New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Trailer Reveals All Four Turtles

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It’s no secret just how fickle movie fans can be when it comes to their favorite characters being re-imagined, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has proven that even the mutated and amphibious are expected to look a certain way to comic fans. Whether fans are ready or not, the latest Ninja Turtles trailer reveals not only a first look at Shredder’s new design, but a clear look at Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello.

Fans got their first look at the rebooted take on the Turtles in a previous leaked poster, but much of the criticism among the most devoted followers kicked off once the teaser trailer was released. The main topic of discussion was the more humanized faces (of Michelangelo in particular), once again raising the question of just how much of a change audiences could get over if the surrounding film kept the spirit of the source material alive.

The Screen Rant team has already offered extensive analysis of the teaser trailer, and the latest trailer – released via the film’s official Facebook page – uses most of the same footage and narration. But with fans starving for a better look at every one of the half-shell heroes, the filmmakers have put those demands to rest. Donatello’s cyber-techno-equipment, Michelangelo’s nunchaku, the cool-but-rude Raphael, and even another peak at sensei Splinter.

Take a look at the images we captured below:

What the trailer makes clear is that the more humanized faces of the Turtles is clearly going to be used for every member of the team. However, as outlandish and potentially problematic as some of the early design concepts may have sounded, they don’t look so bad in live-action. Donatello’s blend of cyber-gadgetry, for starters, actually seems to make sense in the finished design (if the team is going to coordinate in the shadows, then Donatello being equipped with a radio headset and surveillance cameras makes sense). In all honest, even Mikey’s puka shell necklace doesn’t look so bad on the finished model.

Fans are still likely to see as promising or worrying a design as they have already (and focus in on the teeth), but the subtle differences between each of the Turtles implies that it might not be wise to rush to judgement so soon. Unfortunately, the changing voice cast means a closer look at the heroes’ personalities will have to wait.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Michelangelo New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Reveals All Four Turtles

For now though, we’re willing to admit that we, too, laughed at many of the early details. But as history has shown that costume descriptions can be deceiving, the Michael Bay-produced film might stand a chance at bringing nostalgic fans around (especially once pizza takes center stage in a full trailer or TV spot).

What are your thoughts on the new footage featured in the trailer? Do you think the changes to character design offer more story and character potential than matching headbands, or are you a sucker for the old designs? Sound off in the comments.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be in theaters on August 8, 2014.

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  1. I personally think this movie looks badass. I don’t care if it is Michael Bay or the Ooze is given to them on purpose instead of by accident… IT’S STILL TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!! Too soon to pass judgement, just enjoying the anticipation for now. I grew up with Michelangelo inspired nun chucks attached to my back!

    • I did too! Mickelangelo was my fav. But this one just looks scary with the nose. If it wasn’t for the noses they wouldn’t look so weird. Did you see when someone altered the michael bay turtles with different noses? That was great.

    • If you don’t care that it’s Michael Bay, then you obviously weren’t a Transformers fan. The movies made a lot of money but the cartoons had more of a plot and part of the strength of TMNT and Transformers was their plot and their character development.

  2. I’m a TMNT fan. Love the early darker comics the best…and also enjoyed the kid-friendly growing up. I for one, am looking forward to the film. Looks like a blast.

  3. Michael Bay in summary:

  4. Faces still look garbage. I probably could have lived with just about everything else if they’d kept the classic turtle snout/jaw that has been in EVERY ITERATION of the Turtles going all the way back to the original Eastman/Laird comics, including the rubber-suit turtles and the CGI turtles.

    • What did you expect.. they are MUTATED TURTLES.
      They are supposed to look that ugly.

      • No they’re not.

  5. Doesn’t look bad actually, although the casting for April is still awful.

  6. Was this article written by one of Michael Bay’s staff members? Holy hell, this is the most defensive article I’ve read in the past year.

    • Why does a site always have to be in someone’s pocket or a staff member for the production if they are trying not to be biased about something?
      If Screen Rant was too negative they’d get bashed for it, if they were to positive they’d get bashed for it.

      Believe it or not there are people who have seen this footage and think the movie may be worth checking out.
      I’m one of them.
      Sure, some of it looks silly but we are talking about a movie that features mutant/humanoid turtles that fight crime.
      If the trailers for this movie played like the second coming of The Dark Knight or Watchman then we’d be in trouble.

      • 100% agree

  7. This looks great; the Turtles all look fantastic in live-action. I just need more Master Splinter!

    • Then prepare for disappointment. Master Splinter is not Master Splinter, he is now a mutated form of April’s Dad. Not TMNT.

      • You’ve seen the film already?? Your so coooool!

  8. Ok, i grew up watching the TMNT movies from the late 80`s and early 90`s,and those made more sense than the trailer for the newTMNT.The new one is way off back story of how the turtles became the way they are,they have the Shreders name all wrong.The turtles look to human,and they were not experimentss,splinter found them. In the sewer crwaling in the ozze.

  9. it is going to be a bad movie regardless.

  10. A message to those complaining that the turtles are probably getting their powers from experiments instead of accidentally, I can’t imagine a mad scientist with Ooze that can merge the DNA of two animals and they choose turtles over say… a warthog, or a rhino. Ooze will probably still spill and leak into the sewers somehow. The evil science dudes were in the second TMNT movie, so idk why we’re feeling surprised that experiments were happening. Also, this can lead to Tokka and Rahzar, Bebop and Rocksteady, as well as any number of animal-human hybrids from the previous movies, shows and comics.
    My guess is that Shredder is giving his monologue to April to explain what monstrosities he’s working on right now and he either doesn’t know that the Turtles exist yet (and that she’s working with them) or he’s explaining how the Turtles could’ve even existed in the first place (which is still probably accidental)

    • I like the experiment theme, it makes it easier to bring leatherhead or maybe mondo to the screen and who could complain bout that, then again I’m survey guys will find something

  11. I’m sorry, Megan Fox was the last person they should’ve gone with.

  12. white shredder. 6ft turtles that rock the sub woofers and smash walls when they land even tho they’re supposed to be ninjas. original white actor voicing splinter replaced by still-non-asain actor, leo also replaced, showing they had no idea what they were doing when they rolled the cameras. lens flair like a mofo. overused tilted camera to make sure we know that the current situation is not good. shrek face turtles. foot-soldiers are now a machine gun packing military.

    they can finally make a movie with built-in diversity and they go out of their way to white wash it.

    it seems like oroku saki will be some kind of legend in this movie. maybe that armor has mystical powers and the wearer “becomes” the new shredder. i wonder what role karai will have. probably a descendant of oroku saki. (pretty dumb but it’s better than the mandarin from IM3.)

    i think i’ll skip this one. i’ll stick with the cartoon on nick.

    • Your moaning about a white Shredder when the original was voiced by the late great James Avery aka Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince?

    • Man, you pretty much summed it all up there. Niicce ;)
      I think I’ll just stick with the current series too, it’s so awesome :D

      I grew up with the classic 80′s show, and the live action movies. Then I started watching the new series only at the end of last year(wasn’t sure about it at first, but as soon as I saw the turtles, a big stupid grin formed on my face :D). Big fan, and I have to say, when I heard there was a new movie coming out, I was obviously bouncing in my seat. But then I heard who was cast as April… And then I saw what the turtles were going to look like… And ugh, it just kept getting worse. I saw the trailer and more concepts and pictures of the characters, including Shredder, and the plot… Oh man, I couldn’t stop ranting and raging. So far everything I have seen in regards to this new movie makes no sense. I hope it ends up being a big flop, otherwise if it’s a hit, they’ll make a sequel(doesn’t deserve one). The turtles are scary and fugly in the movie, that ain’t right. Shrek faces indeed. Am I going to watch the movie? NO, I’m not wasting my money and time on something that will only make me angry, I’ll support the current series, not the movie.

      • doesnt deserve a sequel? you watched the movie already?

    • Sweet. feel free to continue watching it from your mom’s basement.

  13. …Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Turtles. God help me. My turtles with marred faces.

  14. I hated the beginning, the out of place transformers sound effects and bad action movie voice over. Formulaic. It felt like the beginning of a generic action flick and nothing like the original turtles. They had to try to make it ‘dark’ and ‘edgy’ because supposedly that’s what everyone wants. Even if it sucks, it’ll still makes millions of dollars and we’ll get an even worse sequel.

  15. Smh… Donnie looks like garbage… The other turtles look ok though. Only question is why does Raph have Leo’s Katana holsters???

    • The other three get captured and it’s up to Raphael and his sidekicks Vernon and April to rescue them. It looks like he’ll be carrying the others weapons while he does it.

  16. Mikey looks great, Raph looks great, Leo looks great…Donnie, not so much wit all the tech, which im sure he wont be rockin the entire film. Fox as o’neil still makes me shutter but im sure it’ll be a fun popcorn flick to enjoy overall. Mikey will provide much funny and Raph will bring the badassness in full

  17. Everything about this movie looks terrible. They got everything wrong, especially the casting of April O’Neill. Even the special effects look outdated. Can we get some physics up in this b***h?

    • Chill out! You haven’t seen it. Be patient for released in the movie. Jeez! Sorry about my English.

  18. Their faces look creepy.
    Maybe they dove too deep into the uncanny valley. I don’t know, they just look really wrong and disturbing.

  19. This looks like trash. . .on a Thursday. . .heck, this looks like trash everyday. . .i’m still watchin’ it though… disturbing, yes. . .hopefully April and one of the Turtles “get involved”. . . . .physically. . .sechsually… anully. When this movie comes out on Blu-Ray, there better be a rare limited edition Laserdisc release that includes an exclusive deleted scene of Donny making a turtle mess on April’s chest, this will be in my top 20 movies of all-time no matter what else happens.

    • Perhaps like this?

      • Like what? Was something removed by the mods?

        • Oh never mind. The video just popped up after the fact. Go figure.

  20. Soo…should I take my 8-year old sister to see this…or not?

  21. Why does Donny Look like Jar Jar Binks????

    • It should become clearer over time. But, I’m not touching it.

  22. I like how everyone is saying they are giants . Megan Fox is 5’1 so they are like 5’5 !! 2nd THEY ARE MUTANTS !! Mutants look weird . 3rd I’m a huge fan of the TMNT and sometimes change is good ! It gives it a fresh feel . I know everything about the TMNT and I’m pumped for ! Thanks MB for putting out another TMNT for the big screen !

  23. is everyone pretty much copying and pasting each others comments on here? Bore off

  24. This movie looks great! Can’t wait! I personally think the turtles look awesome!

  25. I think the biggest issue once the trailer was released wasn’t so much their faces, as much as their size. They’re F’N HUGE. They’re basically Hulk Turtles… Raph looks ridiculous holding his tiny Sai’s in comparison to his size and bulk, seems he’d more fit to be holding a battle axe. How the hell are they supposed to fit in and out of the manholes or be at all agile? I dunno.. Given that I’m expecting to see some really crap CGI renderings.

  26. so Shrek is the fifth ninja turtle?

  27. i am shocked that people are still looking forward for a good michael bay movie adaptation.

  28. i can see the horror on Donatello’s face on how the movie is gonna suck, it has michael bay written all over it

  29. Having been born in 1989, I grew up in the 90s during that time where I was able to see the final seasons of the origional TMNT as well as the first 3 origional early 90s live action films too. And in my opinion, I think the designs look amazing. The creators and designers kept the same shape of the turtles heads, they added scales a bit (which is the way turtles skin actually is in real life) and they captured each turtles personalities perfectly. “Leo” is sort of like a teacher’s pet to Splinter, so naturally he always acts like a leader and is serious a lot. “Raph” is a hot head and lives how he wants to, even if that means leaving the sewer lair to go look for crime. “Mikey” has always been the party animal of the group, so his puka shell neclace sutes him perfectly. He’s like the child of the group. And “Donnie” has always been a computer nerd. Relying on electronics and inventions to protect his brothers and father, Splinter. I think this film truly captures the turtles personalities more than any other film of them ever has. And for fans to run this down and say that after 30 years of these guys, you are not going to see this film or say it sucks before you even see it, well then, your not true turtle fans. Or as Donnie would say, “I guess they’re not game show fans.”

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