how this movies gona play out, by the book, no big suprises, happy ending. Unless they do go with the turtles from space idea.

        • Transformers is epic! He did them justice in my opinion, but they need some characterization skills.

          • I understand that is your opinion, but a lot of people would disagree with you. If you want, you can do a search for transformers in the search bar at the top of this page to read the past comments of some of the bloggers in past transformer pages to see what I mean.

            • Oh, believe me, I’m aware of the horrid and negative comments made about the cinematic Transformers universe.

      • Did they try to appeal to the “edgy” teen generation when they made a darker version of snow white (Snow White and Huntsman)? I don’t think so. And did SWATH work? Yes it did. The story was well written and even tied in some loose ends the old children’s story never really answered. Hollywood, in my opinion has lost it’s creativeness, and I think many would agree with me. What we get these days are reboots, and remakes of movies that are decades old. In this case they are willing, if it is so, to stay in the parameters of camp and comedy, instead of trying to branch out to do a serious spin on the turtles. I do believe you have directors who wouldn’t be afraid to do a serious take on the turtles, and who would actually do a really good job.

        I read statements from DC fans and seen a vid of a columnist who said that WB is afraid to take a risk with DC characters, in that they are not willing to slightly change or even alter them when necessary. Why, because they want to play it safe, right? Well, Hollywood is doing the same thing (imo) with the turtles. Branch out and change it up. Besides, even if a serious take on the turtles flop, which I doubt if it is handled right (just like any other movie needs to be), you can still do a reboot, since that is what is going on with a lot of comic book based movies.

        • The first tmnt movie I think was a serious take on the turtles, it was dark and gritty with a few of the camp from the cartoons thrown in, overall though it was deemed to violent and parents wanted it more kid friendly so with the second one you’ll see the turtles don’t use their weapons.

      • The reason why GL, WITH JACK BLACK, was not made was because the response they received after it was revealed that black would probably be playing GL was bad.

    • “As for the ‘new look’ Shredder, he does not look different from the earlier cartoon or film versions of him.”


  8. Funny that Bay could care less about anybody hating on him, because the factof the matter is no matter what anybody think of him as an Director or Producer the majority of his movies has been successful in the box office which means for everyone of ya that complains about Bay there is 10 more people that goes and watch his movies so ya opinions mean jack sh*t to him and quite honestly the only movie of his i feel can be listed as sucking is Pearl harbor

  9. They destroyed the Shredder. This movie is not sounding good. I’ll take the first one from the 90′s over it’s sequels and what’s been shown so far of the reboot.

  10. They all look really good, would have liked to see Bebop, Rocksteady, Leather head, Rat King, and Baxter Stockman. Guess they are left for a sequel.

  11. im gonna hold my breath until i see a real trailer

  12. by the way does any1 know when a trailer will be coming out

  13. What fellow blogger John McClane said in Screenrant’s page titled “SR Geek Picks: 7 Little-Known ‘Robocop’ Facts, ‘Batman & Robin’ Problems & More”…

    “Batman & Robin was WB’s failure as much as it was Schumacher’s. It was their idea to the films lighter & “family friendly” just to make more money.”

    My point exactly when referring to this potential TMNT movie.

    • I see you’re still stuck on the idea that “child friendly” means “camp comedy”. Oh well, your loss if you can’t understand what “child friendly” truly means.

      The camp tone of the Schumacher Batman movies was down to the director and the writers trying to maintain the gothic tone of the Burton movies but missing the point completely when parents complained their children were being scared by the characters on screen.

      • HAHA. You have you’re own version of what the phrase “kid friendly” means, which is what the studios prefer, and why we keep getting watered down versions of CBM. For example, I don’t need them to soften up wolverine, who is probably considered in the top 3 of the most violent CB character ever, just so a 12 year old can go see the character’s flick, because Hollywood thinks that superheroes are just for kids. I know the characters started out on the comic book pages which have colorful pictures and very nice artwork, but if you actually pick up a wolverine, or punisher, or even a batman comic book you would understand that the tones for such characters are serious.

        By the way parents complaining that their children were scared by the characters on screen has nothing to do with the violence or serious tone of the movie itself. Oh wait…THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE OR SERIOUS TONE IN THE MOVIE.

  14. The turtles look epic and Shredder looks even more amazing.

  15. I really like the look of the turtles, but I’m not completely on board with the Megatronization of the Shredder (Shreddatron?). With all that random cutlery it looks like he’ll have to be unnecessarily computer generated a la Silver Samurai from The Wolverine. I’ll reserve any real judgment until I see it motion, but I’m actually hoping this movie turns out to be good.

  16. I love the designs and the look of Shredder. From what I’m reading from other articles online with more in depth knowledge of the film it’s sounding like this is the movie that is more based off the gritty, dark comics rather than the toned down 80′s cartoon version. There is still some concerns with the April casting of Fox. Shredder is supposed to be more menacing. So far I am more interested than I was when it was first announced. The fact that they are going back to the source material is great(even though a lot of people may not agree). Now with that said, it’s still a Bay film and even though the guy knows action sequences he doesn’t really know storylines. I think Liebesman could be a person that could bring the storyline together or at least make it better than what Bay would do and make this film good. I think we won’t really know until the trailer comes out which if the rumors are true is expected to be around the Superbowl weekend.

  17. The design looks badass and scary, but only one thing comes to my head the moment I see these images…

    Please change the title of the movie into ADULT Mutant Ninja Turtles or just plain Ninja Turtles instead of TEENAGE… There’s no way a teenage would look like that, even for a mutant *sigh*

    • Yep. They look too intense and mature. Definitely don’t see these guys as light hearted pizza lovers.

  18. Missed it, but that Wonder Woman O o

  19. How can any fan of the turtles say that the look of these….things is good? I remember TMNT toys wearing stupid clothes and having weird gear but when it was time for them to be in a movie or a TV show (minus the stupid one with Venus) they had the classic look. Don’t fix something if it isn’t broken.

  20. I really, really like the new design on the turtles. As a kid I was huge fan of the TMNT. When I heard they were rebooting it, I was excited, but when I heard they doing mo-cap, i was worried. Seeing this design makes me really happy. The concept art of Shredder reminds me of “Super Shredder” from TMNT II : Secret of the Ooze. In the actual film , I do hope they tone down his blade armor a bit and Im excited to see if theyll have Krang in this film.

  21. shredder looks pretty cool..Ill wonder how he uses the cape and I don’t like the eyes and overuse of spikes on the boots but looks cool

  22. Wait so the studios take away the figurine pics then put Gal Gadot’s Wonder-Woman pic on there!? WOAH! I’M SO EXCITED NOW! No wonder Batman and Supes both need crotch-cups to keep out….never mind…

  23. Shyte. Looks like a functional ‘Super Shredder’ from ‘Secret of the Ooze’.

    Clearly we aren’t getting something in the style of the comic books, but a mash of Cartoon/OldSchool Films/Michael Bay influenced…. I don’t know what.

    I did love TMNT back in the day, so I’ll continue to hope for the best, BUT I will definitely wait to hear the word of mouth on this film before I make my decision on whether or not to go and see it.

    • There is nothing at that link.

      • Yes there is, there’s a picture of Leonardo.

  24. The turtles look great, shredder looks amazing. I’m gonna be in the theatre day one. And for those who are complaining about this being kid friendly…have you even read the original comics? Sure they are dark but they ain’t no r rated mature comics that everyone thinks they are. Sure there is some blood and more violence but its hard pg13 at the most.

  25. OH NO. Just saw a film image of the new turtle look (not on this site), it’s bad.

    Totally reminded me of those specialty turtle toys that came out back in the day, the ones where it looked like they’d all been shooting steroids and had all the extra goofy accessories….

    MAYBE the designs will come off differently in motion, though I’m having a hard time imagining how. :/

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  27. I find it odd that the release date is this May 16th yet I have yet to see one trailer on television, and I have every channel possible through my extended cable service. There’s still no trailer! I’m willing to bet that this is the advertising tactic, advertising by not advertising. They’re just letting things slip here or there about cast members, and cgi crap (of which I’m very dissappointed, Jim Henson’s rolling in his grave.) They’ve built up such great expectations through rumors just so they can get a big turn out for opening weekend. This is a franchise where less is more. I mean, I would honestly be happy if it were at all possible to go see the second installment in the movie franchise in theatres all over again, the first 2 movies were awesome thanks to Jim Henson’s puppetry, the turtles looked real even without CGI. I mean, I really wasn’t expecting much from the second, but then.. “Go Ninja! Go Ninja! GO!” and I was hooked. Less is more. As if being teenagers wasn’t enough, their mutants, they’re trained in ninjitsu, and they’re turtles! Less is more! So of course they would get Michael Bay. Because he’s exactly what I think of, when I think character development. Hah! What made the Nina Turtles so mass appealling was that they were relatable on so many levels. There’s no color barrier because they’re all green, we literally got to know them as individuals as they came to terms with who they are individually, and as a unit. We saw how Ralph struggled to find himself as a loner, only to be beaten by like fifty members of the foot clan, (literally best scene in the first movie was him versus all those ninjas, Ralph didn’t give a damn and straight up handled his business. So epic!), yet when he awoke he found that he wasn’t alone because his brothers were right there to avenge him and nurse him back to health. This reminds us that, although we may see ourselves alone in this world, true friends and family are there to help us along life’s narrow path. And although each of them struggled in someway or another their was always Mikey there to smack some sense into them the only way he knew how, by being upbeat and confident with phrases like “Turtle Power!” and “God I Love Being a Turtle!” Because he’s the extraverted one who oddly enough is the most emotionally stable of the group. But what Michealangelo stands for is a simple message. There is no shame in who you are. And have pride in what makes you, you. Character development is what makes the Teenae Mutant Ninja Turtles so amazing, not scary CGI (which I’ll have to screen the movie first before bringing my nephew because he doesn’t watch horror films), not cheap explosions, and not aliens! Wait is Sigourney Weaver in this? Is she going to protect Meagon Fox by getting in some giant machine and shouting, “get away from her you b****!” Wait, no? Then what’s with the aliens? Michael Bay and Transformers is a definte yes, because that’s a movie that has to do with both extraterrestrials and big machinery that goes boom, which i right up his alley. But damn him if he ruins this franchise by making it into some sick twisted rated R fiasco. I’m sorry, maybe it’s just that I don’t want this to end up like the Reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street, or any Star Wars after Return of the Jedi. I mean, Jar Jar Binks? Really? Haden Crhistensen? Really? Anyway, I wish the cast and crew the best of luck. So don’t screw this up! #TMNT4Life

  28. i am a ninja master